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It was well past midnight in Central City when the couple walked down the sidewalk after their date at the travelling carnival. The street and buildings around Kiera and Barry were dimly lit by streetlights as they walked. Everything was peaceful when the couple made their way toward Kiera's current residence of Caitlin's apartment, but Barry had hardly noticed the silence. His mind had been focused on something else and his heart was racing like his legs usually were at Superspeed. His free hand, the one not holding half of their carnival winnings, had slipped into his jeans' pocket until his fingers had touched a small rounded metal box; knowing it was still there brought a nervous smile to his face. Barry had glanced over at Kiera and then at the streetlight in front of them.

He took his hand out of his pocket, leaving the antique metal container inside and had reached out his hand to gently stop her. "Kiera, I want to ask you somethi-" His question was interrupted by the sound of two gunshots and his focus turned from the object in his pocket and the woman beside him to finding the source of the disruption while everything around him slowed down.

Kiera was turning to face Barry when she heard the gunshots pierce the silence, like thunder booming in the distance. She blinked and suddenly Barry's fist was next to her head and his other fist was in front of his own head. It took her a few seconds to realize what had just happened. When she finally did, a gasp escaped her lips. Two bullets had stopped only a few inches from their targets of Kiera and Barry's heads thanks to Barry's superhuman reflexes.

He had opened his hands, letting go of the bullets and picked up Kiera. Barry ran into a nearby alley at superspeed before the falling bullets could even hit the sidewalk. He set her down once they were safely hidden. Kiera dropped the prizes and souvenirs she had been holding as she tried to process the fact that they had almost been murdered.

Are you all right, Kiera? Barry asked her mentally while he quickly checked her over for any injuries and used their connection to detect any pain she might have been experiencing.

What? Kiera asked as she realized he was standing beside her. Ye…yeah I'm fine, I think.

Barry looked down the alleyway in the direction of the building the sniper shots had come from and Kiera instantly knew what his thoughts were, even without their connection. She quickly started taking off her top in the alleyway to reveal her Telegirl suit underneath.

You're starting to think like a superhero. Barry chuckled, seeing her grey, blue and silver Telegirl suit.

Kiera grinned at him. Go! I'll be right behind you! She told him mentally as she continued to reveal her costume.

Barry nodded to her and in a burst of yellow and red he also took off his top layer of clothing to reveal his Flash suit. Before he ran off, he turned back to Kiera, placed his hand on her back and pulled her into a kiss.

Kiera stopped what she was doing and smiled before kissing him back. She opened her eyes and pulled away a few seconds later.

Be careful.

Always. Barry grinned back as he pulled his hooded mask up over his head and in another flash of red and yellow he ran out of the alley. Kiera chuckled and returned to transforming into Telegirl.

After she successfully uncovered her suit, she opened one her suit's pockets and pulled out her collapsible shield and redesigned metal headpiece that Cisco made collapsible. Kiera put on the headpiece and then, using her telekinesis, opened her shield while she made it hover before her as she started to run down the alleyway. Kiera used her powers to push herself along faster and gained speed before she ascended up into the air, just as the alley opened up into the still deserted street.

Everything was dark; the only lighting was the full moon, an occasional streetlight and a few traffic lights, which casted eerie shadows on the streets and buildings around them. Keeping the shield in front of her in case the shooter- or shooters- saw and opened fire, Telegirl flew up toward the rectangle building's roof. Once she was closer she realized the shadowy building was an almost empty parking structure. Most of the lights were off inside, making it impossible to differentiate between shadows and possible enemies in the structure's half a dozen levels.

Barry? Where are you? Kiera asked Barry mentally while she watched building from the air.

After she waited a minute with no response and no movement or sounds inside, Kiera's heart started to race faster; something had to be wrong.

She decided to check the parking garage's roof. Telegirl quickly gained altitude and rose above the edge of the building in time to see Central City's hero on his knees, writhing in pain. He was bent over, almost in a ball, on the parking garage's roof with his palms pressed against his masked forehead.

Barry! Can you hear me?! Kiera's mental voice screamed, frantic as she took in the scene on the roof several feet below her.

In-between her and the indisposed Flash were eight men with their backs to her. The men were all heavily armed and prepared for a fight in camouflage military uniforms and bulletproof vests. Two soldiers were standing a few feet in front of the others in the direction of The Flash and were holding up guns that looked like a cross between a gun you'd see in a Sci-Fi movie and a regular bazooka; but instead of an opening at the end of the barrel, there were small panels of blue light directed toward the Scarlet Speedster. They could only be one thing- some kind of modified power dampening device like Cisco made and Ruby used to take away their powers, but this time the tech was in the shape of guns instead of merely panels.

