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"Colonel, all systems are a peak efficiency, we are ready to cast off." the Lieutenant at the helm station.

"Sounds good, back us off from the dock and prepare for jump, let's see what this girl can do." Colonel Smith said as he sat down in the command chair.

"Sir, message from Stargate Command…good luck and bring me back a….snow globe from Pegasus…." the comms officer trailed off.

"heh, seems like the general wants us to get him a souvenir, helm set course for Atlantis." He chuckled.

With a low bartim hum, the nameship of the newest class of warship to be fielded by the Tau'ri the known by the military as the BB-305-class, cleared the "slip" and began to maneuver to a point where she could then make the jump to Hyperspace without disrupting any satellites or such; almost everyone called it a different name and one that was entirely fitting. The Thor-class in honor of the late Asgardian. The name was well earned too. The Thor-class was designed to lead BC-304s into combat or help them on patrol duties.

"Captain we are clear of the slipway and are in position to make the jump to Hyperspace, sir." The Helm Officer reported.

"Good to hear. Engage hyperdrive, let's punch it." The Colonel ordered. The Thor began to increase in velocity while a Hyperspace Portal appeared in front of the ship and she entered it vanishing into Hyperspace and towards a rendezvous with destiny.


The Thor was making good progress on her maiden voyage. Two hours had already elapsed with an estimated time of arrival at Atlantis of seventy minutes. The BB-305s were a fearsome opponent, and had been in the works for months, they were based off an Asgard design; the O'Neil-class of battleship. She was capable of taking on any threat and winning, with an armament of twelve Asgard Beam Weapons, a hundred Railguns, two thousand drones, a hundred Mk IXs, twenty experimental Mk Xs, and the Crown Jewel of the BB-305, was a breakthrough made recently, a single spinally mounted Asgard Plasma Beam Weapon, however massively ramped up in size and power, but it had a drawback in order to aim the damn thing, the entire ship had to be turned toward a target. The only thing that might give her a run for her money was a Wraith Super-Hive.


With a flash of light Q appeared on the bridge of the Enterprise, with his normal arrogant smile plastered on his face. "Well Commander, it would appear that the Federation did not heed my warning." He said in an extremely mocking tone.

"What do you want Q?" Riker responded, annoyed by the entity's presence, and not really in the mood for it either, as his Commanding Officer and friend Captain Jean-Luc Picard had been taken by the Borg and altered into one of them.

"Well it's just so amusing watching as the bunch of you run around ineptly but if the Borg assimilate all of you, things will just become so boring and I simply can't stand that." He said shaking his head with a frown.

"What do you mean by that Q? Starfleet is putting together a fleet of 40 starships to stop them." Riker stated, yet also suddenly very worried at how the Battle of Wolf 359 would go.

"And Admiral Kurita had the most powerful sea-going Battleship ever built surrounded by twenty-two heavily armed warships at his disposal at the Battle off Samar and yet he lost to bunch of farm boys sailing in tin cans." Q stated as his clothes suddenly to that of a world war two American sailor. "We gave those japs hell sir." he said with a jaunty salute.

"Q are you telling me that the forces that we are gathering at Wolf 359 are going to be insufficient to stop the Borg?" Riker asked with sinking dread.

"I'm saying they are a .22 answear for a .357 problem." he replied.

"What do you mean by that?" Riker asked completely confused at what Q was getting at.

"They are charging tanks with horses." Q said in a serious tone.

"Q, I still have no idea what you are getting at." Riker said getting more confused by the minute.

"They are firing a phaser pistol at a Romulan warbird." Q said finally.

Riker paled as did the rest of the bridge crew, except Data. Riker walked slowly to the command chair and then sat down heavily in it. "So in other words the fleet stands not even a slight chance at taking down that Borg ship?" Riker asked.

"Well if they all rammed and simultaneously detonated their warp cores that would do the job." Q said rubbing his chin and non-existent goatee

"But, the Borg wouldn't just let our ships do that would they?" Riker asked in a deadpan tone.

"The Borg aren't the most imaginative bunch so it would probably work" Q said.

"So Q, what are you saying? That the fleet at Wolf 359 needs an upgrade in firepower." Riker said, beginning to understand what Q was possibly planning.

"What I'm saying is that they are all going to die unless a miracle happens."

Q responded.

"Something tells me, that we will need a miracle to stop the Borg. Considering what you have said." Riker said.

