Godzilla Dimension 2: The Ravaged King present day 2016

"Pain, all I can feel is pain, my bones ache, my muscles burn and my skin ravaged with old scars that still plagues me with the pain of my rebirth" A rather large imposing Kaiju thought, "My image, my once radiant face, twist and bastardised into it's now grotesque form". The Kaiju thought staring into a near motionless lake, located on an isolated Island not far from mainland Japan, and He wasn't wrong, his face covered in lumps, his once large and imposing golden eyes are nothing more than beedy husks, his maw covered in hundreds of needle sharp teeth some of which didn't even fit in his rather large jaw and even extended further along his skull. His body too was covered in large white scars especially on his legs and chest, his large dorsal spines twisted like large pieces of broken obsidian, with a reddish tinge to them, the areas of his skin that were not covered in scars were covered in lumps similar to the skin of those that suffered from the after effects of Hiroshima.

The Kaiju sighed and started to reminisce on the past, "I didn't always look like this, like a sickly old timer or deformed bastard no, I use to be someone that others looked up to, that the females of my kind fought for my attention, now I am nothing more than a Freak, an outcast". The Kaiju thought with anger starting to boil within him, an all too familiar anger, with it smoke started to billow out of his maw only to subside when the creature calmed himself. "I remember a time before the burning light when I meant something, when I was admired, when I could say my name with pride, but now my name means nothing, I don't even have the right to call myself, Godzilla King of the Monsters".

Flashback 62 years ago

Present day's POV

I was younger then, well to a human it would only seem like a couple years maybe 3 years ago to a Kaiju such as myself, I was around about thirty years old or so, to a human I would have been about 16, I was sexually mature at this stage and scoping out potential mates. I was relatively large for my species about 55 metres tall, I had a large girth and was feared by all the younger and even some older males, we lived on a small island not to far from my current residence, it dawned a large fire mountain, what humans called a Volcano. It provided us with sustenance, when the plants and meat could not sustain us, it's radiation fed us and gave us power, I was born in its belly as I was the royal offspring of the king at the time. Before the events of my rebirth changed me I was sorting for the attention of a young female named Gigantis, we've talked on many occasions and became quite fond of one another, she was a rather feisty individual, strong, independant and caring for a lack of a better word. So when the time came I tried to prove my worth as a mate to her by the right of combat I fought many opponents and eventually it came down to me and my best friend Rapirius.

Flashbacks POV

"So it is down to just you and me Rap and trust me when I say this I will win this fight" Said Godzilla, "In you dreams my old friend, you are not the only one she cares about and I will prove to Her that I am a more worthy mate than you" Rap said in a rather taunting manner. "So be it, hath at thee" and I responded with a deafening roar one that showed pride, majesty and confidence, and Rap followed with his own battle cry it was more high pitched than mine but showed as much determination as mine. "You two will never change" I heard Gigantis mention in the background and the fight began, we first began to fight with our claws jabbing at each other's flanks and weak spots to gain the advantage. Rap was quicker than I but I countered his speed with my sheer strength, he kept moving trying to get around me or to my flank I just simply moved with him and eventually got him into a grapple just as I planned. We locked claws and tried to push the other over mainly to use our species speciality when it comes to fighting, ground and then pound them to dust, I was starting to win the tussle and prepared to drop my good friend to the ground and win the fight, though Rap had other ideas. Rap began to use his feat to attack my flanks in order to weaken my resolve, normally this would work but not today, as he went in for another kick I let go of his arms and in one motion grabbed his legs and neck and pushed him to the ground and proceeding to pound him to submission which came very shortly.

I had won the day and the affection Gigantis, but first I lifted my friend to his feat and congratulated him on staying in this long, he returned the favour but with a little bit of envy in his eyes, so I proceeded to go and claim my new mate, she was happy knowing that I would be a worthy mate for her. So after the usual proceedings Gigantis and I went on a little swim to a neighbouring Island where we began the final preparations for our union. "So you won the day Godzilla, and it looks like you've earned the privilege to be my mate" Gigantis said, "Privilege? I wouldn't say that more like a pleasure" I replied, she chuckled at my response. So for a few minutes we talked about today and what transpired, before Gigantis mentioned she was going to another island not to far from where we were to collect her gift as were custom of our species. But what I couldn't possibly know was that island was the site of a major calamity that was just about to occur.

