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What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Always Stay There.

Chapter 1: Becoming Ms. Swan again!

Looking across the store, my eyes zone in on the person with whom I had hoped to never cross paths. As I watch her holding up baby gowns, my mind reflects on what led me to feel this apprehension upon seeing her.

I haven't had a moment to myself in almost two weeks. I'd been pulling twelve-hour work days, but my day doesn't end there. When I get home, I have to clean the house, do the shopping, make dinner, and take care of all the household bills. By day ten, I'd hit the stage where I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep it up.

It just happened that day eleven was the day from hell; from start to end. I had to face a jerk at work, who didn't think a woman, let alone a five-foot-two woman, should be a senior project engineer. Being the nice gentleman he was, he decided to make his stance known. Of course everyone—within what seemed like a ten-mile radius—all my co-workers and clients got to hear him degrade me. His words were as stupid as his backwoods' idea of what a woman's role in the world should be. It pissed me off, too, especially since the CEO was not in the office that day. After that, things just went downhill with one thing after another going wrong. By the end of the day, I was very happy to go home. If I'd have known then what was going to happen, I would've stayed at work!

Arriving home, I find my husband Emmett was not only absent, but he hadn't done the yard work like I had asked.

Fuming, I was trying hard not to call him and be that nagging wife, but he was not working, so he should at least mow the damn grass. The more time passes without him having a job, the more he is not doing anything at home. I am beginning to doubt that he is even looking for work. After all, it has been six months, and he hasn't even had one interview. Don't get me wrong, I know jobs are hard to come by, but I had told him that my company was hiring men for labor jobs. He bitched me out about looking like a fool and less of a man because his little woman would be above him. I tried not to laugh when he said that. Emmett is six-foot-seven and has the build of a football player, so he's always towered over me.

Feeling too tired to make myself dinner, I end up with a cup of soup and a sandwich, before heading upstairs to have a bath. Lying in the warm water, I close my eyes. It didn't seem like much time had passed before I felt panic and gripped the sides of the bathtub pulling myself up. Sputtering the water out of my nose, I know I fell asleep and went under the water.

"Fuck, okay, maybe I should just go to bed then. I don't think shaving is a good idea," I mutter getting out. Drying off, I grab an old college t-shirt I picked up at a second-hand shop and get into bed. Sleep is just pulling me under when Emmett arrives home.

"Where's my dinner, Bella?" Emmett complains as he shakes me.

"Too tired; I just had some soup and a sandwich," I try to tell him, but I'm unsure if he makes out my slurred words.

"What about me?" he huffs.

"Just call for something," I tell him before rolling over.

Ranting, he starts slamming things down on the dresser or nightstand. "I'm taking it you are too tired to cook, so you'll be too tired for us, too?"

Opening my eyes, I just look at him. "Sorry, I just need some sleep. Give me an hour?"

"I'm going to take a shower," he huffs walking away from me. My eyes roll shut as I hear the shower coming on.

Just falling into dreamland, I hear the buzz of a cell. Groaning, I reach for my phone to see it isn't mine buzzing. Turning over, I see Emmett's phone lit up on his nightstand. "Em, your phone!" I yell toward the bathroom door hating that he left it to bother me.

Closing my eyes again, I try to go to sleep. Just as I'm back to the place where you feel yourself drift off, there's a loud buzz sound again. Opening my eyes, I see the light flashing again on Emmett's phone. Looking at the clock, I see it's after ten, so it must be important.

Sighing, I look to the bathroom door, and figure it will work best if I take it to him. Rolling off the bed, I grab the cell phone and see it's a text, not a call. Finding it strange, I wonder who would be texting at almost ten at night. It must be important if they were texting him so much and the flashing will keep up until I touch the screen.

As I walk sleepily to the bathroom, I touch the screen and the message pops up. My stomach drops to my feet making me stand still, as I reread it again making sure I'm not seeing things.

Monkey Man, call me ASAP. I am ... we are ... pregnant! Xxx Rosie

"This has got to be a wrong number," I say in a whisper to myself.

Scrolling through the contacts, I close my eyes feeling a small sob work its way up when my eyes land on the name Rosie.

