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Something blew against him; the shivering was involuntary, and the tickling along his back also was not called for. Whatever it was, it brought the nér out of the sleep that long held him. At once the black velvet of the night, colors of grand splendor, shape and hue, and bright, white, twinkling dots scattered across that space above was seen. That left the nér in a transfixed admiration to it all, and an overwhelming rush of energy came upon him as one of the twinkling things darted across the sky.

"Tinmē!" So transfixed the nér was that he never acknowledged himself standing upright, even lifting an arm to maybe touch those things that he had named 'spark' and 'glint'. Stars: or Eleni.

Not being able to reach the stars caused a weight in his chest: it was a bad feeling, and he did not like it at all. With brows furrowing and on the verge of sulking, the nér looked down to his bare feet, and at once new wonder sparked at the long slender things sticking up from the ground...as well the trail of something similar to it, but it was closer in resemblance to the stuff trailing down his own head. Seeing the face of the one who had it left wonder and admiration in the male again, and a good and warm feeling welled up within: love.

He felt so unsure, but so curious, though he knelt down (lightly squirming at the peculiar sensation to his knees) and shook the other person gently by the shoulder.

At once the other's eyes opened and she was left in wonder towards the one that roused her from her slumber.

Those eyes…in all ways she was the most beautiful thing in the world, possibly more beautiful than the stars above! The nér shied away as he felt the female look at him, and remained motionless as she sat up; still watching the one who woke her.

The nér finally pointed up to the sky after gaining composure, "Eleni."

The nis followed that point, and she gasped in pure delight as she leapt to her feet and cried out, "Eleni, eleni!" her arms outstretched to the heavens.

He stood up after the female's sudden outburst and had to catch her as she began to lean into him, making sounds that were…odd. They could be from the bad emotion he felt earlier, or that light-heartedness. Words, words were needed to describe the emotions…and he somehow managed to come up with some very quickly. Though which would best suit what the lady was feeling? He had to ask her, "Dimbē, Valin?"

The lady hiccupped, and then looked up at the male with a sheepish smile; the wetness in her eyes still remained, "Valin." Joy.

Then that bad feeling would be Dimbē: sadness. The nér then looked back down to the ground and pointed to it, giving his new 'friend' as it were a look of question, "Man…a, i?"

She again followed the point and knelt down on the prickly sprouts, her hand gracing over the untrimmed tops, "Laikā palis!"

No complaint issued from the male, and he nodded his agreement to the names given. Green…the grass was green. He finally acknowledged the even taller things surrounding the glade they were in. They were sort of like grass; only at the base of said objects was not green. And they were monstrous. Curiosity came over him again, and went over to one of the great objects. Laying a hand on its hard, rough surface; he was sure he felt the object move! He jumped, and became slightly flustered at his own…fearful nature, yet he was not angry about it (he had not experienced enough, or let alone know enough to really feel shame or irritation towards this emotion).

Again the nér touched the great object, "Galadā."

The tree lightly rustled its leaves high above in response, though the male below never knew of it.

It came to him all of a sudden. Why were he and the lady giving names to everything else, but not themselves? That thought bugged him, and at last he knew irritation. That thought also brought another thought.

Where did they come from? Where did all of this come from?

They were just…there.

Well, finding a word for himself and his friend was easy enough.

"Eledār." Immediately the nér turned to find the lady, who was rather close by, and she was marveling over a rounded bunch of 'grass' with rounded things growing off of some 'branches'.

"Luini, lockte." Blue blossom, she named them. She looked up at her companion. Something on her face made her consider something. She appeared rather fond of those words, and she repeated them smashed together, "Luinilockte."

He liked it too and pointed to her, "Luinilockte," He simply repeated.

At that sign that that name was hers, Luinilockte was overjoyed; "Yea, yea!" she then stared at the one who roused her, "Essë?

The nér was not sure what she meant, and then motioned to both of them, "Eledār."

"Eledār…Kwendi, elwe." Luinilockte gave him a look, "Essë? She asked again.

A name! A personal name! Such as Luinilockte's name…Well, he was already fond of the stars, maybe derive a word from them? There was something of note too…the stars, or something in the air. It was a beautiful thing to listen to, until it faded back into the reserves of his thought. Stars…pretty sounds…shouting 'stars' all the time; ah, the perfect name, "Ni Ellindë." Star song.

Luinilockte appeared pleased with this, and she hugged Ellindë tightly, "Melnā ni."

Ellindë returned the embrace, feeling more Valin than he had experienced yet, "Melnā ni…"

"Eleni, eleni!"

