Read the AN on My Profile before you read this AN, because the AN on my profile has important information about why I am doing this in the first place.
I will be writing a new version (not a rewrite) of "Naruto the Scythe Master", to find out why go to my profile.

"Naruto the Scythe Master Complete Mastery"

I'm going to address some concerns now before people pester me about them later, because I know people are going to bother me about it later.

Hermaphrodite Blake: That is not changing for several reasons. I want to show that love can happen between people, regardless of their sexual organs. I also want to show that you can have a story with a "Futa" in it without the story being just a smut story. I want to show that a futanari character does NOT have to be viewed in a sexual light.

Pairings: Just like the last story, I plan to have Straight, Gay, and Lesbian pairing. I have not forgotten that one of the biggest reasons for this story was to show that love can happen between any gender, and that love is beautiful no matter what kind of love it is.

Feminine Naruto: The point of this was to show that the man doesn't always have to be the more "manly" person in the relationship, and that having a feminine side is perfectly okay. Usually people only make a feminine Naruto when writing a smut story, not all people do this but it happens a LOT when you see a feminine male character. He will not be feminine all the time, but he will have some feminine traits things he will do without even realizing they are feminine.

Dick Sizes: I have Above-Average Naruto stories, Average Naruto stories, and Below-Average Naruto stories when it comes to this area. If you can't handle the fact that the main character isn't always going to be throwing a massive cock around, then I'm warning you now that you won't be able to handle this story.

The Rape Scene: I may or may not include Naruto's rape in this new story, I might include it but change the person who does the dirty deed. People commit this horrible crime in real life all the time, and it sucks, but bad things happen sometimes. I'm not going to abandon story elements just because some people find them unpleasant.

This were the most common complaints about the story, and if you made it to this point I'm sure none of this bothers you, but there are always people who complain about stuff just for the sake of complaining.