Looking to where our bathroom is, I still hear the shower, so I click on the message archive. I look through sent messages feeling disgusted at the several very sexually-based messages that have been sent back and forth.

Staggering back, I sit on the bed.

"Are you finally up to make my dinner, babe? Are you okay; you're looking a little white?" Em says sounding happier than what he was before.

Looking up, I glare at him. Make him his fucking dinner? What. The. Hell? He cheats and thinks I'll make his dinner?

"What have I done or not done this time?" he asks with a sigh.

Nothing beside cheat on your wife of seven years, my mind screams silently in my head as I just glare at him.

As the tears fall down my face, he looks at my hand seeing his cell there.

"Why are you looking through my cell?" he grits out accusing me of being the one in the wrong.

Shaking my head, my eyes seem to stay on Rosalie as she smiles holding up a baby gown to her flat tummy. She lost the baby that she had texted Emmett about, but it looks as if she could be expecting another one. I carry on watching her bite her lip as she places it in the basket. As her eyes lift, they fall on me and she visibly swallows. She pales as she looks at me, and a few seconds later, she drops her eyes before scampering off.

"The fucking home-wrecking whore is here," Tanya growls out and I roll my eyes at her to help shake off the hurt and desire to cry.

"Emmett wrecked our home. He cheated and then served me with divorce papers."

Tanya hums. "But if it weren't for Miss Hale, he would be still yours."

Snorting at her, I shake my head. "He was never mine. I should have kicked his ass to the curb when he cheated on me in high school."

Tanya just looks at me. "You wasted almost ten years on him."

I sigh and turn to her. "I know and I should have listened to you when you said I was worth more than what he offered me."

Deep inside I wish I could go back to my sixteen-year-old self and shake her for having such a crush on him. If I could, I would slap myself before I agreed to go on a date with him. Then, I would kick my ass for going on said date when he was almost two hours late and never called. I would beat some sense into my seventeen-year-old self for forgiving him for fucking that bitch Jessica who bullied me daily. I would tie up and kidnap my barely nineteen-year-old self to get out of getting married to him. I should have known better; he's a boy in a man's body. He was never affectionate with me, and only said I love you when he wanted something.

I knew we never had a perfect marriage, but we never really argued either. The fact we hardly argued was due to the fact I mainly bit my tongue and buried my head in the sand. All of that changed about six months before I found out about the affair. I thought we were doing all right, just having a rough spot.

Looking back, I now see that Emmett was almost baiting me into arguing with him all of the time. It was as if he had been searching for a reason to walk out on me and go to her! As for the reason we never argued, that was because he was never in love with me. I'm not even sure now, if he ever cared about me as a friend or even as a person. He only saw me as his income provider, cleaning lady and chef; all of which he got to bang as a perk.

It wasn't finding out that he cheated that made me realize this; it was one month after I found out about his cheating. The asshole came to my work with flowers, saying happy twenty-sixth birthday to me in a loud voice before slapping the divorce papers on my desk. He turned on the heels of his feet and walked out with his head held high as I sat there shocked.

It's been nearly a year since I found out he was cheating, and the divorce has been finalized for almost a week. The hurt over what he did is still in the center of my heart, but I am slowly moving on. The only thing left of Emmett being in my life is his last name which I'm still using.

"Let's get you some sexy underwear for your Vegas trip."

I groan as Tanya pulls me along to the lingerie department.

"I am going to Vegas for a work conference," I remind her.

"Come on, Bella, it's Vegas! Vegas, baby," she states wiggling her brow and I roll my eyes at her.

"Now, you just said you should have listened to me, so do it now. No one will know you there, so go and have fun, enjoy yourself. Fuck some hot-ass guy on your birthday to make up for the shitty one you had last year. You only turn twenty-seven once."

"Unlike you?" I snort out.

Tanya slaps my arm and picks up a sexy baby-doll. "You'd look hot in this," she says wiggling it at me.

I roll my eyes. "I am thinking of changing my name back to Swan," I say and Tanya stays quiet for a few minutes.

