Centuries ago two clans have fought a war. A war with no ending. A war between two races, ones that little to no humans knew about. A war between vampires and werewolves, but years ago in a small town called forks both werewolves and vampires made a pact. The vampires were to stay away from human blood, if one was to attack a human the pact would be broken and a war would once again be release. During that time many things had happen in the small town.

The vampire coven was a peaceful one lead by the oldest Carlisle Cullen he along with his 'children' made up the family. Edward Cullen the oldest and his mate Bella swan Cullen and their daughter Renesme Cullen. Next jasper hale and his wife Alice hale, followed by Emmet Cullen and his wife Rosaline Cullen. Edward, Emmet, and Rosaline were bitten by Carlisle the reason being they were on the verge of dying. He would never wish this life to anyone.

The werewolves were tricky, when there used to be one pack is now two. One was being led by Sam Uiley and the other by Jacob black. Jacob's pack consisted of Embry call, Quil Ateara, Leah and Seth Clearwater they are untied to the Cullen's being as Jacob had imprinted on Renesme.

As I was saying many things have happen in the small town of forks so I will give you all a small review. It started when Bella swan daughter of Chief Charlie swan moved in with him. She met and fell in love with Edward Cullen, they fighting many obstacles to keep that love. During that time Bella was attacked by James a vampire with an obsession towards her. She was saved by Edward and his families having Edward suck the venom out of her stopping the transformation from completing. A bit later Edward left leaving a heart broken Bella behind where she reconnects with Jacob reliving the old friendship they had. Bella saves Edward from the Volturi when he believes she is dead, once back they couldn't seem to catch a break as Victoria (James's mate) was out for revenge for his death. With a vampire she created manipulating him into creating an army of newborns they went after Bella and the Cullen's. The Cullen's allied with the Quileute pack keep in mind Jacob and the others were still in Sam's pack, during that time Jacob had confessed his love for Bella creating a war between him and Edward. Anyways back to what I was saying, the wolves and the Cullen's fought the newborns killing all. Victoria was killed by Edward ending that nightmare in their lives. Later Bella was engaged to Edward a couple months after married to him, creating a huge gap in her friendship with Jacob. During her honeymoon Bella became pregnate, something impossible to happen since vampires were infertile. Carlisle soon told her the child was killing her from the inside out, but despises the pleas and demands from her husband; Bella told them she would keep the child. The pack found out what happen from Jacob, where Sam then gave the order to have the unborn child killed even if it meant killing Bella. Jacob despised the order leaving the pack and warning the Cullen's of Sam's plan, along with him Seth and Leah joined him creating a pack of three together helping to keep Bella safe. By the time the child was born Bella had died forcing Edward to bite her, meanwhile Jacob in his grieve went after the child only to find himself imprinting on her. outside the Cullen's were battling the pack stopped by Jacob knowing very well a mate can never be harm regardless of what and who they are. Bella was reborn as a vampire moments later and her child growing quickly, the Volturi found out. Going after them the Carlisle contacting his many allies to help confront the Volturi at this time Quil and Embry had joined Jacob's pack along with Seth, Leah, max, and grace. Thanks to Alice everything was taking care of showing that a half vampire can be peaceful like any other, leaving all of them with a happy ending.

But what about Carlisle?

Well this is where our story begins, what would happen if a vampire and a werewolf happen to be mates? Would they be able to love? Or would their families get in the way? Well let's find out shall we?

Jacob trotted thru the woods following the same scent he's been catching for the past two weeks. No matter how much he's tried he can't seem to catch the source. Behind him Seth whimpered it seemed they were getting closer 'let's just hope we find it this time' Jacob thought. Reaching the top of the small hill he froze. Just below the hill slept a gray female pup. Jacob looked around trying to find the parents he knew she was a werewolf, but where was the mother or pack for that matter. Seth stopped at his side shocked as much as he by the sight of the sleeping pup.

'Jake? Who is she?' Seth asked looking around.

'I don't know. Better question where is her pack?' Jacob retorted.