The sound of a third voice made both Luinilockte and Ellindë jump, though the lady was more startled and she hid behind her friend. They both just realized they were not alone at all…

There was another couple nearby and the male just woke, and he also woke the lady next to him. The one behind them was still sleeping.

"Daʒrāmō." Ellindë gave the haughty looking nér's name, regarding how quick he began naming stuff.

Luinilockte was not overly creative for the lady, "Laikānis." Green woman.

Ellindë felt humor for the first time and he looked at Luinilockte, and she gave him a cheeky look. They both quietly observed the couple almost do the exact same thing that the first couple did when they first woke. Daʒrāmō was more intrigued about everything around him, and he was the first to notice the first pair of kwendi, and motioned his companion to notice them as well.

Both couples stared awkwardly at each other for a while until Ellindë spoke first. He glanced at Daʒrāmō, motioning to him and saying the name given to that individual, and to Laikānis: the exact same thing.

The nissi seemed intrigued about each other and possibly wanted to spend time with their own gender, and they went off to name more things. The two néri on the other hand…they wondered about the lone nér still sleeping. They thought it odd, because they had a lady next to them, why not this one? Ellindë and Daʒrāmō looked at each other, before cautiously moving over to the lone kwenda in the grassy ground. This one seemed of strong build as well, though…the expression he had was not at all 'welcoming'. Neither Ellindë nor Daʒrāmō wanted to wake 'the beast' (though they have not seen any wild animal yet). But eventually, Daʒrāmō (who was also of stronger build like the one on the grass), was the one to shake the gloomy looking one.

The plan backfired.

Almost as soon as Daʒrāmō laid one finger on the other nér, that one sat up and did not appear at all to have Valin. He looked like he would get at Daʒrāmō, but he made himself scarce before the grumpy one could get the chance.

"Ndullamō!" Ellindë cried out as he named the 'dark one' regarding his mood. Ndullamō turned his attention to the oldest of them all in this particular glade when he shouted, and Ellindë was left staring into the grey eyes of a somewhat bewildered kwenda.

When in doubt: stars.

"E-eleni!" Ellindë pointed up to the sky again.

Ndullamō complied after staring at Ellindë for a moment longer and like everyone else, was left in awe by the sparkly wonders above.

Ellindë sighed in quiet relief, and then tried to find where Daʒrāmō ran off to. Likely into one of the tussār…

"Ai?" Ellindë called out, and he heard the rustling coming from one of the tussār and lo, Daʒrāmō's head popped out. Ellindë gave him a reassuring smile, and the other male came back out into the open.

Though something else unexpected happened.

They heard the nissi's voices ringing out, and soon they themselves appeared into the glade which they woke in. Laikānis ran to Daʒrāmō, and Luinilockte to Ellindë. Ndullamō watched the two nissi join them and he was curious, while Ellindë and Daʒrāmō were confused.

And then it happened: a whole bunch of kwendi appeared.

They had strange stuff over their bodies and were also holding strange things. The objects held looked like the galadār's branches, only…different. They all had malnā tili on their head; their skin also bani.

The group that woke in the glade looked at each other; they all had walna colored tili, were bani also, and stronger in build. These…strange ones looked like themselves, but the small group remained wary.

One of the bani stepped forward, "Leheomë," he commanded gently.

Ellindë figured out the meaning somewhat, and the tension he had was reduced a little seeing that they spoke words also. He felt eyes on him again; everyone that woke in the glade with him was staring at him. Why were they? What made them do so? Expectation, maybe? Ellindë went with the latter. The nér had to take a moment to regain himself, and he approached the bani kwendi, all the while motioning for the other four to follow him.

The bani appeared greatly pleased by this, and it warmed all the walnatiri kwendi, though they did somewhat dread where these bani were taking them.

They never regretted going with them when they arrived...

A/N I have read the actual tale Tolkien devised for the first wakening of the elves (which is quite cute in my opinion), but the number, 144 elves to start, that kind of seems too small for my liking, especially when they had Morgoth's hunters about picking them up. This also takes place some years after most the elves woke, so there probably is a decent number of them at this time (with the occasional random group of elves in their glades). You can find the essay at "The One Ring . com" (it won't list the link properly), and search Cuivienyarna.

Excessive use of elvish (Primitive elvish, Qenya, and Quenya…) won't happen from here on out…I hope.

I don't expect them to know any grammar structure immediately, thus regards the sloppy elvish and possible words that aren't used anymore.

Bani = fair

Eledā = a person of the stars. Elf

Eleni = stars.

Galadā = tree

Kwendi = elves

Leheomë = come with us.

Malnā = gold

Nér/néri = male

Nis/Nissi = female

Tili = hair

Tussār = bushes

Walna = brown