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Sounds of numerous birds echoed throughout Magnolia; their harmonious tweets awakening the citizens of the fair city. As the birds continued their daily morning ritual, in a certain ivory-haired woman's bedroom, streams of sunlight flickered onto the girl's eyes, peeking through the slightly opened shades in her room. Slowly, they opened to reveal bright blue eyes that could rival the bluest of oceans. The girl tried to block the sun by covering herself with her blanket, but could already feel her body slowly beginning to awaken. She sighed despondently at being awoken so early, but a smile soon began to grace her luscious lips at another day just waiting to begin. Her body slowly pushed itself up and she stretched her arms upwards as she let out a soft yawn, which caused the blankets to fall to her hips, revealing her nearly nude body. Her bare upper torso showed the pale skin that surrounded her fleshy body, but that wasn't what people, mainly men, gawked at. No, atop her chest was a pair of perky, soft breasts that any man would dream of laying their head atop. But with this girl…only one man was worthy enough to do such a thing.

Getting up from her bed, she walked up towards the mirror adjacent to her bed and looked at herself. Frowning at her bedhead, the girl tried desperately to flatten the irritating part of her short, cropped hairdo that always seemed to shoot upwards every time she woke up. Lisanna sighed as her efforts continuously failed as she saw her hair refusing to cooperate with her. Finally giving up, the youngest Strauss sibling shrugged and decided to focus on another part of her body. Two specific parts to be exact. Turning her head downwards, she pushed together her perky, 32D cups, causing her to lightly moan at her touches. "Hmm…have they gotten bigger?" She asked herself, lightly digging her digits deeper into her bosom. Feeling the soft flesh of her body always seemed to arouse her. Sometimes, and she would never admit this to anyone, but she always imagined that a certain dragon slayer was doing the caresses instead of her doing it herself…

Alas, those were just wet dreams…dreams that perhaps would never come to fruition as long as she stood silent about her feelings for…she blushed lightly at thinking about her crush. Just imagining him fondling like this in her room, just across the hall from her elder sister's room…turned her on quite a bit. Gulping, she continued fondling her breasts with her left as her right hand began trailing down into her blue satin panties, digging lightly into the soft labia. She moaned softly as she murmured, "Natsu…Natsu…", imagining that it was his hand fondling her and sticking his fingers into her special place. Oh she loved him…for as long as she'd known him there was no other man she wanted to touch her…to love her…even when she saw him again in Edolas she wanted desperately to throw herself at him and tell him her truest feelings. To this day, she thanked whatever deity helped her return to Earthland to be reunited with her siblings, as well as him. Just thinking about him caused her heart to race, her skin to perspire, as well as her eyes to lightly glaze over. She forced her fingers deeper into the recesses of her wet pussy, causing her moans to become slightly louder. Her hands gripped the soft, bouncy melons atop her chest, forcing them to become flushed with a pinkish hue. "Natsu…harder, Natsu! Please, I need release!" She moaned, moving backwards onto her bed and falling back on top of it. The ivory-haired girl then began shooting her fingers deeper and deeper at a faster pace, imagining the boy she loved dearly forcing his large cock inside of her and thrusting repeatedly with that same smile that she fell for every time she saw his face.

Lisanna began to squeal as she felt her oncoming orgasm approach, her face practically on fire with her blushing. Panting fervently, she squeezed her hardened nubs as hard she could as she moaned out, "I'm cumming!" Her hips rose up as she moaned, her body twitching upon orgasming and a smile plastered across her face. 'Hehe…that was amazing…' Finally, she laid herself back onto her bed and panted softly as the orgasm high soon began to wear off. "Ah…ah…ah…haven't had a good masturbation like that in quite a while. Hehe maybe that means that something good is on the horizon!" The youngest Strauss giggled to herself, hopping upwards. Moving across her room to her dresser, she opened one of the drawers and put on a small pink shirt with a cute cat face on it that barely covered her navel. 'Hmm…I still say Happy has the cuter face!' She smiled at remembering her friendly talking cat and wondered just how he was doing on that mission with Wendy and Carla.

Afterwards, she made careful sure that she was still wearing her blue panties and walked to her bathroom. After brushing her teeth, she felt her stomach grumble and patted it softly as she walked towards the door that led to the hallway. Upon opening it, Lisanna let out a soft yawn and saw Mirajane, whom was wearing a small red lace romper that was held together by the straps tied around her shoulders and fell to her upper thigh, also leaving her room with what looked like a smile atop her face. The youngest Strauss had noticed that as of late that her older sister had been awfully cheerful for a while now. Not that she wasn't happy for her big sister with…well whatever put her in such a good mood. It was strange though, every time she questioned her older sister, all she got in response was a titter and teasing smile that told her that she would tell her in the future. "Good morning, Sis. Is today the day you're gonna tell me just what keeps plastering that bright smile on your face?" Lisanna asked with a giggle.

Mirajane smiled back at her seeing her beloved sister and winked back. "Nope! It's secret." She then got a cute little pout back from Lisanna that told her that she hated being left out. Oh how she loved to tease her siblings. Giggling, Mira promised that she would tell her in due time.

