It felt like years since he had seen his face, he had to admit he did look good... but that didn't matter, his reflection was a fraction of what he would like to see. Thorne couldn't stop thinking about Cress, was she as beautiful as her voice? Did it matter what she looked like? He already knew he loved her. Thorne remembered thinking she was cute when he met her, but all he could see in his head when he tried to picture her, was hair. Lots of hair, it was as if her face was wiped clean from his memory, what was left was a magpie nest.

Of course it didn't matter now. Cress couldn't be into him anymore, she is too brilliant. Thorne knew he was never going to be good enough for her. Aces, even her dad didn't like him.

Thorne turned away from the mirror and strode into the hallway from his room. He could hear them all down the hallway shifting through the cargos for inventory.

"Pickled Asparagus!" Thorne's stomach flopped, he knew it was Cress's bright voice floating down the hall.

He dipped quickly into the hall bathroom to quickly check his appearance one last time. He wasn't sure why he was so nervous. He knew he looked good, he had just shaved for spades sake, his skin was smooth, very suave.

Taking a deep breath Thorne started out again into the hallway. it didn't matter, he thought to himself, who cares.

As he approached the open warehouse wing of the Rampion, the gang was split up shifting through different crates. Thorne first saw Wolf growing over the weapons crate, Cinder sat close by on the floor surrounded by weapons. Kai was holding one of the dolls to the right of Cinder. It was surreal seeing him stand there aboard the Rampion, wearing clothes from this very ship. Thorne's eyes curiously wandered through the room, he couldn't help looking for... her. It was her, it was Cress.

Was this the same girl from the satellite? Thorne's heart pounded, his eyes widened as his jaw dropped. His eyes feasted on her luminous face, he couldn't help looking her up and down. Was she real? Cress stood barely taller than the crate, observing the room with her big blue beautiful eyes, smiling humbly to herself as if she had her own dialogue going through her head.

Like a radio tuning back in, something clicked in his brain as he overhead the group's discussion.

"I'm pretty sure Thorne stole it." Cinder's voice breaking Thorne's trance.

"Ah. Of course. He better plan on giving all this stuff back." Kai stuffed the hideous doll back into it's packaging shaking his head.

"Sure I'll give it back, Your Majesticness. For a proper finder's fee." Thorne couldn't resist pushing Kai's buttons, nor could he resist his eyes wandering back over to Cress.

Cress's eyes met Thornes. Falling back into his trance, he couldn't stop. In the back of his head he had a feeling his mouth might have fallen open again but he couldn't bring himself to shut it.

"The short hair, it works."

Thorne thought out loud, not realizing until after he said it that he did indeed speak. Well, cats out of the bag, she had to know now he had fallen in love with her.