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* * * * *

Huh? Oh, hi! Been a while, hasn't it? Yeah, well, right now this isn't really part of the story, just me hanging around on the guy's hammock. And no, that was not meant as a pun. Just happened. Sheesh. Anyway, I've been planning, I've had time to, and I need some rope, 700 cherry flavored toothpicks, and access to this thing Seth's teacher calls internet. Well, I don't feel like doing anything, so leave. Leave. LEAVE, DAMN IT!!!! And don't come to me with that, "You're only eight years old! You shouldn't be cussing!" crap!

Fine, I'm going, sheesh.

I get up, due to some very impatient people and I'm not mentioning any names cuz you know who you are, and go back to the palace. The two are still hanging around the throne, MINE, talking about girl stuff. EW! Anyway, I ignore that extremely weird moment and walk over to them innocently. I've been getting pretty good at this, and I never thought as the others as training, but in a sense it is. These two don't usually fall for my innocent act, or anything else, and are also very calm and patient. They wouldn't get angry that easy. Aniz would just kill I guess and Isis would shrug it off. So what could I do to make them fall into my trap? No, I'm serious, what could I do to make them fall into my trap?

Some help you are.

I hop into place. "Hello!"

They look at me. "Hi." Then they turn back.

See? How can I do anything to them when they're people like that?! I just lost myself in my own thoughts.

I'm seriously trying to figure this out now. I tilt my head to the side and look at them.

They look at me now.

I don't really pay attention to them, I just keep trying to, I dunno, read their thoughts or something.

They keep staring.

I look at them now.

They look at me.

I edge away.

They glare.

I run.

They turn away.

I am now outside my castle. My only question is___. Scroll down.


I run back in. I'm the one who's going to drive somebody crazy around here! They can't do this! I look at them straight in the eye.

They look at me with an evil smirk.

Okay, I have no plan, but I'm going to play around, see where it gets me to. I breathe in. "Why'd you that?! Pharaoh Marik told me you'd do that!"

Aniz looks at me weird. "Pharaoh who?"

Isis answers for me. "Marik. Yami still thinks he's Pharaoh I guess."

Aniz smirks. "Still? Gee what an idiot."

I look at them sarcastically. "You know, just because I have this so called amnesia doesn't mean I can't hear what you're saying. And what is this you're saying about Pharaoh Marik? He said he would make sure the guards had your heads and now I see why."

Aniz yawned. "He can't do anything to us."

I thought. "No, he just doesn't want to. That's why for some odd reason he told me to tell the guards to have your head. He said they'd listen to me, though I don't know why he didn't himself. Maybe it's because I have better control of his guards." Hint, hint.

The girls look at each other then at me. Their faces aren't at that easy going nature anymore, now they look kinda worried. Bingo. They know I really do have that kind of power, and if I follow "Pharaoh Marik's" orders, I'm sure to have them beheaded.


Isis looks at me, looking sorta pale. "Yami, are you serious? Why would my brother do that?"

Then it dawns to me! Marik and Isis are brother and sister! How could I forget?! Sibling rivalry, the biggest, longest fight since the beginning of time!

And I'm related to a she devil, so I should know how to cause sibling rivalry! Thank you, Isis!

"I dunno at the moment. I'll get back to you." With that I ran out of the castle. A plan was brewing in my head and I need to work some major details out.

* * * * *

I was walking, more like dodging, my way through Egypt. It was like a war, only no one had died yet. Maybe because their ammo was jelly filled donuts, I dunno. I looked at the people in my plan. All of them still angry and enraged. It never occurred to me about our deep hatred for one another. On the surface we argued, even got into some fist fights. We threatened to kill one another, um, yeah basically kill one another, but we would never go through with it. I guess after eight years of all that just adding up, when too much was just too much everyone broke.

So what's too much for Isis? I know she's the most trusted by the elders, because the rest of us are complete and total mental cases, so she has most responsibility. Plus, she's older so yeah. One of her jobs is treasurer, while it's going in anyway. That's why she didn't get in trouble for the Bakura/Cegasis thing. So if money suddenly disappeared, the one going in anyway, wouldn't she get in trouble for stealing? And her brother loves MY gold.

