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Story Start!

"Ruby Rose... that is her name..." A woman spoke as she held her first-born child in one of her arms. The woman was a fully grown, rather short, woman with straight black hair. Her hair went to her shoulders, and had a red tint to it. She was pale skinned, and her eyes were a bright silver color. She was wearing a hospital gown over her body, though she wore a white hooded cloak over that. She refused to part with her cloak, she was Summer Rose, she had just gone through the pains of birth.

Twice in a single day.

In her arms were two babies suckling from her breasts, the first one was a moon-shade skinned baby girl with a small batch of black hair with her own red tint to it. The baby's eyes were open, showing them to be a blue color. She was going to be named Ruby Rose, after her little rosy cheeks she had after her birth. Not to mention the name went with her last name, and was a color.

The other baby was a little baby boy, unnamed, and he had her... lover's blond hair, but it did had a small bit of a red tint to it as well, at the edges. A trait he gained from her, and he already had her face, and eyes. While Ruby had apparently her everything, though it was hard to tell, the little boy had mostly her face, eyes, and jawline. He had little blue eyes as well. He had fair skin, a slightly darker pale skin than Ruby did.

A man standing next to her, holding a sleeping 2 year old girl... who was wearing a brown tunic over her tiny form, was rocking the child. The child in his arms had wavy blond hair, and she looked nothing like Summer at all, or even the man holding her, other than the colors of her hair. The man was a slightly tall man, not very tall, but good enough. He had short blond hair, and tan skin. He was well muscled, and wore an orange skit with a brown vest over it. He had on orange shorts, and a shoulder plate, right shoulder. He had a tattoo on his right arm, and he had stubble on his jawline.

Taiyang and his daughter Yang Xiao Long.

"What are you going to name him...?" The father of her childred asked her, and she thought about it for a moment.

Something... colorful.

"What were those... Cirtus Medioglobosa... those little oranges I was always eating while pregnant... what were those called?" Summer asked as she looked towards Taiyang. There was a certain breed of orange that she ate when she was pregnant. She ate them all the time, but for the life of her she could not remember the name of those oranges. It was something Na... something colorful. It made her think of the color orange.

The boy had a sister who was Yellow, and another sister who was Red... so he needed something that was Orange.

"Uh... they were in Vacuo... I can't remember either. They were grown on that island surrounded by maelstroms." Taiyang said, having trouble remembering the name of that orange that grew on the whirlpool surrounded island.

"Naruto!" Summer spoke up as she remembered the name of the orange.

"Naruto?" Taiyang asked with a raised eyebrow. He didn't know what to make of that name, but it did fit in.

"Yeah, those are those oranges I liked. Also, doesn't it translate into Maelstrom as well... Orange Maelstrom... Ruby Rose... a color and a thing. It fits, and I love it... his name is Naruto and he will be my little orange." Summer said as she looked at her children. She would love them forever, and they would be her little... "Do oranges come from flowers?" Summer asked Taiyang when she looked at Naruto.

They heard a tiny cough, and the question was forgotten as Summer looked down.

"Oh no..." Taiyang gasped out when he saw a tiny amount of blood on Summer's breast, and it was coming out Naruto's mouth. He coughed out a little more blood, and his skin got a little more pale.

"Tai, get a doctor!" Summer shouted out with wide eyes. She held Naruto a little tighter, not too tight, and she was worried. Taiyang set Yang down in a chair, and he rushed out of the room to go and get a doctor. Summer pressed the button next to the bed as many times as possible. She looked at Naruto nervously, the doctor had said that Naruto was perfectly healthy based on what the ultrasounds looked like. The same with Ruby, but Ruby didn't seem to be showing signs of dying.

Taiyang rushed back into the room, with his hand physically dragging a doctor behind with him.

The doctor was a young woman with black hair, she had chin length black hair, pitch black. Her eyes were golden, and she had olive skin. She had a thin body, and she stood on the tall side for a woman. Her eyes were more pointed than the rounded that Summer had, and she went over to the baby and picked him up.

