Okay i know you all either hate me or likes Saitama (nobody likes me #sadness) but i've been playing a bit of Doom 2016, and when i say a bit i mean that i have put about 20 hours of gameplay into it, and i was wondering what crossover should i do with it between halo and wolfenstein.

Halo because Doomslayer (doomguy's newest tittle) and Master Chief are the two biggest space marines ever.

Wolfenstein because if B.J Blazkowicz and the Doomslayer joined forces no amount of ammunition could take the two down.

So give me your thoughts in the comments. Not like i could stop you, and i know there will just be that one guy who will say i would tell me to just make a poll but you know what i don't like waiting for like three weeks for people to notice. This way it is faster, and i also did make a poll. I am also putting a similar message in my other stories.