* * * * *

I looked at my hideout. It was that cave thing Mi found. Tis cool. It was now filled with gold to the top, all from the money that would enter my father's vault, when they fix it. Isis was in charge of all this, so she'd get in trouble. I'd blame it on Marik, yada yada. You get the drill. And I also have an idea to get Aniz into this.

* * * * *

I enter the castle and go into a room. I talk to some guards, then go back and look at Isis. She's running around saying something. I move in closer to hear.

She's acting exactly like I thought she would. She searches every room, every, something. "Where is it?! WHERE IS IT?!?!?!"

I lower my head down and don't look at her.

She stops and looks at me. "What. Did. You. DO?!?!?!?!?!"

I answer quietly. "I'm sorry. I had to follow the orders of Pharaoh Marik."

She walks over to me. More like stomps. "Marik did this?! MARIK?!?!?!?!?! HE KNOWS HOW HARD I WORK ON THIS! DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY FIND THAT THAT GOLD IS MISSING?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I'LL BE KILLED, THAT'S WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I wince. Man, she's loud. Nine year olds. They take things so seriously.

"I tried to stop him, really I did, but he just wanted something bad to happen to you. Something about family inheritance."

She looked at me even more angry, if possible. "That Marik! I never thought he'd sink this low, just for money! Family's more important than money! You understand, don't you Yami?"

Family more important than money? Uh huh, well she really should have told me and my sister that a LONG time ago. I nod. "Yes, but he just wouldn't let me talk him out of it! He--"

She put up her hand as a signal to stop. "Say no more. If it's a fight he wants, a fight he'll get."

We both look more into the castle to the treasury. Three armed guards come out, mumbling about something.

Isis' eyes widen. "Oh, shoot! They found out already!" She runs out the doors and out to get revenge right as the guards barely miss seeing her. I remember and look at Aniz, who's been there the whole time.

Aniz gives me a sideways look. "Is this all true, Yami?"

I'm about to speak when the guards come up to us. One grabs Aniz by the arm. "Come with us. You're under arrest for theft."

Both me and Aniz look at them. "WHAT?!"

Aniz releases herself from the guard's grip. "How dare you call me a thief?! I haven't stolen anything from here!"

When she says here, she means not here today. Just a little information.

The guard looks at her. "Don't try to play dumb! Isis tipped us on what you were doing!"

Aniz looks at them, now quite lost. "Wha?"

I smirk. Bingo again.

You might be interested in what I did. If you're not, deal. Anyway, I knew that the money thing would get to Isis, so I just did that with Marik. Now, to have them both mad at Marik wouldn't have been that much fun, so I needed a way to pit Aniz and Isis against each other. So before I talked to Isis about Marik I went to the guards and told them that if they find gold missing, Isis saw Aniz sneaking around in there. So now Aniz will think it was all Isis' plan.

That was smart. Cool.

I now lower my head in shame once more. "Sorry Aniz, but Isis made me."

Aniz was in complete dismay. "Made you what?"

I moved her away from the guards. "She had been planning this for a long time. She was going to steal a whole bunch of gold, then get me to do that act in front of you and then she was going to run while you got the blame." I got quiet at the last part.

She looked at me wide eyed. "WHAT?!?!?!?!" Ooh, she was mad. "I can't believe this, WHAT?!?!?!?!"

The guard came over to us. "Let's go."

As if. "As if." Told ya. She simply shift shaped her way into the shadows. She wouldn't let herself get caught that easily. One thing's for sure, as she escaped I heard an echo, "Oh, she is so going to pay."


* * * * *

I walk out, and look at what's gone on in my plan. All my "friends", against and out to kill each other. Out to get revenge for things that were never true. I love this job! This was my plan, to get them to fight like this. I got my revenge, so why not take it a step further? I don't know what that is just yet. But it's got to be there. I go and hide under the evil rock of death and enjoy the view. Beautiful, ain't it?

* * * * *

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