The Flash cried out in pain and pressed his palms harder against his forehead as if to try and stop the pain. That brought Kiera's attention back to Barry and she raised her other arm- keeping the other parallel with the shield in front of her. Her other hand formed a fist as she focused on the power dampening guns.

The modified guns in the hands of the two men out front started to shake and then suddenly blew apart, sending shrapnel in every direction. The effects on Barry's mind quickly dissipated and he opened his eyes while he slowly lifted his head. The military men spun around to look up at what The Flash was looking at and saw Telegirl hovering behind them with a smirk on her face.

"I really don't like it when people point guns at us!" Telegirl shouted as she looked at the men through her floating shield from where she floated several feet above the edge of the building. "Now, can we talk about why you shot at u-?" Before she could finish her question, one of the men closest to her threw a small object up at her.

Telegirl quickly moved the shield to stop the object from hitting her. It smashed into the clear barrier in a burst of blue light and Kiera relaxed slightly, thinking she successfully protected herself from whatever the soldier threw at her. Before she could make another comment she suddenly felt lightheaded and started to free fall toward the roof and parked cars below.

Kiera tried to focus on catching herself with her Telekinesis, but nothing happened, instead she continued to gain speed as she fell. Unable to use any of her powers, Telegirl's back slammed into a parked car on the roof and her shield landed several feet away before it slid away. A low groan escaped her lips as pain spread throughout her body, focused mainly on her back and head.

Kiera? Kiera! Are you okay? Barry voice asked her mentally, distorted and echoing in her pounding head. She couldn't open her eyes as pain and lightheadedness came in waves.

A minute passed and finally Kiera groaned. I'm not sure. She managed as the effects started to fade somewhat. I think so. Telegirl slowly tried to sit up on top of the damaged car; it took a few tries, but eventually she sat up. A whimper escaped her lips as she felt intense pain in her right arm while trying to push herself up with it. I think I fractured my arm. Kiera gritted her teeth and tried to push herself off the dented car with her other arm. The car's windshield crackled beneath her like ice as she managed to move slowly and then eventually get down off the car. Her back was badly bruised, but she stood up straight, trying not to give into the pain.

Telegirl dusted off the broken glass from her suit with her good hand, while her other arm was held against her side, and she looked at the men between her and Flash. Some of them were watching her while others watched The Flash, ready to throw more power dampening grenades at both of them. Barry knew if he had tried to run and catch her or help her up, they would have stopped him with the grenades. He was forced to stay where he was and watch as his partner suffered.

"Now that wasn't very nice!" Telegirl said as she focused on their minds. "Why are you trying to kill us?" she muttered under her breath as she tried to reach out into their minds.

When she attempted, she suddenly felt searing pain in her head, like her skull was being ripped apart. As her head throbbed, her parents' deaths flashed before her eyes. Instantly Telegirl knew what it was and that it could not have come from the men in front of her.

Telegirl fell to her knees as she let out an agonizing scream; the excruciating pain and the cruel reminders of the worst day of her life wreaked havoc on her mind. Kiera's uninjured hand instinctively went to her head and her eyes closed tight, coincidently very similar to the position Flash was in when she had first arrived on the scene.

"Nooooo!" Flash screamed out loud, He wasn't sure what had happened as he watched through the group of soldiers. Lightning instinctively flickered across his feet, momentarily forgetting the soldiers' weapons.

KIERA?! Barry shouted again, but this time mentally as he saw her continue to suffer and he felt some of her pain through their connection. His instincts kicked in once more and without even a millisecond of hesitation, his feet left the ground. Lightning sparked across his suit as he ran toward her, carefully avoiding the men as he raced as fast as he could toward Kiera. Blue lights caused him to look away from the suffering Telegirl; more modified grenades were soaring through the air towards him in slow motion. Flash barely missed them as he dodged back and forth. The power dampening grenades exploded behind him- far enough away that they did not affect him.

The Flash finally made it to Telegirl and he picked her up before he ran up one of the parking structure's ramps to a higher part of the roof. He sat them down against a solid concrete barrier, one that stopped any cars from going over onto the descending ramp that went down into the parking structure's top level.

Kiera? Are you okay? Can you hear me? Barry frantically asked mentally as held onto her, trying to comfort her as best he could even though he didn't know what exactly was going on instead her head.

Kiera's hand was still on her head, her eyes were tightly shut and her face was contorted in pain. Her head felt like it was stuck in a blender set to 'pulverize' and images of her parents continued to flood her mind, consuming every thought.

