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tamagat: That battle was even more ridiculous than the two they made between Superman and Goku, biased and inaccurate in regards to several of both Hulk and Doomsday's abilities. As for Doomsday going to the Marvel Universe…could work

madworld238: Yes so did I but remember these are the same guys who think that Superman could beat Goku, a guy with decades of advance martial arts training and has the power of a god to back it up. The first fight I would give to Supes but the second one…Goku should have won it, especially since he's capable of doing the Kai-Ken while a Super Sayian Blue which puts his levels up to a pointy hat even Beerus was like 'Uhh that may actually give me some trouble'

BigBoss0694x: Hulk and Banner are literally at the cup of going World Breaker, like imagine a house as the World Breaker and banner and Hulk are standing in the open doorway, all they have to do is take one step and…

Jestalnaker94000: That wasn't Apocalypse and yes Hulk and Superman will have a sort of friendly rivalry to see whose strongest

chucky700: You are right

GammaBrute42: Darkseid will be getting a very up close and personal experience with the World Breaker

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Chapter 18: The World Breaker awakens…

"Okay just about there!" Flash said as he was speeding through Apokolips and now heading straight for the generators that were being used to power the mother boxes for Darkseid's forces.

The scarlet speedster looked over his shoulder to see the Death Racer was gaining on him and seemed to be matching his speed almost. Barry grinned as he could recognize the speed force around this deadly speedster

'Really hope this works' Barry thought as he returned his attention to phasing through numerous war machines and factories on the planet's surface that would suffer an atomic break down and begin to either explode or collapse because of the Flash vibrating through them at such speeds and producing so much Speed Force energy

Well he went through the factories that didn't house hundreds of slaves that the Parademons and their masters have amassed over the years and forced them to construct weapons that he knew would see in a nightmare or two when this was all over

'I really hope we can come back and save these people' Barry thought sadly knowing that even if they did win this fight and force the forces of Apokolips back…they'll likely take their anger out on the slaves that are stuck here

Barry quickly banished those thoughts from his mind as he saw the generator coming up. He looked to see that the Death Racer was now matching his speed and Barry smirked

"Got ya"

He then did something that caught the avatar of death by surprise, the Flash had seemingly vanished into thin air! It took only seconds for the deadly speedster to realize that the Flash had ran into the Speed Force itself and was about to follow when suddenly Barry appeared behind it and delivered his infinite mass punch right into the surprised Death Racer's back that sent it flying into the Boom tube generator and have it erupt into a massive explosion of Omega energy and Speed Force lightning


Barry quickly shot off from the blast and raced back towards the portals that he knew were about to go down. Even at his speeds he could pick up the sounds of alarms blaring and up ahead saw that the portals to his planet were already beginning to flicker.

However just as Barry was about to go through the portal he saw it reestablished itself, causing the speedster to stop and gape at it now back up to full power

"But I destroyed the…" Barry trailed off in confusion before he realized why it was the portal was operating again

A backup generator was probably switched on and considering that Barry had just ran the entire planet's surface for the last several minutes almost twenty time that meant only one thing…

The generator was in the lower levels that he either passed because of how many Parademons where coming from them or because he couldn't risk getting pinned down by the Black Racer in what was probably narrow and crowded terrain

"Awww great… I have to go literally underneath Hell now" Barry said with dread

And just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he heard the dreaded ringing sound of the Black Racer approaching

"Oh come on!" Barry shouted as he quickly zoomed off to find the backup generator and deal with the apparently immortal speedster that was probably less than pleased with getting sucker punched into a device that easily put nuclear reactors top shame

It's often be wondered what would happen when a seemingly unstoppable force meets with an immovable object. Some say that the object will fail to resist the raw bridle power of the moving force while some say that the unstoppable is finally halted

And others say that the two destroy everything around them as they clash for dominance…


The Hulk was sent skidding back by a powerful punch delivered by Darkseid who quickly followed up with a viscous punch to the Hulk's face


Green irradiated blood shot out from the Hulk's nose and mouth followed by a roar of pure rage

Darkseid went for another punch before the Hulk dodged the hit and rammed his elbow straight into the dark god's chest, earning a loud 'Crack' sound a s mall tickle of blood erupting from Darkseid's mouth

Hulk reared his fist back and sent another punch towards Darkseid who was too slow to block or dodge and was sent skidding back several dozen meters before he halted his momentum in time to block another city shaking punch from the green giant and returned a blow of his own right into the Hulk's face


Hulk to his credit didn't let up as he and Darkseid continued to try and beat each other into submission, throwing punches that could level cities, destroy mountains and even level entire moons or even a small planet!

The thunderous blows echoed through the city, shaking buildings to their very foundations, some collapsing from the constant tremors of the two powerhouses fight.

Darkseid had long since stopped trying to see if he can subdue the Hulk, now he was simply trying to either beat or better yet kill the rage filled monster. Not because he feared it but because he saw the green being as a worthy foe…a foe that he could not allow to live and have others question his power…

The Hulk and Banner on the other hand were beginning to grow desperate, this Darksied was proving to be far more powerful then they initially believed. They knew he was powerful when they first saw him and were proven right very early on in their fight with the evil ruler, but they underestimated just how strong he was

Darkseid easily rivaled the likes of Thanos, the Juggernaut and even the Sentry when they fought him all those years ago. Banner and Hulk thought that nearing the World Breaker State, not fully unleashing it but close to it, would be enough but considering that Darkseid is not only still standing but increasing the power behind his punches proved that the dark god may not only have been holding back up until now and likely still is

'WHAT DO HULK AND PUNNY BANNER DO NOW?' Hulk questioned as he blocked a hit from Darkseid before upper cutting him away only to receive a blast of the Omega effect from Darkseid in return that caused the green giant to bellow in a mixture of pain and rage

