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Typical, when the shrimpzilla monster whatever it is, burst out of the water and attacked I was unconscious. I guess I should start from the beginning, I'm Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, god of the sea. I know what you're thinking, "This guy is crazy! There's no such thing as Poseidon, he's a myth." Oh yeah, well I'm living the myth and it's not fun. If you think I'm crazy and don't believe me, FINE! Be that way. Others that believe me, you have my permission to read on.

Ok so back to the monster. Its a giant shrimp that attacks with its nose hairs, it got me, shoved me off the deck and I fell unconscious, I know embarrassing right? but I had already had a few head injuries before so don't judge me.

This entire trip I've felt useless, this is the sea, my domain, I'm supposed to protect them not the other way around. Annabeth says it wasn't my fault. But then why does it feel like it?


"Percy, no!" I scolded him for such a ridiculous answer, "Tell me what's wrong!" "Annabeth, I trust you all the time right? Do me a favor and trust me that I wont be gone long." Percy answered. "You never trust me!" I scream back at him. "Annabeth please, I have to do this, I'll only be gone for less than an hour." He pleaded "Then tell me why." I asked, "You know why, I've already told you." Percy said calmly. "That is a horrible reason! Just because you have a strong feeling to jump into the ocean for an hour isn't a reason.

We were in my cabin on the Argo II and Percy decided that it would be a good idea to jump into the ocean for about an hour. I had told him no because ever since the shrimp monster attack he started acting like weird. He blamed every small incident on himself and was always arguing that he should go on small quest to get information, objects, and whatnot. He seemed so distant recently it scared me that he might leave, go try fix every problem by himself, and end up dying which would kill me.

Which is why I can't allow Percy to leave, not because it was dangerous, (well that too) but because I was scared. Without Percy in my life I would break. He was more than my boyfriend, he was part of my life.

"Annabeth please I'm promise I'll come back", He said with those big sea-green eyes that I couldn't resist. "Promise me, Promise on the River Styx that you wont do anything reckless and come back" I said, almost crying "I promise on the River Styx that I'll come back alive and wont do anything reckless" He said reassuringly, "And since when am I reckless?" He said with a smile.

I laughed at that. "Ok fine Seaweed-Brain, but we have to tell the others." "Done!" He said and walked out of my room.

It seemed strange, and Percy was acting nervous but I decided to let him.

I wondered if it was a mistake to let him go, but it was done and I couldn't refuse Percy again, it was too hard to be serious around his pleading eyes that she'd come to love.


When Percy said he'd be gone for about an hour I thought he was nuts. I looked at Annabeth for reasoning but she said nothing like she already discussed it with Percy. Which she probably did, I could hear Annabeth yelling at someone. At least I know who it was.

Still I was amazed that Percy convinced her to let him do it.

But I guess he had to since the only person who could convince the whole crew was Annabeth. She was cool that way. I did argue though. We would waste valuable time to stop Gaea but Percy was completely sure of himself that he had to do this. So we let him.

Me, I still don't think its a good idea but I eventually agreed, reluctantly.

I hope nothing bad happens while he's gone. Percy doesn't think he is doing anything but actually he has saved us numerous times. I hope Percy comes to find that out soon enough.


It took longer than I would've liked to convince the crew, but I was certain I had to do this. Ok fine that's a lie, I also lied to everyone else including Annabeth. It was partially true what I told them but in truth, a hippocampi (which is like a horse but with fins and a tail with scales if you can imagine that) had swum up to my window and told me to come into the ocean because my dad wished to talk to me. Also he didn't want me to tell my friends that it was he who summoned me.

I didn't have a choice but to lie, you can't disobey a god, even if it is your dad. Actually you still shouldn't disobey your dad anyway, not that I haven't done that. I've disobeyed tons of people.

So I lied and got away with it, at least I think so, but knowing Annabeth she probably has suspicions but I can't do anything about that.

When I jumped in the harbor the hippocampi was waiting for me.

"Hi, the lord wishes to sea you, get it sea you!"

The hippocampi started laughing at its own joke which I though was kind of lame but I didn't say anything.

"Ok, grab on and I'll take you to him."

