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Piper POV

"RUN!" I shouted to everyone as we sprinted down the streets. "Don't have to tell me twice!" Jason said, running behind me. I glanced up at the cheetah ahead of us. "Frank! Wait for us!" I yelled at the animal. He slowed down just the slightest, before getting whacked into a building.


Jason and I ran over to him, I silently cursed myself for distracting him. We picked up the dazed Canadian onto his feet. "Who knew hydras could be so fast?" I heard Jason mutter. I looked up and saw the monster heading straight for us, "Go! Go! Go!" I shouted. All three of us making a run for it. The hydra's many heads snapping its teeth, trying to grab hold of one of us for lunch.

How did we get in this situation? Because running into those sea monsters had done a whole lot of damage, much more than we had originally thought. So we're sent here to go get supplies. Instead, we're now running from a hydra. Fun.

"How are we supposed to kill it?" Frank asked, running alongside us.

"Fire. We need fire." Jason replied

"We don't have any fire!" I shouted, ahead was a narrow space between two buildings, the hydra wouldn't be able to fit in there. "Guys, follow me!" I called to them, slipping in between the two buildings quickly. I scanned our surroundings, searching for something that could maybe help us defeat the hydra in the slightest way. I found out that not many useful things were stored in spaces between buildings. I turned around towards the guys. "So. Plan?" Looking between the both of them, "Anything?" Frank shook his head just as we heard a loud screeching, "But we better come up with something soon before it eats us. What were you saying about fire Jason?"

"Uh in the old myths, Heracles, er, Hercules, if you want to-" he shook his head cutting himself off, "Whatever his name is, he sliced the heads and burned the stumps so they couldn't split."

The two buildings started to shake and rattle, I glanced at the opening and saw only a wall of scales and claws, "It's trying to knock down the buildings, we gotta act fast. Since we don't have any fire, maybe we can slice the heads and you can strike them with lightning Jason?" I asked hopefully. He nodded, "That's an awful lot of heads to strike and kill, but I'll make it work"

"Let's worry less about completely killing it and worry more about making it out alive."

We all nodded and chatted into action, I sliced my dagger clean through one of the heads, "Jason, now!" I yelled. Above, a rumble of thunder was sounded and dark clouds appeared, lighting hitting the stump spot on, it didn't continue to split. Great, now only 8 more heads to go.

Suddenly, more loud screeching was heard down the street, I whipped my head around, "Uh, guys?"

Frank turned to where I was looking, he gulped "There's four more..."

Do the math... four hydras, each with nine heads. I knew Jason was powerful, but even he couldn't pull off that many lightning strikes.

"Plan B?" Frank asked worriedly

"How does divide and conquer sound"

We all silently agreed to go off on our own. I heard Jason let out a loud battle cry as I saw four streaks of powerful electricity find their desired target. Each hydra let out a monstrous shriek before becoming slightly dazed for at least a moment, giving us all a chance to attack. However, the distraction didn't last long as the hydras shook off the shock and continued to advance on us. A purple substance shot from one of the hydras' mouths, I leaped to the side as acid splattered dangerously close to where I was just standing.

"Don't stand in front of the heads, they can still spit poison," I yelled to my friends

"That's kinda hard when they're everywhere!" I heard Jason yell back.

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, just to see Jason fighting on the left side of the creature, trying to avoid the majority of the heads, his sword arm rear back, instinctively preparing to slice the monsters head off. But I noticed that the other heads had foam forming in the corner of their mouths, ready to shoot out acid on him, "Jason stop!"

Too late, the move was already in motion, the head sliced cleanly off. Before he had the chance to call on another lightning strike, the hydra heads gained upon him, shooting acid towards his body, his concentration switching to avoiding acid burns instead of torching the head stump. Jason was too preoccupied and two more heads soon grew back.

Frank hadn't been doing much better, he took several forms, but no matter how many times he shifted, the hydra remained almost completely unharmed and nearly snatched him several times.

I wasn't doing much better and was trying to run around the heads, attempting and failing to weave the heads around one another. The most damage I had done was a few stabs to the body and feet, though one head was missing an eye, from when I had a lucky shot. That had been gross to pull out of its head...

The divide and conquer had not worked out, the hydras were able to surround us and we stood back to back from each other.

Jason's clothes were torn to shreds. Frank was bleeding from several cuts, I had lost both one of my shoes which were currently melting in an acid puddle and wasn't in much better shape than Jason or Frank.

We were all panting and breathing hard, back up against one another. I looked up at the many heads staring down at us, there had to be at least 40 of them, knowing we had all accidentally sliced one or two heads.

Why would there be four hydras in the same place? That wasn't normal. I glanced at Jason and Frank, "Try to distract them one more time? Frank, can you turn into a dragon?" I asked. They both nodded. Jason let out a lightning strike, I could tell that it wasn't as effective as the others, the creatures wouldn't be seeing double for long. I turned to Frank, who was still in human form. He shook his head, "I can't, I'm sorry" he murmured. "Alright," I murmured. I grabbed onto the Horn of Plenty harnessed around my shoulder, shooting out pot roasted hams that were sure to keep them distracted for at least some time. "Back to the ship!" I yelled, sprinting through the tangle of necks and heads as the boys followed me towards the docks.

We didn't make it far before I heard Frank yell out in alarm. One of the heads had managed to snatch hold of Frank's quiver, dragging him along with it. I skid to a stop and turned around, shooting chicken at it. Jason rose up using the winds, ready to pull Frank out of the deathly traps of acid and sharp teeth. Only to be dragged down by three other heads. My eyes widened as I watched this and charged, plunging my dagger into necks, foreheads, toes, whatever I could get to. I too had soon become encircled in the heads, tangled in the mess of scaly long necks. Above me, I saw one head raised, it's mouth, frothing ready to shoot acid. I struggle a bit longer before I felt the awful burn of the venomous poison hit my skin. I squirmed only to be held even tighter.

"Jason, Frank" I murmured quietly, feeling the pain from the poison expand to other parts of my body, I felt dizzy, "Someone, help."