"Or an extremely convenient intervention," Q said with a look of consideration on his face and then continued "well I have things to do, bon voyage commander." He vanished with the same bright flash of light that he had arrived with.

"What does he mean by that?" Riker asked to no-one in particular.

"I believe, sir. what Q means is that it will take a provincial occurrence for us to defeat the Borg." Data responded.


Suddenly a bright white flash blinded everyone on bridge and the ship came hurtling out of hyperspace and suddenly the front of a slate gray ship loomed in front of them.

"Evasive maneuvers!" The Colonel Smith yelled, First Lieutenant Jennie Walters didn't respond but instead the Thor lurched out of the way and increased speed barely avoiding a collision.

"Engineering, what the hell just happened, why did we drop out of hyperspace?" Smith ordered after it became clear they weren't going to crash.

"I have no idea! Everything was going fine just a moment ago! Then all of a sudden, the Hyperdrive won't even run a diagnostic to find out what went wrong it just shutdown!" Captain Jack Reed responded.

"Do what you need to, navigation what did we almost run down?" Smith ordered.

The words that came out 2nd Lieutenant William Howard's mouth shocked them all. "Sir, that configuration doesn't look like anything I have ever seen. However it is kicking out massive amounts of power. If my sensors are telling the truth. That ship can kick out 12.75 billion Gigawatts of power!" He said.

"What, anything else, do you have a read on our location?" He continued trying to figure who would be producing that much power.

"According to the Navigational Charts we are at Wolf 359 and holy hell! Uh, sir that ship is not alone. Sensors are picking up 39 other ships in system, with another one coming in like a bat straight out of hell. Should be here in roughly 20 minutes." Howard replied.

"What the hell, do you have identification on these ships, are they Go'uld, Lucian, Jaffa, who are they?" Smith said turning to look at Howard.

"None of those, sir. They don't match any known configuration of ship anywhere." Howard replied.

"Also, sir; they have noticed us. Comm chatter between all of those ships is going haywire." The comm officer, 2nd Lieutenant Devin Hart said.

"What are they saying?" Smith asked.

"What are they saying? Well the ship we almost hit is not happy; I swear I have not heard anyone string so many curses together in such a way that it actually sounds right. The others are trying to get the captain and communications officer of the U.S.S. Kongo calmed down. Uh, sir. We are being hailed." Hart replied.

"USS Kongo, Hart are you high, and who is hailing us?" Smith demanded.

"Sir, if I was high on something; I would likely be in my quarters. As for the ship that is hailing us. They have identified themselves as the U.S.S Melbourne." Hart replied.

"Patch them through." Smith said.

The main screen shifted from that of ink blackness of space with scattered stars here and there as well as numerous grey ships forming up into a formation. To that of the bridge of a ship. Sitting in the center seat, was a man wearing black shoes, with long black pants, and a shirt that for the most part was black yet the top section was red.

"Unknown vessel, I am Admiral Hassen of the Federation Starship Melbourne. Please identify yourself." The man said. Even though he wasn't a member of the USAF everyone on the bridge stood a little straighter; mainly because he held the rank of Admiral.

"Admiral Hassen, I am Colonel Smith commanding the United States Air Force ship Thor." Smith responded to the admiral.

"United States Air Force? You mean the USAF right; because they haven't been in existence for at least 200 years, and I certainly don't remember reading anything were they had a 1500 meter long warship that has enough firepower to turn Earth Space Dock into molten slag." Admiral Hassen replied.

"What, what do you mean 200 years." Smith said

"Okay Colonel Smith; what year is it currently?" Admiral Hassen asked.

"It's April 17th 2020." Smith replied.

Admiral Hassen took a deep breath and said. "Sorry to be blunt Colonel Smith, but have you been under a rock or something. The year is currently 2367." It took a moment for the bridge crew to figure out what Admiral Hassen had said; most of the bridge crew paled 1st Lieutenant Marina Pittman actually fainted in shock. Everyone's fears were confirmed when Howard said it was true, for the stars were all in the wrong places.

"What the hell." Smith responded in a shocked voice.

"Let me guess you are either unintentional time travelers which means I can expect a visit from the Department of Temporal Investigations, or you are from a-" Admiral Hassen began to say before he was suddenly cut off and a new face filled the viewscreen and said a chilling message.

"Resistance is futile. You will disarm your weapons and escort us to Sector 001. If you attempt to intervene, we will destroy you."

"WHAT THE…LIKE HELL WE WILL!" Smith yelled at the machine man.

