My green-eyed Pharaoh

A Yu-Gi-Oh/Harry Potter crossover, will have SLASH (Harry & Yugi/Atem) and Dumbledore bashing.

As always I do not own anything. If I did I would have had Harry raised by Snape!

Yugi Mutou/Atem has been sent into the past to find out more about Atem's past. On their trip to the past, they find a green-eyed Pharaoh who has lost his memory. On their way past to the future, the green-eyed Pharaoh has somehow hitched a ride and is now in the future. Will Yugi/Atem manage to get the Pharaoh back to his own time or will Yugi/Atem fall for this kind hearted Pharaoh?

Chapter 6: A Filler

NOTE: Italics will be Atem's speak to Yugi and when it's Bold and Italic it will be him talking out loud!

=Last time on My Green-Eyed Pharaoh

With cat-like reflexes Harry ducks into the room Atem and Yugi have vacated; inside is a golden room, ornate statues of a figure holding a strange object in his left arm, all the statues are wearing long cloaks that all have one summon sewn onto them; Blue Eyes Dragon, but they are different... yet not; a silvery tint is seen glowing throughout the wings of the Dragon's sewn to this figure.

"What is going on?" Harry asks himself not knowing that Atem or Yugi has started the warp back home. The insides of the Dragon shudder and raise slightly knocking Harry for a loop, Harry grabs onto a statue and holds on for dear life; a huge boom rocks Harry making him fall to the ground and with one last look above a statue of the figure dressed in a cloak falls on top of Harry knocking him out... cold!

Before darkness takes Harry, a voice asks.

"Hey, are you ok?"


The lone glow of a single light awoke the figure upon the bed; who sat up with a groan!

"I see our hitch-hiker has awoken, great... Now, what possessed you to enter my creation?" A tall man asks; his deep blue eyes stare into the hitch-hikers own emerald green.

"Where am I?" the green-eyed hitch-hiker asks.

"You're in my hospital, you were found under my statue; you snuck into my machine without my knowledge! How did you do that?" the tall man with deep blue eyes asks.

"Your statue?" the emerald-eyed hitch-hiker asks with a tilt of his head.

"Yes, my statue... Do you not know who I am; I am Seto Kaiba, the top duelist, and owner of Kaiba Corp!" Seto Kaiba says with a sneer on his face.

"I do not know who you are Kaiba, but do you know who I am?" the emerald-eyed hitch-hiker asks.

Seto walks around the bed that has the hitch-hiker laying upon covered in the blanket.

"You do not know who you are?" Seto asks, his hands picking up the only thing that was on the strange man; an amulet!

"Yes; I think.. I have a sore head." the emerald eyed man says with a smile.

"Hmm. Very well since your not mentally well I can let you off... this once!" Seto says pocketing the amulet.

"Thanks." the man says with a smile, his emerald eyes scan the room as notice another figure curled up into a ball.

"Who's that?" the emerald eye man asks.

"Oh; he's Yugi Mutou. You must know him, the King of Games." Seto says with a sneer on his face, only to fade when his hands come up to the locket hanging around his neck.

"The King of Games? What a strange title." the men says chuckling softly.

"Hmm." Seto says simply looking at the emerald-eyed stranger, Seto's eyes run up and down the man's clothing... tattered beyond repair, but stitched back together. Faded trails of sweat dangle from the man's face. A small scar in the shape of a lightning bolt sits hidden behind his hair.

"Are you ok Mr Seto?" the man asks with a tilt of his head.

"Yes... I was just thinking about what to call you." Seto says with a small shake of his head; his thoughts on the lightning bolt scar now locked away in his mind, to research later.

"Hmm..." the man says with another tilt of his head.

"Harrison." Seto says simply.

"What?" the man asks.

"Yes, Harrison. Or Harry for short. I don't know why but that feels like your name." Seto says; his fingers wrapping around the amulet in his pocket.

"Oh... did I have anything on me?" Harry asks rubbing the back of his neck with a small smile.

"No; just your clothes, which look like you found them from the trash." Seto says turning away; pulling his hands out from his pocket.

"I...I think I got them from a family... they helped me run." Harry says softly. Seto puts his hands on Harry's shoulder.

"You ran away, that's fine. I'll just need to find your family." Seto says leaving Harry; outside Seto takes out the amulet, as Seto looks at it he can't but help feel connected to the amulet somehow.

'How... How do I feel connected to you.' Seto thinks; an image of a silver-haired Dragon creature appears in his head.

'Hmmm... maybe you need a card... Maybe a whole deck... You belong to Harry don't you.' Seto adds walking outside towards his tower; a silver phone is pulled out his long coat.

"Hey Mokie, I've got a project for the printers." Seto says talking into his phone.

"Yeah, call it Project; Harrison." Seto says with a chuckle, as he ends the call.

'Well next time I see Harry; I'll give you back, just with an upgrade.' Seto adds continuing his walk towards his office in the centre where his tower stands.