A/N: Hey guys! Brand new story here! My first FlashFrost ever! It's my first take on what might in the future for the show. I'm loving the treatment of Killer Frost in the show so far. I hope she comes back because she's amazing, our girl did fantastic in the role! I hope you guys will give this story a chance. I will make it more mature as it goes on, on in more mature and violent than my other stories have been. This might be rated-M as I update, right now it's T, that might change, we'll see. Let me know what you think. Story will be told in Caitlin/KF and Barry/Flash's pov. I hope you'll like it, see you guys later for Partners! :)


The coast was clear as I checked around the building where I worked for any viable options. This time a night brought out the small portions. Something I could do well with but it won't be completely satisfying like I want it to be.

You see, the world isn't ready for someone like me, I knew there were others but it's hard not to feel isolated when you can do what I do. I wouldn't want them too. I shiver too much and it's pretty plain to see. That's why I had to feed. It was a necessity or I would parish without it. The government probably would smile with glee if one of us metas crocked one after another. Fucking jealous mobsters.

The story goes like this: I can control my abilities but I chose not to; it's more fun that way. Being bad had every plus in the book. I wouldn't want to go back to how it was, when I was a nobody being jeered at in school. During the wake of my adolescence I saw the first signs of my undoubted manifestation into the meta human world. I would like to say it was all an accident and some mad scientist gave me these powers but the truth is more powerful than anything. I try to look at it as a blessing, which it is for the most part.

Metas are born the same way I was, different and ostracized. My parents disowned me as soon as they witnessed the first "symptoms" as they call it. I was sent away to an orphanage that I broke out of as quickly as I was put in. My meta abilities manifested slowly actually. The good thing is I'm able to fucking shift from normal to my light and dark blue form on a dime. It's good if anyone ever wanted to hire me for a job. Can't imagine some metas out there without the function to shift back to human form. I can only probably shift back when I've eaten. And by eating, I'm talking about my real special enhancement.

Very few things excite me anymore but there is nothing more thrilling than sucking the thermos from a human that probably deserved it. It feels like—OK well let's be honest here—it feels like an infinity of piercing orgasms all at once. If you get what I'm saying. I legit can't describe it, personally I really could try writing about how it makes me feel, but I would rather do it then write about it. Doesn't mean I can't still have my fun with people before I off them. Haven't you ever played with your food before you eat it? Isn't that the best part? Savoring that shit before devouring every last morsel.

I was in luck, score! The sounds of a boisterous party was thumping up ahead of me. I suddenly grew interested, knowing it was probably too easy and barely a challenge but I had a shitty day at work, not all that excited to chase my prey. Guess we'll see what kind of innocent I'll be dealing with. Usually they taste merciless after some alcohol in their system, don't ask me why.

Creeping up to the back doorway I made my way closer to the gathering. Sounded like all men, perfect. Just how I like 'em. Big and dumb. Fucktarded and delectable. My mouth was watering at the prospect. Of course only I know that, my appetite is really getting the better of me. Christ, I start to blink between transformation and normal when I haven't had my feed. It's already happening. I checked my hands and just as I thought. My fingers are slightly frost bitten. Time is precious, the rest of me turned into a nightmare if I don't get my fill. You don't wanna know what it's like for me without my heat intake.

A group of guys just ran out, one of them almost crashed into me, giving me shifty eye contact. He'll do. I almost purred checking him out.

"Oh hey sweetheart." He slurred, full bottle of beer in his right hand as he lifted it to his lips. "What's a fine thing like you doing out this late?"

I walked up to him, playing along, his friends hardly noticed. They were off doing stupid sloshed tricks. We were practically alone, in our own world.

Now, this is the part I do best. I could feel my veins in my body begin to freeze over as put my hand on his shoulder. Before I could take him anywhere I felt myself covered in cold beer as this guy's body crashed into mine. He turned back around, glaring at the culprits behind him.

"What the fuck man? Hey, are you OK?" The guy asked me, looking at me with almost sober eyes.

I straightened myself up, growing a little furious then I realized I could use this to my advantage, like I always did.

"Wanna make it up to me?" I raised my eyebrow.

His bold blue eyes got flirtatious with me as he followed me to an area I led him to and pulled him so his back was firmly against the wall.

Biting my lip I looked at his for second. He looked like he wanted this just as badly as I did. I went in for the kill, smashing my lips against his, smelling the strong bat of alcohol right on the tip of his tongue. Speaking of tongues, this guy's was everywhere; it was like he was trying to dig his way to China. Clearly it's been a while.

I could seriously help this guy out if I cared to. But I don't so I proceeded to humor him and let him take the lead and He suddenly took a hold of me and pushed my body right where I had his. He was getting more aggressive as we went further. I could tell he did and I was gonna give it to him. Feeling just how hard he was through his denims, I brushed my body against his, grinding up against the roughness of his exterior. Feeling a little carried away, I reminded myself that I need to feed; this guy was almost too easy. And I was getting turned on, but my hunger was stronger thankfully.

He grabbed the back of my head and took a fistful of my hair in his grip, pulling me back to catch his breath.

"Man, you're really aggressive. Didn't think I was gonna land such a hot thing like you tonight."

How sweet...I licked the inside of his acidly mouth, having more fun than I planned to, about ready to pounce on him, my skin was burning for his thermos. Damn, I was feeling the thirst of my inner self desires begin to take over. I ignored what he said and pushed my lips back over his, giving him the last taste he so deserved from me.

"Who-who are you?" He asked between shoved of my tongue in his mouth. He actually wanted to talk, what the fuck? "I don't know your name."

I grabbed his hair and strung it back with all my strength, feeling every inch of me release what's in my nature.

"You sure you wanna know that?"

I watched him wince and breathe as I tugged on him tighter. "Sure, why not?"

Leaning down, close to his ear I felt myself getting soft and angelic for a moment. The light and airy feeling was hitting me hard and I just went with it. He was hanging onto my every word...

"Killer..." His wide eyes looked at me, "Frost..." I grinned, my eyes blinking into their ferrel ice blue.

Just then I shifted hard into my natural state and begin my sucking ritual. "You're-you're one of them!" He exclaimed screaming out in pain.

I silenced him with one final kiss, tasting the last droppings of his heat, throwing his completely frozen body to the side as soon as the last thermos was scooped in my mouth. I touched my lips, feeling a satisfied rejuvenation serge through my body. I was in heat, well his heat. Damn, that was good one.

I almost left his body until I bent down to his level, still in that frozen state of his. Enjoying every moment of this I kissed him again, just making sure I got everything this time.

"A meta? Yeah. Always have been. Always will be. Welcome to Central City, " I paused, crouching down to look in his scared straight expression as a smirk hit my lips. "Least you went out happy."

Walking away staring back at another job well done I laughed maniacally until I spotted something that made even my frozen, dead heart boil. Feeling it rise in chest I shot three strong maximum icicle spears through it; not bothering to read it. I knew every word from the first time they headlined this law.

Meta Human Registration Act
MUST be registered, ID'd, finger-printed
No exceptions, consequences are decided upon hearing
See any suspicious behavior, report to authorities

Blowing a cloud of ice from my mouth I punched the sign, releasing pieces of ice fragments on the ground.