Earth Dimension 1: Original Godzilla or the First

Godzilla's POV

Night had fallen, the only light that Godzilla could see was from the Human nest which they called Tokyo, Such puny creatures Godzilla thought, hate was such an inappropriate word to describe what Godzilla thought of these so called masters of Earth, but it was the only one Godzilla could think of. These creatures turned me into a freak of nature, a bastardized mutated version of my own very proud race, They will pay for such insolence, They will burn with the fire that they used to birth me, and once they have felt my wraith and watched as everything they care about burns. Maybe then I can have some closure, when they feel as I feel, then and only then would I even consider halting my rampage, those miserable natives of Odo and those pathetic so called men of the sea were but just the tip of my revenge, when their beloved nest burns only then would I smile as I once did.

Citizen of Tokyo POV

At first this simple fisherman had just anchored his boat in the harbor, he made sure that everything was in order before he decided to leave his beloved vessel, with the report of a giant monster that apparently rampaged through Odo and before that destroying the Lucky Dragon. Though somewhat skeptical he took nothing to chance so he tightened up the boat just one time as he did so he saw what appeared to be the bay of Tokyo boiling in a sort of azure light before it erupted revealing a towering behemoth standing at approximately 85 meters tall standing in Tokyo bay and he knew that this was the monster that the squints were talking about, the monster they called Godzilla and with that realization all that he saw next was a blue beam engulf him and he was no more than ash.

Godzilla's POV

Godzilla arose from Tokyo bay and incinerated everything that lay in font of him, a almost wicked smile could be seen on his impressive head, but as he looked further inland he could see an arrangement of large metallic structures with what looked like wires joining them together. Godzilla laughed at this notion that these pathetic humans think they could keep him out with suck flimsy structures, I will walk simply through these unimpressive structures as if they were water. Little did he know that these were electrical cables that delivered a large shock to any that try to touch them, Godzilla walked right into the trap and got a nasty shock. He bellowed in pain, which was then followed by a bone shattering roar and with it a blue beam of radiation that just simply melted the towers into nothing more than a pile of twisted metal. Once he was through the first line as if on cue the Japanese military attacked him with tanks, artillery and planes, which only succeeded in annoying Godzilla and thereby enraging him "You pathetic creatures think you can beat me with novelties, you think me a fool I crush you like the insects you are and burn your remains to dust for this insult" he roared.

Any onlookers POV

They watched with horror as this unstoppable force of nature burned everything to the ground, destroyed their homes, pounded their monuments to dust and crush their military as if they were nothing but ants, he then started heading to the bay and in a final act of terror the beast destroyed the bridge that connected Tokyo with it's suberbs. But little did they know that a scientist by the name of Ishirio Serwizara had created the ultimate weapon, a weapon he planned on using on Godzilla and to his unwilling friends himself as well and this is when dawn finally broke. The citizens of the now ruined city saw a military vessel had appeared in port they knew it was useless in fighting Godzilla but what they did not know was that this is where the reign of Godzilla will finally end.

Serwizara's POV

"Yes general I know the stakes and the dangers of this weapon, after all I built the damb thing, I just ask that I go down and make sure that it is launched successfully" Serwizarapleaded, he was relieved that the General had allowed him to do the mission proper, he knew that Umiko did not love him but the sailor and that his weapon is too dangerous for humanity thus he would make the ultimate sacrifice and take his own life to destroy his countries threat once and for all. Serwizara descent was long and painful but he had no regrets at least Umiko will be happy now that he wasn't in the way, though she and her boyfriend didn't want me to go I had to for the good of whatever is left of mankind. The great scientist reached the area in which Godzilla slumbered and prepared for his final experiment.

Godzilla's POV

Those stupid humans thought they could defeat me, the king of all monsters, it was almost insulting if it weren't so funny, but then something interrupted his thoughts, he felt a presence and at this point he opened his Golden eyes and saw a tiny almost indistinguishable being in the water just in front of him. It's a human, now why would a human be swimming next to me was it that stupid to approach me after I destroyed it's nest, well then if it wants to die why should I deny it's wish. Godzilla approached the great scientist's and then Godzilla saw huge bubbles escape from the humans hands and then it began to burn his skin as if it were cooking him, he was in so much pain that he couldn't even roar and he started to feel his skin melt and he though this is the end the King of Monsters defeated by an insignificant human. Once that thought hit him he released he was no longer in pain and yet he could see that the humans weapon had killed everything around him including itself, only then did he realized he was surrounded in a blue aura and then darkness surrounded him until he was travelling through what looked like a tunnel of white light, the destination he did not know and for the first time in his life the King was afraid of what might happen next.

So here it is Chapter 1 and I was intending to do a massive chapter about maybe 2 or 3 different Godzilla's but the First one had to have some priority and by the time I finished I was stone cold dead, well I hope you enjoyed this chapter the most important part is how I am getting this Godzilla into the plot well then there it was, who was the being that snatched Godzilla from his own universe, find out later on in the story and I hope you enjoyed this, also give me idea's for some monsters by emailing me or by posting it on the review section and remember it has to be an OC or a Toho monster, also the next few chapters would focus on the other Godzilla's the the Ravaged king (Resurgence) and Godzilla from the Hensei era and Godzilla Jr, this is the Tyrantking, signing off, may God Bless you and Peace