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L33T and Uber were trash. And I don't mean because of their powers.

In point of fact, they both had excellent powers. Uber's abilities were the more interesting to me personally. As a Saiyan, I already had a natural advantage when it came to learning martial arts, so the idea of applying that to all skills was pretty awesome to consider. You want to learn parkour? Try it for a bit, and soon you can be the best in the world. Cooking? A few moments and Gordon Ramsey would weep with joy for your skill. I was curious if he could apply that skill to ki as well.

And then there was L33T. The tinker everyone saw as trash. The possibly most useful tinker to me personally without pulling Bulma or Reed Richards in from another universe.

Well, that was an exaggeration, since Dragon, Armsmaster, and Kid Win were pretty solid, but L33T's powers were impressive. Make almost anything! ...once. And there were probably limitations to that as well. After all, if he was able to make literally anything once, then he'd already wasted a lot of options on his video game obsessed 'jobs' with Uber. I mean, I love video games. Massively so. But the pair of geeks had more in common with those neckbeard incels than they did with any logical thinking being. The fact they had literally gone out and beat up prostitutes with baseball bats in an attempt to mimic GTA only made me angrier.

But we needed them. Under the circumstances, L33T's ridiculous power was a necessity, one we had to strike the iron on as soon as possible. Maybe he was underrated in his universe and overrated by the fans in mine. But he was useful, no matter what.

Which was why I was standing in a street with Armsmaster as Dragon spoke in our ears. "They're in there. Uber is in the kitchen, and L33T is working at a table."

I could sense them as well. We were standing in front of a warehouse type building in one of the more debilitated sections of town. The place looked half destroyed, with boarded up windows and sections that looked like they were on fire. The only reason we knew where to go was a message I sent to Lisa and Dragon confirming things. Which, yeah, asking Tattletale was cheating, but I wasn't feeling like fair play was worth it for this.

"How do we play this?" I asked Armsmaster.

The armored man scowled thoughtfully. I could see his face, but Body-Read showed me he was thinking very carefully. Finally he nodded. "If they're relaxed, we have the element of surprise. We need to take them hard and fast. L33T is the priority, since we don't want him activating anything in response to our assault. So, you rush in and knock him out while I engage Uber. The second L33T is out, you join me in taking down Uber. No games. Just knock them out."

Awww. I wanted to start with Uber. To get the chance to let me punch me a few times, see what he could do.

"Fine," I pouted. I focused on their ki. After a longing look at the higher energy of Uber, I focused on the far weaker one of L33T, crouching slightly. "Let me know when."

Armsmaster lifted his halberd off his back, fiddling with it for a moment before nodding. "Take 'em."


"Raaagh!" I rocketed forward in a burst of power, destroying the asphalt beneath me while wind kicked up in my passage. The warehouse was made mostly of gray cement blocks. I slammed into the stones fist first, grinning savagely as the tough material parted before me with ease. Fuck, it really is fun to be a Saiyan! Punching things that should be strong as hell, and turning them to rubble never gets old.

Still moving at super-speed, I smashed through another wall, then another, passing through hallways. I could sense the ki in front of me moving back, probably in surprise. I smashed through a final wall, ripping it in half with my fingers.

On the other side of the wall, a scrawny kid dressed like a skinny Ken from Street Fighter was staring at me in horror. I laughed at the ridiculous look on his face. He'd been working at a table placed directly in front of the wall I'd smashed into, portions of something that looked kind of like a gauntlet resting there, now covered in chunks of stone.

"Oh yeah!" I cheered.

The geek screamed, trying to turn to run, either away or toward a weapon. I leaped toward him and flashed my fingers forward. One, two, three, four pressure points across his back, jabbed 'softly' by a single blow each.

L33T fell down mid-run, eyes rolling up into the back of his head as he bounced on the concrete floor.

"No!" a voice said from beside me. Uber, dressed as Ryu from Street Fighter. Before the muscular young man could do anything, the ceiling above him opened up. Armsmaster fell down toward him, Uber diving aside. Armsmaster swung the blunt end of his halberd at Uber, who ducked under it with impressive speed. I picked up L33T and tossed him onto my shoulder, watching curiously.

Uber moved in to try and get a jab at Armsmaster, who blocked it, then spun his staff to try and trip Uber, who back-flipped out of the way. Armsmaster pointed the halberd at Uber, a port opening up to fire rubber bullets at Uber, who ducked behind a couch.

I got bored and walked forward at super-speed, L33T bouncing on my shoulder. Uber, in slow-motion, shouted and cursed at us. I stopped behind him, quirking an eyebrow.

Yeah, he had potential. But honestly, I really thought Assault was better. And Amy had a better attitude, nowadays at least.

