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Some indeed stayed with the white glimmering beast, but many followed the star person instead. The kings were struck dumb, like many others. Words could not describe the feelings that were in the Eldar (they decided to not argue about the name, since Orǭmë did provide them a name for his odd race), and being speechless: questions simply ceased for the time being. Many from the small "villages" were either reluctant or willing to see the light, and their kin that seemed to be delighted in the close brightness was…interesting to see. It was tantalizingly unfair: the "light-elves" were glad, even if they were physically weak. Alright, everyone had their reasons for why they hid or why they approached, and all of them were fair to each individual.

If one cared to notice, they could see small trains of elves from the other shores. Orǭmë was most certainly a beacon of star-light, with lack of a better way to describe it. Well…it actually was true, but the elves did not know (nor did they ask. They assumed, and other times were content with the answers they got).

Though, since Orǭmë seemed to know so much, actually that was quite obvious, would he happen to know why they were here? They got more than what they bargained for (that was the Kwendi's fault really, with continuing to ask more questions instead of stopping, though who could blame them?), and close to the end of that conversation…most were away from the light-bearer to ponder Orǭmë's words.

"What do you mean that none of this was meant to be? How then is it that all of this does exist?"

Would ordering a tree to grow right in front of their eyes help? No, that would just make them scatter. So much information in so little time, they could barely understand what they learned! The Eldar, they are so…strangely unpredictable, and despite the fact he knew that there will be exasperating emotions in the distant future, the Vala still loved them.

Could it also be that he may have spoken a little too much? He and Tulukhastāz were more rowdy then the rest of them…

The elf kings watched the Vala intently, seeing if he will speak. Instead, Orǭmë gave a small glance towards them in silence.

"The ways of the Valar and of the All-father are beyond thy comprehension, and it is best that thou knowest now, instead of later." He finally answered.

That seemed to still further argument or questions for the time being. Orǭmë could not try and explain eons of history to them right now. Speaking of their unknown yet known oppressor would not do good for them, and…well, anything before that truly would be difficult for lesser minds to understand. Who could fathom the Timeless Halls before Eä, or of the Song that made the world? Or of the discord that ruined everything? The kwendi did not know enough, and even if they had gained some of that rare wisdom, still would not be able to wrap their heads around it.

The elf kings still stood before the Vala, oblivious to some elves moving closer to the light-bearer, or some even moving out into the forest. That was good then, that they are moving to ease their hunger, and Orǭmë could already sense that there were certain spots abundant in Yavanna's fruits.

Imin, whom seemed far more content with Orǭmë's answers than his Telerin and Noldorin associates, asked another question, "…how long will you stay?"

The voice sounded unsure (as always) and perhaps hopeful. Not for eternity…or maybe it would be possible? Just maybe…whenever the next council happened, he would bring his opinion up, "I cannot instill false hopes in thy heart, little one. But I shalt remain hither for many years to come."

Time was truly never a concept to them, other than the changing and turning of the stars. The odd term confused them, but they eventually settled on that the word meant a very, very long time. That made them happy.

In the meantime…thoughts were happening.

Three elves huddled by the shoreline, and three elves' names were Ellindë, Luinilockte, and Ulcawë. It actually felt strange to leave the light, not after spending time in its calming warmth, and the colors: it all was dark and dull again. But they needed to be alone in order to think.

The dreams still lingered in their minds. Ellindë and Luinilockte came to the conclusion that they shared the same dream, although in different perspectives, and with different meanings. As for Ulcawë, he almost reluctantly shared his while avoiding a lot of detail. He almost behaved possessively about it, like some secret (which it sort of was). The little bit of detail the other two kwendi got was a big, big, disturbingly high mountain that penetrated the sky. It was magnificent and beautiful: awe inspiring, so Ulcawë said. A thin waterfall trailed along its rocky sides and deposited into a small lake, which a river flowed from that too. The grass surrounding it was very green, and the waters were bright blue.

Ellindë vaguely recalled the dream he had regarding the big reservoir. It was terrifying and beautiful at the same time, but dark and slightly unwelcoming. To him it seemed there was a theme regarding their dreams, and with the presence of Orǭmë adding to it…

Big. Grand. Awe. Better…

All that, it seemed to lead to something much better. And living in the light, why, he would gladly go to it. If one simply knew where it was...

Orǭmë must know, but the elf was afraid of asking. For now, as long as the light from the horse and Orǭmë were close, the Noldo would continue to live in the darkness.

