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Chapter Four: Potter-Weasley
Harry stood at the end of the path. He was recanting all of the events that led up to this very moment. The many years of trying to stay alive through school while still maintaining a semi-normal life, like Astra Knight and her friends coming to Hogwarts and making life a little more interesting. Voldemort and his cronies coming from no where and ruining the Yule Ball, which ultimately made him realize that Cho really didn't like him the same way.

Now he was here, standing in an uncomfortable tuxedo and waiting for the first sign of Ginny to appear at the double oak doors of the church. Ginny had told him that she wanted to have the wedding in a church, because it was too cold outside and because of the stained glass windows. She loved the designs.

Ron was standing beside him as his best man. Ron had the biggest grin on his face that Harry had ever seen on him. The priest, who had been at the previous weddings, was smiling kindly at Harry.

Suddenly, Harry had a strange feeling inside of him. He was remembering something that Avalon had told him before the start of the wedding. As rare as it was for her to speak to him, he still wasn't sure of what she said. "Things are never truly what they appear, Harry. Just remember that."

Harry pushed it out of his mind as the bride's music started. He felt a little light headed as he waited anxiously for Ginny to appear. The flower girl, as it turned out, was Avalon. She didn't look particularly interested.

The maid of honor was Hermione. She was dressed in a deep purple dress and a smile on her happy face.

Harry surveyed the seen and saw Astra and Draco in the second row pew nearest to him. Astra was crossing her eyes and wiggling her nose at him. Draco rolled his eyes and just leaned back as though he were bored stiff, though not surprisingly he did smirk at her.

Then, something made Harry's heart stop for a second. One of the girls screamed. He saw before him only Hermione and Avalon. Ginny wasn't behind them. "Oh my God!" came the scream again.

Percy Weasley had been the one that screamed. Harry saw Penelope Clearwater trying to calm her husband down. Harry still couldn't see Ginny anywhere. His mouth felt dry. When he found his voice, it cracked slightly. "Wh-Where is Ginny?!"

"What happened!", came Hermione's voice.

"Ginny!" Ron cried at the top of his lungs.

Harry had suddenly realized that he had been running. He had his wand in his hand and he was breathing hard as he surveyed the area where Ginny should have been.

There was nothing there. Nothing, except a dark green cloud in the shape of a skull with a snake protruding from it.

"The Dark Mark!" Mrs. Weasley cried. "But where's Ginny!"

"Someone ran in here and grabbed Ginny just as she was about to enter the sanctuary." Penelope said. She looked extremely worried. Percy, on the other hand looked as though he would die at any moment.

He was mumbling incoherently. "My-my-my-my-my poor little sister…" Harry could only make out that line as he heard the mumbling continue.

"Where did they go." Harry's voice commanding in tone.

Penelope pointed out the door. Harry rolled his eyes and ran out. He saw a flash of a white wedding dress and ran after it. It was heading into the nearby woods.

The woods darkened some as the sun settled behind the hills. He could hear his heart pounding in his ears as he ran. He didn't want to think what would happen if he lost Ginny.

He saw another flash of white satin and ran after it. Then, he found himself in a clearing. There was a group of ten people dressed in black robes and one dressed in white. It was Ginny that he was seeing. She was being held by a big man in a black robe with the hood over his face.

"Harry! Help!" she cried.

Harry sighed heavily at this. "You blokes are really getting on my nerves!"

One of them snaked an arm around Ginny's neck. She bit him. "Watch it, you punk!" she growled.

Astra, Ron and Hermione came up behind Harry. Nevaeh and George came from the opposite direction and held their wands ready. "We have you surrounded, idiots. Let her go, now, before I and my friends turn you all into chickens."

"We want you, Potter!" cried one of the bigger men. His voice was gruff sounding.

"Good God, it's got to be one of the Malfoy cronies!" Hermione said from behind Harry.

"Bet it's Crabbe," Astra smirked at Ron.

"Bet it's Goyle," Ron countered.

Hermione hit them both. "COULD YOU TWO BE SERIOUS FOR ONCE?!"

"NO! My name's Astra!" Astra earned herself a slap on her head from Hermione.

"Honestly! Could you people BE anymore stupid!" cried Nevaeh from across the clearing.

"Hey! What about us? We have your blushing bride, Potter!" said one of the robed men. Ginny rolled her eyes at this.

"This is getting ridiculous!" Harry growled. Then, he pointed his wand at the one holding Ginny. "ACCIO GINNY!"

Before the big burly man could get a better hold on Ginny, she flew at Harry and threw him onto the ground. The other men got their wands out and started throwing curses around.

Harry rolled Ginny with him to avoid a nasty Crucio curse. She smiled at him and laughed. "Not unusual for our day, is it, Harry," she said with a smile.