Then the channel closed and Admiral Hassen reappeared looking angry at himself. "Damnit! Alright Thor, I hope you got FTL abilities because you need to get the hell out of here right now!" Hassen ordered sharply.

"Did that robot man just tell me what to do…" Smith said incredulously, he then added "Also what is at Sector 001?"

Admiral Hassen was quick to respond. "Colonel, yes he just told all of us what to do. In case you are wondering Sector 001 is the very heart of the Federation. The most important system in the Federation is in that Sector: Sol." He said.

"What…Pittman why aren't those robot bastards space junk yet?" Smith bellowed.

"Uh, sir! Look at the Melbourne! Oh my god!" Howard yelled.

Smith looked and his heart dropped into his stomach. Five Federation Starships had already been reduced to space junk. The Melbourne was in deep trouble, a dark green beam was holding the ship in place. Suddenly a white beam lashed out at the ship, impaling the Melbourne and beginning to rip her asunder. Two more ships screamed toward the large cubical ship firing Orange energy blasts that impacted the cubical ship and did nothing to it. A bright green torpedo came streaking out from the ship and connected with the ship in the lead. The entirely of the front of the hull blew itself apart and sent what was left into an out of control tumble.

"Walters, why are we not at Combat speed yet? I wanted those shields up and our weapons pounding that thing yesterday!" Smith roared.

"Yes sir" Pittman said in a weak voice as she set the railguns to auto targeting and began spraying the cube shaped ship with 30mm trinium slugs at nearly ten percent the speed of light.

"First order of business! Use our beam weapons! Find that emission point of that dark green holding beam and destroy it! We got to free the Melbourne!" Smith shouted as the Thor went screaming in, blue white beams of energy lashed out, joining the alto of the railguns discharging. It took ten salvos of blue white beams to destroy that emitter. The Melbourne now free, began to gain speed as she arced away from that Cube shaped ship. Her hull showing signs of a tremendous battering; flames were visible on multiple decks.

"Quickly signal the Melbourne! Say "They have multiple fires onboard across multiple decks!" After that, get us as close as we can to that thing and run Sword and Shield style. We become the Shield the Feds are the Sword!" Smith ordered.

"Yes sir! Sending message to the Melbourne now. Getting a response, they say "Really? No shit idiot, we are falling back! I am also ordering the Bonestall and Hawking to run like hell, if they are still in this fight"." Hart replied.

"PITTMAN, WHY IS THAT SHIP STILL THERE?" Smith yelled at the young lieutenant.

"I have no idea! Its absorbing Plasma Beam Weapon strikes and Railgun slugs like a sponge! We can't use nukes either!" Pittman said, moments later the Thor shook like a thing possessed.

"Good lord! That white beam weapon is murder! Shields are down to 70 percent! They are adapting to us running and gunning like this!" Pittman barked.

"Pittman, have you tried drones yet?" He asked coldly

"I can try! Here we go about to launch." The Thor shook violently again as that white beam again crashed into her shields.

"Good fucking god! Shields are down to 40 percent! What the actual fuck is that thing! A BC-304 would be naked in terms of shields right now. I don't want to launch the drones now! If we do and they work; the blast will destroy us. I would recommend strafing runs!" Pittman barked.

"Walters, would you kindly MOVE THE SHIP SO WE AREN'T BLOWN UP!" Smith ordered.

"YES SIR!" Walter's yelled in order to be heard over the alto of noise. The Thor quickly gained speed and peeled away from that cube shaped ship. It went screaming into the Fed fleet.

"Sir, new orders coming from Admiral Hassen. It says "All ships! The original plan is in the crapper, hit it with an all-out attack! Thor lead the way!" I guess the strafing run idea is out. Here we go!" Hart said.

"Pittman, remove locks on missiles bays one through ten and start arming the 's and maximum yield setting" Smith ordered and then turned to the comn officer. "Hart, send a radiation and blast alert to the fed ships"

The Thor went screaming over the bow of the Kongo; the massive Fed ship hadn't been in the fighting yet. However the massive ship while it wasn't as long as the Thor she certainly was taller. "Missile bays armed sir! Ready to fire on your command!" Pittman barked as a ship that was slightly in front of the them marked by IFF as the U.S.S. Firebrand took a direct hit that literally bisected the saucer looking section on the ship and sent the ship out of control moments later the weird blue and grey nacelle like thing exploded as something bad happened aboard the ship. "Fire!" Smith yelled and from ten missile bays each containing four Mark IX Nuclear Missiles fired. Forty Missiles lanced out toward the Borg Cube. The missiles raced ahead with red bolts of energy right behind the missiles. That same white beam lashed out and ran in an arc...that intercepted every single missile in a matter of seconds. For a brief second the inky blackness of space turned as bright as the surface of the sun blotting out the cube ship, causing Smith to smile, the threat had been dealt with and Earth was safe. As the nuclear hellstorm faded away. To Smith's complete shock the ship was still there and intact! Fires were streaming from multiple decks, at least it hadn't escaped unscathed, however then the ship began to bear down on them.

