Chapter 2

The shirtless man standing in front of me is tall, muscular and lithe. The waves of his caramel blonde hair fall gently across his forehead. His kind eyes shine in the candle light and I watch the flames dance, reflected on their surface.

Slight crinkles appear at the corners of his eyes as a smile filled with mirth tugs softly at his lips.

"What?" I try to sound indignant that his mirth is at my expense but find my own mouth curling into an unbidden smile. The love and desire shining from those eyes - eyes the colour of stormy seas - that also seem to be looking straight into my soul, is disarming to say the least.

My breath catches in my throat as his fingers trail along my cheekbone, then slide into my hair behind my ear. His voice rumbles deep in his throat, full of emotion, "You are beautiful."

I close my eyes as colour rises on my cheeks at the unexpected compliment. My William, but not...No, not William….Henry. The confusion is momentary, my mind refusing to acknowledge the anomaly, and is quickly erased from thought. My full attention once more on the man in front of me, I trace the familiar curves of his bare chest with my fingers, my palms brushing his nipples causing them to harden.

As I open my eyes again and look up Henry's face moves closer to mine. His quickening breaths feather against my lips mirroring my own elevated heartrate. His fingers curl in my hair closing the distance between us, our lips melding together in a passionate kiss.

As Henry pulls away from the kiss that leaves me breathless and wanting more, always wanting more, his fingers run down my neck to between my breasts leaving a trail of goose bumps in their wake. With deft hands Henry releases the laces at the front of my chemise and slowly slides the straps from my shoulders, watching it slide down my body to balloon around my feet on the floor. His eyes move back up my body caressing me with his gaze. Suddenly, my feet are no longer on the ground as he sweeps me into his arms and throws me onto the bed. I squeal at the sudden change of orientation, causing Henry to chuckle in response.

The need to be kissing this man is overwhelming. "Kiss me, again!" I urge. Sitting up on my elbows, my hair falls away from my shoulders, and I revel in my nakedness under the steady gaze of my beloved Henry. Before he has the chance to respond I decide on a different course of action, and sit up quickly. "But first I need to get you out of those pants."

Henry laughs, "I'm all yours, Love," holding his hands in the air, giving me unfettered access to his one remaining piece of clothing. My heart races as my fingers fumble with his buttons, eagerness making me clumsy. As the last button is released I lean forward and kiss the line of light brown hair that runs vertically from just below his navel down to his pubic hair; his happy trail. I look up to see his head tilt back as a low moan escapes his lips.

His fingers entwine in my hair as my lips brush his stomach. The muscles forming the "V" that frames his lower abdomen ripple slightly at my touch as his hips push towards me. I look up into beautiful grey eyes, his pupils dilated with arousal.

"You need to kiss me, now," I murmur. "I want to taste you."

Henry falls to his knees in front of me. He gently moves my knees apart, pushing his sculpted torso between them, making my breath catch in my throat. As his arms wrap around me pulling our bodies closer together, he whispers, "I'm yours."

I crush my lips against his, wrapping my arms around his neck. My intensity is mirrored in Henry's kiss as his lips part and his tongue enters my mouth. As our tongues entwine I wrap my legs around his waist.

The fire deep inside me is building. Without warning Henry pulls away from me. I search his eyes, looking for the reason for this sudden movement. "Time for a change of pace, Pet." One side of his mouth curls in amusement and I realise I'm pouting.

His amusement deepens at my expression. "If I keep kissing you like that I won't be able to wait." His eyes drop downwards momentarily and I follow his gaze.

"Stand up." My voice is husky with passion at the sight of his arousal.

My beautiful man, the love of my life, of many lives, complies without argument. As Henry takes a step back away from the bed I follow him to my feet and step around him. He turns to face me with his back towards the bed. "Lie down. Please," I add.

As he lowers himself to the bed I watch the muscles of his chest and arms move and flex beneath his pale skin. The sight fans the flames within me to such intensity I have to stop myself from just jumping on board and letting him fill me up. A groan escapes my lips at the thought. Henry looks at me quizzically, an eyebrow raised slightly. The flush in my cheeks tells him all he needs to know of my thoughts.

I crawl up the bed on all fours beside Henry's muscular legs and torso, planting a quick line of kisses along the top of his thigh before positioning myself level with his hips. This is not a selfless act I perform, nor one born of a sense of duty. I get so much pleasure from seeing and feeling Henry's reaction to it.

With each movement my hair falls around my face covering his stomach and tickling the tops of his thighs. Henry moves my hair away from my face, his breathing ragged, pupils dilated.

"Enough…Love," he whispers breathlessly, taking my shoulders and guiding me up and on top of him until I'm lying on his chest. My hair falls around his face, waves and ringlets entwining with his.

The sensation of my body pressing so close to his, our skin touching in so many wonderful places, makes thinking of anything else rather difficult.

With a swift movement, Henry rolls me over until he looks down at me from where I was a moment ago. I wrap my legs around his waist and in a slow deliberate movements he begins to make love to me.

I gasp, my back arching off the bed at the flood of sensation, not just deep inside me but throughout my entire body. It's as if all my nerves are firing at once.

Henry slowly builds momentum, my legs wrapped around him pulling him closer, deeper. I need to touch him…. everywhere… my fingers kneading at his back, then knotting in his hair, stroking his chest.

I kiss his mouth. Our breaths are short and rapid, mingling together as I look up into his sculpted face. The fire expands deep within me threatening to consume me. I look into Henry's eyes, he's looking back at me, "I'm ready anytime you are." His voice is low and slightly choked with passion.

All I can do is nod in response. The sensation inside me builds. The groan escaping his lips is enough to tip me over the edge. Stars explode in front of my eyes. My head is thrown back, my eyes rolling back in my head as I cry out.

As my tremors subside Henry begins to shudder against me, in me, bringing me back to the precipice again. He is so close now. I reach down and grab his buttocks, squeezing, trying to draw him closer to me, my nails digging into his flesh. It's enough to tip him over the edge. Henry cries out in ecstasy as he pulls me over the precipice again with him.