"Kiera? Talk to me! Kiera?" Barry whispered out loud, feeling a small amount of what she was feeling due to their connection. He quickly had an idea and opened one of her suit's pockets on her hip, taking out a syringe filled with his own blood. He quickly injected it into her right shoulder, hoping it would help heal her arm and possibly her head as well.

After a couple minutes, Kiera lowered her arms slowly and tried to focus on breathing evenly. "It was…" she managed faintly as she tried to fight back against the pain, unable to communicate mentally while she tried to regain control. "…a 'Brain Blast'," her breathing became more even. "…about my parents."

"What?! Only you and Ruby…" Barry whispered back, his mind was reeling as he tried to process what it could mean.

"Yes," was all she could manage, her eyes were still closed tight as she tried to recover. She only had as much of a clue as he did about the origin of the torture.

"But she's dead…" He added, still whispering. "She can't be alive! We saw her die! I saw her body in the morgue while you were in your coma! I was there when they declared her dead!"

"I don't know how it's possible," Kiera shook her head as much as she could while her head pounded. "I don't know. But it's gone now,"she said mentally as she finally succeeded in fighting back against the Brain Blast.

"Good, but we have another problem,"Barry frowned as he quickly looked over the barrier they were hiding behind and saw the soldiers making their way up the ramps with more dampening guns, grenades and regular firearms.

Kiera managed to communicate mentally this time as her mind recovered. What is it? She asked. She sensed it was something more than just the advancing soldiers and their weapons. As she moved herself to get more comfortable in their hiding spot, she remembered her injured arm and slowly moved it. The pain was now dull, as it had quickly healed thanks to Barry's blood.

Those are A.R.G.U.S. soldiers. Barry said and turned back around, hiding behind the barrier once more.

Kiera lowered her arm, forgetting about her injury. A.R.G.U.S.?! Why would they want to kills us? Kiera mentally asked, shocked as she remembered Barry's memories about the secret organization. We're on the same side!

Barry sighed and shrugged, telling her that her guess was as good as his.

Hold on. Kiera mentally added before she closed her eyes. She focused on entering the closest soldier's mind, this time ready for another possible 'Brain Blast'. It took her a minute, thankfully without another mental attack, and once inside his mind she found her answer quickly.

Telegirl's eyes opened wide and her fists tightened at her sides.

What is it? What did you find? Barry asked, knowing what she had tried to do.

Kiera snapped out of her shock and looked at him. They aren't getting their orders from A.R.G.U.S. They got them from Ruby!

Ruby? She's dead! How could she have 'Brain Blasted' you and brainwashed A.R.G.U.S. agents? She isn't alive! I saw her lifeless; I'm positive!

Kiera frowned as she tried to figure it out also.

Maybe she messed with our minds more than I realized during the tortures? Maybe she somehow made you believe you saw her dead or something? Maybe somehow she embedded a 'blast' for the future? I don't know. Kiera frowned.

And captured and brainwashed those soldiers before she died? Barry added as he tried to figure it out with her.

Kiera closed her eyes and focused on the soldier's mind again, trying to search for answers while Barry glanced back at the advancing soldiers, who were now almost half way up the two ramps.

We can't stay here long. They'll be in range to use their weapons any minute now. And we'll be surrounded soon after that. Barry warned, mentally.

Kiera nodded and kept her eyes closed as she focused on the soldier's mind. Just give me a few seconds.

As Telegirl entered the soldier's mind again, she felt pain spread over her body. This time it wasn't a Brain Blast- what she was prepared for- but instead the injuries she suffered while captured by Ruby Siren three months ago suddenly surfaced as if she was back in that metal chair, reliving the torture. Her abdomen and shoulder, where the burns once were, felt as if they were on fire and she felt the stinging pain surface from the cuts that were once on her lower arm. Kiera still had reminders of the torture in the form of slightly visible scars that hadn't completely disappeared, even with the help of Barry's blood, but now it felt like the injuries had only been inflicted a few seconds ago.

Kiera let out an agonizing scream as the pain intensified. The scream echoed across the parking lot's concrete roof, verifying their position in the darkness to the A.R.G.U. closing in on them.

Kiera? What's going on? Kiera! Are you okay? Ki-! Barry's mental screams faded along with his comforting touch on her arm as Kiera felt herself uncontrollably descend deep into the soldier's mind. Everything faded away until she couldn't feel, see or hear anything. Everything was numb. Everything was pitch black, as if she had entered a room without any windows, doors or lighting.