"Hmph, you've been saying that for days now!" Lisanna grumbled.

"And I'll keep saying it until it's time for me to share it with you!" Mira replied back, walking towards the stairs. "Now, if you don't want me to make you breakfast, then you can keep asking if you want." She smiled as she began her trek down the stairs towards the kitchen area. Before Lisanna could respond though, a loud grumble echoed from her stomach. She blushed at seeing her body betray her at this crucial moment, but sighed as she followed her evil sister and made sure to question her after breakfast. Afterwards, they both proceeded to walk downstairs and wandered into the kitchen. Mira looked at the clock and saw that it was 10:00 A.M. A sudden rush of fear shot through her, but remembered that it was Kinana's day to open up the guild today. Settling down, she then began opening the necessary drawers and cabinets in order for her to cook her and her sister up something delicious before heading down to the guild.

Lisanna then walked up towards her smiling sister and began assisting her. After all, her older sister already did plenty at the guild, so she definitely deserved some recognition along with help. After everything was ready, the two sat down in the empty cafeteria and slowly began eating. "Guess everybody is already at the guild, huh?" The youngest Strauss deduced as she stuffed some scrambled eggs into her mouth.

Mira nodded. "Probably. Normally, I'd be the one to first leave Fairy Hills in the morning, but I hardly get any days off from work along with my modeling jobs." Lisanna nodded back. Honestly, she had no idea how her older sister managed to balance her job at the guild, along with being the most famous model in all of Fiore. Ever since Lisanna was little, she admired her sister, even though she was a bit of a pain to be around, she still could see just how determined and strong her older sister truly was. And years later, that feeling still hadn't changed.

"Hey, did you hear that Elfman got a job protecting a real famous Lord? I hear he just got sent out today!" Lisanna told her sister with a proud smile. Similar to her feelings for her older sister, Lisanna was just as proud as her older brother too. Seeing how far he'd come from being that quiet boy to this hulking man just showed how right she truly was about her brother's potential.

"Oh yeah, he told me…well I say 'told', but I got the feeling it was more like bragging." Mira chuckled, remembering just how loud her younger brother was boasting about this job and how this was the stepping stone to becoming an S-class mage.

The youngest Strauss giggled at hearing that and perfectly pictured her younger brother's bragging. "Hehe well, ever since you stepped down from going on official jobs, Elfman has been quite determined to surpass you."

Mira shook her head with a bemusing smile. Lisanna was right. For quite some time now, she had seen her younger brother go on mission after mission in an obvious attempt to show the guild that the Strauss family name still had plenty of weight to it. "Mmmmm~ well he can certainly try, but I hope he realizes that I'm no slouch on the battlefield!" The eldest Strauss winked, flexing her right forearm. Lisanna giggled at seeing her older sister's show of strength which caused Mirajane's cheeks to puff up in a pouty face. "Hey! I'm being serious!"

The youngest Strauss just waved her off with a wink. "Yeah, yeah!~"

'Oh, so you wanna play it like that, huh? Fine, two can play it that way!' A devious idea popped into the demoness' mind as the gears turned and turned within her head. Putting her arm down, she then weighed it under her chin and gave her younger sister a teasing gaze. Seeing her elder sister give her such a look struck a chord of fear within Lisanna's heart, causing a light shiver to shoot up her spine. "So, Lisanna…is there anyone you…like in the guild?" Mira's grin grew slightly seeing her sister's eyes widen at hearing the question.

"W-W-What are y-you talking about, Mira? I-I like everyone in the guild!" Lisanna stammered with a blush, sweat beginning to slide down her face. 'Oh nonono! Can't tell her! I can't! Then she'll never let me live it down!'

"Mmmhmm." The bar maiden murmured, already knowing full well as to who exactly her beloved little sister had a crush on. "Come on, Lisanna. You can tell your big sis. I promise I won't tell anybody…well except maybe for the guy." Mira giggled out, seeing her little sister wiggle around flustered at being teased.

"Mira!" The young take-over mage groaned, stomping her foot with a annoyed look.

"Just kidding~ C'mon, tell me!" Mira continued prodding her sister for more details, but Lisanna refused to budge on the matter, which caused the beautiful model's face to blow up into a pout. The youngest Strauss tried to remain annoyed with her sister, but fell short from the cute face she was putting out and chuckled mildly. Seeing her younger sister laugh, Mira envisioned a moment like this, but with Natsu in the kitchen with them, alongside little children with white and pink hair with blue eyes. The bar maiden blew out a contented sigh as she imagined the scenario in her head and looked to her sister. "Hey, Lisanna?"

Hearing her name being called, Lisanna stopped chuckling and looked to her sister. "Yeah, Mira?"

"Would you…like to take a bath together?" Mira asked point-blank, causing her younger sister's face to blow up as red as a tomato.

"W-WHAT!? M-Mira! W-What brought this up! We haven't bathed together since we were little!" The short-haired girl cried out embarrassed.