Just as Seth was about to answer a growl behind them had them holding freeze, looking down the pup were now curled up shaking in fear. Both males dropped to the ground as the unknown wolf jumped over them landing in front of the pup. Jacob now caught a clear view of her she was white as the snow, her eyes bright velvet with long silky fur. She was crouched down ready to defend what he now thought was her child her teeth bared in a dominate aggressive way.

'We mean no harm.' Jacob said standing to his full height but keeping his head low. Seth stayed on the ground no wanting to agitate the female any more.

'Who are you?' she growled stealing a glance at her pup making sure she was okay.

'I am Jacob black alpha of the black pack. This is Seth Clearwater my beta.' Jacob spoke quietly. 'What is your name?'

The she-wolf hesitated not sure if she should tell them, but to be honest she was in desperate need of help. 'My name is Alexandra, but call me Alex.'

'Pleasure to meet you, and who is she?' Jacob motioned towards the girl.

Alex's eyes twinkled. 'This is my daughter Samantha.' The gray pup growled at them trying to give her mom some back up.

Jacob nodded with a small chuckle. 'Where is your pack?'

Alex growled. 'I have no pack. It is just me and Sam'.

Seth glanced at Jacob. 'Jake I think she's hurt. I keep catching the scent of blood.'

Jacob frowned. 'Are you hurt?'

'It's nothing, just a scratch.' Alex mumbled wincing at the step she took.

Jacob jumped off the hill stopping in front of her. 'I won't hurt you, let me just see for myself'. Not waiting for an answer Jacob glanced at her side letting out a growl seeing she was wounded by a gun shot. 'Who did this?!'

Alex flinched. 'Hunters. Look I appreciate you not attacking or harming my girl, but we must be moving.'

Jacob blocked her as Seth took the rear stopping the pup from moving. 'Wait why?'

Alex growled as Seth took the pup in his mouth. 'Look it is not safe for us. I must keep moving of the hunters will find us.'

Jacob took a deep breath. 'Okay fine, but please allow a friend of mine to look at that wound.' Alex shook her head. 'It needs to be looked at. You are no good to her if you can't hunt nor protect her'. Alex gazed at him battling with herself finally giving in knowing he was right. 'Good now come along.' Alex grabbed Samantha from Seth following the males.

Alex followed scrunching up her nose at the scent of blood and…apples? 'What the hell?' looking up she was amazed by the beautiful house in front of them it had glass all round it. Who ever lived her was loaded. Jacob told her to wait with Seth as he ran back into the woods walking out human and fully dressed. She watched him walk into the house not wanting to pry Alex ignored the conversation coming inside the house and focused on her tired daughter. Lying on the ground Samantha curled herself up beside her stomach. For once Alex relaxed something about this place gave her a sense of safety and calmness, that all changed when she spotted a group of four walk out with Jacob. The moment she caught sight of them she knew what they were. Standing up she snarled snapping her teeth at them in a warning to not come any closer.

Edward, Bella, jasper, and Alice stopped in their tracks knowing fully well she would attack if she felt threaten especially with the pup. Alice smiled she had seen a vision just before Jacob arrived it wasn't very understandable, but something about this wolf was special.

'You brought me to vampires!' Alex snarled at Jacob making sure Samantha was hidden underneath her.

Jacob shook his head. 'They won't hurt you. I promise.'

'I will not risk the safety of my daughter I am sure they are good…people. Thank you for your help, but I must be leaving.' Alex turned around nudging her daughter to get a move on before disappearing into the woods again.

Jacob was about to follow her, but was stopped by Alice. "Don't! That will just anger her more. Let's wait for Carlisle to get home."

"He wants to know why him?" Edward said translating Jacob's thoughts.

"I have a feeling Carlisle is the only who can help her." everybody, but Edward gave her confused looks, shrugging it off they all headed back into the house with one last glance at the trees.

Alex winced at every step she took, the pain was getting worse 'maybe I should have accepted their help? No! They will get hurt!' taking one more step she stumbled falling to her side.

Samantha yelps having heard the thump she rushed to her mother. 'Mommy!'

Alex smiled. 'Im fine nothing a small break can't handle, don't worry.' Without knowing it she fell into darkness.