Night Visitor.

Hermione Granger shivered as she wrapped her long, black cloak further around her body. The fire she was sitting beside was barely flickering, but she didn't want to stoke the fire and wake up the two boys sleeping in the tent behind her. She would rather keep a small fire burning and remain alone in the cold, than get a roaring fire going and have to put up with Harry Potter or Ron Weasley joining her.

For six and a half long years she'd put up with Harry and Ron because it was what her father had wanted, but now things were reaching their climax. The war that was gripping the wizarding world was growing stronger every day, and Hermione soon hoped she'd be free to join her true side in this contest, the side her father and boyfriend were on. The dark side.

Hermione Granger was not the muggleborn everyone took her for. Instead she was the daughter of the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. Hermione's mother had died at birth, and she'd been raised by a nanny in the muggle world at Voldemort's behest. Not only had Voldemort wanted to protect her from Albus Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix, but he'd wanted her perfectly placed to befriend Harry Potter when the time had come for her to start school.

Even though her father had been in a weakened state at the time, he was still in regular contact with her nanny when it was time for Hermione to start school. As such, he knew his plans had worked and that Hermione had managed to avoid being placed in Slytherin and she'd befriended Harry in their first year. Since then she'd schemed against Harry, helping her father whenever she could manage.

Rather annoyingly she'd had to help Harry survive for the first few years as her father needed Harry to return himself to full strength. However, once Voldemort was back to his full power at the end of fourth year, Hermione had stopped saving Harry's life. Instead she'd worked with her father to try and end it. Unfortunately, things hadn't always worked out the way they'd hoped and Harry was still alive, but he wouldn't be for much longer. Hermione could sense her father's victory was just around the corner and she couldn't wait.

For the last few months she'd been trailing around the country with Harry and Ron helping them search for Horcruxes. Harry had learnt all about her father's Horcruxes from Dumbledore, and she knew he wouldn't dream of facing Voldemort without first destroying as many of them as he could. Sadly for Harry, he was never going to get his hands on all of the Horcruxes as Hermione had warned her father about what he was doing and Voldemort had safely hidden his real Horcruxes while leaving trails leading to false ones. The idea was to draw Harry into battle by making him think he'd destroyed all the Horcruxes. So for the plan was working brilliantly, and Harry believed they'd destroyed a locket that was a Horcrux and he believed they were hot on the trail of a cup.

Hermione snorted slightly as she thought about how easy Harry had been to fool. A bit of flashy, dark magic embedded into the locket had Harry believing he was destroying a part of Voldemort's soul. Their plan never would have fooled someone like Dumbledore, but Harry was nowhere near as smart as the late headmaster. He didn't know enough to spot the signs that the Horcruxes were fakes, whereas Dumbledore would have picked up on the fakes almost immediately. Luckily Dumbledore was no longer an issue for the dark as he'd been dealt with a few months previously by her father's youngest Death Eater, and Hermione's boyfriend, Draco Malfoy.

Initially Harry had believed Draco had been forced to take the mark following his father's arrest at the end of their fifth year, and that everything he'd done throughout sixth year had been under duress. However, Hermione knew the truth. She knew Draco had willingly taken the mark and accepted the assignment to kill Dumbledore. The whole acting under duress thing had been a cover to give Draco a way into the Order if they thought he'd needed it or if things had gone wrong. As it was, everything had gone to plan and Draco had been able to kill Dumbledore and show Harry just how wrong he'd been about him. Now Harry hated him more than ever and he'd vowed to get revenge on the blond if he ever saw him again.

Hermione chuckled humourlessly to herself as she thought about Harry trying to get revenge on Draco. As adept as Harry was with magic, he was no match for Draco. Draco had a dark ruthless side, which would eclipse anything Harry could throw at him. Even though he hated Draco, Hermione doubted Harry could use a dark curse without serious thought, whereas her boyfriend would hurl dark hexes at Harry without blinking an eyelid. If the pair ever came face to face Hermione knew they would only ever be one winner, and it wouldn't be Harry Potter.

Thoughts of Draco and Harry doing battle to the death, produced a wicked smirk from Hermione as she sat by the dwindling fire. However, she was drawn out of her thoughts by a quiet noise off to her right. Pulling out her wand, she was on her feet in an instant, alert to any danger that might be lurking in the nearby trees. Scanning the area, she found the wards she erected were perfectly intact, but she knew someone was just outside the wards. There was someone watching her, she could feel it. But were they friend or foe?