Mira just waved off her younger sister's complaints with a hand. "Oh hush, Lisanna. It's not that big of a deal. There's nothing wrong with a bit of skinship among family." She said with a smile and grabbed ahold of Lisanna's hand, dragging her towards the bathing area within the apartment complex. Along the way, she ignored her young sister's complaints and thought to herself, 'besides, we're going to have to be used to things like this in the coming future. Trust me, you'll be thanking me once you here what I have in store for you…and Natsu.' Just saying his name, Mira breathed out a happy sigh as she hummed on the way to the bathing area. As they arrived, Mira quickly closed the door before her sister could try to escape.

"Mira…" Lisanna moaned at being forced in to doing this, but was silenced by Mira's words and huffed out a sigh and began taking off her clothes. She reached downwards and grabbed the bottom hem of her pink shirt and pulled it upwards, forcibly also pushing up her hefty bosom along the way and took off her shirt, causing her breasts to wobble from being released from their cotton prison. Slowly, her hands grabbed ahold of her blue panties and pulled them downwards, getting a good eyeful of the wet spot where special liquid had been soaked up from her previous masturbation session. Quickly flinging them away so her older sister couldn't see, Lisanna then turned to see her older sister also stripping down. She saw her older sister tear off the band that held the little ponytail on top of her head, which forced her beautiful white locks to cascade down her head, perfectly framing her face. Afterwards, Mira then proceeded to slide off the straps around her shoulders, forcing the red lace romper to fall down to the floor, revealing the perfect, toned body that the demoness proudly boasted through every photoshoot in her entire model career. To her younger sister's surprise, her elder sibling was wearing no underwear underneath, causing her to lightly blush at this small scandalous move by her sister. Mira then saw her younger sister's gaze and gave her a playful wink, causing Lisanna to blush even more. "So, are you gonna stand here gawking at your older sis, or shall we bathe together?"

Lisanna slowly nodded and sat down on a stool adjacent to them. Seeing her elder sister sit down on her own stool, Lisanna then proceeded to gather some shampoo into her hands and smeared it into her hair. The two both went about their cleaning regime as the awkwardness of it all slowly started to fade away. Sure it was weird, but this was nothing new to them. They both knew each other and had grown up with one another. They loved each other and trusted the other with their lives…so bathing with one another should be an inferior cause to be embarrassed about. The embarrassment fading, Lisanna took a long sigh of relief as she soaped up her hands, causing numerous suds to cover her hands. Slowly, she used her now sudsy hands to lightly caress her long, pale arms. Moving from there, the youngest Strauss shifted her dainty hands over to her soaked legs and make careful sure that she got every speck of invisible dirt that might have been lingering from a past job that she still hated to this day. Finally, Lisanna moved her hands upwards to her two pieces de résistance, her perky D-cup breasts. Putting more suds onto her hands, the ivory-haired young woman planted her hands atop her own bosom. Her digits seeped within her soft flesh, rubbing more and more suds onto her supple breasts, which caused her to moan involuntarily; her gentle lips parting in order for her beautiful moan to escape betwixt mouth.

Unbeknownst to the youngest Strauss, her eldest sibling watched with bated breath as she watched the young woman that was before her. How long had it been now? How long ago was it that both her siblings begged her for a bed time story? To stay up past their bed time? To go on missions all by themselves? Oh had the times changed now…and boy did they have to go through hard times to get here. Thinking back on all those times; her times as a deformed entity, her sister's death, and all the constant times that danger affected all her guildmates. A great sigh exhaled from her mouth, one that perhaps she had been holding for Mavis knows how long. But those times were over. Peace was now prevalent throughout Fiore and Alvarez and soon peace talks would be held. Mirajane only hoped that nothing would upset this balance, but even then, she had her guild with her. And not only that, but the love of her life beside her…along with a couple of other women as well. A small titter escaped the lovely model's mouth. Was she jealous? Oh no. If she so wanted to, she could wrap the handsome dragon slayer quite easily around her fingertips. But she would never do that to them. She could tell just how much Natsu meant to Erza and Lucy, not to mention what he was slowly starting to mean towards Cana and Juvia. Thinking upon this subject to love, Mira turned back towards her beautiful, young sister. Ever since they were children, she could see each time Lisanna's eyes would light up just upon seeing the boy's fluorescent hair. Ah…young love. Although, unbeknownst to the young Lisanna, the young Mira's eyes would also light with a certain fire inside of them. Afterwards, she would zoom in before her sister could have him and teased him until tears began to peak from the edges of his eyes just so she could see that beautiful teary-eyed look that she so adored. Ah…young sadistic love.

