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This will be my new story. I will not start at the beginning of Naruto's life so after the A/N will be a small recap on the what, who, where and why. Just know that in this fic, Naruto will have one foul mouth, so much so that if this had a swear filter for stories it would break.

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This story is sorta an AU story. The timeline will be altered a bit though overall the events are the same.

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Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage and Yellow Lightning, and Kushina Uzumaki, the Red Hot Habanero or Red Death of Konohagakure, was born in early summer, the night of the summer solstice, just after midnight, the 22nd of June. 6 years before the attack of the Kyuubi and the birth of his sister and brother. When Naruto had turned 4, his parents started training with him, Kushina more so since Minato had to fight the immortal demon, named 'Paperwork'. They both soon realized though that Naruto had a major problem, being unable to produce chakra willingly, (like Rock Lee) he was thus not only unable to use ninjutsu, genjutsu and worst of all, for moth of them, fuinjutsu, but through this completely unsuitable to be either of their clans' heir. Kushina was ashamed and Minato thought him a disgrace. Even his taijutsu was mediocre at best. The only thing he showed some sort of talent in was kenjutsu but they wouldn't train their son to me a samurai, nor could they tolerate him as such. When the day of the Kyuubi attack came as well as the birth oh his children, twins, Minato used his and Kushina's knowledge in fuinjutsu to split the demon into two halves, yin and yang so to speak, and sealed them into the baby boy and girl. When the twins turned old enough they were checked up to see if they were also unable to use chakra but they were alright. When training started for them, they soon showed to be fast learners even in chakra control, so when Naruto turned 11, they decided to 'get rid of the nuisance' that was their first son, sending him into an orphanage away from the village and naming their almost 5 years old son the heir of their respective clans.

This is where the story of young Naruto starts, after 2 years in the orphanage in a small port town near the capital, where the daimyo of the fire nation lives. Naruto is now 13, it is the day of his birth.

Naruto was currently running from a shopkeeper, holding a beautifully decorated, gold-plated compass in his right and a silver pocket watch with a skull design that protrudes from the back of the watch with hollow eye sockets and what looks like a toothy grin in his left. The man following the boy was swinging a broom while constantly shouting things like "Stop the damn thief!" while Naruto just kept laughing and running. He lost the man after turning a few corners, still hearing him shout somewhere in the alleyways. "HAHAHAHAHA! You will never catch me! I will be the pirate king!", shouted Naruto before running off, out of the alleys and onto a big, busy street.

He had barely made his first step out of the alley before someone bumped into him, pushing him to fall back on his butt. The man stumbled a bit from the impact before catching himself. He grabbed Naruto by the collar of his shirt and soon the boy was lifted off the ground, kicking wildly and struggling against the firm grasp of the tall man. "Oi little brat, can't you watch where you are going!?" The mans voice boomed, even though the man wasn't actually shouting he was already louder then the entire street. Looking the man over with narrow eyes and a scowl, Naruto saw an older man with light gray hair and a goatee of the same color, a scar with stitches runs down next to his left eye. He wore a navy blue shirt with a light blue tie and white pants, a white jacket over that and a coat hung from his shoulders, also white but with red and black striped and golden accentuation. "Let go of me you wrinkly old bag!" There is a short silence, before suddenly a tick mark appeared on both their heads. Naruto however is the faster to start shouting again. "AND WHO THE HELL ARE YOU CALLING LITTLE YOU GIANT CU-" Naruto was cut off by a fist collided with the top of his head, not a second later a big, steaming bruise formed on his head. "WHAT DID YOU JUST WANT TO CALL ME YOU IMPERTINENT LITTLE SHIT?! AND WHO THE HECK ARE YOU CALLING OLD!?" "CALLING ME LITTLE AGAIN YOU GIANT CU-", Naruto shouted before he was cut off again, another steaming bruise swelling up on his head. "THAT'S IT BRAT, I'LL KICK YOUR ASS INTO THE NEW WORLD!" Both growled at each other when a man in a similar coat stepped up to them. He wore a dark gray hat along with his color matching suit and suit pants. His coat only differed in the accentuating colors, it had the same golden color but instead of red and black stripes there were blue accents. The man turned to look at the scene and sighed. "I leave you alone for just one minute and you already pick a fight, sir... Well, at least you found an opponent that acts as mature as you. Did you really get in a fight with a ten year old?" "I'm thirteen, dickhead!" "Oi! Show some respect brat!" The older man shouted at Naruto, before turning to the man in the suit. "Hey Bogard, if he can swear like a sailor then he can take a beating like one! I raised three kids so I know what I am doing!" The now named Bogard shook his head before reminding the man of a tiny fact. "And how exactly did that turn out, oh wise mister Vice Admiral Garp, sir?" Garp grumbled. He was just about to retaliate when a huffing, old man with a broom came over. He stood in front of Garp, taking a deep breath like he wanted to say something, a finger raised, before bending over and steadying himself with his hands on his knees, breath ragged. Naruto could already feel the cold sweat running down his forehead when the man started speaking. "Th- *inhale* thanks for *inhale* catching this Kami forsaken thief, *inhale* s-sir!" He was still breathing heavily. Garps eyes fell onto the shiny objects in the boys hands before looking him over. His clothes were cheap, numerous holes and patches all over it. The boy himself looked pretty meager and small for a boy of thirteen years. "Where are your parents, boy? Didn't they teach you some manners?" "Oh, haha, make fun of the orphan. What is this, did I miss the memo that today is the official 'act like a cun-' ACK!" Once again, before finishing the word, Naruto was silenced by a fist on his head. Garp grabbed the compass and the watch from him and looked them over. Naruto started kicking wildly, trying to escape while the old man was distracted, which led to a stray kick hitting the man. Now even though Naruto was a lot stronger then his build would suggest, Garp was a lot stronger and pretty tough. Because of this, both other men had a shocked expression on their face when the giant of a man suddenly fell to his knees, eyes open wide. Naruto easily got out of Garp's grasp now and ran off into an alley. Getting over the initial shock, the vendor shouted after the boy, telling him to stay so he could face the consequences.