She tried to figure out how to get out, but nothing seemed to happen. Kiera felt trapped; it seemed like she had somehow been locked in a prison inside the A.R.G.U.S. soldier's mind, but she didn't even know if that was possible.

After what felt like a decade of not being able to do anything, a chill came over Kiera; a sudden familiar feeling that she couldn't quite figure out.

"Telegirl…" A drawn out silky voice said in the darkness. "Or should I call you by your real name? 'Kiera'…" Another shiver, stronger this time, ran down Kiera's spine; she instantly knew whose voice it was.

"Ruby," Kiera said as she tried to look around in the pitch-black mental prison she was trapped in. "You're dead! How are you here?! Where are we?" She shouted into the darkness.

"You haven't guessed it by now? You were so close when you and Flashie were theorizing so adorably." Ruby's voice laughed. "This is my backup plan, in case you did somehow manage to kill me." There was a pause, as if Ruby didn't believe she was defeated. "I left this message for you… and a 'going away party'."Even though Kiera couldn't see Ruby's face, she knew the villain was smirking.

"A 'Message'? A 'Going away party'?"Kiera asked, unsure if she really wanted to know exactly what they were.

A figure suddenly stepped out of the darkness, like it had stepped out of thick black fog. Even though everything else was completely dark, the person was completely visible as if a spotlight shone down on her. The skin-tight red and black leather suit, long loosely curled black hair, piercing green eyes and ruby red lips were instantly recognizable. Her face lacked her usual matching mask, which wasn't needed anymore to hide her identity.

Kiera looked down and she saw she could now see her own suit-clad body, but everything around the two unmasked women was still pitch black, like the black fog was clinging around them.

"This isn't possible! You're dead!" Kiera shouted and shook her head while she looked around at the darkness surrounding them. "I'm in some kind of mental projection?"

Ruby sneered as she watched the hero, almost pitying her. "You still don't know our abilities as Telepaths, do you? You never were too bright, Telegirl." She taunted with a smirk, teasing her prey like a predator would with its future meal.

Kiera looked at Ruby and narrowed her eyes. "What's your 'going away party' then?"

"You haven't figured that out either?" Ruby rolled her eyes and chuckled, getting tired of having to explain everything.

"You sent A.R.G.U.S. soldiers to try and kill us," Kiera muttered under her breath, her hands forming fists. "Well sorry to say, your plan failed! We're not dead… unlike you!"

The villain laughed. "You thought all I'd have planned to get my revenge on the both of you was to send a few petty soldiers with some toys? You really are a slow learner!" Ruby laughed. "But those soldiers did seem to wound both of you."

Kiera froze. If the soldiers weren't the only things Ruby had set up before her death, what else could be coming for them on that roof? She needed to get out and warn Barry.

"This is the real fight, Telegirl." Ruby said, her smirk growing, and outstretched her arms as if to display her plan. "And it's only beginning."

Kiera's restraint wore thin. She lunged forward, somehow using her powers inside the soldier's mind to help push her mental body along faster. She half ran, half flew toward the villain. Right before she made it to Ruby, she moved her tightly formed fist in front of her, ready to punch. Her fist moved through the air toward Ruby's face, but before she could make contact, the villain evaporated into the darkness. Kiera stopped, confused and looked around at the blackness surrounding her.

"You think you can hurt me, Telegirl? This is my mind game! This is my realm!" Ruby's teasing voice called out, her words echoing through the darkness along with her laugh.

"Then come and fight me! Come and win! Try and kill me!" Kiera shouted at the darkness, trying to provoke her nemesis as she looked all around.

"That won't work with me," Ruby's laughter echoed louder. "You will die, but in due time. I like to play with my food first."

"I killed you once! I'm ready to do it again!" Kiera shouted back as she looked up, her fists tightening until her knuckles turned white.

This time her mockery seemed to have worked; the villain materialized behind her. Ruby brought her heeled boot up to Kiera's back and kicked the unsuspecting hero forward, hard.

All of the air left Kiera's lungs as she unexpectedly fell forward into the black fog that covered the ground they stood on. Instead of hitting a hard surface, Kiera felt herself fall into the darkness; swallowed up by an abyss.

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A few of you asked me if Kiera and Barry would get engaged any time soon, so I decided to do a little nod to that in the beginning of this chapter. Sorry it's probably not what you guys wanted, but keep an eye out for more later in the next chapter! (:

Also in case it wasn't clear: How Ruby made that mind prison inside the soldier's mind was she left a small bit of her consciousness in his mind before she died. Think of it sort of like how DeVoe is putting his consciousness into other bodies, expect Ruby's not fully swapping minds, but instead just putting part of her mind into another.

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