Removing herself from these past memories, Mirajane then began to clean herself off lest more dirty thoughts entered her mind. After several minutes of washing themselves, the two sisters then both walked over to the women's bath and slowly submerged their sensual, voluptuous bodies into the warm water. Both let out a contented sigh as they felt the hot water seep onto their pale skin, alleviating the temporary coolness the sisters felt as they began walking towards the bath. Lisanna, feeling a sense of calm, arched her back as she closed her eyes and slid her dainty, wet fingers through her damp hair. As she did this, her older sister watched how breasts rippled with every movement the young woman made. Her eyes wandered towards the two rigid nipples that pointed forward on her sister's ample bosom. After seeing that, her eyes moved downwards to stare at the young Strauss's plump rump and proudly smiled at just how beautiful her sister was becoming. Why, if she didn't know any better, her sister would soon be besting her among the top models throughout the world. The bar maiden tittered at how Lisanna would react to that. She was a bit camera shy after all…that would have to be remedied if Natsu happened to have any kinks regarding that area. Mirajane had to find out if her younger sister still harbored feeling for the dragon slayer, or at least, get her to admit her feelings. Otherwise, her sister would be filled with regret and possibly even resentment at just she had done with Natsu…and Erza. Feeling a warm blush cover her cheeks, the take-over mage pushed her thighs together before she let those lustful thoughts take over again. Even now, she could feel her delicious nectar slowly descend from her slit, flowing into the bath water…the water her sister was cleaning herself with. Mira quickly shook her head at that. Obviously her nectar would dissolve into the bath water, having no effect whatsoever on the bathing liquid. Moving aside from those lusty thoughts, the model grabbed ahold of a nearby rag and soaked it with soap before wandering over to her younger sister.

'Ahhhhhh…this was just what I needed after an intense session like that. Man, I honestly never expected for me to feel something as explosive as that. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember after my body began to mature and those feelings for him began to emerge. Ah Natsu…I wish you were here now. Watching me as I clean myself…your hard cock growing as you watch my dirty, dirty body clean itself. Oh, you'd growly with lust as you watch me clean every nook and cranny. Every crevice that you dirtied with your essence, you naughty boy. Oh Natsu~ Embrace me! Take me with your-COOOOOOLD! COLD RAG!' Lisanna jumped as she felt a cold object touch her back and turned her head to see her sister smiling as brightly as ever. "M-MIRA!" The young Strauss yelled, her cheeks fluorescent red as she screamed in both frustration and embarrassment.

"What?" Mira tilted her head in confusion. "I'm merely washing my beloved sister's back. IS there something wrong with that?"

"YES! When the rag is super cold, causing it to interrupt my daydre-" Before she could continue, Lisanna yelped and covered her mouth and turned back around to avoid her sister's soon to be teasing, incriminating gaze.

A pale white eyebrow arched upwards as Mira stared at the back of Lisanna's head. "Ohhhhhh~ Were you about to say daydream? Just who were you daydreaming about, hmmmmmm?~" The demoness asked, submerging the rag in the water and rubbed it onto her younger sister's back.

"N-No one! I-I mean, I wasn't going to say d-daydream. I was going to s-say…ummm…uhhh…." The young take-over mage, rubbed her hands vigorously under the water as she tried to think of some excuse, but her darn brain refused to come up with anything! She began to shiver softly as she felt the rag rub her body along with her sister's soft hands. Both working in unison to effectively break her…to make her sing…to make her spill her innermost desire. But she couldn't! This had to remain a secret. Otherwise, her sister to go to infinity and beyond to "persuade" Natsu to date her. Effectively, most likely leading to her scaring her crush off. So…she couldn't sing. She couldn't tell Mira just what she w- "KYA!" Lisanna yelped cutely, feeling a soft hand cup one of her perky breasts. "M-MIRA!"

"Eh? What is it now, Lisanna?" The ivory-haired demoness asked with a faux-innocent smile.

"W-What are you doing?! Y-You're touching m-my b-b-b-b-b-"

"You're breasts, Lisanna, in case you've forgotten what they're called. I know what I'm doing. I just noticed that you forgot to clean the undersides of them. Oh, you always used to forget to do that and your beloved, loving older sister always had to clean up what you forgot to do." Mira chuckled, remembering just how forgetful her sister used to be.

Lisanna did a quick double-take after hearing her older sister's ridiculous excuse. "T-That was then! And this is now! And I don't need you to clean my b-b-breasts! I'm a grown woman now!"

Hearing that, Mira merely shooed her words off. "Oh hush now. There's nothing wrong with a bit of skinship between sisters, regardless of age. Now quiet down before I tell Natsu that you were daydreaming about him when we see him later." The bar maiden replied, inwardly cracking up at the hilarious and embarrassed blushing face her younger sister was giving her. Lisanna, seeing as how her older sister had that mischievous glint in her eyes, breathed out a heavy sigh as she allowed Mira to continue. Smiling to herself, Mira then continued her ministrations as her hands moved across her sibling's soft, squishy bosom and giggled at seeing just how embarrassed Lisanna really was.

Her hands took careful pleasure in rubbing the coconut-smelling soap across her sister's supple body. Lisanna, inwardly holding the moans her sister's soft hands were causing her, closed her eyes and began to imagine just what it would be like if it was her crush that was cleaning her body. Her dirty, dirty body…Lisanna silently bit her lip as she imagined Natsu in place of her sister touching her…touching her supple breasts…her flexible backside…her smooth derriere. All of it. Liquid began to cascade down the younger sibling's body, both from the outside…and inside. Mira could tell just what her touches were doing to her younger sibling, but it had to be done. If Lisanna was afraid to show herself to her own sister, then what chance did she have with her salmon-haired lover? Only through this could Lisanna emerge from her introverted, shy self into the beautiful, confident woman she knew she was.