Harry smiled back and kissed her quickly on the nose before jumping off of her and sending a curse at one of the men in robes. More people came into the clearing. Harry thought he heard something growling and saw a big black flash jump onto another robed man. Sirius had decided to join the fray.

The dog known as Snuffles jumped off of the now dead man and changed into Sirius Black dressed in his best dress robes. "I hate it when Death-eaters come back!" he cried.

They had managed to tie up most of the robed men. A few had got away, but Harry didn't ask anyone to go after them. It turned out that they had some of the ones Harry had heard the names of on the night Voldemort came back in Harry's fourth year.

"All right, everyone!" Astra shouted out over everyone's cheers. "I think we have a wedding to get back to!"

After everyone managed to get back to the church with the rogues in tow, Harry went back to the front with Ron and the priest gave him a smile. "I see that everything is in order, now? And those new guests—why are they tied up in a bundle like that?"

"They enjoy it. Don't worry, father." Harry said dismissively.

The bride music started and Ginny walked down the aisle with Mr. Weasley, who as it turned out, had ran out after his daughter when she was abducted, but got lost in the woods. It was Mrs. Weasley that had found him and brought him back.

Harry felt his stomach do flips as Mr. Weasley handed Ginny's arm to him. Ginny smiled brightly at him. Her fiery hair was pulled up into a French twist with little tendrils coming down in front of her ears, all with little sprigs of Baby's Breath tucked in.

Aside from a couple of dirt stains on the hem of Ginny's dress and small grass stain on the back, her dress was still in good shape. Harry stepped them up to the priest and waited.

"Dearly beloved—we are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Harry Potter and Virginia Weasley." The priest began.

Astra sat back and settled into Draco's shoulder. She was tired of sitting up as straight as she had a tendency to do. His arm came around her shoulders and held her closer.

"I wish them well," Draco muttered to her.

"What?" Astra stared up at him quizzically.

He gazed down at her with those grey eyes of his. "I said I wish them a happy marriage—a happy life." Then, his face became serious. "Just don't tell him that, or it's no more dragon for you."

"Excuse me, but I didn't need to hear that!" growled Nevaeh from in front of Astra.

Draco went pale and kicked the back of the pew that Nevaeh sat in with George. "Shut it, prude! Don't act as though you two don't do it!"

Suddenly, Draco was hit by a rather large book. Astra glanced up to see the priest glaring at them rather angrily. "Can't I do at LEAST ONE wedding without interruption?!" His voice seemed to echo throughout the sanctuary.

"Can someone please retrieve the father's bible?" came the wary voice of Harry.

Astra blushed furiously and picked up the bible. Then, she walked up to the front and handed the priest the massive tome. Then, she walked back to revive Draco.

The priest opened his bible again and began to recite the words Harry had been standing the entire time to hear. "Do you, Harry, take Virginia to be your lawfully wedded wife—to have and to hold, to honor and obey, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you part?"

Harry's heart raced as he uttered, "I do."

The priest smiled at him and then turned to Ginny. "Do you, Virginia, take Harry to be your lawfully wedded husband—to have and to hold, to honor and obey, in sickness and in health, 'till death do you part?"

"I do." Ginny said as she turned to smile at Harry.

Ron then stepped forward with the rings. "Give each other the rings, please." The priest's voice intoned on Harry's thoughts.

Harry slipped Ginny's ring onto her finger. It was a simple gold band, like his, which she slipped onto his finger soon after.

"If there is any reason that these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace." said the priest.

One of the robed men raised his foot and slammed it onto the ground. "I speak, because it's a stupid idea that these two should even be together. It should've been that mudblood there, the Granger girl!"

Then, suddenly, the man fell to the ground, bringing his comrades with him. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley held the wands pointed at the fallen Death-eaters' direction with Percy, Bill, Charlie, and George beside them. They, too, had their wands out.

The priest coughed. "I shall continue as though that never happened, on account that they were too stupid to think properly anyway."

"If there is a person here that has a VALID reason that these two should not be wed, let him speak now, or forever hold his peace."

There was absolute silence, except for the sound of the groaning from the Death-eaters on the floor. "Good. Now—I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harry let out the breath he hadn't realized he had been holding. He turned to Ginny and smiled down at her and brought a shaky hand to her face. He lifted her chin and bent down, pressing his lips to hers. There were several cheers from everyone.

When he pulled back, he gazed into her bright brown eyes. "I love you, Ginny." he said to her.

"I love you," she said and leaned up to kiss him again.

Then, Harry heard the last thing he wanted to hear. Sirius had gotten hold of a microphone and was speaking into it. "OKAY! Now for the honeymoon song!"

"Don't! Someone get that thing away from him!" cried Astra.

Harry and Ginny sighed. "Here we go again," Harry said.
The End