Just My Luck

A Harry Potter/Magic Kaito 1412 Crossover

By Allietheepic7

Chapter 1: Green

"Another successful heist."

The words were said in a matter-of-fact tone, like the speaker was commenting on the weather. He stood in the shadow of a chimney, hiding from London's finest. Although the man was technically hiding, one wouldn't assume so from his clothing which was pure white and quite eye-catching. People who didn't know better would assume he was some kind of cosplayer; after all, normal members of society didn't parade around in top hats and capes.

However, people who did know better knew who Kaitou KID was.

Toichi Kuroba held the Luck of the Sea up to the moonlight. The shinning sapphire dazzled in the light, bright and beautiful. Despite its beauty, Toichi sighed in disappointment and placed it securely in his pocket. Another heist, another jewel, but still no Pandora.

It had only been 2 years ago that he discovered them, Snake and his Organization. KID had been only 2 years old then, Kaito only a few days, when Toichi had been confronted on a roof about a gem called Pandora and had nearly been killed. Now, after another 2 years of stealing almost exclusively jewels, he was not one step closer to finding this supposed gem of immortality.

A baby's shrill cry echoed from the empty alley below him. His eyes widened. The cry was muffled, though not nearly enough for it to have come from a house. And it was close as well…

Dropping silently to the alley below, Toichi scanned the space around him. It was all stone walls and concrete ground, littered with trash and cigarette butts, with a closed dumpster up against one building. Toichi stalked towards the dumpster and the infant's cries grew slightly louder with every step. He lifted the lid.

A baby lay in a stained knit-blanket on a pile of garbage bags.

Disgust curdled in Toichi's gut as he lifted the baby out of the trash. How could anyone just do this!? Leaving a defenseless child, in the garbage no less, to die! The child was only about a year old and a girl if the pink of her blanket meant anything.

He pressed her head into the crook of his neck, lightly shushing the babe as he swayed. Slowly, she calmed down to the point where she was no longer audible. Toichi took this chance to examine her.

She had dark brown hair, shaggy, and it curled around her ears. He brushed back her bangs and there was a scar, red and angry, in the shape of a lightning bolt. It was far too thin and precise to be natural. Fury burned through Toichi as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

She opened her eyes. They were beautiful, like a bright emerald that shined more than the jewel in Toichi's pocket. Those eyes stared tearfully up at the thief, one frail, little hand emerging from the blanket to curl around his tie. A pitiful whimper escaped her lips.

Toichi wiped away her tears with his glove and smiled down at the crying baby. "There, there, Hitomi-chan," he whispered. "There's no need to cry anymore. Daddy's here, Hitomi-chan, Daddy's here."

And on that full-mooned night of November 3rd, Kaitou KID gained another gem in his jewelry box.

A/N: Originally, Harry was going to be named Reiko (with the kanji for "Lucky child") but I decided on Hitomi since it means "pupil of the eye." The Japanese name dictionary I used said it was given to girls with extremely beautiful eyes.