Luckily for her, Strauss blood also coursed within her veins. And what a Strauss wants…a Strauss gets one way or the other.

A smile slowly began to stretch across the beautiful model's supple lips. "So, Lisanna…how's about we have a nice, invigorating chat about a certain salmon-haired boy, shall we?" The demoness whispered into her younger sister's ear, putting just the right amount of pressure onto Lisanna's spongy breasts; causing the girl to moan outwardly. After all, she loved her sister. So why not share the man they both held affection for?

Sharing is caring, after all, right?

In another part of Magnolia, a certain blonde-haired wizard was just beginning to wake up from an enthralling, visceral experience with her new boyfriend. Although, next time she would have to ask him to tone it down on the loving because… "I'm so sore…" Lucy bemoaned to herself, rolling herself onto her back. That damn idiot. Sure they had finally expelled whatever sexual tension that had been lingering between the two for quite some time (and that was lowballing it), but did he have to be so rough? Not that she hadn't enjoyed. Far from it in fact. She had always preferred a dominating partner, which was completely opposite to her Edolas counterpart who seemed to prefer the meek version of Natsu. Nope, that definitely was not her own taste, but she could respect her Edolas version's type. That was definitely a time that she wondered if perhaps the two were destined to be together. 'I mean, if opposite versions of ourselves were attracted to each other, then obviously we must have been, right?' Slowly she nodded to herself, straining her neck and once again cursing her damn sexy lover for causing her body to become so sore.

Sighing to herself, the celestial wizard slowly pulled herself upwards on her bed and allowed her yellow covers to drop from her gorgeous figure. She looked down to inspect just what the dragon slayer had done to her and softly touched her well-endowed bosom, causing her to moan in both pleasure and pain. "Yup…very, very sore. Guess Natsu has always been a breast man. Should've guessed that." She murmured to herself, slowly moving herself off of her bed. 'And why wouldn't he be? Just look at me.' Lucy walked over to the mirror across her room. She then proudly puffed out her chest, infinitely proud of her genes for pulling through. An hourglass figure to die for…finally there was someone to praise her for it! For too long she had been single, which definitely must have hurt her image. But no more! Now with one of Fiore's eligible bachelors (whom women finally seemed to be gunning for. The damn guy was number 2, just under Loke.) she could finally stop worrying about her body image and feel confident in herself.

Little did she know that it wasn't her body that scared the men away…but the salmon-haired man that was always next to her body that frightened the hell out of said men from even asking the woman her name…

A yawn escaped her pink lips as she stretched her arms over her head, forcing her onto her tippy toes and accentuating all her lovely features from her bright, yellow hair, to her mountainous supple breasts, to her firm derriere, and finally to her toned, somewhat muscular legs. Yup, running away from all sorts of creatures will really build some muscle for you. Giggling to herself at the old times when she couldn't defend herself, her eyes glanced to her keys that held her Zodiacs. Her beloved friends…not servants, but friends. Even losing one of them would break her heart…which was why she was infinitely glad she was able to get Aquarius back from…no, she didn't want to remember. Shaking her head, Lucy raised it high and took in a deep breath and exhaled just as deeply as she washed away those memories full of despair and agony and took a step forward towards a new life full of happiness and love and-

-A face full of pain she thought to herself as her legs suddenly buckled and she faceplanted onto her floor. 'Oh Natsu…I'm gonna kill you as soon as I'm done planting a wet kiss on your handsome face!'

Finally, after what seemed like another battle in and of itself, the celestial princess had finally made it to the bathroom and turned on her shower. She then turned the dial to warm water…she liked it when it was warm. It was nothing compared to his warmth, but it was close enough. Stepping into the shower, Lucy let out a contented sigh as she felt the water hit her soft body, cascading down the valley of her breasts, down her toned stomach, down her velvety pussy which brought all those memories back to her. Right now, she felt so…so empty. But at that moment, where flesh met flesh, she had felt so full. Full of love and kinship. It was akin to what she felt like when she joined Fairy Tail, but this feeling was far more romantic and passionate. Even now, the princess yearned for her dragon again. To hold her, to make her laugh with those stupid jokes of his and his childish antics, to tease her, to make her smile, to unfortunately drive her up the wall at times, but ultimately, to love her. That was all she had ever wanted…

Ever since she had lost her mom, she had just felt…so empty. Her father had surely never given her the love she needed, not until finally she had read that letter of his and-she shook her head. That memory still brought tears to her eyes. Wiping away them, Lucy moved her head upwards to allow the warm water to hit her face. Lucy was done living in the past. Her family would want her to be happy and move on. Even if it was into this strange harem, but…in a way it invigorated her. Sure that sounded strange. Obviously joining a harem was to be seen as disgusting or immoral, but that was just from one perspective. Society's perspective. Lucy, however, decided to look at it from an adventurer's perspective. After all, wasn't that what a Fairy Tail wizard did? Explore the unknown? Well, the celestial wizard was doing that and if anybody questioned it, she'd tell them that. She was exploring this unknown territory, but luckily for her she had already found the treasure.