-With Garp-

Garp was on his knees, one hand shooting to his precious Crown Jewels. "M-m-my b-b... MY BALLS!" His pain filled wail, high pitched from the attack on his virility, was heard in the entire city and men all over the elemental nations put their hands protectively in front of their precious reproductive organs, all having the same thought. 'Something awful just happened...' Meanwhile, Garp was gasping for breath, it took him almost ten minutes to get it together enough to stand, though only with the help of both Bogard and the old vendor. They carried him to the vendors shop and propped him onto a chair. It took the poor man almost half an hour until he could speak normal again, though that was hard to actually say because Garp had fallen asleep randomly after a few minutes of sitting. When he woke up again, his voice was as booming and deep as ever. "Bogard, get the crew and look for the brat! I want him on my ship before we head back to the headquarters tomorrow!" Bogard sweat dropped. "Why do you want the boy on the ship? You won't do anything stupid will you?" Garp stayed silent for a minute, looking at the compass and the pocket watch the boy had stolen. He opened them both. The compass had a small logport built into the lid. The pocket watch had a visible clockwork, though there was no way to wind it and it wasn't working apparently. Seeing the confused look onto the watch, the vendor chuckled. "I see you have a good eye, this is a special clock. It's power source has similar properties to a Vivre Card. The clock only works as long as its owner is alive. All that is needed is a drop of blood into the skulls mouth." Garp grinned. "I buy them both." The man had beli-signs on his eyes, getting the boxes the clock and the compass had been placed in and Garp handed over the money. Bogard looked at him with surprise. "I will train that little shit until his arms and legs fall off! When I am done with him, he will be a stronger marine then I am! HAHAHAHAHA- *Snore*" In the middle of his laughter, Garb fell asleep, a snot bubble hanging out of his nose, in- and deflating with his ex- and inhaling. Bogard sweat dropped, a shocked expression on his face before shaking his head in disbelief. 'Sometimes I can't believe that THIS is not only our captain, but also a VICE GENERAL of the Navy! How can someone like this be-' His thought was interrupted by a popping noise, followed by laughter. After waking up, Garp just continued where he had stopped. "Why are you still here?! I said 'get the boy!", he said after he had stopped laughing and realized that Bogard had yet to move. He walked towards the exit of the store, followed by his right hand man, but instead of using the door, he ran straight to the wall between the door and a window. Bogard could only face palm at this and let out an exasperated sigh. Garp turned around. "Oh, also tell them to repair the wall, please..." Bogard's eyebrow twitched violently before he finally blew up. "WE ARE MARINES, NOT YOUR PERSONAL HANDYMEN! IF YOU CAN'T USE A DOOR THEN DON'T MAKE US FIX THE WALLS FOR YOU!" "Now, now, who is the vice general?" "YOU WILL AT LEAST HELP!" Garp sighed. "Alright, alright. I stars fixing the wall and you get the others, I just need a few to help me. The rest will look for the boy and bring him to the ship. Alive, if possible! Hahahahahaha!"

-With Naruto, 5 hours later-

Naruto was good, but not that good. A giant load of marines had swarmed the small city. He had managed to stay out of sight for quite a while, 3 hours almost, but after sneaking into the sleeping room in the orphanage to get some things, namely his knife, which had once belonged to a traveling merchant, a book about the four blues and its islands and, last but not least, he sneaked into the kitchen to get some food. But when he left the kitchen, he stood in front of a group of marines and after a moment of staring at each other, he tried to make a run for it. His escape was cut short though and after speaking with the headmistress as well as signing some paperwork, they had brought Naruto onto a huge marine ship and locked him into Garp's cabin, with Garp. They just sat there in silence, staring, or in Naruto's case rather glaring, at one another until Naruto finally gave in and looked away. "What do you want from me, old man? If you want an excuse for mashing your balls, you won't get one." Garp laughed. "You are a thick headed brat, and you got guts! Well, long story short, I adopted and force-recruited you as a marine! Congrats for joining the Navy!" "W-what! Hey, you can't just force me into the Navy! Are you senile or something?!" "HA! I am your father now! Show some respect!" "Pff, you wish, gramps." Naruto muttered. "I HEARD THAT, BRAT! NOW GET ON THE DECK, I WILL TRAIN YOU UNTIL YOU HAVE SOME RESPECT, EVEN IF I HAVE TO BEAT IT INTO YOUR BRAIN!"


A/N: So, this is somewhat an introduction. Basically, Naruto gets adopted by Garp and involuntarily joins the Navy. There will be time skip until Naruto has finished his training and the marine school and then he will be assigned to a captain to get some experience, probably as ensign, though I am not entirely sure yet. I will set up a poll for the captain he will be assigned to. You can also leave suggestions as a comment.

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