You Have Always Been Loved

Summary: The engagement party was almost perfect but left Jules feeling envious Sam and his family. Can Jules reconcile with her father and brothers? If so will they accept Sam or try to tear them apart? Team One will represent the SRU in a national SWAT competition. Could events around the competition help or hinder reconciliation? Will someone from Jules's past be a threat to her or Sam?

Setting: This story starts two weeks after the proposal in Tin Can Tryst. It will be Jules and Sam centric but the whole team is there Greg, Ed, Spike, Raf and even Wordy. It will include Jules's father, brothers and some OCs in supporting roles not the major focus.

A/N: Special thank you to venetiaj for helping me sketch out the framework for this story. Also thanks to all my readers that continue to provide me input. It encourages me to keep writing.

I do not own Flashpoint or any of the characters from that series. I do own my original characters (OC).

Unopened Letters

Jules's Home

Jules woke feeling rested but restless. It had been two weeks since Sam proposed. She had been on an emotional high and spent hours staring at and fiddling with the beautiful engagement ring. The feeling of joy it gave her every time she noticed the ring had her smiling a lot.

The ring was starting to become one with her hand. It felt so right, like it belonged on her hand. She spent some time thinking of all the other women through the years that had worn the ring.

She had a nice long conversation with Yvonne about the ring. From what Yvonne knew the last four wearers of the ring had very long and very happy marriages. Yvonne had smiled and said the ring must be blessed. Jules hoped it blessed her and Sam.

But today she was restless. It might be because Sam was not here. He and Ed had planned to go shoot golf this morning then they were meeting up with Spike and Raf to play paint ball. She would have gone with them but she was doing a bit of recuperating today. Her foot still hurt a little bit today.

The subject yesterday was three hundred and sixty pound and decided to stomp on her foot. Sam insisted she have it x-rayed even though she insisted she was fine. Sam won but she was right. No bones were broken but it was a little swollen.

Sam had taken such good care of her last night. He iced her foot and massaged it. Before bed he insisted on wrapping it to keep the swelling down to a minimum. Jules wouldn't admit it openly but she dearly loved it when Sam pampered her. She could see it did something for him too. There was a spark in his eyes when he was caring for her.

She had even allowed him to carry her up the stairs last night even though she would have had no problem climbing them herself. He had made a game of it and each stair step he stopped and kissed her in a different place while holding her in his arms. God she loved being in Sam's arms. His kissing foreplay led to awesome sex last night.

Jules rolled over and moved her head to Sam's pillow and inhaled. It still smelled like him. She pulled the pillow tight and hugged it imagining she was hugging Sam. She glanced at the clock. Wow when did it get so late? It was nearly nine am and she felt like a complete sloth sleeping this late.

Rolling out of bed she tested her foot, only a small twinge. Jules sat back down and unwrapped it. Then she went to the bathroom and ran a bath. A nice long soak would feel good. She sprinkled in some lavender bath salts then slipped into the tub. Jules let the warm water further relax her.

She found herself looking at the ring again. The proposal had been perfect. Sam with the help of all the guys had pulled it off perfectly. That he had planned it from his hospital bed had surprised her.

The only bone of contention was when he explained that he would be the one to move teams once they were married. She had argued long and hard with him on that point. But eventually she conceded and saw the logic of his thoughts. It was true the Boss was grooming her to eventually take over for him way, way in the future.

It was also true that Sam was more than ready to lead a team. In fact he had led Team One for five months when Ed was out recuperating after he was shot when Izzy was born. Sam's thoughts made sense. Especially since the brass would never go for them being on the same team when they eventually married.

They had talked about a date but had not chosen one. Neither of them was in a rush to marry. It was fun just being engaged. She enjoyed being Sam's fiancée. The future Mrs. Braddock she thought.

The only part of Sam's argument that she took issue with was that she deserved to be one Team One more because they were her family first. She finally got him to accept that that was not a valid part of his argument.

Jules sighed. Everything was almost perfect. Her feelings of envy grew almost daily. Sam's reconnection with his family was something she wished she could have. Their engagement party had been so much fun surrounded by her SRU family and friends but a small part of her wished her brothers and even her father were there.

She wished for the happy times with her brothers and father from when she was growing up. Even though her brothers were all older she had spent a lot of time with them. They fought, joked, play, laughed, teased and pranked each other.

Jules missed the quiet nights on the porch where she sang. Brayden sometimes sang a duet with her but the rest of them were horribly off key when it came to singing. So they would just listen. Aidan would play the guitar for her sometimes and Finley occasionally the harmonica. She smiled thinking that Keagan was only fit to be an audience he was so off musically.

She made a decision. It was time. She pulled the plug on the tub and got out. She dried and dressed quickly. Going to the kitchen she made some herbal tea and grabbed a blueberry muffin and set them on the table. Next she went to her desk drawer and pulled out all the unopened letters from her brothers.

It was time to read them. No more being envious of Sam. It was time for action. She would read the letters then decide what action to take. If the first letters she read while at Sam's parent's home and the things they did for her home after Logan were any indication they sincerely wanted to reconnect.

Jules sat at the table, took a sip of tea and a bite of her muffin. She closed her eyes and randomly selected one of the letters. Then she opened it.

Taking a deep calming breath and gently releasing it she opened her eyes and saw the handwriting. It belonged to Aidan. To her baby big brother as she called him since he was the youngest of the four of them.

Dear Jules,

I've written you so many times telling you about my life. I understand that you may not want to write back. But this time I'm not writing about my life, what I do and such. This time I'm laying my heart wide open.

I MISS MY BABY SISTER. There is a huge hole in my heart without you in my life. I know it is a self-inflicted wound. I deserve every single day of pain. What I did. What we did. There is no excuse for it. I am a man and I should have stood up and fought for what I believed. Like you ALWAYS stood up and fought for me.


It hurts so much knowing the pain I caused you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. You deserved better from me.


You have always been loved. Please chose to be a part of my life again.

Love Always Aidan, your baby big brother.

For the next three hours she laughed and cried as she read all the letters from her brothers. She wiped her eyes after the very last letter that was heartfelt plea from Keagan to contact him then set the letter down. Jules looked at the nearly eighty letters from them open and strewn across the table.

She had missed so much of their lives. Jules wanted to be a part of them again. She decided to talk to Sam tonight about taking that long weekend he suggested they take.

Jules was finally ready to try one last time to reconcile with her brothers. She even held a small hope that she might be able to reconcile with her father.