"Ok" I said, kind of uncertain about the safety of this ride, I might slip off and the hippocampi wouldn't notice for another hundred miles. They were fast. But I got on.

The hippocampi was scaly and kind of rough but it wasn't as slippery as I though it would be.

"Don't slip off, otherwise I'll have to come back for you and waste 34 seconds"

"Alright" I said, "What's you name?" I asked

"Slippy" It answered back.

"Um, ok Slippy, don't try anything funny" I said.

Slippy laughed at that and took off swimming at 150 miles and hour.

When we finally got there, Dad was waiting on the sea floor for me.

We came in close and Slippy stopped suddenly and flipped over, causing me to fall on my head. (So much for heroic entrance)

"Slippy what have I said about flipping your riders upside-down" Poseidon scolded.

"Sorry boss, I thought he would hold on."

"You did not, now go swim and graze, come when I call you." He said, and with that Slippy swam away leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.

"Sorry about that Percy, Slippy is sometimes well-" "Slippy?" I asked "Yeah slippy" Poseidon said. But that's not what I brought you here for.

"Percy you have a hard future ahead, but the Fates aren't all unfair. You can't have a horrible suffer without a grand reward. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"Um, yeah but where is this going? Am I going to die and end up happy?" I asked stupidly. "Percy, you know I can't tell you that, and even if I could I wouldn't, that type of knowledge can destroy someone."

I nodded, "So why am I here?" "I had just wanted to warn you. You will end up doing something beyond your limits that should kill you, but the Fates don't want you to die, not yet. So expect something to happen."

I just stared at him, "Wait, what? If the Fates don't want me to die then can't they just change-and why are you being so mysterious-just tell me- what's, what's going to happen to me?" I stammered.

"Percy, I can't tell the future, and again I couldn't tell you, the consequences that would-no never mind just remember my warning Percy, if something happens don't freak out, and don't tell your friends. Swear on the Styx that you won't tell your friends until this war is won... That is if we win." He said

I didn't know what to think, something would happen to me and I couldn't tell my friends? This was absurd, but I know Dad wouldn't let me leave here until I swore I wouldn't tell, and I swore to Annabeth I would be back in about an hour. I had no choice.

"I swear on the Styx that I wont tell my friends about whatever will happen to me until after the war." I said, "But what if they get suspicious and figure it out?" I asked. He answered, "They will have their suspicions yes, but unless you confirm it they won't be completely convinced, I promise you that."

I nodded and said, "Ok, I understand, can I go back now my friends will be worried?" "Alright be on your way just remember your promise, and don't tell your friends I was here." And with that he disappeared. Leaving me to wonder what to think.

Then Slippy arrived at my side and said "Ok, the boss told me to take you back so climb on." I got on and we sped back to the Argo II

On the way I tried to figure out what to say to the crew.


"Annabeth, don't worry he'll be back soon." I said soothingly.

Annabeth had been pacing the deck for the last thirty minutes. She was going crazy with worry that something might have happened to Percy and she couldn't do anything to help him.

"But, what if something happened to him, he's been gone for an hour and fifteen minutes!" "Annabeth, Percy is one of the strongest demigods there are, and this is his domain, nothing will happen to him. Besides he said he might be gone for about an hour." I reminded her for the thirteenth time, "Calm down." I said with a bit of charmspeak in my voice. The tension in her shoulders eased a bit, "Yeah, you're right, he's probably fine." She said nervously convincing herself.

At that moment the waves burst upward, and Percy landed on the deck, dousing all of us on deck, "Sorry about that." He said sheepishly, "Did I miss anything."

Annabeth just stared at him, and then she ran forward kissing him. Then she punched him. "Ow! what was that for!" He said, "That, was for getting me soaking wet." Then she grabbed his wrist and judo flipped him onto the ground, "And that, was for being late." "Ok, love you too, and I said I would be gone for about an hour." "That's just it Seaweed-Brain, you were gone for an hour and fifteen minutes." Percy laughed at that "Ok whatever, I'm sorry."

