The title of this is a line from Enchanted by Taylor Swift (please don't sue me, Taylor, I love you!) which is just one of those songs that reminds me of Olicity every time I hear it. In fact, the album that song comes from has A LOT of Olicity songs on it...

SO sorry for the lack of anything from me over the last month or so. I'm not going to even get into it. Except from saying that being a writer and having crippling depression and anxiety sometimes means I literally cannot make myself write a single word for weeks at a time without crying. Hence the almost seven weeks since I last updated/posted anything.
Anyway, I've had this idea for awhile and just didn't know how to go about it but today I finally mustered up some motivation and inspiration and although it's far from the best thing I've ever written, I enjoyed writing it nonetheless and that's what I need to remember when I'm struggling to write anything at all.

I hope you enjoy this! Feel free to let me know what you think, I really appreciate any review/comment that I receive :)

Oliver Queen was nervous. Oliver Queen was always nervous, but tonight he was especially nervous.

Any moment now, his colleague and best friend, Tommy Merlyn, would be knocking on his door to take him out for the night. And out for the night with Tommy never meant grabbing milkshakes and seeing a movie, it meant taking shots and dancing in grimy nightclubs where the music was too loud and waking up with a huge headache the next day.

To this day, Oliver had no idea how he and Tommy had stayed friends for so long. They'd met in high school when they were both shy freshmen trying to find the right homeroom. They'd bonded over their love of classic sci-fi movies and video games, and had soon found out that that's pretty much where the similarities stopped. Where Oliver was quiet and withdrawn for pretty much the entirety of his school career, it didn't take Tommy long to come out of his shell, and before too long he was never short of people who wanted to sit with him at lunch. Tommy was loud and outgoing, an extrovert through and through, and people loved him instantly. All the while, Oliver struggled to make friends, struggled to find his voice, struggled to fit in anywhere except at home in his bedroom with his head buried in a book. But Tommy remained firmly in his life somehow and when he wasn't playing soccer after school or being swarmed by girls in the halls after class, Tommy was just there as his friend. He never tried to make Oliver change and for the most part, whenever they hung out, it was as if the Tommy at school was a figment of his imagination, because it was always just the slightly geeky and definitely clumsy Tommy that came over for dinner several times a week with Oliver and his family.

After high school, Tommy had gone on to work with his father at his company, but still he and Oliver stayed friends, even though Oliver moved across the country to go to college to study film (with honours in chemistry and biology). They kept in touch via instant messages or the occasional phone call and each time Oliver came home for the holidays, Tommy would always be waiting to pick him up from the airport. When Oliver graduated, Tommy was there on the second row next to his family, grinning and holding up encouraging thumbs whenever Oliver happened to glance nervously in his direction.

Once he moved back home after graduation, Oliver had struggled to find somewhere to work, especially somewhere he wanted to work, and after a failed few months at a grocery store, Tommy had suggested he come and work with him at his father's company; there was a vacancy just come up within the media department and simply knowing Tommy's father for as long as Oliver had secured him the job in no time. The job had meant to be a temporary thing, until Oliver found something better, but he soon discovered that he enjoyed his position a lot more than he expected to. The job paid well and only two years after he began working, he was able to save up just enough to move out of his parents' house into his own place, a small but sufficient studio apartment overlooking the bay. Oliver got on well with the team of people he worked with and found a lot of them had similar interests; the quiet and indoorsy type of interests which were still very much present in Oliver's life. His work was fulfilling and satisfying and for the first time in his life, he began to feel like he belonged somewhere other than his bedroom. Which was why, now 8 years later, Oliver still worked with the media team, editing and advertising and organising company events, catching up with Tommy whenever they happened to head down for lunch at the same time, and then after work every Friday when Tommy would call with one of his ideas for a night out. Like tonight, for example. Tonight was one of Tommy's infamous "nights out". And this time, he had simply refused to take no for an answer when Oliver had tried to get out of it.

"You are absolutely coming, no excuses," he'd said, before Oliver could even begin his excuse, a knowing gleam in his eye and a smirk on his face when he'd called after him that morning as they headed for the elevator before work.

"There's a brand new club opening downtown and apparently the girl who owns it is super hot and rich. Dude, we can't miss out on this one. It's going to be sick," he'd continued as they stepped into the elevator and headed for the sixth floor.

"I'll pick you up at 10pm. Don't be late!" he'd yelled as he left the elevator and made his way towards his father's office, leaving Oliver standing dumbfounded and deflated in the hall having not been able to get a word in edgeways the entire ride up.

It sounded like it was going to be a great night for anyone like Tommy. For someone like Oliver though, it sounded like hell.

He'd never been to a club opening before but it didn't take a genius to figure out that openings meant publicity and publicity meant popularity and popularity meant that a lot of people would be there. And if word was out about the "hot and rich" owner, then even more people would be stopping by he guessed, trying to sneak a glance or two at her, perhaps in exchange for a phone number if they were lucky.

