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"So this is it?" Harriet Potter looked around her.
It was... Disappointing.
The Girl Who Conquered was dead – again. Having vanquished Voldemort at seventeen by sacrificing herself after becoming the Master of Death, she had gone back, killed the Dark Lord and helped the wizarding world to get back on its feet.

But as years went by, the gap between her and, well, nearly everyone else, became more apparent…
People began to recover from the war, grieved for their loved ones and went on with their life, whereas Harriet felt unchanged, and soon her friends noticed that she wasn't changing physically either. And so the women who still looked like a girl began to wonder if she hadn't made a mistake the day she accepted the ownership of the three Peverell brothers' legacy.

Fearing the reaction of the fickle public, Harriet progressively disappeared from the wizarding world, only contacting her friends Luna and George from time to time. She'd grown apart from Ron and Hermione when their relationship became serious, and from the Weasley in general with the death of Fred, her fiancé…
Just as she'd suspected, people had started talking about her lack of aging, and rumors of black magic and necromancy had spread like wildfire. Typical of the narrow-minded British Wizarding World that hadn't changed all that much, even after sacrificing her parents' and her own generation.
But all this came to a sudden halt when, once more, the more radical element of the wizarding world started to let their voice be heard. They called themselves the True Wizards, but fundamentally, were nothing more than neo Death Eater. And of course, with the violence escalating quickly, the wizarding public reclaimed the return of their exiled hero. Harriet would have refused – but it really wasn't in her nature to let people, as stupid as they were, suffer in silence. And so she went back.

And died, killed by an AK in the back.
Truth be told, after fearing being immortal, it was nearly relieving…


She looked around her. She was back in the whiteness of King Cross's station. This time, she remembered right away to wish her clothing into existence, and waited. She doubted Dumbledore would be the one to greet her again, but was hoping that maybe she'd see Fred – or Sirius, Remus, her parents… There were far more people she wanted to see among the dead than the living.
But what, or rather who, appeared was both more logical, and more surprising.
A man, tall, with long straight hair as dark as hers tied at his nape, a well-adjusted suit and piercing red eyes. The one detail that let her guess who he was, was the silver pendant of the Hallows around his neck.

"Indeed, Mistress."
"So what happens now?"
Death let out a weary sigh, "It's up to you, really. By gathering the three Hallows you became my equal, and as such, immortal. You could, if you'd like, go back, as you still have a body able to endure the Mortal Realms. You'd live the rest of your mortal life, and come to the Immortal Realm by the end of it. You could also take your place in Death's Islands right away…"
"Death's Islands?"
"Yes. I'm not the one who reaps every soul, it would take too much time. Like all higher gods, I'm more of a supervisor with legions of lesser gods and holy servants that I supervise… Death's Islands are inhabited by my reapers and the souls not yet reincarnated. It would also be your home, since we now share powers."

"OK. Any other options?" better to know everything before making a decision, she thought
"Yes. You see, you weren't supposed to come across my artifacts, but Fate got bored and meddled…"
"Somehow, I'm not surprised. That explains so much."
"Indeed it does." Death let a small smile creep on his face – at least, he should get on well with the latest immortal, given what he knew about her "Anyway, even if it is unplanned, you are now as immortal as any god, but you don't have our powers… yet."

"Given how you're phrasing it, I will…"
"Become as powerful as any other god? Yes. But what is interesting, right now, is that you aren't. And thanks to that, you can still easily interact with the mortal world directly, as opposed to us older gods. What we're proposing is for you to be reincarnated in various mortal worlds, where your role would be to assist Fate's chosen heroes. They would still probably triumph without you, or at least they all have the potential to conquer, just as you had, but your help could save time, suffering, and even lives."

"How will the wizarding world fare against those neo Death Eater without me?"
Death chuckled at the nickname, and answered, "Your help would end them faster, but even without you, the muggleborns will eventually act and drag the wizarding world into the XXI st century after banding against the True Wizards."
"And about these… Death's Islands… Would I find my friends? My family?"
"Well, Dumbledore has already elected to be reincarnated, but most of the other dead you know are still there, following your life. They all love you, you know." said Death with a smile – since he'd guessed the little girl would gather his Hallows, he'd followed her life with interest, and as such, interacted a lot with her dearly departed
"Most? What do you mean?"