The love of a warm, kindly individual who would love her up until the day she'd die…

As somewhat dark as that seemed Lucy knew this to be true. Natsu was a loyal friend and surely that would pass over into his romantic affairs. Sure, he was a… "Harem King" as people would dub him, but he was so much more than that. He cared for her, and she knew he definitely cared for his other lovers. He'd have to. Otherwise, the dragon slayer was a different man than she had originally thought. But he wasn't. No, he was still that damn arrogant, stupid, kind, handsome man that had saved her from a life of boredom and lovelessness…

…who also happened to be a demon in the sack. Bonus points!

Lucy giggled to herself as closed her eyes and let the warmth of the water embrace her and take her to a dream where she and her salmon-haired lover were together again…a dream that was quickly becoming a reality…and for that she thanked whatever deity that watched over them (probably Mavis) and smiled at just what experiences this new adventure would bring her.

'I'm fired up!'

"I'm so boooooooooooored! Ugh, Natsu why couldn't you come home with me!" A loud voice echoed inside a small bathroom. Suddenly, a tanned leg drew itself up from the warm bath surrounding it and dropped back to the water. "Bored, bored, bored, bored, BOOOOOOOORED!" Cana moaned out (and not in a good way either!) and she craned her neck backwards. Laying back into the tub as naked as the day she was born, she grabbed the bottle next to her tub. "Five o' clock somewhere…" She mumbled to herself as she guzzled down several gulps of rum down her gullet. The card wizard then popped the top out of her mouth and held it upright as she grabbed the tiny sliver of soap that she still had, while making a mental note that she had to head to the store for more soap (and of course more booze!), while wondering if she could have Natsu do that for her. After all, a new boy toy meant free labor! She chuckled to herself at just imagining the reaction she'd get from the boy, causing a smile to stretch across her lips. A smile…for too long she'd been giving fake ones to men, but to him...it was different. Far, far different. Not only did she mean it, but she wanted him to smile back at her too. To give her that look that said there was no place he'd rather be and no one he'd rather be there with. Granted, that last part would be tough to sell seeing as how he had three other girlfriends (with certainly others on the way.). Giving herself a cocky smirk, the lush looked down at the two, round objects floating in the water just beneath her. She definitely had these two secret weapons at her disposal and seeing as how she was more sexually liberal than the average gal it certainly pushed her forward on the harem ladder. Smiling, Cana pushed her shoulders between her ample bosom and gave them a little jiggle with a movement of her body, watching as they jiggled and bounced healthily along.

Oh yeah…definitely had the advantage.

She may not have had the largest rack, but she sure as hell knew how to use them better that the rest! Although, Cana certainly wouldn't mind personally examining and showing the girls, particularly Lucy, how to properly accentuate their ample busts. Being prudes was not going to get them extra points in the harem system…assuming there was one? To Cana, there was one now though. '*Sigh* Really wish Natsu was here though. Could really use his company right about now. Things just are not the same anymore without that warm presence around me…welp, guess rum is gonna have to do the trick!' As much as the lush was trying to cut back, drinking really helped calm her nerves, and seeing as she was in uncharted territory in this relationship (It had been so long since she had been in a serious one), she thought that maybe drinking was the solution in this case. Sex would've helped too. Lots of it. If there was one thing Cana was confident in, besides her drinking ability, it was her sexual prowess. Unfortunately, her other half was missing and there was…her eyes drifted to the bottle in her hand. No…she couldn't. I mean, she could, but…hmmm. It was around the same size as his…she could at least get the tip in there. The card wizard snickered at that and contemplated. Was this gonna be weird? Yes, but so was drinking her boyfriend's cum mixed with rum while being accompanied by said boyfriend and his other girlfriend. So…yup, she was definitely more sexual liberal than the average gal!

"Ah well, stranger things, right?" Cana whispered to herself with a shrug, moving the tip of the bottle lower to her special crevice. First though, she needed the necessary lubricant. Fingering should do the job. Stopping just outside of her slit, Cana's fingers slowly entered inside of her, causing her to moan out in visceral pleasure. Quickly her fingers began to do their job and a smile graced the lush's lips as her body moved with every thrust of Natsu's…err her own fingers. Imagining her boyfriend here was definitely helping get the juices flowing…literally. Soft, quiet moans escaped the lush's mouth as she whispered, "Natsu…ah yes…like…yes like that. Ah…ah you're so….ah! Yes…yes…oh!" Oh she missed him. So much. She didn't know why or how, but just being around him just made her feel so loved. So needed. She hadn't felt this way for so long. This romantic, passionate need to be with someone. Whether this was lust or lo-that other thing. It didn't matter. The card mage never wanted this feeling to end. The juices flowing, Cana switched out her wet fingers for the cold, hard tip of the bottle she was just drinking. As it entered her, Cana let out a small hiss as she felt the damp, moist tip enter inside her slit. Whether it was her own saliva or the bath water she didn't know, but right now it didn't matter. "Natsu! OH! Yes Yes! Oh I missed you! So much! Harder! YES! Harder! Oh so goooood~!" As she moaned out, her other hand quickly latched ahold onto of her quickly hardening tits and played with it, causing her smile to grow even more and her juices to flow out quicker. Moans continued to echo inside the tanned woman's bathroom, bouncing off the walls. She didn't care. Not in the slightest. All she cared about was her and, "NATSU, I'M CUMMING!" A loud exhale escaped Cana's lips as she felt her own liquid flush out of her pussy, while some exited and some entered inside the bottle. Her body lightly twitched as the euphoria from the unnatural orgasm began exuding from her body. As her orgasm high began to lightly fade, Cana licked her lips slowly with a quiet moan of satisfaction. "Mmmmm~ As good as always." She whispered to herself, plopping the bottle out of her pussy. Moving it to her eyes, she saw that the amount inside had risen and deduced that her own juices had entered alongside the remaining rum. Thinking to herself, she shrugged and downed the rest of it. Sexual liberality for the win, she supposed. As she finished the rest, Cana muttered to herself, "Ahhh…not as good as Natsu's concocktion." Breathing out one last sigh, Cana pulled herself out of the tub and started to get ready to head out to the guild. As the lush wrapped a towel around her luscious figure, barely containing the massive bosom she housed, she looked down at the rum bottle and thought to herself…