"Miss Falls, what is wrong with him... please help him." Summer begged as she held Ruby, while "Miss Falls" just looked at the baby.

"His aura... it is huge. His body is struggling to contain his own aura. His aura is as large as an adults..." Miss Falls said with surprise as she felt the raw aura inside of this baby. It was as large as an adult male with a larger than average aura. It was almost unreal the size this baby's aura had the potential to be the largest aura ever. Miss Falls aura appeared around her body, and she touched Naruto's forehead.

His body glowed yellow, before it stopped glowing and his body calmed down.

"What did you do?" Taiyang asked as he took Naruto from her, and Miss Falls looked annoyed that he took the baby.

"I activated his aura, it relieved some of the stress on his body. You may want to keep a careful eye on him." Miss Falls said, and she turned around.

"Thank you... thank you so much Miss Falls..." Summer cried as she spoke, her eyes flooded with her tears. She almost lost her son, on the day of his birth. She could never forgive herself if he died before experiencing life. She held onto both of her babies, and Taiyang hugged her with his own teary eyes.

He had almost lost a child as well.

"Don't thank me, I don't know what would happen if I lost my little Cinder... of course she doesn't want much to do with me now that she is older." Miss Falls said, knowing how she would feel if she almost lost her daughter. She walked out of the room, and she gave the family time to comfort each other.

"Waaaaaaah!" Ruby started to cry, and Naruto slept on without even being bothered by her crying. Summer rocked Ruby, and she tried to calm her down. Taiyang smiled, and Yang started to stir. She yawned, before she turned on her side and got more comfy in the chair. She flopped out of the chair, before she snapped away and started to rub her eyes.

"Wha is go on?" Yang asked with a childish tone, and Taiyang picked her up and moved her so that she could see her new siblings.

"That is Ruby... and the other one is Naruto... they are your little siblings. It is your job as big sister to take care of them... think you can do that Yang?" Taiyang asked, and Yang nodded her head in a sleepy way. She kind of understood what he was saying, her "mommy" didn't seem so fat anymore so she guessed she finally let the babies in her tummy go free. They were done cooking in the "Mommy Oven" and were ready to see the world.

At least, that was how Summer explained it.

'Now I have three beautiful children... doesn't matter if Yang is Raven's birth daughter. I will be the best mother I can be to all of them.' Summer thought as she held her babies, and smiled at Yang. She would be there for them, because she knew what it was like to not have parents. She would always be there to make cookies for them, dote on them, and show them the love that all children deserved.

"Brodder... sisder..." Yang said as she reached out for them. She touched Naruto's face, and she played with his cheeks. Taiyang moved her back a little bit, before he smiled to himself when he noticed Yang pouting at him.

She was going to be a good big sister.

"Yep... These two are now your family." Summer told Yang, and she laughed when Yang reached out for her siblings again.

There small family had grown by two more.

-Several Years Later-

"Who wants cookies!" Summer asked the house in a loud voice as she stepped out of the kitchen, baby weight was surprisingly easier to lose than regular fat. In a couple of months she had lost all of the weight, and then in the next year she had regained her fighting shape and put herself back on active duty. Now, by day she would go out and kick major ass, and then by evening and night she would be a doting mother.

"Cookieeeees!" A tiny Ruby screamed as she ran into the living room. She wore a tiny little red hood, and she had grown a little over the years. She wasn't big, but she was big enough that she wore more normal clothes. Her little blue eyes looked at the plate of cookies with bright eyes. Yang walked in to the room after her, running her eyes and yawning. She had been in the middle fo taking a nap.

Yang wore about the same clothes, only larger to fit her growing body, and she had put her hair up into ponytails.

"Cookies?" Taiyang asked as he popped into the room, with Naruto walking in after him with a very hungry look on his face. Everyone in the family loved her cookies, and she always made them right when she got back home from a mission. They hadn't even known that she had gotten back home yet, so this was a pleasant surprise for all of them.

"Cookies!" The three children chanted together as they stopped in front of Summer, who started to hand them each cookies. Taiyang reached for a cookie on his own, and she slapped his hand.