The tall man nearly held his breath. He'd known she'd ask, it was her nature after all – and now, her entire future would be wagered on his answer "Your mother's protection had a price… As I told you, we gods can't interact too much with the mortal realms. One of our loopholes is pacts. Your mother's plea reached us, and a pact was made to protect you, thus making you the Girl Who Lived."
Harriet felt fear for the first time in a long time and despite being dead, breathing suddenly became harder "What was the price?" she managed to ask in a whisper

"She accepted to be thrown into Purgatory for eternity." announced Death somberly "Thus forfeiting any after life on Death Islands, or any reincarnation…" the green-eyed girl closed her eyes, but then, Death added "There is one way to change this."
"Mortal souls can get out of the Purgatory only when guided by an immortal. If you go with the gods' proposal, once you're powerful enough, you'll be able to go and retrieve her yourself. It won't be easy, and it'll take a lot of time to get to that point… but you'll be able to do it."
"I'll do it."
No hesitation – as he'd predicted. Death withheld a sigh.
The girl who was now his sister in powers if not blood had chosen a hard path, as even for the higher gods, the Purgatory wasn't easy to navigate…


Her decision made, Harriet followed Death out of the whiteness, into a large room filled with various beings — some humanoids, others not, all sharing a powerful aura of eternity. The gods, guessed Harriet.
"Welcome back, Death. Welcome, Harriet." said a seemingly young girl with pink bubblegum hair and silver eyes, "I am Fate!"
Harriet eyed the goddess, wondering how to react. On one hand, it was her fault she was now an immortal protector of heroes; on the other hand, if she hadn't meddled, she wouldn't have this chance to save her mother's soul.
Finally, she smiled back, "Nice to meet you all."

"So let's get this show started!" shouted a young boy nearby, "I'm Chaos, and I have a proposition for you!"
Harriet gave a quick glance at Death, wondering what she should do. Thankfully, Death, having understood the unasked question, gave a small nod.
"What is this proposition, Chaos?"
"A Game!"

Seeing the new addition to immortality wasn't following what Chaos was saying, Peace explained softly, "What you have to understand is that, so you can play the role we are suggesting, you cannot grow too strong for the mortal realms. One option for this, is to play with reincarnation, you'll have your memories, but your powers would be restrained at each reincarnation. This is where our dear Chaos' proposition come into play…"

"Yes! To make things more interesting!" the exuberant young boy cut back, "I can force your soul to adapt into a new form… You'll lose a lot of your actual powers, but instead, gain a lot of potential power!"
"How so?"
"By making your life into a game! In each new world, you'll lose your previous powers, thus fulfilling the 'not too powerful' clause, but thanks to the gaming interface you'll grow powerful quickly in each new life."

"And in Death islands and the Immortal Realms, you'll have all your powers, quickly making you in one of us!" added Fate with a smile
"And because I like you, I'll add a boon!" interjected Luck, "You'll get to keep one power or trait from each life into the next. It shouldn't affect the balance of power too much…"
"I'll give you a quick overview of each world's past and supposed future when you start in them!" added Fate, not to be outdone
Harriet hesitated a bit, then finally, nodded "Alright, let's do this."

Chaos' magic was painful – way more painful than anything she'd ever felt before. But finally, after what felt, and perhaps was, an eternity, her world faded to black and glowing green handwritten words echoed in the darkness…

[Welcome to Chaos' Game]
[New log entrance : Fate's Update
(note that you can access this log at any time)
Welcome to the Mafia-verse!
Summary : This world is yours. But here, you won't be born in the wizarding portion of the world, but the Mafia one. The hero you'll follow is Sawada Tsunayoshi, a young boy who will eventually inherit the massive Vongola Famiglia, even thought he doesn't know it yet.
The powers used are the 'Flames of Dying Will', separated into seven categories Sky, Cloud, Storm, Lightning, Sun, Mist and Rain. Each Flame has specific attributes and characteristics.
Your goal is to help Tsunayoshi grow up as a good Boss for his family and reform the Vongola into the vigilante of the underworld group they originally were.]

A five years old silhouette and an adult one, looking similar, appeared in front of Harriet, as the words [Character's Creation] flashed in front of her, followed by the prompt

[Main Characteristics
Strength– 3 (physical attribute, influence your damage output)
Agility– 7 (physical attribute, influence speed and flexibility)
Endurance– 3 (physical attribute, influence your life points and stamina)
Intelligence– 7 (mind attribute, influence your theoretical comprehension and learning speed)
Wisdom– 6 (mind attribute, influence your metaphysical comprehension and Flame points)
Charisma – 4 (general attribute, influence how people see you)
Luck – 5 (mind attribute, influence your loot, and random encounters)

unspent: 5

Secondary Characteristics
(these are calculated according to your main characteristics but can be changed by some bonuses)
Health Points HP: 33
Flame Points FP: 67
Damage: 13
Flame Damage: 20
Speed (Movement/Damage):14
Flame Speed:12
Critic: 20
Flame critic:23
Defense: 9
Flame Defense:15

would you like to make any change?]

Reviewing the numbers, Harriet shrugged – this looked pretty much as her stats would have looked as a child, she guessed… Quickly, she used the 5 unspent points, putting her three lowest stats at 5 – better round up her character first, then specialize herself once reborn and familiarized with her new abilities.


