AN: This fic is going to begin as missing scenes from Inuyasha up till the movie, and it's all downhill- I mean, all AU from there.


Prisoners: The Bone Eater's Well
Chapter 1


On the morning of Kagome Higurashi's fifteenth birthday he was there. Trying to remain as inconspicuous as he could while crouching in a business suit, the five foot eight man ducked behind the Higurashi's bushes as he watched her brother run out of the house. The boy was stopped dead in his tracks as he watched a round little cat jiggling toward a small building. It nosed open the door and went inside.

"Buyo! Come back here, Buyo!" the man's brown eyes followed the boy as he deviated from his normal school route, into the well house. He held his breath, waiting.

"See ya!" the girl's call directed his attention beck to the main house, and his heart skipped a beat, fearing he'd been discovered, that he'd wrecked everything. Then he realized that she was just saying goodbye to her mother and grandfather, and he breathed again.

Her brother was poking his head out of the well house. "Hey, Sota!" she called running to him, "you know you're not supposed to play in the mini-shrine."

"But Buyo's in there!" the boy wailed, and Kagome followed him inside the well house. The man took out his cell phone, flipped it open and dialed seven digits.

It only rang once, "Hello?"

"Hey, she's in the well house."

"Good, any problems?"

"Um, I don't think so."

"Excellent, keep an eye on things and give me a call back as soon as anything happens."

"You got it."

He risked being seen to slip in a bit closer. He tiptoed to the nearest tree, waiting for any sign. Suddenly, a brilliant green flash of light filled the sky for an instant above the well house. Any onlookers would have dismissed it as a reflection of the clouds, or maybe some heat lightning. He knew better. Hands shaking excitedly, he almost dropped the phone while trying to dial it. He tapped his foot impatiently as it rang.


"Yeah, there was this huge light, and I don't really understand it, but I think she's gone."

There was a pause at the other end of the line, "Well, the timing would be about right-"

"Hang on a sec," he thought he could hear something... faintly, it came to him, a boy was yelling.

"Mom, MOM! There was this thing, and, and... Kagome went down the well! Only now, she's- she's GONE!!"

The man let out a long breath, and began quickly and quietly walking away from Sunset Shrine "It's alright," he told the person on the other end of the line, "she is definitely in Feudal Japan.."


These first chapters are probably gonna be a bit short, since they're really just filler for already existing scenes, but hey, that just means I can get 'em out all the faster. ^_~