"It's about fucking time. Nice to have you back, Swan!" She yells as she hugs me.

"It will not be Swan until after I come home; everything's booked under McCarty for the trip."I tell her still having some doubts about this.

"Don't worry; I'll have it all set up for you as a coming-home gift."

I shake my head at her, but smile knowing if it weren't for her, I would never have gotten through this last year.

"Come on, I need to buy clothes to go with my old and now new-again name," I say.

"Oh, yeah, and we need to get you a new hairstyle, too. So come on, I'll call Tori," she pulls me with her as she starts to run around the store. I laugh as we pass a security man who's frowning at us.

After spending several hundred dollars, Tanya and I giggle as we walk through the mall. When we burst through the door of Diamond's, everyone looks at us.

"Hi, Kate, we just called Tori and she said she could fit Bella in."

Kate nods at Tanya. "She's just finishing with a client, but I'll let her know you have arrived." Kate walks away and I watch her as she talks to Tori, who's removing the cape covering a woman's shoulders.

"See you in six weeks, Mrs. Cope," she says as she walks her up to the counter. She cashes the woman out and waves as Mrs. Cope leaves.

"Come on, Bella," Tori says pulling me up. "So, what do you want to do with your hair today?"

Since I'm unsure, I shrug. It has been a long time since I had anything done besides a trim. Emmett wanted me to keep my hair long, so for the past ten years I've only had three inches taken off each year. My hair is currently below my ass when it's down. "What do think?" I ask Tori, knowing she's good at this.

"I would cut it to about here," she says touching just below my bra in the back. "I'd put in some visible layers, as well as blonde and red highlights."

Letting out a soft breath, I look at her through the mirror. "Do it," I say making her grin at me.

"That's a girl, and you are going to look beautiful. James will love the hair I cut off, if you will let him have it."

"Of course," I say knowing her husband does great things with the donated hair.

Tori grabs a hair tie and puts it all in a low pony and then platts it before tying off the other end. After putting another hair tie below where she intends to cut the hair, I gasp as she cuts it off. Looking at her through the mirror, she winks at me.

"This is a good thing, babe, besides this is going to benefit someone who needs it," she says holding up the hair she cut off.

"James!" she yells. "I've got some lovely, long Bella hair for you."

James takes it and winks at me. "Thanks, Bells; I've been dying to get a hold of your hair. It's so long and healthy – it's perfect." I roll my eyes at him, but he leans into me. "What brought on all of this change, Bells; I never thought you'd cut your hair?"

"Two reasons: first, I'm going to Vegas, and second, when I get back, I'm going back to being called Swan."

James and Tori both smile at me. "Is that right?" he asks and I nod at him as he smiles. "Well, in that case, let's give her the works. Give her a hand massage, manicure, wax and shape her eyebrows, plus style her hair," he calls out to Tori and the other girls. "And Bella, no worries on the cost, baby, it's on me. What do you say?"

Shaking my head at him, I disagree. "I can pay."

James shakes his head at me. "I know you can, but you are my favorite customer, and it's about time you were pampered. So, just nod your pretty little head at me and tell me what you'd like to drink."

"Coffee – strong," I giggle making him laugh back at me.

"Don't worry, my main girls are doing this. They're going to enhance that pretty face of yours." James kisses the side of my face before standing and looking at Tanya.

"I'll have a glass of wine, and a pedicure, if it's on the house," she states with a smile.

James rolls his eyes. "You just like the word free."

Tanya nods with a big smile at him. "I'll take anything if it's free; I'm not dumb."

James stops and looks at Tanya and shakes his head. "Too easy," he cackles as he's walking away, while Tanya flips him off.

As soon as the tints are in my hair, Bree and Kate come over and start my manicure as Irina waxes my eyebrows.

"Ow!" I yell, glaring at Irina.

"Stop being a baby," she states flamboyantly.

"Why the hell are you using a Russian accent?" I ask her. "You're more American than I am."

"Her new man, Laurent, thinks she is Russian, and that she sounds sexy," James says as he places another coffee down for me.

"You are a swine," she says keeping in the Russian accent as she points the tweezers in her hand at James.

