Demigod of Trade

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Chapter 10

It was the crack of dawn. Way too early as the day was going to begin but it didn't bother the older demigod at the moment.

He looked down to see that the fire had been put out over night and that he still had the fire blanket over him but made no attempts to move.

There laid Val, wearing his jacket while leaning on him with the fire blanket over both of them. A small smile appeared on his face…how long has it been?

Ah well. His smile faded as he looked around the barrier.

Over night they seemed to have gotten some visitors that fortunately couldn't get him thanks to the barrier that was placed the night before.

Lying over yonder was a pack of hellhounds.

Thankfully the barrier remained strong over night and that the hellhounds were sleeping.

Even monsters needed rest.

He would have gotten up and dealt with them if it wasn't for the fact that Val also had her arms around him. He would have stood up and woken her up…but he decided not to.

"You shouldn't get close to her." A little voice in the back of his mind whispered. "She'll turn out like all the others!"

"I know." He replied to the whispered voice.

The little nagging voice disappeared. He was slowly starting to bond with her. A bond that would be bound to break once she arrived at the camp…

What was the saying for moments like this? Don't worry until it happens? It was probably something along those lines.

He glanced back to the rising sun. It reminded him of home before he narrowed his eyes.

His pupils shrunk greatly, as if they were going to release a big bang.

A single blink returned his eyes back to normal as he huffed. What he saw, from quite the impressive distance was fog.

His mind started going through different scenarios of what to do. That fog wasn't your typical run of the mill fog.

It was heavy fog with a twist.

He could wake Val up now and leave before the fog got any closer, or he could stay put and wait for the fog to pass.

He was the only one awake so the fog would only affect him.

The thought of carrying Val through the fog was an option.

…But would it go well if she woke up during that time?

He huffed once more and sent a quick glance to the hellhounds that lied outside of the barrier he had placed for the night. The barriers he set up had different effects.

This one stopped monsters…but didn't last more than a day.

A few hours of rest through the night, just the time they needed. The barrier would fade in just a few hours. Maybe two hours left.

The hellhounds didn't really need sleep but they could sleep. It was like an immortal sleeping or eating when they could go without it.

Plus sleep was good. Resting was good. Saving your energy was good.

He reached to the ground and picked up another pebble and held it in his closed grip. A nifty little trick he had.

Upon opening his hand, the round pebble now had an orange-red colour much like the fire blanket and it a low glow to it.

It was just a pebble that he infused with flames or heat more precisely. It was good for warmth or low light purposes.

He did this with other pebbles of the same size before he had conjured string akin to spider silk from somewhere. Where he got it, he wasn't telling.

The first pebble suddenly got a thin hole as the spider silk, which was much stronger than regular spider silk, went through and was tied up into a makeshift rock necklace.

He grabbed the fire blanket and like a magic trick vanished into small flames. He tucked the heat rocks away and put on the necklace version.

It was a cold morning.

The fog was getting closer and that wasn't good.

He held Val in both of his arms as he started to leave. As long as she didn't wake up, then they could get through the fog without any worries.

…But it was never that easy.

He had managed to get a good distance before the fog approached…and that's when Valentina had decided to wake up.

"Go back to sleep." He commanded.

"…Where are we?"

"We just left camp. Now go to sleep."

"Hm…you're warm." She muttered in his arms. "Is that…fog?"

"Yes. It is." He nodded. "It's dangerous so you need to sleep."

"How…is it dangerous?"

"There's not enough time to explain. But if you can't go back to sleep…you need to listen to what I need to say."

Val rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Seems she didn't have plans to sleep in…especially when she saw the hellhounds… "W-What do I have to do?"

He looked down at her with slight confusion in his eyes before turning his head behind him. The hellhounds were up and on the chase.

They must have noticed their scent leave.

"That fog up ahead is an illusionary fog." He told her. "It will separate us since we are both awake. No matter if I carry you, I will still lose you."

"Like watching a movie with popcorn only to notice you dropped the popcorn after being entranced with the movie?"

"…Yeah…like that…"

"So what's dangerous about the fog?"

"You need to ignore whatever appears within the thick fog. The fog will show you anything, anything you can imagine or want. Sometimes it will show you the past, the future or something akin to a vision, a prophetic dream. You could see something that is related to something, but you'll have no idea what it's connected to."

Val gulped as he went on. "But that doesn't sound so bad." She had a feeling it was going to get worse…maybe?

"The fog only appears during daybreak, but it stays as long as someone is in it, it also affects with your perception of time. Get caught up in whatever the fog shows you, it might feel like a few minutes, but a day or maybe a week could potentially pass and you won't even know it."

"Um…how bad does it get?"

"…You could die within it from old age."

There it was. "And I will have no idea I will grow old?"

"None…until you leave the fog that is."

She didn't want to be an old woman! She did not want that!

"I had hoped we got through the fog without any problems or avoid it entirely, but it seems luck isn't on our side this morning." He sighed. "Prepare yourself, the fog is approaching…remember, keep walking forward."

"O-Okay!" she looked back to the hellhounds. "…But what about them?"