(you'll come across new skills during your life, these are just the basics! Note that some base skills are still there from previous game as they were dubbed general utility)
Language: 6/100
- Parseltongue: 100/100
- English: 60/100
- Latin: 20/100
- French: 5/100
- Japanese: 10/100
- Italian: 1/100
Awareness: 3/100
- Meditation: 5/100
- Intuition: 19/100
- Empathy: 2/100
Household: 30/100
- Cooking: 43/100
- Cleaning: 19/100
- Gardening: 12/100
General Knowledge: 5/100
- Earth: 20/100
Science: 4/100
- Biology: 4/100
- Technology: 1/100
Crafting: 2/100
- Sewing: 17/100
- Repairing: 32/100
Haggling: 6/100
- Negotiate: 11/100
- Persuade: 4/100
- Intimidate : 2/100
Street Rat: 19/100
- pickpocket: 5/100
- lock-picking: 18/100
- discretion: 21/100
- parkour: 1/100

Unspent: 10

note that most skills are automatically translated into active or passive Abilities ranked out of 10 and evolving every 25 skill point : basic, beginner, intermediate and advanced Ability]


This time, the points went to up Italian to 5 and persuade to 10, and the prompt switched to

Apprentice Yamato Nadeshiko (unlocked on household 25): +10% Charisma
Previous life Perk unlocked!
Choose one power to keep from the Wizard-verse
- Potter Inheritance: unlock Animagus skill +5 (ability to transform in an animal)
- Peverell Inheritance: unlock Shaman skill +5 (ability to see the spirit of the ancestors)
- Black Inheritance: unlock Metamorph skill +5 (ability to modify your appearance)
- Gryffindor's Pride:+5 Strength
- Slytherin's Cunning: +5 Wisdom
- The Chosen One: +5 Charisma
Available Perks
- Polyglot: double rate of learning languages
- Speed Demon(0/2): grant +10 speed and F speed but takes -5 damage and F damage
- I am the Night (0/2): grant +5 discretion
- Berserk(0/2): grant +10 Damage and DW Damage but takes -1 Intelligence
- Sound of Mind and Body: grants +1 to Strength and Intelligence
- Natural Genius(0/3): grant +5% XP gain
- Hard Work Genius(0/3): learn skills 5% faster
- Lucky 7 (0/7): grant +5% money gain

Unspent: 1

please note that double the learning rate will be translated in the status by needing half the SP to up the skill]


Harriet hesitated a bit more on this. Most of the Perks were interesting, but ultimately the first one to take was definitely Natural Genius, and as for the Previous Life Perk, she settled for Black Inheritance.
Choice confirmed, the next message glided into existence [Now let's talk about identity!]. After a second of incomprehension, she remembered that she was supposed to be reincarnated – and as such wouldn't be Harriet Potter anymore…
Visibly, she still would have a say on her new identity.

[In the Mafia world, blood is important. Choose carefully your family, it will matter!
Sawada family – our hero's family
unlocks Sky Flames + 20, Storm Flames +5, Vongola Inheritance Perk (+2 Charisma, double Awareness learning rate)
Yamamoto family– a simple cook in the city, really
unlocks Rain Flames +20 , Lightning Flames +5, Shadow Killer Perk (+2 Agility, double Discretion and White Weapon learning rate)
Hibari family – try to cope with the attention of the police forces, Chinese Triads and Italian Mafia
unlocks Cloud Flames +15, Mist Flames +10, Underworld Aficionado Perk (+2 Wisdom, double Intimidate and Ranged Weapons learning rate)
Sasagawa family – from one extreme to another
unlocks Sun Flames +15, Mist Flames +10, grants Let's keep to the basics Perk (+1 to every Main Characteristic)]

Once more, the choice wasn't clear-cut – she knew that Flames would play a significant role in her life, but she still didn't precisely know what they were, or how they worked, so choosing was impossible. Considering this, she decided to go with the simplest: she would be Tsunayoshi's twin sister. Plus, she'd always wanted a family!

Family picked, she went over her physical appearance : the child and adult silhouette had changed when she selected her family, now clearly showing her as Asian, her hair tamer than before and her eyes, thought still a bright AK green, more slanted. After playing around a bit with the options available, she finally went with the default option she had been given – her build and face shapes were now similar enough for her to clearly resemble her new brother, but she had kept her hair black and eyes green.

[Character's Creation Complete! Let's Play!]

Sawada Kazami LV1:
Strength: 5(5.3)
Agility: 7(7.4)
Endurance: 5
Intelligence: 7
Wisdom: 6
Luck: 5(5.3)


HP/FP : 55/67
Dam/ F Dam: 17/20
Speed/ F Speed: 14/12
Critic/ F Critic: 23/24
Def/ F Def: 15/22