Chapter 1

Hey there! This is my first posted piece of fanfiction, so it'll probably be crap, but whatever! This is just a fic about the lunar chronicles characters at Hogwarts where harry and group exist, but cinder is the chosen one and levana is the dark lord. I'm really sorry, if anyone has already done this, I wouldn't know!

Disclaimer: I do not own the lunar chronicles or harry potter.

"Ooo! Ooo! Let's go in here!" Peony screeched overexcitedly at Cinder while simultaneously dragging her into the nearest train compartment.

Cinder flinched at her step-sister, but her eyes were smiling. "Please scream again, I think I still have some hearing left in one ear." Peony wrinkled her nose but couldn't hold the look for long before breaking into an even wider grin.

Not only moments after they had sat down though, another girl trotted into the room, "Any one sitting here?" the girl asked, with a thick French accent.

"Nope, go ahead!" Peony said, setting down Cinder's owl, Iko. The bird squawked, sounding as excited as Peony at the idea of going to Hogwarts.

"Oh, cool, owl!" remarked girl.

"Thanks, this is Iko," Peony replied proudly.

"Wow. She's amazing! All I have is this rat, this is Pistol,"

"Pistol?" Cinder questioned, the first words she had spoken to the girl, Cinder realized how rash she sounded, but the girl didn't seem to care.

She shrugged, red locks tumbling down her shoulders, "He's really not as exciting as he sounds. He is- well- I think he is asleep."

Peony shrieked with laughter, and Cinder even let a smile spread out of her.

"I'm Scarlet by the way,"



She smiled wider. She was going to Hogwarts. She was getting away from Adri and Pearl, and she was with Peony, and Iko, and now this Scarlet. And she would be learning magic with them. And no one even seemed to care about her prosthetic leg and hand. She felt like crying. But, no, that wouldn't happen. That was one of the many side effects of the car crash- no- the attack she had survived, but her mother hadn't. The attack by the evil witch, Levana.

"Anything from the trolley, dearies?" came the voice of a lady driving a cart full of amazing-looking treats that Cinder had never seen before.

"No thanks, I've got my own," Scarlet said pulling out an unappealing tomato sandwich.

"Ummm…" Cinder looked at everything, entranced.

"Three of everything!" Peony exclaimed happily.

A moment later laughter was filling their compartment as Scarlet was explaining chocolate frogs, and Quidditch, and more wonderful things than Cinder could ever have imagined to be real before.

Then, just as Scarlet was about to try changing Pistol purple, the door slid open.

"Um- hello? I was-a- wondering if you-erm- had happened to see a toad? A boy named Carswell's lost one. O-oh I'm Cress by the way. U-m so have you seen a toad?"

She spoke quietly and quickly and stammered far more than Cinder could understand. She had a mass of unruly blond curls that touched the floor of the train just barley and was already wearing her uniform.

Before even Peony could speak Cress's eyes widened, "Are you doing magic?"

"Well I was before you came in," Scarlet muttered.

"Oh- sorry- please continue,"

"Violets, lavender, all in a circle, turn this old rat purple!" Scarlet chimed with a dramatic flourish of her wand.

The blond girl looked disappointed, "Oh- that doesn't seem like a real spell, here let me try-"

The girl paused midsentence and from the outside of the compartment came a boy's voice, "Hey, wait up, Cress!"

Pinkness spread over freckles speckling Cress's nose and cheeks. In a flash the compartment door was closed and Cress was gone.

On the opposite side of the door the last things the three could hear were,

"Y-yes, Carswell?"

"Is that all hair?"

Peony was the first to break out laughing.

" 'Is that all hair?' " Scarlet said in an off-putting tone Cinder thought was supposed to be the boy's voice.

Aching with laughter, Cinder decided this year would be the best time of her life.