"I'll deal with them."

It was then that the two entered the fog followed by the hellhounds.

And the sparks that illuminated the inside of the fog before the fog's magical separation effects occurred.

Naruto looked at the ground as he pulled out one of those heated stones from his pocket.

He had a feeling that maybe just maybe Val might (would) fall for the illusionary mist.

The blonde chucked the rock into the mist as he walked forward.

As he walked forward through the mist, he saw the illusions walk out from around him.

"Naruto!" a childish voice cheered happily. "Come give your mama a hug!"

He just walked past the fog created Hestia.

Fog-Hestia pouted. "Your no fun…" she looked down and kicked the ground still pouting like a child…an adorable child mind you.

"Leave him! He's a warrior!" Fog-Ares said as he brandished a new looking sword. "This time… LET'S GO ALL OUT!"

He hoped that the Valentina found the rock. Just because the fog separated them and kept them separate didn't mean that they were displaced or taken to a pocket dimension.

If they walked past each other, they'll never know. Due to the fog having the mist capabilities it would make sure of it.

What annoyances.

"…Why must I be the one to bring a mistake into this world of mine?" Fog-Aphrodite asked herself.

"Mistake of Aphrodite." Some Fog-Campers called out as they melted.

"Mistake! Monster!" they called out melting to the ground. "You never cared! We're just your paycheck! You kill us with no hesitation what so ever!"

He didn't care. Those he killed got themselves killed on their own volition. They attacked him with the intent to kill and he returned it through the same bloody methods.

They were his paycheck because that was his job.

Monster, he could see that.

He could be a monster at times.

A mistake, well it depends on who you ask.

Aphrodite saw him as one, hence Mistake of Aphrodite.

But Hestia and others didn't.

"Don't listen to them!" Fog-Hestia said. "Remember keep looking forward!"

Even as a fog conjured illusion, Hestia still wanted to help him.

"You're my son after all." She said in her adult form.

"…Thank you." He thought, he wanted to say it but she was only an illusion. An illusion that was trying to keep him within the fog forever… "Thank you for adopting this monster and mistake…mother."

It seemed he was approaching the end as he threw another heated rock.

As he approached the end, another voice echoed out. "Captain!" upon hearing the new voice he stopped for just a second before walking on.

The mist started to die down as he exited and saw the sun.

He looked behind him…Val was still in there…great…

Val walked through the fog…after getting up that is. She had no idea when she found herself on the ground, but this was probably due to the fog.

All she had to do was walk forward. That was easy!

That was until she heard the growls. She stopped as she saw a hulking form of some four legged creature that came from the fog.

It was a giant wolf!

A girlish shriek escaped her mouth as she ran. That was before the fact they were illusions popped in her mind.

Interacting with the illusions, probably through something nice like a love one…or something like a fright would keep her in here.

"Come on Val…they're only illusions." She looked up to see a much smaller wolf, a regular size one, sitting in front of her.

The wolf gave her a look.

Was it…it was! That wolf was looking down at her!

The wolf stood and a bloody hand stroked it. The figure was wearing a green greatcoat. His hands were bloody and were dripping onto the floor.

But she knew him anywhere. She was travelling with her!

"…" Fog-Naruto said nothing.

She flinched when she saw him point at her. She was still wearing his jacket…but…there was a looming shadow.

"Child…" a new voice called. "You shouldn't mix yourself in with this garbage."

This thing…had to be a monster.

She kept looking ahead ignoring this new voice. She walked past the wolf and Fog-Naruto and kept going.

"What you are doing is pointless." The voice said again. The looming shadow never left her.

She turned her head to see bones. Lots and lots of bones! This thing was an amalgamation of bones and flesh.

W-What was this thing!

She shivered, she never felt so afraid. She wanted to get out.

"Hand over your soul child." It said as its teeth rattled. "Stay with us and we'll make good use of your soul."

She crouched down to the ground as the monstrous form of flesh dropped around her and it sounded disgusting.

"Your mother abandoned you." It said as blood poured from its bony mouth onto her. It felt so real. "We'll never abandon you."

The ugly flesh creature grinned as one of its air-filled pus sacks released a putrid spray of foul smelling gas.

Tendrils, bony hands and what seemed to be large maggot-like insects begun to surround her.

"I want to go home."

It was then a shining light shined, it was a rather dim glow but bright enough to see. "That…" it looked the same as that necklace she saw Naruto wear.

She reached out to it as the things surrounded her. Once she grabbed it, she felt warm.

A nice warm feeling entered her body like a parent cuddling their child. "It's just a dream." A motherly and a somewhat brotherly voiced echoed. "Just a dream. Don't let your fears consume you."

She looked behind her to see that disgusting creature was now a giant plush teddy bear.

"Fear, that's it! When he told me about it, I could only think about what awful things it would show me to keep me here. But now, that I'm feeling good, it's playing to keep me here with things I would like or see as safe and happy."

Val smiled as she jumped off the bear and headed forwards as she passed another Fog-Naruto, this one looking like the one she knew. "I'm proud of you." He said. "You overcame the fear of the fog."

