Hello to all those who love One-Punch-Man and DBS. This is going to be my second attempt to post this story. I deleted it previously because of the flame war going on in the reviews. I fought it really annoying so i deleted it. I am now reposting it in hopes that we can all just get along. Also if you somehow get upset about reading a fanfiction written by a random bloke on the internet to such an extent that you have to cry about it in the comments searching for the approval that your father never gave. I am truly, and deeply, sorry. I say this as i hold my hands over my heart and with a tear in my eye.

Otherwise please enjoy my story.

Saitama was laying on his side as he stared at the Television. He scratched his butt of course as he often did as it seemed to be the place at least some of his hair went to. Genos already wrote a dozen different papers on why it was only his head that seemed to be completely bald. Saitama found one and when he did he went to the balcony of his apartment and threw it into orbit… literally.

So he just watched T.V. alone as Genos was off someplace testing out some new upgrades of sorts. His body was upgraded every other week it seemed. Genos hadn't requested another sparring match since their only one all those months ago. Genos still analyzed the fight sometimes, if you can even call it a fight, but he still couldn't believe it. His eyes were several hundred times better than a normal human's but still lost track of Saitama over and over again.

His fire blasts expanded a several mochs. Garou crushed him and several other S-Class heroes with ease but Saitama defeated even him. So Genos still waited to learn as much as he could from Saitama as he wished to be a great hero like him one day.

Genos went to the door of Saitama's apartment and entered to see a purple cat man about the size of a human standing next to a blue man with long white hair staring down at Saitama. Genos's arm glowed and he aimed them at the two.

"Oh Genos you're here?" Saitama said noticing him then scrambling to the floor and scrambling over to him. "Wait-! Stop-! You aren't allowed to blowup my house again!"

"But there are intruders!" He pointed out the obvious then remembered it was Saitama. "But I suppose that if they attacked…"

"We brought food." The taller Blue one said holding up another box of sushi. "Want some?"

"Sure… I guess." Genos said coming over and they all sat around the low table in the middle of the living room. "So who are you two."

"I am Lord Beerus. God of Destruction. This is my servant Whis." Beerus told the two. Saitama picked his nose with his pinkie finger before whipping it off on the table cloth. A vein bulged on Beerus's forehead. "There is a tournament being held by a super race of beings that wish for you to come in and fight a champion of our universe in single combat."

"… Why me?" Saitama asked.

"You are currently the only being in this universe that could stand against our champion." Whis stated. "So they wanted you. They even have a pocket dimension where we can all fight without damaging any life."

"So if you're a God why would you come for Sensei?" Genos asked Beerus. "Isn't that kind of weird?"

"The High Kai's can't leave their plain of existence. Only send out messages to other kai's. Since there aren't any in this universe they needed beings powerful enough to actually make the jump between the universes so they asked us to do it." Whis answered. "Besides Lord Beerus wanted to see if this earth had any good food like ours."

"I was mildly satisfied so I won't blow up your world." Beerus told the two.

"When is this?" Saitama asked.

"In two days. We can bring a Dozen or so people with us on the trip back." Whis answered.

"There is a sale on that day at the store. I can't afford to miss that." Saitama said waving his hand. "Sorry."

"There is supposed to be food there for the people that is enough to feed ten times the number and is completely free." Beerus said leaning back with his eyes close. 'If I don't like any of it though I'll probably-!"

There was a whoosh of air and when Beerus looked again Saitama had changed into his superhero costume and was finishing zipping up. Whis looked surprise as Genos only looked slightly startled; mainly because Saitama's fly was still open.

"Genos. Ask some people to come. And ask them to bring really big bags."