Then again…what was?

As the lush ended her…activities, a certain rain mage was just beginning hers. Not the kind of sexual activities the card wizard was up to, but still very important. Juvia, wearing just a small blue t-shirt alongside a pair of blue panties, continued moving more of her precious Gray memorabilia into boxes. Looking around the room, a small whimper escaped her lips as she noticed just how much love and care she had taken to make all of these products only for it be in vain. But before she could fall into despair once more, the rain mage inhaled slowly and exhaled out a quiet, calm breath. While she was sad, the time had come to move on from the past and look forward to perhaps a much brighter future with a more…sunny outlook on life. Unknowingly, the rain wizard had grabbed an unfinished Gray doll as she was stuck amidst her thoughts and looked down to see that the hair hadn't been sewn on yet. Caressing the head, a small idea then popped inside of her head. Her bright, blue eyes moved over to her crafting supplies and walked over to look for a particular colored material to sew onto the head. Shuffling through the supplies, her fingers then locked around a soft piece of cloth and looked closer inside. Seeing just what color it was, and smiling, she pulled it out. Juvia then placed the colored cloth atop the doll's head and wondered if what she was about to do would be classified as weird.

"But, it's ok because…well we're all weird here. Every one of us…But it doesn't make them any less special…you're special, Juvia."

Juvia closed her eyes and her smile grew slightly bigger as she remembered what the salmon-haired mage had told her yesterday. She was weird…but she was special. Nodding at this positive thought, the rain woman laid the doll onto one of her tables and began looking for some scissors for her next project.

A salmon-haired doll project…

Finishing off this quest around the city, a murmur escaped that same certain salmon-haired boy most women in the Fairy Tail guild were thinking of. Together with him, was his scarlet-haired lover and queen of his harem sleeping with him intertwined in their bed. Their bed…what a strange thought. Never before had the two ever believed that this was where their destinies would meet. Although neither of the two really believed in destiny, they were definitely happy something had brought them together. Their happiness…their smiles…their love was that much stronger now. Hell, even their magic had seemed to improve since they had…"fulfilled" their love together. They were happy together, and even among their other various haremettes each had found a sort of solace and complacency amongst the odd endeavor. Was it weird? Yes, of course, but neither cared. To hell with social norms if it meant that they all couldn't be happy. All they needed were themselves, their guild, and the love all intermingled together whether it be platonic, familial, or romantic. It didn't matter to them. To any of them. All that mattered was ho everything would fare in the future. An unknown future. Did it frighten them? A little, but that wouldn't stop them. And why would it? They all belonged to the single greatest guild (at least in their biased point of view) in the world and nothing could come between them. Nothing would or could.

Another murmur escaped the dragon slayer, causing his grumpy lover to tap him on the nose. "Quiet…I'm sleeping." Erza whispered, her nose scrunching up in a fit of annoyance.

"Mmmmm…obviously you're not if you're tapping my nose." Natsu snarked back, a smile beginning to form as the first thing he heard today was her beautiful voice. 'A good omen, if you ask me…'

The fairy queen shook her head annoyed atop his chest as she replied, "Trying then. So stop murmuring."

"…Better than you're snoring if you ask me." The fire wizard whispered to himself. Unlucky for him, even though Erza didn't have his heightened hearing, she still caught wind of what he said.

"…What was that?" She growled, her fingernails tightly digging into his bare chest, as if daring him to whisper another insult.

"…*snore*…*snore*" Natsu continued to do, praying that it would ward off any potential death moves Erza would do to him. He wanted to live after all.

A smile graced the knight's lips as she snuggled up closer to her warm lover. 'That's what I thought…'

A few hours later

"Ahhhhh!~ Natsu! Not so rough! It's still early!" Erza yelled out, instantly moaning out just as she said that. Her soaked hands slammed the wall next to her, hoping to balance herself lest both of them fall in his cramped shower. Another of his thrusts entered him deeper, driving her body onto said wall, squishing her massive breasts onto the wall. "AHHH! YES! ARGH, DAMN YOU~" Why did he have to know she liked it rough?

