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Somebody Told Me


Distant traffic noises filled his office. Though the street was 15 stories below, the sound bounced up off the surrounding buildings. Hands stuffed in his gray slack pockets, he stared at the street below. Stocks were slipping; people were having a hard time associating his name with a brighter future. Something had to be done soon or it would only be a matter of time before he lost everything he'd spent the last five years building from the ground up.

"Scarlett!" Draco Malfoy yelled towards his door. He heard papers shuffling and her chair glide back against the plastic mat.

"Yes Mr. Malfoy?" She squeaked notebook in hand. He had been in a terrible mood this month and she did not want to be the one to make it worse. Scarlett was small and mousey, not typically the type of secretary one would associate with Draco Malfoy. However, she got the job done and her plain looks seemed to help him get more work done himself.

"Get me Zabini and don't you dare let him tell you he has more important clientele today." She rushed out of his office and back to her desk. 'Please let him answered.' She prayed to whoever was listening.

Draco returned his attention to the world below. Not that he would ever admit it out loud, he liked the city noises of muggle London. There was something about the honking horns that made him feel like he wasn't the only one rushing around every day. Some days he found the traffic sound to be motivating.

A quick knock brought him back to reality. Blaise had already opened the door and was in the process of making himself comfortable when Draco turned around. Draco rolled steel gray eyes. Blaise sat staring at him with a look of smugness.

"So you've changed your mind have you?" Blaise drawled picking none existent lent from the arm of the chair. Draco tried to keep his emotions in check. It was possible Blaise had mentioned to him months ago that he should start taking steps to elevate his image and standing with the wizarding world after the war, or there could be financial consequences in his future.

"Just do whatever needs to be done before it's too late." He mumbled under his breath.

"Well, in case it ever came to this, I do have a few ideas on what we could do to fluff you up a bit. How do you feel about becoming a humanitarian?"

"Are you out of your bloody mind? Who would believe that?" Sometimes Draco wondered why he hired Blaise as his companies' publicist in the first place. Sure, Draco thought half the wizarding world was out of their minds, but they couldn't be that dense.

"And how would you even begin pulling that off?" He questioned.

"I was thinking you start an equal rights program in house. You know, everyone gets treated the same, magical creatures alike." Draco pondered this. That could work. Granted, he wanted nothing to do with that himself. He had too many other projects and deals he was working on to add something of this magnitude to his daily schedule.

"Bring someone in, unless we have someone in house already equipped for this," Blaise gave a shrug at this. "Well, at least have Scarlett start the interviews but if you would please, sit in on them. If we're going to do this, I want the best."

So Blaise was off. He made a quick stop by Scarlett's desk. Requested she have an inter office memo sent to all possibly qualified candidates, as well as have an ad placed in the classifieds.


Someone looking to help change bring equality to under represented employees

Major company looking for a project manager for their new Equal Rights Department

Serious candidates only

Contact Zabini Communications with resume

Granted she wasn't looking for a job, the ad had certainly peaked her interest. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy the work she was doing now, it just wasn't fulfilling. Hermione stirred her coffee while checking over her resume. Satisfied with her handiwork, off it went with her owl.

It didn't take long for a response. With her background in Elvish Rights, she had at least figured she'd be granted an interview. However, what she hadn't expected was to have an interview this afternoon. Making hurried excuses to her coworkers about an appointment that had suddenly come up, Hermione rushed from her office at the Ministry to the fireplaces as to not be late for her 2:30 appointment.

"Well, everything seems to be in order here, Ms. Granger," Hermione should have put two and two together when she sent her owl to Zabini Communications that it was possible she'd end up interviewing with Blaise. Much to her surprise however, he had been nothing but pleasant and kind. She really couldn't remember much about him from their Hogwarts days. He seemed to keep to himself and never went out of his way to embarrass her about her blood or choice in friends. "And we would like to offer you the job. You are by far the most qualified candidate we have interviewed and the company I'm representing would be delighted to have you aboard. What do you think?"