I raised my hand, the one not holding L33T, and held it straight and strong. Then I chopped Uber in the neck while he was getting ready to attack Armsmaster.

He fell to the floor in an instant, eyes closing as he went limp.

"...Man, this is so anti-climactic," I grumbled.

Armsmaster spun his halberd to walk up to me, placing his weapon on his back. "You wanted more?"

"I always do," I shrugged. "Honestly, that's the problem with being me. Never a good enough fight."

He didn't seem very sympathetic, the jerk. He just leaned down to pull out some handcuffs from his belt and putting them on Uber.

Just like that, we'd caught Uber and L33T. Part 1 of Phase One of my plan was complete, muahahaha.

I thought of Eidolon's smug face and felt a smile rise on my own.

About an hour later, I was in the training room with Assault, the two of us sparring.

I punched my friend in the stomach, the kinetic energy from the blow absorbed by his power. I followed through by doing it again and again, the sound of iron-hard flesh on armor filling the room. He grimaced as I hit him. Even as slow as I was going, I could tell he was struggling to keep up with my movements.

Then an insanely powerful punch hit me in the jaw, sending me skidding back on my heels. I raised an arm to block Assault's next punch, the force of it actually surprising me a bit. In his time with me, Assault had long since gotten a lot stronger than was normal for humans. I wasn't sure if he was also training in ki, since he'd never displayed any of the higher levels Panacea had, but he was certainly stronger than say, Yamcha had been. At a guess, I mean.

I raised my right hand to catch his next punch, then raised my left into his face. Focusing my ki, I released a short burst of light, bright enough to briefly blind him.

"Ah, son of a bitch!" He shouted in pain, swinging a fist wildly where I'd been. I dodged it, grabbed his arm, then pulled hard, spinning him around before tossing him into the air. "SHHHIIIIIT!" Assault wailed as he spun up toward the ceiling. I flew past him to stop just above him raising my fists high. Two balls of blue ki came to life in my hands as I grinned down at him. The aqua-colored beams shone across our faces, making it look like we were in a large orb of crackling energy. I raised my hands up to get ready to blast hi-

"Time!" Panacea called from the doorway. She rocketed towards me with all her speed. I ignored Assault to face her instead, blasting off twin balls of pure energy at her as Assault sighed in relief.

Panacea shot around the blasts, both of which slammed into a wall behind her and exploded. Her hood and cloak fluttered in the wake of her flight, her face firmed in determination as she rushed up to meet me.

"Come on Amy, let's see you take on your old man!" I yelled at her happily as I crossed my arms in front of me. Her fist crashed into my arm with immense force, the ceiling above us cratering. "Nice!" I complimented. Then I twisted in the air to bring an axe kick down at her. She blocked with her own crossed arms, gritting her teeth.

"Are you my dad in this scenario?" she asked as she flew back, stopping herself in mid-air.

"I'd be damn proud if I was," I said honestly.

She grinned. Then I punched her in the right side of her face.

She flew to the side about ten feet, stopping herself in mid-air again, then blocking another punch on her right arm. She flipped out of the way of another punch and kicked at my chest. I parried her leg away, tried to punch her in the stomach, which she blocked with her knee, before spinning around my larger form to try and elbow me in the back. I ducked under it. As she floated over me, I grabbed her legs in a hand each and began to spin. One, twice, three times, then I let go, the sound of a sonic boom following her as I sent her flying.

"Raaaagh!" Amy roared, twisting in the air to face me. She was smiling under that rage filled yell. So was I. "Okay, 'old man!' Lets see what you've got!"

"Yep!" I raised my hands up, cupping them together and bringing them to my hips. "You know what I want, Amy. The best move we have."

She landed on the wall behind her, cratering it beneath her feet. She stared at me. "Are you serious? Isn't that too much!?"

"It was," I grinned. "But I'm tired of holding back. Come on, Amy! You and me!"

She bit her bottom lip, looking at the doorway.

Assault stood there holding his ribs. And next to him was-

"Vicky?" Amy said in confusion.

The blonde superhuman powerhouse had just stepped in, wearing her white and gold superhero outfit. She waved happily. "Yeah, Ames! You got this! Kick his butt!"

Amy and I looked at her, then at each other with wide smiles. She raised her own hands and cupped them together, then brought them to her hips. Still floating above her, I widened my stance at the same time as her. We breathed deeply in unison.

"Why are they just standing there?" Vicky asked Assault.

"Kaaaaaa," I said softly.

"Meeeeee," Amy joined in.

Blue light came to life in our hands. My ki flowed through my veins, swirling between my fists.


The air around us boiled, and blue and white auras flowed around us. A whining whistle roared around us, a harmony of power rising.


The blue light in our hands erupted, beams of sapphire light flying out from it. Our voices shock as we held our own lifeforce in our hands. My heartbeat seemed to roar in my ears as a childhood dream came to life in a single instant.