"Ag…ah….oh man, can't stop! Ah why do you feel so good?! Ahhhh, Erza!" Natsu moaned aloud, thrusting his hips ever faster inside of her gorgeous queen. His hands pulled her leg upwards and pulled it over his shoulder, allowing him even deeper inside of his girlfriend's pussy. The water from the faucet continued drenching the two with more and more warm water, causing his hardened erection even more of a slippery access into Erza. Horny and hungry, the dragon slayer slammed one of arms onto the wall to steady the two and grabbed ahold of one of her delicious, succulent breasts with his other hand and latched onto it. The fairy queen squealed in pleasure as she felt her lover suck and thrust with talented fervor. He was getting better. With each experience, either with her or another, it vastly improved his sexual prowess. A small jealous feeling began creeping up Erza's back as she wished that it was only her that could harness this sexual prowess, but this was necessary after all. Besides, it was too late to go back now. Pandora's box had been unleashed and the harem was ever-growing. Perhaps it would never stop growing. Either way, it mattered not because she knew just where she stood in his heart. Number 1. And why not? She was perfect…or at least, damn well close. Not that she would let anyone else say so. Although, she wouldn't mind hearing more compliments coming from his mouth more. Like, "You're so beautiful…" He whispered, enveloping his lips with her own.

…Just like that. Ah, if she could swoon (and if she was the swooning type of girl) she definitely might have done so right then and there.

Her free arm quickly wrapped itself around the dragon slayer's neck and pulled him closer into their passionate kiss, while also helping him thrust ever deeper into her body. She loved this. Too much in fact. Part of her didn't want to go on missions anymore and just stay here with him. Forever. A dumb choice, she knew this. The two of them would quickly…no, their sex life would never be boring. That was a fact. But, missions and adventures were part of their lifestyle. Granted, it was nice for a break from them. They had had adventures that should have lasted lifetimes, but they had experienced them in small courses of time. This was fine. This peaceful, tran- "AGH! HARDER, NATSU! I'm…I'm so close!" Um…t-tranquility definitely was a welcome change of pace and Erza definitely would embrace this for a long time. Natsu, hearing his beloved, speedily quickened his thrusts, slamming harder and rougher into the knight's supple body. So rough that she could have sworn she heard the wall begin to crack. This house definitely needed a renovation…and sturdier walls. They both were holding back tremendous amount of their power as is. Pulling the boy into another kiss, the scarlet-haired knight felt her slit tighten around Natsu's erection and coil harder, desperately trying to milk the cock of its delicious nutrients.

"AHHHH, C-Can't hold it! E-ERZA!" The fire wizard screamed out, giving one final thrust into Erza, causing her to scream loudly (most likely awakening most of the wildlife surrounding them) and came alongside her lover. His erection spurted out tremendous amounts of cum inside of the woman, causing a slightly perverted smile to grace both of their lips. The orgasm…their favorite part. Well, all of sex was their favorite part, but the climax may have had just a fraction of the lead. Small thrusts accompanied the boy's orgasm, desperately seeking to empty his load, all of it, into her. Both needed a level head and neither would be able to focus if they were being handsy underneath the table at the guild…which didn't sound like a bad idea actually. Nonetheless, finally the dragon slayer's thrusts ended and the two's foreheads touched together as they laughed together whilst staring into each other's eyes simultaneously. "Heh…hehe see? Told ya this was the best way to wake up…and it works as an apology too." He beamed at the girl.

Erza raised her brow playfully. "Oh? And who was apologizing to who?"

Natsu scratched his head. "Umm…wanna just say it was a 50/50 apology? My fault and your fault?"

The knight's brow rose just a bit higher at his answer.

The dragon slayer sighed at seeing that. "…My fault?"

She nodded at that.

"Of course…" He grumbled out, rolling his eyes.

Erza giggled at seeing her boyfriend's reaction. "Not my fault you orgasmed first. And here I thought you wanted to surpass me?" She whispered to him, playfully caressing his chest.

Natsu gave her a confused look until he finally caught on. "OH! Haha I am going to surpass you! Just give me…one…min-GOT IT!" He yelled out, causing the girl to look at him strangely until-

"KYA!" She screamed out, feeling the cock grow even harder inside of her, wiggling inside of her as if desperate to ejaculate once again. Her eyes drifted downwards and saw just how much cum had mixed between the two and was now seeping down their thighs. Silently gulping in anticipation, Erza raised her eyes to meet the dragon slayer's and gave him a seductive, playful smirk. "Good move. Think you'll beat me this time?"

He quickly gave her a smirk to rival her own. "Only one way to find out, right?" Natsu responded, quickly thrusting away again, causing Erza to wrap her legs around him and moan out in euphoric pleasure. "By the way…'kya?'" He asked the knight, who's blush was growing after noticing her embarrassed response.

However, instead of giving the boy a proper response, she simply…


…tightened up.

Ah, young love…

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