A/N: This story will start in season two. I will follow the plot but maybe not the direct timeline. As always, I don't own anything Z-Nation related, only my characters. I hope you guys enjoy, please let me know what you think.

I sat on a pile of old blankets by the door to the small bunker as I watched my 11 year old sister sleep on an even smaller cot. I had the radio turned up just enough so that I could hear it but it wouldn't wake Mia. It was mainly silence with the occasional static. I tiredly twisted the brown nob, back and forth, back and forth but I still received nothing.

I heard Mia cough in her sleep and I crawled over to check on her. She was sick and I wasn't sure how much longer she could tough it out in this kind of world. I knew it, she knew it and God knew it.

We had been in this bunker for about a week now. Previously, we were staying in my Uncle's old farm house but moved to his underground bunker when the sky started to turn black. From what little I gathered from my radio this week, it had been some sort of nuclear fallout.

My Uncle was a great guy who lived Cheyenne, Wyoming. Mia and I would come here to spend our summers. Our mother constantly traveled for work and our father was completely absent in our lives. Being sent to Cheyenne every summer was something that we both looked forward to. Even though this town was once a busy city, there was still a country feel to the place and my Uncle owned one of the farm houses on the outskirts of town.

Mia and I had been visiting here when the whole world went to shit. At first we thought it was just Wyoming, but the disturbing clips on the television showed that it was everywhere. The internet and news stations were still up and running though the beginning of the hell rising. It showed the disasters taking place throughout the country but then tried to ensure us that they had everything under control. It was reported that a plane traveling from London to the States crashed due to an outbreak, my mother was on that plane.

My Uncle taught us everything that we needed to know. I was good with a knife, and could shoot when I needed to. My favorite weapon was a staff that I made from the handle of an old shovel. It was thick and did the job. Before my Uncle was lost in Black Summer from a heart attack, he taught me how to grow some of my own vegetables, and Mia how to cook without sending out strong smells and attracting unwanted guests.

I remember years ago that some people made fun of my Uncle for being a Doomsday prepper, but I've seen those not so lucky people recently and I had to give them mercy. The bunker that my Uncle installed was just a few feet into the woods behind the property. It was a round entrance that you had to jump into. The only thing down here was some canned food, jugs of water and one small cot but in a world like this, this was 5 stars. The door was almost impossible to open when there was someone inside who activated all of the locks. I felt safe here.

As I drifted off to sleep on the pile of blankets, I was startled by a clear voice coming through the radio. It was more people talking about 'The Murphy" and I couldn't give a shit less. I wanted to hear some good news for once.

I shut off the radio and the small lantern, letting myself fall asleep.