Alright... I've been so stuck on everything else in my life, but I had to get this somewhere out there.

This is an AU crossover. Gravity Falls universe and story is the same, it's when we hit Steven's universe that it goes AU.

Gravity Falls post Weridmegeon. Steven Universe before everything.


The phone was ringing downstairs Dipper groaned and rolled over.

"Hello?" Dipper heard his mother say.

"Oh.. hello Stan.. You'd like to talk to Dipper and Mabel. Give me a second. Dipper, Mabel phone for you." His mother yelled that last bit.

Mabel smiled and seemed to rocket out of their room. Dipper got up off the floor making sure Wendy's hat was sitting correctly on his head before heading downstairs after his twin.

Mabel was already babbling a hundred words a minute on how much she missed him and Ford. How was the Alantic ocean trip going? Dipper smiled he hadn't expected them to call.

Dipper grabbed the spare phone so he could talk as well.

"And then we ate a giant bird." Mabel said.

"Yea it was a good turkey." Dipper said smiling at his sister's antics.

"Thanks for the update Mabel, but me and Ford have a bit of some bad news." Stan said with serious voice.

"What kinda bad news?" Dipper and Mabel asked at the same time.

"We fished up the thing that was causing all the problems. Ford is decoding it now. All he's manged to decode is why I'm calling. Bill may be gone, but he can reincarnate. We don't know if it has happened already, but we got to start preparing for the possiblity that he'll be up to his old tricks in no time." Stan said.

Dipper went pale, they barely survived the final fight with Bill last time.

"Come get us." Dipper said they had to find the new Bill, he was a danger to this world.


A baby was crying in a dark room. A door opened and a hand reached down.

"It's okay Steven I've got you. Sishh your okay." Greg said to his baby son.

Greg had bags under his eyes as he looked at his tiny son whose eyes were open looking at him. Then he yawned and went back to sleep.

"Ughh I think it's time I called the Gems to help care for Steven. I've lost so much sleep I'm seeing things. I mean my son's eyes turned bright yellow for a second there." Greg said heading back out of the room.


end note

Okay I will only be doing this from Steven's pov. The Gravity Falls characters will be making an appearance later. But my mind is odd so enjoy.