This is the summary:

For centuries, the gods have been at war with the Titans. Fighting for dominance. To conquer the great kingdom, and burn their rivals to the ground. The mortals and gods long for peace, yet they must fight for their freedom against their tyrant king. My great grandchildren wish for a new era. An age without war. The mortals fear their inevitable end if this war doesn't turn for the better.

I have watched for millennium, witnessing civilizations rise and fall. Mortals and immortals alike, corrupted by the lust for power and greed. I have seen millions die at the blades of their protectors. Great kings fall to temptations. I have seen so many of my creations fall, and I have had enough. It is finally time for me to make this right, for I, Chaos, have made my decision. They either mend what has been broken, or fall by the hands of creation itself.

But first, they need guidance, and I will be their teacher. They will be put to the test, for the whole of civilization will fall if they don't.

A being in all black, paced before a starry throne muttering to itself, staring, with black eyes flecked with stars, into a swirling pool of light at the center of a large room. This being, was strange at first glance. It was as if with every step it took the being would not stay solid. There would be either a switch of gender, or the being just looked as if it were smoking. There was no actual form that could describe this being.

To any observer, though none had ever been here, the room was obviously a combination of an art gallery and a throne room. Moving paintings depicting scenes of such beauty, no words can describe them as they hung on the walls. Living sculptures set high on pedestals, standing between massive black columns lining the sides of the room. Soft music filled the air, like a symphony of different instruments, trying, in vain, to sooth their creator. The artist, Chaos, ignored all of this as he/she stared into its greatest master piece. Swirling lights at the center of the room, floating around in a tapestry that was hung over a pedestal and cascaded onto the empty blackness that was the floor, in all its glory, was the very fabric of the Universe. Chaos' crowning achievement.

The Universe had begun as an attempt to show off to him/herself (after all, who else was there?), but had since grown. With every new section nit onto the tapestry, the Universe would grow. Larger and larger.

After eons alone with its art, he/she grew bored. Deciding to try something new, Chaos created its children, the Protogenoi, or better known as, the Primordial's. As more of an experiment than anything else, it placed them on a tiny planet in one corner of the Universe. Chaos' original plan, to just watch them and see what they were capable of , had, over time, changed into a father/mother affectionately watching his/her family grow. A family that had now turned on itself for the second time.

The first time, he/she/It stood by and watched as its grandson, Kronos, and daughter, Gaea, dethroned Ouranos after he imprisoned six of their children within the Abyss because he saw them as too "ugly". This led to Kronos taking control of the Earth from his father. Now Kronos was at it again. At the time of Ouranos' last breath, he gave his son a prophesy. Just as he had been overthrown by his sons, so too would Kronos be overthrown by his progeny. When Kronos had his first five children – Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon – he ate them alive upon their birth. Worried that her husband would eat her sixth child, Rhea tricked her husband and fled with her third son, Zeus.

Chaos paced back and forth across the throne room, looking down at the Earth. He/she had entrusted its family with the power to preserve and protect its creation, and now their self-proclaimed "ruler" had betrayed that trust. Chaos, though it had sworn to keep out of the affairs of his/her creations, could not allow such and injustice to stand. The Creator would not leave its masterpiece under the control of one such as Kronos. It was an insult to the beings judgment in the protection of its greatest creation, and thus, Chaos decided that certain risks must be taken.

Chaos sat in its throne, a thoughtful expression on his/her face, pondering on its course of action. The Ancient Laws that it had set for all immortals, which, unfortunately, included him/herself, forbade it from directly interfering, so the Creator sought for an alternative. A way around the ancient rules that help keep the balance in its greatest creation. There were always loopholes in the rules, you just had to think hard enough. Then the Creator got an idea. Chaos jumped off its throne, practically tripping over its robes in the process, rushed towards its library. In there, was a scroll that held all the written laws, binding them to the Universe.

The Creator ran through the corridors of the temple at a quick pace. Finally reaching the two grand doors that led to his/her library, it pushed them open, storming into the room. Though, this was not just one of your average libraries. This was a room filled to the brim with shelves that, some would say, "reached the skies".

Chaos groaned to him/herself. It would have to venture the metaphorical "labyrinth" just to find one, simple scroll that held the laws of the Universe. Some would say it was a simple task, to just look for it in the last place he put it. Though, that was the problem. She/he couldn't remember. Like many artists, Chaos wasn't very organized.

"Di immortalis," it mumbled (more like its voice reverberated off the walls in a mixture of both male and female voices) to itself. "I really need to organize myself more. This search is ridiculous!" Venturing through the many walk ways Chaos started looking around.

Continuously reprimanding him/herself for being so disorganized, the Creator was on the verge of giving up after a few agonizing hours of searching. Somehow finding a wooden table in the very heart of the library, Chaos plopped him/herself onto the wooden chair. Looking around on its seat, the annoyed Creator saw a silvery glint somewhere off to the right. Turning to the side to get a better view, Chaos noticed the small flash of light brighten a little with the reflection of the constellations on the temple sealing. Chaos decided that a small investigation was in order.