We thrust our hands outward. The wall behind her and the ceiling above me both shattered to dust. The energy in our hands erupted forth. The air in front of me whined as it was split apart and replaced by a three-foot wide Kamehameha wave vaporizing the air in front of us.

Both beams crossed the space between us with what looked like slow-motion to my eyes. Maybe Panacea's as well. In reality, they met in seconds, smashing into each other.

"Holy shit!" Assault shouted when the beams met in an intense explosion of power, sending him skidding back as waves of energy split the air apart.

"What the fuck!?" Vicky yelled in agreement, gritting her teeth as her feet dug into the concrete floor. "Amy?"

"HAAAAAAA!" Amy shouted in rage, her cloak flapping behind her as she pushed herself to match my power.

I smiled. "Damn… we've come a long way, haven't we?" I mused as I continued to fire. "How about if I..."

With a small grin, I pushed it a bit more, unleashing more power. My own beam grew in size, threatening to overpower hers. Amy yelped in shock. Then she grit her teeth and narrowed her eyes. "N-Not… gonna… happen!" She shouted defiantly, her stance widening as she stood on air.

Her own beam grew again, trying to overwhelm mine. I grinned. "That's it… we need to grow stronger, Amy. You, me, and all of humanity. To get strong enough to beat down all of them," my anger began to grow at the thought. "Including that angel bitch," my beam grew larger again. "One last push, Amy! SHOW YOUR POWER!"

Another explosion from our joined Kamehameha's sent Assault skidding back further, while Vicky yelped in surprise. My protege and I blasted our Kamehameha's once more. I put more into it, grinning at the feel of effort in my body, my ki singing as I was forced to bring myself to the limit.

Amy's Kamehameha faltered, then was overwhelmed. My blast slowly moved towards her. She screamed as her own beam was slowly enveloped by mine. She was slowly pushed back into the wall behind her, the beam only a foot away from meeting her hands.

Then I stopped, my Kamehameha dissipating.

"What!?" Amy shouted in shock at the sudden release of pressure. Her Kamehameha, unimpeded by anything anymore, blast up towards me.

"Like I said!" I held my hands out to my side with a grin, letting her blast come toward me, the light of it making my skin glow blue. "I want to see your power..."

Then I was hit by a full force Kamehameha Wave from Panacea. I protected myself with my ki… but I still got hit by enough force to turn a skyscraper to rubble. I shouted in pain. I shouted in triumph and glee.

When it was over, most of my clothes had been destroyed again, leaving me in some yoga tights I'd borrowed. Smoke was rising off my skin and the ceiling above me was opened up to reveal the blue sky. I grinned down at Amy, crossing my arms. "How'd that feel!? Really letting loose!?"

Amy stared up at me, panting out exhausted gulps of air. Sweat dripped from her face before she wiped it off. Then, to my surprise, she giggled, covering her mouth with her hands. "It felt great!"

Then she got into the Dragon stance of the Turtle school, raising her hands to aim up at me. "Let's go again!"

I nodded, raising my own hands. "Yeah! Come kick my ass, Padawan!"

"Waaaait!" Vicky flew in, looking positively joyous. "I want in too!"

"You're all crazy!" Assault yelled in the background.

Amy and I shared a look. I nodded, getting a hesitant smile from her. Vicky got into a boxing stance, which I mimicked.

"All right!" I cheered. "Don't expect me to go easy on ya!"

Vicky smirked, then sped towards me. I ducked under her and gave her an uppercut, sending her flying, then dodged Amy to spin around and kick her in the back of her head, sending her twisting away. The two sisters pun back around and rushed me. I raised my hands and began blocking and parrying their blows at super-speed, flowing around them as we floated there together.

"Man… it's really fun to watch though," Assault mused to himself below us.

The second I walked into her office, Director Piggot was annoyed. "You nearly destroyed the training room."

I winced. "...I had help?"

"Which you egged on," when I shrugged slightly, she sighed. "Well, lucky for you, we may not need that room for long. For you, at least."

I brightened immediately. "So the Chief-Director-"

"She's having a possible deal for L33T and Uber written up. If those two agree, then L33T will be working with us to make the technology we need and Uber will get the same sort of deal Assault did," she scowled. "They are getting off scot-free of course. The pair of them are idiots but they are also responsible for a string of robberies and assaults."

"Good," I scowled. "They're both massive dicks."

That was the problem with being a fan of a series through the fanfiction you'd read. You sometimes got an extremely sanitized view of the world you were looking at, so I ended up not really knowing the extent of the crimes committed by the video game duo. Still, we'd gotten them now.

"How about my request?" I asked Piggot.