Present day's POV

What happened next was truly horrific one that is still burned into my skull, all I remember was that I was sitting on the beach waiting for my mate to return with my gift, I already knew what it was, it was a special flower that only blooms on that island, it was large and sweat, pertaining a blood red colouration it was simply beautiful. Though not nearly as beautiful as Gigantis, then all I can remember was a blinding flash of light and then what seemed like a mass of burning clouds streamed towards me and then the most excruciating pain I can ever imagine, as if every part of you was burning simultaneously. My bones seemed to break and my skin boiled and cracked my face felt as if it were crushed, and then darkness descended, I awoke what seemed like hours later to the same pain only a lot less. With great effort I stood up only to see a horror show, the island was nothing more than a desolate rock, my skin covered in bright red wounds and sickly bumps, the ground seemed further down than I last remembered, little to my knowledge I had grown to over 118 metres tall. Then I looked into the ocean and saw my face, my eyes were now beady and bone white with a black hole in its centre, it was covered in lumps and open orifices and my teeth were jagged and needle like and extended along my lip. But what took me was the spines twisted like shards of glass, then I remembered Gigantis was on that island when the light hit so I went into the ocean the salty water burned against my skin but also soothed it. When I reached the Island I was shocked to see a large set of white glowing rocks that stood out from the rest of this barren waste land then as I moved in closer I realised they were not rocks but the bones of my now dead mate, Gigantis.

Sorrow gripped my now broken heart at the site of my now deceased mate, this was soon replaced by anger, and with it smoke bellowed out of my now wicked jaws and I let out an ear piercing roar, but was different from my roar, it still deep in tone however a bit later it increased in pitched and sounded like the screams of damned souls being tortured in some foul inferno. After hours of sorrow I returned to my island but as I approached my clan, they reared up in a defensive statue, I thought they were fools, until I realised I looked nothing like I did prior now I was bigger, and looked like a threat. I spoke to then saying it's me, but my voice was deeper and sounding more ominous, and thus they attacked me they attacked my wound but they seemed to heal rather quickly to their prior state. I then lashed out with my claws and broke the maw of one of my attackers, now blind with rage, the smoke began to bellow from my maw and what felt like a raging inferno rose up into my through and then I unleashed what would later be referred to as the atomic breath, it was red with speckles of black in colour and it hit it's mark. However it had hit my best friend Rapirius and killed him instantly, and at that site the other retreated but I went to him. My words were "No Rapirius no, no, nooooo, first Gigantis and now you no, no no" in my grief the others realised who I was, but instead of fear they showed anger towards me and called me murderer and monster and other hurtful things, they cursed my very being. With that I ran back to the ocean and retreated to an island far from my birth island and rested, not knowing who turned me into this freak and killed my Gigantis, but they would pay 10 no 100 no 1000 fold.

End of flashback

Present day

After that I realised who had done this, it was a species that I had seen before, but regarded them too weak to be classified a challenge, but I was wrong so wrong, they were called humans and I would make those who took everything from me pay with their lives. But they also had something that soothed my pain and fed my hunger, large structure with the essence of the fire mountains would become my new staple and a new means of revenge against those humans who dare anger me. But after that event when I killed my friend and failed to protect my mate I lost the right to be called Godzilla King of the Monsters, now I am Godzilla the Ravaged King or just simply The Ravaged King for I have not earned the right to be called Godzilla.

Well that was a very long chapter, but I had fun doing it, again sorry for not getting this out sooner, my computer got a virus and for over a 2 weeks I have had problems, also Uni got in the way so that was a pain, also thank you to Gojifan54 and G-Fan Enterprises for the reviews and to all those who took the time to read this story and to those who are wondering yes this Godzilla is the one from Godzilla Resurgence, his roar is the same as other godzillas but deeper and then reverting into higher pitch with what seems like screams from the damned or those that Godzilla kills. But with that hope you liked it, always put suggestions for me, I would like to know what's your favourite Godzilla mine is Final wars Godzilla, and may God bless you and Peace