"T-Thanks." She said to the fog version of Naruto.

Fog-Naruto's hand landed on her head. "Good job. You've earned it."

"Hehe…thanks." She rubbed the back of her neck before walking on unaware of what happened just then as she passed him.

"So you're finally here." She heard Naruto as she exited the fog.

"Huh? How long was I in there?"

"Seven years."

"WHAT?!" she immediately started checking her body…only for it to be the same.

"Calm down…you've been in there for an hour." He said. "…I see you picked up my stones…"

"Oh yeah…they're really warm!" She smiled before realisation took over. "Do you want your jacket back?"

"…I get it off you at a later time." He told her. "For now, let's get you to camp…and get that part over with."

"What part?"

"You'll find out…"

Valentina looked at him strangely.

Was it her or was he being a bit more open?

Probably just her imagination...

"Hey can I keep these?"


The two had gotten breakfast…from a fast food place on the breakfast menu.

When she had his food he got from somewhere, she doubted that she would eat something that good again.

"So what are we doing here?" she asked. "Besides breakfast of course…"

"Nothing, just breakfast." He told her.

"Really? I kind of doubt that."

"We're going to have breakfast and then we're going to head to camp." He told her. "This place just happened to be here."

She watched him drank his coffee or wake up drink as she called it.

"You don't look like the type that drinks coffee." She admitted.

"And you don't look like the type that eats pancakes with fatting syrup on them." He shot back.

"Hey! Leave the pancakes alone!"

"…" he gave her an odd look. "Right…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked as he ate his own quick breakfast.

"I mean what I mean."

"And what DO you mean?"

"Nothing important." He replied as he looked through the daily newspaper.

Valentina huffed with a small pout before looking at the back of the newspaper. "Anything interesting on there?" she asked continuing to eat.

"Not really. Just more of the same." He replied to her.

The rest of the time, he remained silent as they stayed seated within the place of their breakfast meal.

Val tried to start more conversations but didn't get any more long responses. Just when the two were making vocal progress too!

Her eyes widened as she looked at him. She had finished her breakfast and was mainly sitting there for comfort at this point. "Is it safe here?"

That lowered the newspaper. "Explain."

"I mean, you wanted to avoid cities and towns due to being more scouting and hunting monsters right?"

"…That's right." He folded the newspaper up. "But some things cannot be avoided."

"Just like breathing right?"

"You can hold your breath…it probably won't last and if it did…"

"Wow, way to break that easy example." She deadpanned at him which he ignored.

"Let us be off." He stood and started heading out.

"W-Wait!" she quickly got up and followed.

Thankfully the streets weren't that busy yet. "Come on." He gestured her over.

"I'm coming…"

He regretted taking her to this town, city, whatever.

"Come on, you might see something you like." Val pointed over to a large shopping mall.



"I said no Val."

"Thanks." She said as she headed over as he audibly groaned.

"I said no…" he grumbled before following her.

Shopping malls were dangerous due to the amount of people within. Disguised monsters could easily blend with the crowd and kill the demigods there and pin the blame on another.

That and certain shops attracted even the gods.

God forbid that he met someone like Apollo again…he didn't want to deal with the latest new product he had purchased.

Thankfully that was only in places like his homeland or at conventions.

Why did Apollo get into manga. Why?

"Yo! Naru! Check out this new Manga! And it's about Greek gods! And there's even an H-Manga spin off!"

He shook that memory out of his head. He didn't want that to occur again.

He had no interest and Apollo was shoving in and tried to convert him to his cause.

At least Ares was better in that regard.

"Hey, that sun idiot told me about this and I thought it was childish, but look at all the attention to detail in the weapons! And the gore! I haven't seen gore like that since the last war!"

…Too soon…maybe…

He frowned as he followed behind Val.

He was not carrying any shopping bags if she thought of getting something. He was going to drag her to camp as soon as she stopped to look at something.

"Huh? He was here in the underworld for a few days?"

"He was." Hades said as Melinoe rolled around on the ground.

"I missed him!" she whined. "I can't believe I missed him the few days I left to haunt people!"

Persephone giggled into her hand. "There's always another time. I mean his coffin is here after all." She smiled. "And you missed his lady friend, Sally."

"Eh? He has a lady friend?" Melinoe stopped rolling…before rolling some more. "Damn it! Why must I be so late to everything?"

The pale goddess stopped rolling around. "Hey, do you know where he is?" she asked looking at her mother.

Persephone seemed about to look into it before Hades stopped her. "He's working right now, Melinoe." He said. "I doubt he wants to be interrupted at work."

"…Then I'll catch him outside of work! Thanks for the idea!"

"Wait, Melinoe stop!" he was unable to stop his daughter as she ghosted away.

"…She takes after you….you know." Hades said to his wife who just smiled.

"I thought she took after you more."

Hades sunk into his chair as Persephone just innocently hummed to herself.

He wished that blonde adopted demigod of Hestia's luck.

Melinoe was on the prowl once again.

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