"I know you're there," Hermione said softly as she stepped away from the fire. Even though she was confident her voice wouldn't penetrate the tent and wake Harry and Ron, she knew it would carry into the trees they were camped beside.

"Pity," a quiet voice responded from the dark. "I do love sneaking up on you."

Hermione let out a small laugh as she reconsigned the voice. "As if you can manage that," she chuckled as she casually lowered one of the wards and stepped out of the protective circle surrounding the tent and it's camp-fire.

"I don't know, I've managed it a few times," The voice continued.

"Well not today, you haven't," Hermione retorted, peering into the trees and finding no sign of her mystery visitor. "Where are you?"

"Right here," the voice whispered from behind her as a pair of strong arms grabbed her waist.

Despite knowing her visitor would likely try and sneak up behind her, Hermione still let out a small squeak of surprise. Hoping the noise wasn't loud enough to travel into the tent where Harry and Ron where, Hermione whirled round to face her visitor. When she did so, she came face to face with her smirking boyfriend, who was clearly feeling smug at managing to sneak up behind her.

"Git," she hissed, giving Draco's arm a solid thump.

"Nice to see you too, Hermione," Draco retorted with a roll of his grey eyes.

"You better not have made me wake Harry and Ron," Hermione warned.

Together the pair turned to look at the tent, and they stood in silence for a couple of minutes as they waited to see if there was any movement from inside. However, they didn't spot any movement and the quiet sounds of snoring drifted out of the tent.

"See, Potty and his pet Weasel are still asleep," Draco said with a shrug. "They're happily snuggled up in bed, not knowing that you're wrapped in the arms of a dangerous Death Eater."

"Dangerous?" Hermione countered, raising an eyebrow at her boyfriend. "You're not dangerous, you're a softy."

Draco growled softly at Hermione's words, and before she had a chance to register what he was doing, he had her pinned against one of the trees on the edge of the clearing.

"Soft," Draco repeated in a low, cold voice that sent delicious chills down Hermione's spine. "I'm anything but soft, I'll show you."

Hermione opened her mouth to retort, but she didn't get a chance to speak before Draco's lips were over hers and his tongue had darted into her empty mouth. As it always did, kissing Draco sent sparks shooting around Hermione's body and she eagerly held onto her boyfriend as he roughly kissed her. At the feeling of Hermione clinging onto him, Draco let out a low chuckle without tearing his mouth away from Hermione's. The chuckle caused Hermione to moan quietly and hold on tighter as Draco pressed his hard, lean body against hers, pushing her further back into the tree.

"See, not soft," Draco growled as he tore his lips away from Hermione's and ground his groin against the apex of Hermione's thighs.

"No, definitely not soft," Hermione gasped with delight as she felt the hard ridge of Draco's impressive erection pressing against her heated lower region.

"Now, if you're very good, I'll relieve some of that pressure you're starting to feel," Draco whispered in Hermione's ear as his left hand slowly ran down her arm and up under her cloak and towards her jumper covered breast.

"I don't do good," Hermione whispered back, rubbing herself provocatively against Draco. She knew Draco would give her what she wanted, he just liked to tease her first, just like she loved to tease him when she was in the one in control.

"That's good, because I prefer a bad girl," Draco replied, his white teeth visible in the moonlight as he gave Hermione a wolfish grin.

"I can be very, very bad," Hermione promised as her own hand trailed in between them and made it's way down to the bulge in her boyfriend's trousers.

Draco let out a low moan as Hermione's hand ghosted over his crotch, but not to be outdone he slid his right hand down towards the heat in between Hermione's legs while his left hand dove under the soft jumper Hermione was wearing. Hermione let out a small whimper as Draco's left hand slid over her smooth stomach and up towards her chest, which was covered by a lacy purple bra. Her whimper became a full on moan as Draco's hand slid under her lacy bra, while his second hand quickly unbuttoned her jeans and darted down inside her matching lacy knickers.

"You are a bad girl," Draco said with a chuckle as Hermione bucked against the hand in her trousers. "And you're so very wet for me, already."

"How do you know it's for you?" Hermione shot back, as she pulled the zipper down on Draco's trousers. "I might have been in the middle of something when you disturbed me."

Hermione chuckled lightly when Draco swore softly at the image she'd just planted in his head. Seconds later her laugh grew louder as Draco moaned low against her neck when she took his throbbing erection in her hands and began to stroke it. She loved the way they both knew how to get a reaction from the other one, and she loved that they knew each other's bodies so well. Even in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night with low visibility, they were still able to turn each other in quivering wrecks.

