AN: Takes place during RTTE, after their encounter with Viggo. Obviously not canon in any way, but an idea I had to get out of my head. Characters may seem a bit OOC but I justify it since they are all under a lot of pressure.

May be a one-shot, but likely will be expanded into a full story. If so, I will post an update after the new chapter for An Impossible Moment.

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"Why?! Why do we need to talk here?!" he cried.

Hiccup sat in the stream, his knees crossed in a futile effort to maintain his dignity. Ten paces away on land stood Astrid, fully clothed but holding herself as though she too was on display. She looked uncharacteristically timid, while he was unusually sullen.

She sighed. "Well…you've been avoiding me all day, and this is the only place I could think of where you wouldn't run away."

He frowned deeply. "Because I'm naked?"

She shrugged, suddenly feeling embarrassed. "Yeah, that, and….", her eyes motioned towards his prosthetic, which lay on the rocks nearby.

After following her gaze, he looked back at her, glaring. "That's a low blow…" he muttered.

Astrid held her hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry! But we really do need to talk."

Hiccup scoffed. "No, Astrid, we don't. I tried to talk to you before you left for Berk, remember? I tried to talk to you when you came back. And now you want to talk?"

"Yes!", she insisted as she shifted uncomfortably. "I do."

"Well, that's great", Hiccup drawled sardonically. "Funny thing though; I don't."

He slowly moved towards the edge of the stream, releasing a deep exhale.

"We're done", he announced flatly.

He braced himself on a rock and awkwardly stood to lean against the stone. Grabbing his clothes, he draped his tunic over his lap as his put on the prosthetic.

Astrid paled. "W-what do you mean "we're done"?", her voice beginning to rise in panic. "Done with what?"

Hiccup rolled his eyes incredulously. "This!" he shouted, gesturing wildly between them. "What ever this is!"

She shook her head vigorously as she approached him slowly. "Hiccup…no…."

Standing up, he took several steps back. "You say you care about me…that you trust me."

"I do!" she asserted.

He ignored her, moving his arms for emphasis. "And then you hide things from me! Making plans behind my back with Heather, which by the way, could have killed somebody."

She dropped her gaze to the ground, ashamed. Her arms tightened around her frame.

"And then", he continued dourly, "everything changed. Suddenly I never see you anymore." Shaking his head, he turned on his heels and walked into the woods.

Astrid groaned in exasperation, her patience running thin. "That's not fair; I was giving you space!" she shouted to him, her breath quickening as she tried to keep up with him. "You were obviously upset, and I get that…but every time you looked at me l just felt so…guilty."

"Huh, isn't that something?", he scoffed over his shoulder, dripping with sarcasm. "You put your team in peril, lied to us…lied to me…and my eyes are what made you feel bad? Not because what you did was stupid and selfish?"

Astrid clinched her jaw, growing weary of the same argument. "Hiccup, please…I know…I said I was sorry and I am." Stepping over weaving ground roots, she was now within arms reach of him. "I know things have been weird lately, but it seemed like we were getting past it."

Hiccup stopped abruptly and turned, causing her to nearly bump into his chest. She quickly withdrew when she saw his stern expression.

He considered her for a moment, eyes scanning her features, breathing heavily from his hurried pace. "Yeah, Astrid, I was getting over it." He shrugged dismissively. "Fine, you lied, you had your reasons…whatever. I still couldn't believe that you, of all people, would keep something like that from me. But I thought "hey, everyone makes a bad decision; it wont happen again.""

As Astrid began to open her mouth to interject, he quickly waved his hand to silence her. "And then you do it again! Sneaking around the island, hiding out in your hut, refusing to see anyone, and then you get up and leave…no explanation! Just gone. And then, more than a week later mind you, you finally come back…and don't think we need to know what you were doing?". He looked her up and down, eyes studying her closely. "You say you went to Berk, but did you? Really?"

Her cheeks reddened in offense. "Yes, I went to Berk!", she barked back, matching his volume. "You can ask your dad, ask my parents, ask anyone! Where else would I have gone?!"

Hiccup's face darkened, and his voice lowered. "I don't know, Astrid. And that's the problem. For the first time, I have no idea what you are going to do…". He added quietly, "…or who you are."

He turned away and continued walking in long strides. Within seconds, Astrid was in pursuit and sped up behind him. Their trail was becoming harder to see at the sun continued to set.

"Wait, Hiccup, please just hear me out", she begged. "I'll tell you what happened, why I had to go to Berk…Gods, would you stop running away from me so that I can tell…"

"Damn it, Astrid, shut up!"

The shout filled the air, his back still to her as he slowed to a stop. Narrow shoulders were tense; fists tightly clenched.

The silence was surreal; Astrid couldn't hear anything beyond her own breath. Eyes wide and mouth frozen in mid-speech. She was shocked, and hurt, and enraged. No one had ever said that to her. For Hiccup, kind and gentle Hiccup, to be the first and only…that was more than she could process.

Taken aback by his own outburst, Hiccup glanced over his shoulder and took in her pained expression. Looking away, his brow furrowed and his rage turned to melancholy. "Just….stop." he pleaded quietly. "This is pointless. It's getting dark and I'm going back to my hut. You…you should do the same."

As he marched towards the Edge, Astrid was unable to move. Her legs shook, muscles tightly clinched. Her heart rate increased and she fought the desire to chase after him…to either kiss him until he felt her remorse or slug him for daring to disrespect her. But knowing that neither was acceptable, she could only remain still as she watched him disappear behind the trees. She released a trembling breath, and she blinked back hot tears that began to form.

The last few months had been difficult enough. She feared for her best friend's safety, and was wracked with guilt for keeping the truth from her team…from Hiccup. Worried about Dagur, and dragon hunters. Viggo. Grieving the loss of her childhood home, coming to terms with her limitations as a protector for Berk. She had been struggling to be civil with her teammates, and couldn't contain her resentment for their immaturity. How could they be so carefree when everything around them was going to Hel?

She had two things in her life that kept her sane: Stormfly and Hiccup. Since coming to Dragon's Edge, her relationship with the latter had rapidly progressed. Three years of flirtation and chaste kisses quickly developed into a mature and comfortable relationship. She had always enjoyed their emotional bond, and how they challenged each other intellectually…but the physical nature of their union added a whole other layer. Away from the scrutiny of their parents, it seemed like the next logical step in their journey together. It was exciting in it's own right, a secret that they both shared. There were no labels or expectations forced upon them, and their nights together helped to soothe the uncertainty in their lives.

But now? It was gone. She had lost a lover, and worse, a friend. All because one bad decision led to another, and then another. The strain that her initial deceit inflicted on their relationship was painful, and the stress of it made Astrid ill. She couldn't eat, tossed and turned in her sleep, and her already hair-trigger temper was somehow even worse. Then she would cry, which only made her more angry. It was easy to attribute everything to being under excessive pressure…perhaps even depressed. But when it became apparent that her reliable biology was affected, she panicked. She didn't want to burden Hiccup yet, especially over what could be a false alarm. His ego was shattered over his recent loss to Viggo and he was abnormally agitated because of it. So she took it upon herself to go to Berk to get answers. An examination by Gothi confirmed what she already knew.

For the first time since facing the Flightmare, Astrid was terrified. She spent the last week obsessing over Hiccup's reaction, but she hadn't considered that their journey together could come to an end. Staring at the path he took, her hand subconsciously traveled over her stomach, resting beneath her naval. For the first time since she learned what the future had in store, she was not only afraid of the fragile life growing within her, but afraid for it as well.