Getting up from the chair, he/she slowly walked towards the small light. Once Chaos reached the source of the strange light, he/she saw that the light came from a silver crest that looked like eight arrows in a radial pattern stamped onto a suspiciously familiar scroll that was gently placed in a glass case. Chaos gently opened the glass case and took the scroll. The unorganized Creator was sure that this was the object it was looking for. Opening the scroll, there in large letters, in a language older than time, read Ancient Laws of the Universe. The Creator mentally slapped him/herself for not remembering before. Chaos was very sure that it would be more cautious with something this important, but, then again, there were many important documents in this, uncomfortably large, library.

The first being walked briskly back to the table in the center of the library - making a mental note to remember to organize the large room later - looking through the contents of the scroll after sitting back onto the chair. There was one law that he was hoping to find that forced immortals to follow these binding laws.

Finding the law, Chaos nearly jumped with joy. This law specifically stated "those outside the reach of death" not "those that were eternally un-ageing".

The father/mother of the universe rejoiced. If Chaos remembers correctly, when someone was made immortal, they were first gifted everlasting life, then stripped of the ability to die. Stopping halfway would make them immortal, but still have the ability to die. This means they would be able to break the Ancient Laws without actually breaking them. Though, the only downside is that the person that is made semi-immortal could still fall in battle.

Now all the Creator needed to do was find a way to temporarily alter its immortality. Unlike beings who were made immortal and those that were on Earth who were born immortal, they all have a solid, permanent form. Chaos did not. Chaos' form would not stay the same. Its semi-physical shape would change, never using the same body more than once. You would see the Creator of the Universe' form change from a six-year-old girl to an elderly man to a large blob of smoke. The first beings' energy was so "chaotic" that he/she wouldn't be able to hold a solid form for more than a few seconds. There was at least two options that would not be too much of a risk to its creations.

The first option would be going through a "rebirth" were Chaos would be reborn as an infant, but that would mean it would lose all his/her memories. The second option would be to find a spell powerful enough to (hopefully) temporarily reverse immortality long enough to complete his/her self-assigned mission to save its creations. Both were very taxing with the amount of chaotic energy within the Creator, and very, very risky. Because most of Chaos' power would be locked away, he/she might not have enough power to defend him/herself against foes like Typhon. "Hopefully I will never encounter such a monster." Another serious risk would be losing his/her memories. The aging process not only takes such a long process, but it is also a major problem when Chaos grows. Without the eons of experience and training that the Creator has committed too, there is no telling what could happen. Also, because Chaos IS everything and nothing as it was born from the void of nothing and everything, no spell would be strong enough to lock away so much energy, leaving Chaos at the possible level of power of a major titan to a minor protogenoi.

"Well, it seems like we're not going for the first option. There are too many possible risks, and I fear I will not have enough time," Chaos mused to itself while standing from the chair to start the spell. She/he needed all the knowledge it collected throughout the eons. "I just know I won't feel too well after the spell. I just know it."

Entering the throne room Chaos started chanting in the language older than the protogenoi. The language of Creation, as the first being liked to call it. This language was spoken so fluently, it seemed to flow like a calm river, lulling you into a trance like state. Each step the creator took the more powerful the words became.

The room started to glow with colorful lights. It was a light show in the making. Majestic and beautiful like the voice who created them. The stars on the ceiling of the throne room seem to brighten. Swirling galaxies seemed to form on the black marbled walls, bursting with color. Stars exploded creating nova's as bright as the sun. It was honestly a sight to behold. It almost seemed that the throne room became the Universe itself.

Once Chaos spoke the last few words, there was a shock wave of power that burst through the First Being, causing the very foundations of the temple to quake. A blinding light formed around Chaos with such intensity that it outshines the brightest of stars.

Once the light dimmed to a bearable degree, there stood a figure with an imposing height of a hundred feet with the very Void as its skin. There were no distinct features that labeled the figure female or male. It was simply a being. Two bright blue stars replaced the once abyssal eyes that belonged to the Creator of the Universe. This figure had an aura of power so great that it forced every living being in his creations to their knees, as if submitting to their one, true, ruler. This was creation at its prime. This was Chaos in its truest form. Its divine form. No longer hidden by the shell it was once concealed into.

After getting reacquainted with its form, Chaos raised his large hands into the air, willing a large ball of energy the size of a bus to form. The chanting grew louder every second until the words bellowed. When the last word was spoken, the ball of energy started to grow brighter, sending colorful pulses of energy throughout the room. The energy, as it grew brighter, grew bigger in size as it enveloped the divine being completely. Once the ball of energy covered Chaos in a cocoon of light, it started to compress itself back into its original size. After a few seconds, the ball of energy exploded spreading Chaos' essence around until it all started to flow onto the "fabric" used in the making of the Universe, weaving its way towards Gaea's domain. Earth.