For the fifth time in the last ten minutes, Oliver glanced at his reflection in the mirror and sighed. Tommy had told him not to dress up too much, but to still look dressed up, and it had taken the entire afternoon for Oliver to finally decide on an outfit. He'd gone for black jeans and a white button down shirt and then instead of the Converse he wore everyday outside of the office, he'd put on the shiny black shoes he usually wore to work. His face was freshly shaven and his hair was freshly washed but Oliver was still as un-excited about the night to come as he was when Tommy had first told him about it. Oliver began to fidget as he waited, looking at his watch every ten seconds and wildly pacing around the living room, his brain fixated on listing all the things that could possibly go wrong tonight. He was all but ready to lock to door and just go to bed when he heard a horn blaring outside. Before he even checked, he knew it was Tommy, just from the obnoxiously loud sound escaping the vehicle. If there was one thing Tommy never was, it was inconspicuous.

Taking a few deep breaths, Oliver closed the door behind him and jogged down the path to the car, already counting down the hours to when he'd be able to be back home again.

One hour and two shots of tequila later, Oliver's mood was still bleak. The fact that Tommy had been "in the bathroom" for almost fifteen minutes now didn't help much, especially considering that a tall and very beautiful redhead had all but clung to him as he excused himself; 30 minutes to pick up a girl was a record even for Tommy and once again, Oliver had been left on his own.

Giving up on standing around waiting, Oliver made his way through the crowd to a relatively empty seating area towards the back of the club. He still couldn't hear himself think over the music there, but it was significantly quieter than over by the DJ booth where Tommy had insisted they stand earlier. Finding himself a seat at a table that was completely unoccupied, Oliver took out his phone and started switching between apps, checking each of the various social media platforms he monitored at work, just for something to do. He wanted to go home, but part of him also wanted to wait around a little longer to see if anything exciting would happen. That was the tequila talking though. Sober Oliver would never wait around for something exciting to happen.

Scrolling through social media, Oliver lost track of time and it wasn't until a fresh shot of tequila slid across the table towards him that he remembered that he was supposed to be having fun, not doing work stuff.

Looking up, Oliver expected to find Tommy's judgemental frown staring back but was surprised to see a stunning, young woman smiling knowingly at him.

"You looked like you needed another one of those," she laughed, raising her eyebrow as she gestured towards the drink on the table.

Oliver stuttered an apology, completely taken aback by the fact that this beautiful woman was actually here, talking to him. He picked up the drink and was about to swallow it down when she said,

"Didn't anyone ever tell you not to accept drinks from strangers?" with a wink.

"Drinks too? I thought it was just candy," Oliver replied once he drained the glass in one gulp, not really trying to be funny, but was delighted all the same when she laughed again.

"What's someone like you doing sitting all the way back here on your own anyway?" she smiled, running her hand through her long, blonde hair.

He couldn't answer right away; he was completely transfixed by the way her hair perfectly framed the plunging neckline of her dress and fell down to her waist, the ends tickling the skin of her arm as she rested her hand on her hip, the golden blonde a dazzling contrast against her black dress, even here where it was dark as the club lights flashed. Her dress was tight, it glazed her curves effortlessly as though it was made for no one else in the world but her, and ended mid-thigh to reveal tanned legs that seemed to go on forever.

"I'm just- I'm uh- My friend ditched me," he finished, quickly, desperately trying to stop staring at her and string a sentence together from somewhere inside his suddenly fried brain.

She smiled, one that told Oliver she knew he'd been staring at her, and also one of pity almost and Oliver instantly wished he'd just told her to leave him alone and that it was none of her business.

That wish was short lived however as she moved around the table to sit down next to him, crossing one leg over the other, and then held out her hand towards him.

"Felicity," she smiled, warmly.

"Oliver," he replied, taking her hand and shaking it.

"Well, Oliver, I think your friend is a massive dick for leaving you on your own in my club. Can I say that?" she said, with raised eyebrows and a frown.

Wait, her club? She was the hot and rich girl everyone was talking about who owned this place? If Oliver wasn't feeling intimidated before, he definitely was now.

"This is your place?" He asked, trying to sound casual but not completely managing to hide his surprise.

"You don't have to sound so shocked," she teased, rolling her eyes, and Oliver realised then that she was still holding onto his hand.

She must have realised at the same time because she glanced down at their hands, but made no attempt to let go. Meeting his eyes, she smiled again, and Oliver felt his cheeks warm. The tequila was definitely getting to him now, because all of a sudden he wanted to kiss her. It would be so easy to lean over and press his lips against hers, to run his free hand through her hair or rest it against her cheek. But Oliver Queen didn't just kiss girls in nightclubs, especially not girls like Felicity, girls like Felicity who clearly only pitied guys like him. It was in her job description after all to make guests happy, especially the pathetic ones who sat alone replying to complaint tweets rather than drinking and having a good time like everyone else. But her smile seemed genuine, really genuine, and she didn't seem like the type of person to waste a genuine smile on someone whom she didn't think deserved it.

"This is a really amazing place, Felicity," He tried to ease the intensity of the moment with an offhand compliment, but got lost in the way her name felt rolling off of his tongue. It felt good. More than good, actually. It felt wonderful.