The low visibility certainly wasn't a problem moments later when Draco roughly yanked Hermione's trousers and knickers down her legs. Hermione didn't bother stepping out of the garments, she just shoved them further down her legs as she helped Draco do the same with his trousers and boxers. Once Draco's erection was free, he wasted no time in burying himself deep in Hermione's wet heat.

"Damn, I've missed this," Hermione gasped with a low groan.

With her recent travels with Harry and Ron she'd barely had time to see Draco, apart from the odd nights like this when he was able to track them down using the tracking spell her father had placed on her before she'd left with Harry and Ron at the end of the summer. Even then, they hadn't always been able to do anything as Harry and Ron were sometimes around and they hadn't wanted to risk getting caught. However getting caught was the last thing on their minds as they let their hormones take over and gave themselves up to the lust they felt for one another.

The pair were so caught up in their lovemaking that they failed to notice when the snores from the tent stopped. Therefore, they didn't notice when the flaps of the tent opened and a figure crawled out. They didn't even notice the figure throw some more wood on the nearly dead fire as they were so caught up in each other and the pleasure they were feeling.

While Draco and Hermione had failed to notice the figure emerging from the tent, he'd noticed them. When Ron had first emerged from the tent, he'd expected to find Hermione sitting beside the fire. When there was no sign of her and the fire was nearly dead, he added some more wood before taking in his surroundings. The extra light of the fire had enabled him to see to the tree line, and that was where he spotted movement. Initially he thought it was just Hermione, maybe answering a call of nature, but then the moon came out from behind a cloud and he spotted a flash of very familiar platinum blond hair.

"Malfoy," Ron hissed under his breath as he pulled out his wand and silently lowered one of the wards as far away from the blond as he could find.

Vowing to deal with the threat of Draco, and find out what he'd done with Hermione, Ron doubled round the tent, left the protective area of the camp-site, and snuck towards the spot he'd spotted the blond hair of the Death Eater. It wasn't until he'd nearly reached the tree line that the sounds of panting and groaning reached his ears. While Ron wasn't particularly sexually experienced himself, he knew what the sounds were and they made his blood boil. Even though he thought Malfoy was evil, he hadn't for one minute thought he would find them in the middle of the night and force himself on Hermione.

With a low growl, Ron pounced forward ready to save Hermione, but what he saw made his blood run cold. Hermione was indeed being thoroughly ravished by the blond Death Eater, but it clearly wasn't against her will. Her arms were wrapped tightly around the blond's neck, and now he was practically on top of them, Ron could hear her urging the blond on. Hearing Hermione cooing in Draco's ear and moaning wantonly for him was enough to make Ron feel queasy, and unfortunately he couldn't hide the low sound of pain that slipped past his lips.

Despite the noises the amorous pair were making, they heard Ron and before he could react he found himself fixed with the piercing stare of Draco's grey eyes. Ron fumbled with his wand, pointing it at the blond, but he'd failed to take Hermione into account. While Draco had whipped his head round to face Ron, Hermione had pulled out her boyfriend's wand and before Ron had a chance to cast a spell of his own he found himself toppling to the ground, courtesy of a silent stunning spell from Hermione.

"What do we do, now?" Draco asked Hermione, glaring down at Ron with hatred etched all over his face.

"First, we finish what we're doing," Hermione panted, annoyed that Ron hadn't waited another minute or so until they'd reached their climaxes.

"With him watching?" Draco asked, gesturing to Ron, who'd landed facing the pair. Even though he was stunned, they both knew he could still see them, he just couldn't move.

"It'll give him one last thrill," Hermione said with an evil cackle as she grabbed hold of Draco's head and pulled him back to face her, connecting their lips in a fierce kiss.

One kiss was all it took for Draco to forget their intruder, and within a couple of minutes the couple were back into the rhythm of their lovemaking. When Hermione's climax washed over her, she bit down on her lip to stop herself from crying out loud and waking Harry, but she couldn't help but turn her face to Ron and watch as he gazed up at them with disgust burning in his eyes. Ron's disgust continued to burn brightly as Draco reached his own climax and the pair slowly separated, not bothering to hide their half naked bodies from his stunned figure.

"What now?" Draco asked as he casually fastened his trousers, while Hermione did the same.