'We may have to unleash the World Breaker Hulk… I can't see us winning this fight against him without the others aid and from the sounds of it…we're on our own for now' Banner said as he was growing increasingly frustrated with the situation he and the Hulk were in

Many of his fellow heroes in the past have questioned why Banner never brought out the World Breaker when it looked like all hope was loss. The most common argument he made was that it was too powerful to properly control and even then, the mere summing of the power could level half a city if not done right

But the dark truth was…Banner loved the feeling of the power too much. To be able to level an entire planet with a single punch, to reduce cities to ash and the feeling of near Nirvana he feels in that state disturbed him

'It also doesn't help I can hear the likes of the Devil Hulk and Maestro whispering in my ear when me and the Hulk are in that state' Banner thought ruefully as he watched the slug fest between the Hulk and Darkseid continue

While it may not seem like it to the outside observe, or whoever was either brave or dumb enough to stick around to see this fight, Bruce could see that the Hulk was starting to lose. His hits not as powerful as earlier, his speed slowing slightly, and his healing factor struggling to keep up with the very serve injuries that Darkseid was unleashing on them almost without pause

The Hulk's healing factor could in theory through a combination of increasing rage to infinite levels and even self-adaptation/evolution hold out for ever and never falter but there was something about this Omega effect that was slowing the speed of Hulk and Banner's healing. Perhaps it was because it was energy the Hulk and Banner had never encountered before and their body was still trying to grow use to it or maybe there was something about the energy itself that was destructive and corrupting

Darkseid capitalized on Hulk's swing that went a bit too far and used that moment to grab the jade giant's face and blast him with a powerful dose of his Omega beams that burned the flesh from Hulk's face and down to it's cracked skull. The energy burning Hulk's tongue and throat before he could even roar in either rage or pain before he was smacked away by the chuckling dark god

"I commend you Hulk" Darkseid said as he approached the rising form of the Hulk whose face was covered in smoke, he could already see that the flesh was beginning to heal albeit at a slower rate than he's seen until now "Not many can last against me for such a long period of time…"

Darkseid than spat out a small glob of blood as he approached the still downed rage filled beast "Even fewer who can cause as much damage to me…"

Darkseid came to a stop in front of Hulk's bowed head that was still missing half it's skin and hair. The ruler of Apokolips smirked at the damage as his eyes glowed red "If it's any consolation Hulk…I shall ensure that you are remembered…an honor that I've only ever granted to a handful of beings"

Hulk seemed to had muttered something too low for Darksedi to hear and caused him to smirk and lean in to hear what he believed were the Hulk's final words

"Come again?"

Hulk lifted his head at Darkseid whose smirk fell at what he saw…

The Hulk's eyes were glowing bright green and his face had healed almost instantly

"I SAID I WOULD BREAK YOU!" Hulk roared and before Darkseid could react gamma energy erupted from the Hulk with a force that surpassed any nuclear weapon ever detonated on earth, both in the Hulk's reality and this one in an area the size of several football fields


In the nearby crater the heroes were mopping up the last of the Parademons and some of the Furies when their attention was drawn to a large dome od energy almost two hundred feet high and twice as wide. The entire city and everywhere for almost a hundred miles shook and felt like it might actually split apart and sink into the sea

"Holy moly what was that?!" Captain Marvel said as he took in the sight of the green energy dome almost a mile away from where he and the others were fighting

"That was…that was the Hulk" Cyborg said in shock as his scanners tried to analyze the energy readings the Hulk was exhibiting, it was beyond anything he's ever seen

The Green Lanterns were having their rings scan the battle and the results they were getting from the Hulk were a bit disconcerting. If they were reading it right, the Hulk was now on a level that was normally associated with cosmic beings that the Corps has encountered ovet the years

"Damn…" Oliver said as he rubbed his eyes from staring at the miniature green sun for so long "Big guy had something like that locked inside of him? I almost feel sorry for that Darkseid guy"

"I don't" Black Canary said as she watched the energy dome fade followed by a thunderous roar that she knew belonged to the Hulk "I hope he tears that bastard apart for what he's done to our world with these damn monster of his"

"To be fair…Hulk may have destroyed just as much in his fight with him" Batman pointed out before another powerful explosion caught the heroes' attention and they were greeted to the sight of Superman and Kalibak barreling into the crater punching each other with all of their physical might, blows that were nearly on par if even with the ones Hulk and Darkseid were throwing at each other just minutes ago

"Let's wrap this up and aid the Hulk" Wonder Woman said as she activated her armor's wrist blades "If we don't help him end his battle with Darkseid soon they may end up tearing the world apart in their desire to beat the other"

The others couldn't fault her for that thinking as they quickly made their way towards the brutal fight going on between Superman and Darkseid's son

Moments earlier...

Darkseid let out a cough as he stood up and brushed of the dust that was covering his large frame. His armor was cracked and the chin guard he wore was nearly melted forcing him to tear it off. His body was covered in burns that were already starting to heal

He scanned the surrounding area for any signs of the Hulk and was greeted to something that actually took him back a bit, not in fear but surprise

The Hulk was standing tall, almost as tall as Darkseid now, his glare of rage and sheer power piercing into the dark god's being with gamma energy pouring off the Hulk in a mixture of green fire like energy and arcs lightning, the ground around the two reduced to a mixture of ash and crystal

Darksedi stared at the Hulk and smirked "Impressive display of power…"

"IF YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH…" Hulk raised his fists and the energy around him intensified "COME AND HAVE A CLOSER LOOK!"

Darkseid smiled darkly as his eyes glowed red and he launched himself at the jade giant who let out a thunderous roar of rage that could be heard for miles


And done.

Next chapter is the finale to the invasion of earth, Darkseid vs the Green Scar…