"That's why I brought you in," she took out a file. "According to this, you asked for one of three things, possibly a combination. A machine that increases gravity in a small space, one that speeds up time in a similar area, possibly making an alternate dimension as well, and another that can mimic the light of the full moon… It amazes me that the last is somewhat reasonable, and yet possibly more dangerous than the other two. In fact, all three are incredibly reckless requests."

That was… fair. Making a gravity room, Hyberbolic Time Chamber, and Blutz Wave generator all had different reasons for why they were dangerous after all. Messing with gravity and time was stupid dangerous after all, and the Blutz Wave thing was only dangerous because of the fact I wanted specifically for my Great Ape form.

"I can explain-" I began to say.

"I'm not an idiot, Sun Wukong," Director Piggot narrowed her eyes, pressing chubby fingers together thoughtfully. "I know why you want them. Your ability to gain immense power under stress is well documented, and the Great Ape form, if it is half as powerful as you believe, could be a useful asset in the field."

Useful nothing. The Great Ape form was legendary for being a literal civilization killer. Adult Great Apes could take out advanced alien cities and planets with relentless ease. It was what made Saiyans so good at their jobs after all.

The problem was controlling it. But that wasn't all I wanted. I didn't want to just turn into a Great Ape.

I was a ways off from Super Saiyan, but I figured there might be some other form available to me. One I could access sooner. But there was one other idea I'd had. I successfully recreated the Kamehameha, now I wanted to make a move for myself, one based on Battery's powers and the Kaio-Ken. Sure, I may not have had King Kai to teach me but I could at least mimic his techniques.

"For now, we have bigger problems," Director Piggot waved at the desk in front of her, where a map had been laid out. "Among them, how we'll be getting Lung and the others we've captured to prison without someone trying to break them out."

"You think Oni-Lee will make a shot?" I frowned.

"I know he will," Piggot scoffed, her nostrils flaring angrily. "Even if I didn't have to worry about him, we have Empire and Merchants to worry about as well. And I am not willing to let any of them lost. Hookwolf alone would cause us serious issues, let along Lung."

"So what is the plan?" I asked curiously.

Piggot leaned back in her seat. "Well, I happen to know you have more than a couple of… off-the-books allies," she was clearly talking about Tattletale and her little gang of miscreants. I didn't speak. She noticed that immediately. "When were you going to tell me you were in contact with them?"

"When I could bring them in safely," I scowled. "Who else knows about them?"

"As of now? You, me, Armsmaster, and Dragon," she frowned. "Why are you so-?"

I hurriedly waved my hands, trying to get her to stop talking. She clamped her mouth shut. Not out of some need to be obedient, but more likely because I was almost growling as I did so. I took a moment to wish I'd developed my ki sense further. Maybe there would have been a way to figure out if there were any bugs in the room. Sure, this room may have been ridiculously bug free, but all I needed was one to make Coil realize I was onto him. And I wanted to take him out ASAP. "I just… don't want anyone to suspect anything."

Piggot scowled. She clearly wasn't pleased with the implications of what was doing. I held in a hopeful breath. Finally she laid her cheek on her palm. "Fair enough… Any chance your allies will end up causing problems for us when we transport the prisoners?"

"I'll reach out to them," I crossed my arms. "They might end up interfering. If so, I can coordinate with them. I promise, as soon as we're certain, I'll bring them in for you."

Man, times like this were when I realized how much was on my plate. My own training, the training of others, Coil and his various problem causing, the Endbringers, Scion… Wildbow, why is this universe so completely fucked up? I'm half-tempted to just grab everyone I like and leave for one of the nicer Earth's, maybe one of the ones without super-powers.

"Very well," she said noncommittally. I imagine she had a lot more to say, maybe some caustic stuff, but Body-Read told me that my display of paranoia had caused her own to flare up, if more subtly than most. "In that case, you are dismissed for the day."

I nodded and left, thinking of what I was going to do next. Today was pretty much clear. I'd gotten a light warmup in, caught two bad guys… Well, guess I could always default to my normal thing, eating a literal ton of food as a light snack. No, wait. Piggot had told the cafeteria to only feed me protein bars, the tasteless kind. Granted, I could easily get around that but I liked Piggot. She was a tough lady with a rough job in a world of superhumans.

I wasn't sure how I would have taken being in the Wormverse without powers, let alone going through what she had with Nilbog. Hell, I was pretty sure I'd have been thrashed even in the Marvel or DC Universes, places I knew like the back of my hand if I'd had anything other than Saiyan powers. So I had to respect her. For all her bitchiness.

Long story short, I respected her wishes, but I wasn't eager to eat. Well, not that much at least.

Then again… I did have someone I wanted to see.

My shirt chose then to rip in half, finally giving up the ghost and revealing my upper body to the world.

Right. Needed to get new clothes first… Again.

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