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Tsunade Senju let out a very audible sigh of irritation as she glared at the man that was sitting in front of her office desk. Apparently, the man had been intelligent enough to speak with the other leaders before he had approached her with this insane proposal. The sennin couldn't reject his plan without looking like a certain warmonger that helped to escalate the conflict between the four kingdoms and the elemental nations to a whole new level of carnage. Thankfully, Danz┼Ź's public execution had been enough to convince the kingdoms to accept the temporary armistice that directly led to the peace treaty of Amegakure.

However, the psychological wounds that were caused by the five-year war were slow to heal as tensions still existed between the four kingdoms and the newly-formed Kingdom of Hoshido. Any attempt at improving diplomatic relations from one side was viewed with suspicion and distrust by the other. The smallest of incidents could be enough for hostilities to resume between the two sides. Hence the reason that she was carefully considering the proposal in front of her.

"This political bullshit is one of the reasons why I didn't want to become the Hokage in the first place." The blonde-haired woman thought before she carefully looked over the document with a sharp eye trying to find anything that didn't look right.

For his part, Ozpin was calmly sipping jasmine tea from a porcelain cup that been offered to him by one of the Hokage's assistants. The headmaster of Beacon Academy understood that the woman in front of him was looking for any unreasonable clauses that might've been slipped in. However, he had been the one to come up with this idea and wasn't planning to tell anybody about it until the start of the school year. The senseless violence and hatred that been caused by the war needed to end before it caused more Grimm to appear.

"I can personally assure you that nothing had been put into the document that is offense, lady Tsunade." The white-haired man politely spoke as he slowly lowered his teacup.

Tsunade simply glanced at him for a brief second before returning her focus on the document in hand. Once she was thoroughly satisfied with all of the content within the proposal, she gently placed the document back onto her desk.

"Very well, I will agree to this proposal on the condition that I'll be the one that decides on who will attend your academy." She spoke in a manner that left no room for discussion.

Ozpin nodded his agreement in order to avoid provoking the ire of a woman that supposedly had superhuman strength that could level mountains. The headmaster heard from several collaborators about the slug sennin's temperament and he didn't want a firsthand experience.

"FOX!" The woman suddenly shouted out.

A burst of smoke appeared in the room and temporarily blocked Ozpin's field of vision. After a few seconds, the smoke cleared enough to reveal a young man with spiky blonde-hair and a porcelain Fox mask concealing his face from view. He was wearing the standard attire of a ninja that belonged to the infamous ANBU Black Ops.

"You requested my presence, Hokage-dono?" The masked ninja asked without any emotion as he kneeled down.

From the very edge of his peripheral vision, Ozpin noticed that Tsunade flinched for a second at the emotionless tone that her ninja had used. It was pretty obvious to him that she had known the person behind the mask before they had ended up like this.

"As you known that the tensions between the four kingdoms of remnant and Hoshido kingdom are still high. Mister Ozpin has proposed that a ninja of appropriate age attends Beacon Academy in order to help defuse lingering hatred between the two sides." The Hokage spoke in a very even tone.

Fox didn't say or do anything that would indicate that he was aware of the world's political situation. After the death of his friends and classmates, he'd simply stopped caring about the events that were happening around the elemental nations. However, it didn't mean that he was completely clueless about what was going on around him. He still remained in contact with several people that he had befriended during his days as a Genin of Konohagakure.

"The remaining Kage and I have decided that for the sake of peace with the gaijin, we will abide with his request for the time being." Tsunade continued to explain to the Anbu agent.

Fox continued to remain silent as he hadn't been give permission to speak by the last Hokage of Konoha.

"Therefore, you will be accompanying Ozpin to his academy in the Kingdom of Vale as a representative of Hoshido. So please remove your mask and introduce yourself." The Slug sennin instructed to the Anbu agent.

Fox let out a sad sigh of resignation before standing up in order to remove the porcelain mask that he had earned through years of hard work. He removed the mask to reveal a handsome face with cheeks that were adorned by three whisker-like scars apiece.

"Hello, Headmaster Ozpin. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and it's a pleasure to meet you." The former Anbu agent spoke in a polite manner.

Okay, the start of a new story for you to enjoy. I got the premise of this story from reading ANBU Naruto becomes a student of Beacon by 10000future Naruto. I decided to make my own version of the story with a few key differences that I'll be explaining in the story. So with that being said, please a review with your thoughts about the story.

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