I was a tiny bit jealous, they got along so well together. Jason, my boyfriend, always put his duty first. I wonder that when the war was over if Jason would notice me more. I know that is selfish but I can't help it. I love Jason so much I would kill herself for him. Would Jason ever do that for me?


The moment Percy got back I knew something was wrong. He avoided eye contact to any of the crew and never fully answered the questions we asked him about what happened down there. Worse than that, he wouldn't even talk about what happened down there. He wouldn't talk to anybody. Not even me.

I was afraid I was losing Percy. I wanted to help him, but how can I do that if he doesn't tell me what's wrong. He doesn't even admit something is wrong.

I would try and figure it out myself but I have nothing to go on. No clues. No hints. Nada.

Whatever Percy was trying to hide he hid it well. But not well enough that I didn't have suspicions that something was wrong.


I had to have bad dreams, first I get bad news, then bad dreams. When does the bad luck end?. In fact the dream might have made the top bad dreams lists (and trust me, only the worst dreams make that lists).

It started out on Mount Olympus, nothing happened, it was kind of pleasant. The temperature was just right, especially up there at the top of the mountain.

Suddenly, the floor cracked, crevices were growing everywhere. Then everything went bad. the floor exploded, I was blinded from debris. When it all settled down I didn't like what I saw. The mountain top was covered with an army of monsters, and not just any monsters, the worst one. Including the giants, ALL of the giants.

"Porphyrion!" Boomed a voice from across of me. Unfortunately it was a voice I recognized. Polybotes, my old enemy, who I had killed in new Rome, escaped from in Tartarus, and yet there he stood. Polybotes was the giant opposing my dad Poseidon, he was the antiPoseidon. Therefore my born enemy.

"What do you want you swine!" Porphyrion called out. "A quest, that Percy Jackson and his friends are making too much progress! I propose a small fraction of the army to destroy them." Polybotes said. "No! that would be a waste, you just want revenge on Percy Jackson, because he killed you! HAHAHA!" "He had the help of a god!" Polybotes yelled back, slightly embarrassed. "Yeah, a border god!" "Whatever! it doesn't matter, they are making mush progress, they already have the physician's cure, the cure that brings the dead back to life!"

The enthusiasm of the army faded a bit. "If you don't believe me lets ask Thoon!" Polybotes bellowed. Unease rippled through the army, Thoon was the giant born to oppose the Fates, everyone avoid him, Even Porphyion acted a tad nervous around him. "Thoon! Come forward and tell us, what of the seven demigods!" Polybotes ordered. "An old crippled giant shuffled toward the stage. "The demigods" he said, his eyes turned milky white, "The demigods are close, yet we are not ready, they have sailed past the Peloponnese, they have captured Nike, closed the Doors of Death, they have the potion of life. Yes, they are close, if they come in the next three days, the giants will fall, mother Gaea will-" "STOP, enough of the prophesies Thoon! If the demigods are close and we will fail, then we will have to destroy them" Porphyrion turned to Polybotes, "Are you certain you can stop them brother, we need not another failure." "I am certain, let me take the a small amount of the army, we will travel through the sea and stop the demigods in their tracks, and I will have my revenge on Percy Jackson!"

"Polybotes,do not fail me!" "I won't, but I want permission for something special!"

"What do you wish?" "I want permission to torture Percy Jackson, Thoon has seen that he will be the protection of the demigods, he will have power unlike ever before! I want to be able to use Daedalus' old laboratory in the center of Athens, there I will suck the power from Percy, until which he dies. Then we shall use the power, pour it over ourselves, and we shall ALL have power over the oceans!"

"Very well, just make sure you get him. If Thoon is correct, we shall have even more power! If you fail to destroy the demigods, you shall at least get Percy Jackson, is that understood" Porphrion said. "Understood! Don't worry, Thoon has never been wrong! I shall tear apart Percy Jackson's limbs!"

I woke up in a cold sweat. I knew I couldn't tell the crew this, they would try to avoid it, but I knew better. I knew it would happen, I just hope that Thoon missed something. I wouldn't let the crew risk there lives for me. It would come down to sacrificing myself, I would protect my friends. And I remembered my dad's warning, maybe I would survive. I could only hope.

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