"We should go out and seek the light…" Ulcawë said suddenly, breaking the doldrums that had fallen over them.

"Kherū Orǭmë is over there still." Ellindë answered just as absently, still mentally drained from everything that happened.

Ulcawë frowned (not anything new), "No, that is not what I meant…you saw how the forest glowed upon his arrival. There must be a source out there."

"But it diminished just as quickly." Luinilockte stepped in, "We know not whether there is light in a place other than the stars…Kherū Orǭmë, in my mind, is from the sky above."

That still was very true.

"…Perhaps, but it is not fair to us that we have lived this poorly while he has lived in possible bliss. Actually, certain bliss! Are we that low that we are not the concern of-"

"Do not dare, Ulcawë." Ellindë interrupted before the younger could finish the thought, and the elder stood up. The other two could have sworn his irises went milky white.

…There was the anger signal.

Ellindë was among those who were content with the answers the Vala provided to others' questions (the listener and perceptive elf he was). Some things confused him, but instead of getting annoyed over it, he simply took time to think about it.

In the end, yes, truly he could not understand the ways of these higher spirits or…of the All-father. Ellindë accepted that. It exists in the present, and eventually it will be resolved. Regarding Eru, and making links to the times when the elf was afraid or upset prior to the era of despair…he had grown rather passionate (if not a bit defensive) about the topic.

Luinilockte leaned back and appeared a little bit wary, and Ulcawë was subdued.

Ellindë gauged each of them carefully, though his eyes were on the younger still, "If we were that worthless, then why did Kherū Orǭmë appear to be weeping at the sight of us? In relief? We are lowly creatures, indeed, and may not be worth the time to be around or to possibly tutor. But, if that were so, then why would the dark hunter be interested in us?"

"We do not know what the dark hunter intended for them," Ulcawë seethed back.

"Yet it kept coming back for more." Ellindë's ear twitched, "…Orǭmë has done no ill to us, nor has shown any sign of ill intent either. Why not take his word for truth, and let us keep to our place in this whole...play." Ellindë sunk back to the ground, his eyes returning to their silver hue, "We know nothing of this whole ordeal, and at least take some comfort that we are acknowledged at last, and hopefully saved from all this woe."

The sudden outburst had cooled down, and Ellindë returned to neutrality. To see someone who is normally collected and relatively silent become angry, one knows that is a frightening thing to see and endure.

The Noldo's name described his personality well. While peaceful and quite fair to behold, Ellindë can simply be there: watching and thinking about things before making any move, or letting things run their course. A source of reason to some extent. But, at other times, cold and unforgiving, much like the stars above. They simply showed light: truth as it were, in their distance. And no amount of shadow can completely destroy it: the harsh reality and its strange beauty.

Ulcawë then wondered if his own bad attitude was lesser compared to his older brother's.

The dark elf was silent, mulling over this. He did not like to admit it, but he had no choice but to. The elf noticed Luinilockte slowly inch forward towards her spouse. Then with a sigh Ulcawë said in a soft voice, "I am sorry. I should not speak so carelessly."

Ellindë never regretted nor apologized for what he said, a bad trait on his part. And it surprised both the other nér and the nis with his next words, "And I apologize for my harsh words." Not fully, but he could have said them in a different way…

Ulcawë then stood, "Since the risks have likely decreased considerably…I will be off to the forest."

Ellindë said naught. Luinilockte only gave a simple nod, and the dark elf left. The nis, then turned her attention to the taller Noldo.

Said Noldo caught her gaze, and raised a brow at her, "What?"

"You néri are passionate when you set your mind to it…"

"…and you nissi are unfair regarding keeping your peace."

Luinilockte smiled, "You all do it for us, that is why."

Ellindë looked back up towards the slight hill, towards one of the small villages, "Do you mean to say we should hold back a little, so you can join that group?"

Luinilockte stood next, holding one of her elf's hands, "Not necessarily…all we truly care about is making sure you do not explode or overexert yourselves."

Ellindë followed with a fake huff, "You may have more brains than we do…"

"I know so." The nis said with a small playful tone. Luinilockte turned her head towards the north, seeing one of the trains of elves. Her eyes lit up, "I think some long missed kin are coming…"

The nér looked also, "They come to see the light, I presume."

"Then let us meet them."

Ellindë hardly had a chance to answer when he was suddenly tugged away again. Between him and Luinilockte, he wondered if the nis was more ferocious about things than he was. Regarding people that is.

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