"SHIT! FIRE THE DRONES NOW" Smith bellowed. The Drones were launched from their bays enmass and surged toward the cube ship. Again that white beam lashed out and traced an arc through space. Destroying dozens and sending many more off course. Then more of those bright green bolts of energy left the ship. They flew into towards the drones and destroyed dozens more. "Crap this isn't working! We will need to get in their face then launch the drones! 45 percent of all drones have already been destroyed. The bastards are nothing but efficient!" Pittman remarked.

"How long till impact?" Smith asked.

"Fifteen seconds sir! At current rate of loss only twenty-five percent of drones that we launched will impact the cube. The rest will have been destroyed. At worst we can expect only 5 percent of drones to impale that thing." Pittman replied.

"Fuck! You are right about one thing Pittman. These Robot bastards are damned good shots; they are making sure each shot connects with at least one of our drones." Smith replied.

Turns out Pittman was correct only seven percent of the drones that had been launched actually managed to hit, roughly seventy drones survived the onslaught. They slammed into the cube and ripped through the outer hull like paper. However then a nasty surprise in terms of design came into play. sixty-eight of the drones went screaming through empty space in the cube. Two, however went screaming into the main area of the ship, shredding drones, destroying equipment, and barely missed Locutus of Borg then the two drones went flying out the other side of the ship. The Cube not wanting to have a repeat performance effortlessly destroyed the rest of the drones before they could wheel around and hit it again.

"GOD FUCKING DAMNIT!" Smith roared in a fit of rage.

"Captain, ten more Federation ships have been destroyed." Pittman reported

"Shit, which ones?" Smith asked.

"The Jericho, Roosevelt, Liberator, Melbourne, Pony Express, Binary, Buran, Victory, Navajo, and Gage." Pittman replied.

"Fuck! That means that Admiral is dead?!" Smith shouted.

"Negative, sir. The Melbourne that has been destroyed was newer than the flagship was. I think she was due to replace the Melbourne that the Admiral is on." Pittman said.

"Bring us around for another run! Let's hit that bastard again!" Smith ordered.

"Yes sir!" Walters and Pittman replied.

The Thor wheeled around and increased speed, she had to go into a barrel roll to avoid the Chekov which was spinning wildly an entire Nacelle like thing gone. Which screwed up her first attempt at a strafing run. In that time the Kyushu and Clemson detonated into balls of fire and the Endeavour was sent spinning out of the battle area with heavy damage. The Thor thundered again over the bow of the Kongo which this time earned them quite the verbal bitch slap as the Captain was upset that the same ship had buzzed his ship three separate times. Up ahead the ship identified by IFF as the Star League. The Cube loomed past the ship, orange energy blasts and red bolts went screaming into the cube. A white beam lashed out at the Star League fast than a Wraith lunging at its meal. The beam went right through the forward shields and plunged into the ship, tearing deep into her and finally crashing into her reactor; escape pods launched from the Star League meaning something bad had happened. Then the ship exploded in brilliant fireball, that consumed some the escape pods. It also flash-blinded everyone on the bridge. When everyone got their vision back they were horrified to see a massive flaming section of the Star League rocketing straight toward the Thor. "Evasive!" Smith screamed. "HANG ON!" Walters yelled. Emergency thrusters began to move the Thor to port to avoid the flaming chuck of ship. However it still smashed into the starboard wing, and detonated collapsing the shields and sent the Thor into a tumble. Then it happened. That same dark green expanding beam shot out from the Cube and ensnared the Thor bringing her to a halt. The holding beam also prevented the shields from recharging. Then as quick as a rattlesnake, that same white beam streaked toward the Thor and impaled naked hull. The Thor's armor an alloy known as DCT lasted a grand total of 30 seconds before the beam breached the hull and moved in a circle; when that task was complete just twenty seconds later. The beam pulled an entire section of the ship right out of the Thor. Taking a large part of a sickbay, most of an armory, and a good section of the First Officer's Quarters. "Get us moving!" Smith ordered. "I can't! If I fire the main engines with this holding beam keeping us in place, the strain will most likely rip us in half!" Walters replied. However someone was watching over the Thor and her crew. For the ship whose IFF identified her as the Princeton pounced. She let loose a full spread of red bolts of light and nearly a dozen orange energy blasts onto the Cube, right in the general area where that holding beam was being emitted. The emitter went up in the blasts and then vanished. "Hang on!" Walters yelled then fired the main engines at max power. Almost instantly bringing the Thor back up to combat velocity.

