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Foster kids were advertised as angels. That was what Daisy had been called ever since she could remember, to any prospective parents. The images parents had when coming to talk to children was that of tiny, perfect cherubs, complete with fluffy white wings.

That, in Daisy's experience, was rarely what they found.

More often, foster kids were malnourished, jaded beyond their years, and had shrunken, malformed wings.

It was hard being a foster kid.

Daisy, or Skye back then, started off in families happily, thinking that she could stay forever. She saw her foster parents' wings fluffing up every day, and felt so proud that she did that, that it was her love for this new family that made their wings pick up and look so strong and beautiful.

It wasn't until a week later that Skye realised her own wings, stubby and pale blue, had not changed in the least. Still so small that she couldn't see them without using a mirror, too weak to move.

It wasn't really a surprise when they sent her back a few days later. But it still hurt.

Skye tried everything after that. Sometimes she would force the feathers to puff up when her foster parents were around, but that didn't achieve much. She tried to love her new families as much as she could, but it was so hard to keep doing it every time. And if a parent knew that she didn't love them then she could kiss that home goodbye.

Skye hated her wings.

As she got older, she made herself a hoodie that she never went without. It had the right shape and bulge to be hiding wings that weren't there. Long primary feathers peeking from the base, which she had scavenged and dyed black. It was better than the stares and the pity. Skye hid the fact that no one loved her.

She joined a team of SHIELD agents, all with pretty interesting stories of their own. Agent Coulson, the guy in charge. He seemed nice enough, and had sturdy golden wings that Skye bet were strong enough to take him to the skies. Fitz and Simmons, both with the exact same sized wings, primaries dragging around their knees, which would flap excitedly when they talked, sometimes blowing papers to the ground. Copper and silver respectively. Agent Ward, who made no such allusions as she did, wearing simple T-shirts, showing that his stormy grey ones ended around his lower back. And Agent May, who seemed to have pretty large wings, though Skye had never seen them. Only twitching, shy shapes under whatever heavy shirt she was wearing that day.

It was difficult to find excuses to keep her hoodie on all the time when sharing a plane with five other people. Not as difficult as covertly hacking SHIELD's files though.

Eventually Coulson caught her out and demanded the truth of why she was there. His wings were out behind him, flaring in intimidation, and Skye felt the tears well up at the thought of another family kicking her out before she'd had a chance.

First she drew the flash drive, handing it over.

Coulson's wings relaxed, seeing that she was telling the truth. "What is this?"

Skye's voice was choked. "It's everything I have." Why did the truth have to hurt that much?

"On us?" Accusing. He still thought she wanted to take them down.

"On me." She shot back, letting the bitterness take over. They were kicking her out anyway, so why not? "That's why I learned to crack systems. Why I joined the Rising Tide. To find any details I could about my parents." Because her wings were still there. Someone out in the world had to love her a little bit, right?

Skye watched as the documents she had spent years hunting down came up on the screen. "There's nothing." She said. "No records, no trace of them." She felt herself starting to get choked up, and she tried valiantly to stop. She wanted to be angry, she wanted to hate Coulson. "My lifelong search has lead to a single document. Redacted." She spat the word out like a curse.

"By SHIELD." Coulson sighed. His wings drooped behind him. This was SHIELD's burden. Those like Skye.

"No matter what you do I'll never stop looking." Skye said defiantly. She didn't care. There wasn't anything they could do to her that would matter.

"You might not like what you find." Coulson warned.

Skye swallowed the lump in her throat. "It can't be worse than what I've imagined." And just to be completely honest, for the first time in months, she shucked off her jacket.

Coulson's eyes widened when he saw the feathers that came off with the jacket, then confusion when he saw no trace of any wings around Skye's shoulders. It wasn't until he actually walked closer to see around her that he spotted the tiny puffs of pale blue sprouting from her back. "Oh." Tears welled in his eyes. He cared about Skye, and he knew that the others did too. She was an intelligent, brave young woman. How was this all the world had for her? "Skye." He couldn't help but draw her into a hug. How could he blame her for trying to find her parents?

Skye wanted to struggle away, because damnit, she didn't need anyone's pity, she didn't want it. This was just the way the world was, it was cruel and it sucked, but it was just the way of it. It was just a fact of life that no one loved her. The thought had the tears breaking free, and she couldn't hold it back.

Her tears soaked Coulson's suit, sobs filling the air, and his large golden wings wrapped around her, a comforting shield. "Maybe," Coulson said softly, "I can help."

For the first time in years, Skye felt her wings grow a little stronger.

Once Skye had calmed down a little, Coulson felt safe asking more questions. "How long have they been like that?" He asked softly, drawing away.

Skye bit the inside of her lip, trying not to start crying again. "S' long as I can remember." She muttered, trying not to sound like it broke her heart. "I-I tried to make them look bigger for some families, b-but it didn't matter."

Coulson fished her hoodie off the floor, examining it. His heart broke. It wasn't just that Skye clearly wore this to hide. It was how worn it was, how old. She had clearly had it for a very long time. "You don't need to wear this with us."

"Yes, I do." Skye argued. "I-I can't take all the stares, the pity. I don't need it."

He sighed softly. He couldn't really argue that. "They'll find out eventually." He said. "You decide, but wouldn't it be better to do it on your own terms?"

Skye toyed with her sleeves, but didn't say anything.

"They are a very nice colour."

That got a reaction. A glare. "Don't patronise me." Skye growled.

"I'm not." Coulson tried to assure. "I mean it. I've never seen wings so, well," He chuckled. "Sky blue." That actually got a half grin out of her, which he was glad of. "Is that why you chose the name?"

"No." Skye said quickly. "I- try not to think about them usually." She stretched her neck. "Can't even see them without a mirror. How are they looking?"

Coulson circled. "About eight inches." He estimated, voice rough with sadness.

Skye balked. "What, between them?"

"No," He corrected. "Each."

"Really?!" Skye actually seemed excited. "They've never been that big!" She tried to contort her neck to see further over her shoulder and catch sight of them. "Maybe-" Coulson saw the tiny things flex a little and flap weakly, and Skye laughed, "Oh my God, I haven't been able to move them since I was a kid!"

Despite the sadness of the situation, Phil managed to smile. Skye was so optimistic, so bright. Even the tiniest of victories meant something to her.

Skye yelped, and Coulson saw her small, hopeful wings grow another inch. It seemed like she wasn't used to the feeling of them growing. She smiled tentatively, and he returned it. She deserved better than this.

"I'll look into your document." Coulson said, handing Skye back her hoodie. "But you have to stop hacking SHIELD files. I need you to trust me to do this Skye, can you do that?"

"Yeah," Skye said softly, "I-I think so." When this was the strongest her wings had gotten in her entire life. She wrung the jacket around in her hands. "I'll try not to wear this around," She said, "I- just give me some time?"

"It's your decision." Coulson assured. "But they won't think less of you."

He watched her leave, safe in the knowledge that the others were all asleep, Skye's wings flexing and flapping behind her, enjoying their new mobility. He smiled.

His own felt stronger than ever.