"Oh god, she's been searching Google for Russian insults. She's in deep," Tori cackles out gaining herself a slap.

"I like him; he's important."

Sighing, I roll my eyes, but the bitch pulls another one of my stray hairs.

"Hey," I say rubbing it. "I was only going to say if he's important, then tell him the truth."

Irina rolls her eyes. "The truth is hold still so I can get the rest of these caterpillars tamed."

I glare at her and she smiles before going back to thinning my brows.

"Almost done," Tori says into my ear as she messes about with my hair. My back is to the mirror, so I have no idea how it looks.

"And that's it, ladies," Tori says stepping back.

I look at Tanya who's got both thumbs up and is smiling at me.

"Ready to see it?"

I nod, but close my eyes as she turns my chair. When the chair stops, I slowly open them and my mouth drops open. "Oh, wow," I say touching it. I take a little breath as I try to hold back my tears. "I love it," I say still so surprised. Tori didn't give me a lot of highlights, but what she did seems to have only highlighted my natural hair color. The colors compliment my fair skin tone and make my chocolate-brown eyes pop. The cut gives my hair more life, and the shape is perfect to frame my face. The transformation is amazing, and I think I look younger and hot.

"You look smokin'," Tanya says and James catcalls from across the room. Their comments make me smile, because I am starting to feel a bit egotistical since I think I look good, too.

"Thank you," I say hugging Tori, feeling so much better than I was this morning.

Tori pats my back and gives me a squeeze. "You go get that new wardrobe to go with this new look, and have a damn good time in Vegas."

Nodding at her, I get out my wallet to pay, but James covers my hand. "I told you, doll, this was on me; now go and get some new clothes and be the sexy goddess you are." He slaps my ass and points to the door when I fail to move.

Pulling out four twenties, I hand one to each girl as a tip, roll my eyes at James and put my wallet away. Giving them each another hug before Tanya pulls me out the door.

Tanya and I spend three hours shopping and I pick up a few sexy outfits to go out in for my weekend trip, as well and some new clothes to wear to the conference.

It's late when I get home and check my mail. I only find one letter and it looks as if it has been hand-delivered. As soon as I see the handwriting, I know it's from Emmett. Dealing with him makes me groan. Emmett was not happy that I was awarded the house, it's contents and our newer car. All he received were his belongings, the second older car and our bed ... there was no way I was keeping that!

He seems to believe he deserves more, and even tried to blame me for his mistress Rosalie's miscarriage. He even went on to tell the judge that I did it, because I couldn't have a baby and was enraged with jealousy. If that was not hurtful enough, he blamed the fact that I couldn't have a baby as the reason our marriage failed.

I had to sit there and explain to the judge, who was a man, about being diagnosed with Endometriosis as a teenager. I was first diagnosed when I was sixteen, and found out only because sex was so painful. It remained painful even after I had lost my viriginity. Between the pain and being depressed, my sex drive went downhill. My lack of wanting sex caused Emmett to cheat on me the first time, but I took him back and had surgery. The doctor said I could become pregnant—there was still a chance—but it wasn't likely.

Sex after the surgery was better, but we still didn't have it as often as Emmett wanted. No matter how much sex we had, I never became pregnant, which caused me as much pain as it did Emmett. Even with my inability to conceive, I never wanted anyone to lose their baby regardless of what they did to me.

I'm so grateful the judge saw through him, and told him that his sob story was giving him a headache and to move on. When Emmett went on to argue, the judge brought up the fact I had to get tested for STD's and STI's. Emmett quickly clapped his mouth shut at that line of talk. Where I was clean and clear, he and Rosalie both tested positive for Chlamydia.

Walking in the house with the letter, I drop it in the trash without opening it. Everything has been said and done, there's nothing of importance that will affect my life in that letter. Maybe to him and Rosalie it means something, but they are nothing to me.

Entering my bedroom, I pull out the suitcase and pack away all the clothing I bought today for the trip. Once I'm finished, I lie down on my new bed. As I lie here relaxing and reading a new book, I feel strangely eager to leave for my conference in Las Vegas.

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