As the Thor came around; the demise of nearly fifteen other starships began to play themselves out. Among the ships that went up were the Warspite, Saratoga, Princeton, Kadosca, and the Melbourne. "God, we've lost." Pittman said as another ship the Redeemer exploded the remains of her reactor section spinning wildly, her saucer section and a nacelle completely gone. "I am detecting multiple escape pods, from numerous ships all over the place. I am detecting very few ships still Operational. Sir, holy FUCK! The Kongo has just light up like a fucking Christmas Tree on drugs!" Pittman said.

Instantly everyone looked at the Kongo and was stunned. At any given point their was at least a dozen orange beams lashing out from her hull, and from a single torpedo tube torpedoes were being fired ten at a time. The amount of firepower the rapidly backpedaling ship was putting out was awesome and made a BC-304 look a F-302 in terms of firepower.

The amount of firepower the Kongo was putting out would have likely slagged even a ship like the Thor by now. However it wasn't enough. Two white beams lashed out at the Kongo. Both going through the shields like paper and ripping deep gashes into her hull. Then a bright green bolt of energy streaked toward the Kongo. "No, no, no, no." Someone muttered on the bridge. The torpedo impacted the powerful ship in the aft starboard quarter of the reactor section. It seemed like the entire starboard aft section of the ship exploded. The Kongo spun out of control, the cube lashed out with its white beam weapon again, this time shearing a nacelle clean off, seconds later another beam lashed out and this time the ship bent near the missile tube Smith realized. The entire area around the missile tube exploded, ripping the saucer clean off from the reactor section of the ship. The reactor section went critical moments later and exploded. The entire process to destroy the Kongo had only taken 75 seconds.

"Jesus christ" Walters said as she watched the Kongo go up like a fireworks show.

"Start teleporting those escape pods into the hangar and cargo bays." Smith ordered.

Before anyone could even acknowledge the order. That was when Howard spoke up. "Sir we are being hailed." He said.

"By whom?" Smith asked; watching as the death throes of the Resolute played itself out on screen.

"The Endeavour, sir." Howard replied.

"Alright, put it up." Smith said. The screen changed from that of a graveyard of ships, to that of a pretty wrecked bridge. "Colonel Smith, I presume?" The man who was probably the captain asked with a heavy Russian accent.

"You presume correctly" Smith responded.

"I am Captain Amisov, the Commanding Officer of the Endeavour. We can handle SAR Operations. You go stop the Borg." Amisov said.

"Affirmative, we will go stop these "Borg" bastards; even if it means I have to ram the Thor into that Cube ship at flank speed." Smith said.

"Go quickly, get a move on! Godspeed, Thor! Godspeed!" Amisov said before the channel closed.

"Alright! Belay previous order! Lay in a pursuit course of that thing! Jump now!" Smith ordered. He then paused before saying "Also please get me a casualty list and a damage report. I also want a tactical analysis of the weapons we have seen in use. We need to know what to expect in our next encounter." Smith said.

"Yes sir! Walter, Howard, and Pittman replied. The Thor entered Hyperspace for a fraction of a second. Leaving the battlefield at Wolf 359 behind and reappearing in Sol system, near Saturn and was almost instantly pounced upon by a small patrol group composed of a ship that had the exact same configuration as the Kyushu and had been designated the Kyushu-type Starship and two other ships the crew of the Thor hadn't seen before. The ships didn't open fire, but instead took up a formation in front of the Thor that would have prevented her from moving forward.

"Colonel we are being hailed." Hart said.

"Put it up." Smith said. The screen changed from that of Saturn to the bridge of a ship. Sitting the command chair was a stout man, with wire frame glasses, slick black hair, and the same style of Uniform that Admiral Hassen had been wearing.

"Unknown vessel. I am Lt. Commander Fokker of the Federation Starship Minsk. Please state your intentions." Fokker said.

End of Part 1 of Arrival