"I'd say thank you, but I can't help but notice that you didn't exactly look like you were having the time of your life 5 minutes ago," she grinned, teasingly but softly too, as though she wanted to say something else.

Had it really only been 5 minutes since she came over here? It felt like longer, much longer. Talking to her was beginning to feel like catching up with an old friend after a few years apart. He'd read about that kind of feeling in books but had never experienced it for himself, and up until now had convinced himself it was simply a fantasy thing, something writers made up to help their reader fall in love with the characters.

"I'm sorry... but it probably hasn't skipped your attention that I don't exactly fit in places like this. It's nothing personal, I just hate loud music and crowds,"

Wow, way to sound lame in front of a beautiful woman, Oliver thought to himself, cringing.

"You must really like your friend then, to come all the way here if you feel uncomfortable, just so he can have a good time," she smiled, and Oliver was taken aback by how perceptive she was; he hadn't expected her to be able to get inside his head like that. He didn't know anyone who could get inside his head like that but she had, and she'd said it like it was nothing more than a passing thought.

"We've been friends a long time. He's more like a brother to me, really,"

She smiled again. Oliver noticed fully for the first time that her smile was just as gorgeous as she was.

"Where is he anyway? This friend of yours?" she asked, glancing out over the crowd of people squeezed onto the dancefloor several feet away from where they were sitting.

"Um, the last I saw of him, some tall red headed woman was following him to the bathroom. Romantic, right?" he replied.

Felicity made a face.

"I hope that tall redhead you're talking about wasn't one of my bar staff. I don't pay people to have cheap sex in a bathroom when I'm not looking," she grimaced, rolling her eyes.

"Well, I'm sure he'll tell me all about her when we get home so if ever I'm in here again, I'll let you know. I'll spare you the gross details, don't worry,"

"In which case, she's definitely got away with it because you strike me as someone who definitely won't be coming back here again after such a miserable night," she chuckled, almost humourlessly, and then met his gaze suddenly.

She was wrong. Oliver would come back here every night if it meant being able to sit and talk to to her like this. In fact, he'd come back here every night even if he couldn't talk to her, even if all he got to do was watch her work.

"It hasn't been all miserable," Oliver offered with a small smile, still meeting her gaze and still holding her hand.

She smiled back, and leaned over towards him as if she was about to whisper something in his ear but they were suddenly interrupted by the loud and very drunk voice of Tommy Merlyn.

"Queen! Dude! I have missed you so much!" he yelled, completely ruining the moment Oliver was sharing with Felicity. She let go of his hand and stood up.

"So this is your friend, is it?" She asked, glowering at Tommy.

"Unfortunately, it is," Oliver replied, kicking his friend under the table.

"And who are you, beautiful?" Tommy flirted, slurring, pouting at Felicity.

"I'm someone who wishes you hadn't come back and ruined a lovely moment," she glared at him, not a single inclination on her face that she was joking.

Oliver couldn't help but smile at her again. Not only because she thought they'd had a lovely time together, but at the way Tommy was still pouting at her, clearly not understanding the rejection in her voice as she spoke to him. From the way she spoke, Oliver knew Felicity was used to guys hitting on her and she was also very used to shutting them down almost instantly.

"I'm also someone who thinks you don't deserve a friend like Oliver," she finished, glancing in Oliver's direction and letting her frown switch into a small smile just for a fraction of a second.

"Oh, come on, babe! I'm much more fun than Oliver! Just ask the redhead I was with five minutes ago," he snorted, clearly proud of himself and Oliver cringed.

Felicity opened her mouth to speak but then must have decided against it as all that came out was a long sigh, one Oliver could hear even over the music.

"I think it's probably best if we go," Oliver said, standing up. "I'll go call us a cab. Come on, Tommy,"

"Aw, man! I was just starting to enjoy myself!" he protested, but he stood up anyway and moved towards Felicity, obviously trying one last time before he left to make a pass at her.

He didn't get far though, and as soon as he leaned towards her Felicity firmly gripped his shoulder and pushed him back in one fluid motion. Tommy might have been drunk but he was no small guy and Oliver absent-mindedly wondered how many hours a week Felicity must have to put in at the gym to be strong enough to fight off guys like Tommy on a daily basis. Once Tommy was out of earshot, staggering slowly towards the exit, Felicity caught Oliver's arm.

"Hey, I really did enjoy talking with you tonight, you know? You're definitely the better half of your friendship with him. By a long shot," she smiled.

Oliver smiled back, feeling his cheeks warm and blush for the second time that night.

"Thank you. But honestly, he's really not that bad when he's sober,"

"You're still the better half, I'm sure of it," she said, matter-of-factly, and then she leaned over and kissed his cheek. "If ever you find yourself in here again, come and find me, okay?"

And with that she turned on her heel and headed towards the dancefloor, her blonde hair soon getting eveloped by the crowd and disappearing all together.

Oliver watched the space where he'd last seen her for a long time before he went outside to join Tommy.