"No Tai, these are for the kids... you get a different cookie." Summer told him, and his face brightened up. He liked the sound of that, and after a few years of getting none at all, this was a very welcome surprise.

'The sweetest cookie of all.' Taiyang thought with a fist pump of joy.

"How are you doing Naruto, are you taking your medicine?" Summer asked as she bent down to her children's levels. She looked towards Naruto, whose body had yet to adjust to his abnormal levels of aura. It didn't grow at a normal rate, it grew at an unreal rate. It was already six times larger than that of herself and Taiyang combined. His aura was extremely dense, and with such a large aura he had gained greater healing abilities. The greater the aura, the greater the healing factor of it.

Of course, Naruto needed to take medicine to help his body adjust to having to deal with the stress of having such a large, active aura inside of it.

The stress was visible on his body, he had on the skinny side. His body was being forced to compensate for the stress on his body by increasing his metabolism. He ate just fine, but he couldn't eat enough to gain a good amount of weight, so he was a little under the normal weight for his age.

"Yep, I am making him take it!" Yang bragged, since she practically shoved the pill into Naruto at this point.

"He hides it if we don't!" Ruby tattled on Naruto, and Summer poked Naruto's nose. She was still smiling at him though. No child liked to take medicine to her knowledge. She wasn't angry at him, but it was important that he took his pills and went to his check ups on a regular basis until his body fully adjusted to having his aura.

"I don't hide them." Naruto mumbled under his breath, and Taiyang nodded his head.

Naruto didn't hide it, he put it in water and then let it disolve, before he drank it on his own time... sadly it didn't work as well that way so they had to make him take it normally again.

"Well, tell you what... I found this darling little scarf. I got a little neck warmer for you to Yang... and I got these cross pins for your cloak Ruby." Summer said as she showed them three items. Naruto had a long, crimson red scarf that he was given by Summer. She wrapped it around his neck a few times, and it covered the lower half of his face. Naruto touched the scarf, and Summer smiled at him.

He loved red scarfs, and she had no clue where his love for them came from, but she finally found one durable enough to last through the years.

"Thanks Mommy." Naruto's muffled words came through the scarf. Summer smiled wider at the thanks, before she wrapped an orange neck warmer around Yang's neck, it wasn't a real scarf, but it looked like one. Yang touched it, and she smiled at how her neck didn't feel cold anymore.

"Thank you very much." Yang thanked Summer, and she nodded at her.

"You are very welcome, now Ruby..." Summer commented as she attached two little silver crossed to Ruby's cape to hold it on her shirt. The pins were genuine silver, and would last through the years as well. If her daughter was like her, she would be wearing a cloak for the rest of her life.

"I love them!" Ruby shouted out, and Summer giggled. She felt a hand on her shoulder, and Taiyang showed her, her scroll. She looked at it, and saw that she had a message. She looked surprised, and saw that it was a message from Ozpin. He almost never asked her to personally go on a mission. She grabbed her scroll, before she opened up the message and looked at it.

She paused and read it all the way through.

"... Mommy has to go on a mission really quick, won't take more than a day... I will see you all tomorrow. Sorry Taiyang, your cookie will have to wait. See you kiddos later." Summer said as she kissed Ruby, Yang, and Naruto on the foreheads. She kissed Taiyang on the cheek, before she started to walk away.

Naruto grabbed onto her leg and stopped her from walking. She looked down at him in surprise, and he looked up at her.

"Don't go..." Naruto begged her, and Taiyang grabbed Naruto and lifted him up. Summer smiled at him, before she ruffled Naruto's hair.

"Don't worry, my little orange, I will be back before you know it. Mommy is really strong." Summer spoke with confidence, and Naruto looked at her for a moment and his eyes seemed to look into her very soul.

"She will be back soon." Taiyang confirmed for Naruto, and he picked up Ruby as well. Yang nodded to him, while Naruto continued to frown.

He had a bad feeling inside him about this.

Chapter End!
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