"He'll have to go, he's seen too much," Hermione answered with a shrug.

"You mean, kill him?" Draco asked unnecessarily, laughing lightly at the terror that flashed through Ron's eyes at his question.

"Yes," Hermione replied, giving Ron a sly smile. "I'm sorry Ron, but you should have stayed in the tent. You're now going to go sooner than planned, but don't worry, Harry will be joining you shortly when my father kills him."

Hermione chuckled as she saw understanding dawn in Ron's eyes. She could also see he was struggling to move, but her spell was too strong for him to break. He would be dead long before the spell wore off.

"Do the honours, Draco," Hermione ordered. While she wouldn't have minded killing Ron herself, she knew it would be easier if she let her boyfriend do it.

"Bye Weasley." Draco grinned down at the immobilised redhead as he pointed his wand at him. "I would say, it's being nice, but knowing you has been torture. At least that's over now. Avada Kedavra!"

Hermione watched the jet of green light leave Draco's wand and hit Ron squarely in the chest. As Ron died, she felt the stunning spell she'd placed on him break. Bending down, she took one final look at Ron, remembering all the times he'd annoyed her and all the times she'd had to pretend to be his friend. Feeling a sense of relief, she turned back to Draco and they set about coming up with a plan to explain Ron's death to Harry.

It didn't take too long to come up with a plan of action. Returning to the fireside, Hermione re-erected the ward she dropped earlier and then then found the one Ron had dropped to leave the camp-site from the other side. Leaving the ward disabled, she waved goodbye to Draco and watched as he went off into the woods and disappeared from view. Once she was sure he would have left the vicinity, she quietly snuck into the tent and settled down in her sleeping bag while Harry remained fast asleep in his own bag over the other side of the tent, unaware of what had occurred outside. Now all she had to do was tell Harry that Ron relieved her of duty in the middle of the night and when she turned in, he was perfectly fine sitting beside the fire keeping watch. And because Harry trusted her, he wouldn't question her story.

Sure enough the next morning, Harry thought nothing of it when he woke up and found Hermione curled up in her sleeping bag. He didn't think it was odd when Hermione said Ron had relieved her of guard duty sometime during the night, as they often tried to make sure one person wasn't left up all night. In fact the first odd thing he noticed was the dead fire when he stepped out from the tent.

"Ron?" He called, looking around for signs of his friend.

"What is it?" Hermione asked, faking concern as she emerged into the bright morning light.

"The fire's dead and there's no sign of Ron," Harry replied with a frown.

"Maybe he popped into the trees for a private moment," Hermione suggested with a shrug. "I'll check the wards."

When Hermione told Harry one of the wards was down, he went darting out to look for Ron. Hermione remained at the camp-site, reigniting the fire, but she kept an eye on Harry as he walked round the camp-site looking for Ron. She knew the moment he'd found his friend as he sunk to his knees before a loud wailing noise filled the area they were camping in. Taking a moment to put on her concerned friend act, Hermione got to her feet and raced over to Harry. Luckily after six years her acting skills were top notch and Harry didn't notice anything amiss as she pretended to be horrified by the discovery of Ron's body.

In fact Hermione's acting skills continued to be top quality as she grieved with Harry and helped him transport Ron's body back to the Burrow for his family to say goodbye to him. As she did so, all she could think was how much losing Ron had taken out of Harry. He'd already lost so much, and now losing Ron could be the final straw. Maybe the time was right for her father to strike and take him down while he was still mourning Ron's loss. Hermione made a mental note to try and contact Draco or her father with the idea. Her instincts told her that the perfect time for getting rid of Harry was upon them. They needed to seize their advantage and get rid of him and the Weasleys while they were knocked sideways by Ron's untimely death.

As it turned out, Hermione instincts were right and her father did indeed chose to act following Ron's death. With everyone still in shock over Ron, no-one saw the attack coming and with Hermione's deflection adding another body blow to the Order, it was all too easy for Voldemort to defeat Harry and his Death Eaters to dispatch the Order. Ron catching Hermione and Draco together had turned out to be a stroke of pure luck for the dark. It led to an early conclusion of the war, and led to Voldemort gaining power much sooner that he'd hoped. It also led to Hermione being free of having to act the part of a perfect muggleborn. She was now free to be herself, and more importantly she was free to be with Draco. Now it didn't matter who caught them together, their relationship was no longer a secret. Everything was out in the open, and everything was how it should be with the dark on top and the light snuffed out.

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