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Chapter 30

Look at us now - Ten years later


I take my time looking at the screen. I look over all the measurements and make sure the spine is straight. Next, I pay close attention to the beating heart and find that it, as well as the other organs, is seemingly perfect. I let out a soft breath when everything looks good, and look up with a smile.

"Rose," I say softly as she has her eyes tightly closed. "Come on, open your eyes and look up here at the monitor. She's fine – everything looks great," I whisper.

Rose has had four miscarriages in the past ten years, and where I can't prove that they were caused by the mistreatment that she received at the hands of Emmett, I stand firm in my belief that the drugs he had given her had some long lasting effects.

About eight years ago, she and Bella ran into each other while out around town. They got to talking and Rose accompanied Bella to meet with me at Marcus' to get our matching tattoos. We had the infinity symbol tattooed on both of our left ring fingers. After we had gone, Rose stayed behind and decided to get a tattoo also, and in the process seemed to hit it off with Marcus. They were married a year later. A year after that Marcus and Rose came to see me, because Rose had another miscarriage, and they wanted to know if I could help them.

I discretely spoke to Bella about it with Rose's permission, and she agreed. Over the years so many things have happened to surprise me, but their friendship was the biggest one of all. Rose and Bella became closer five years ago, when Emmett committed suicide in prison. This caused his mother, Renata to go off her already unstable rocker. She had been placed in a state mental facility, but somehow managed to break out. Thankfully between James, Jasper and Rose's brother Royce, who had started his own security company, she was caught trying to come to the place she thought Bella and I still lived. There was CTV footage of her. She had a detailed plan to kill Bella and had all of the things she needed to carry it out. The DA charged her with escape and premeditated, attempted murder. With her new charges added to those of her past, she was put back into prison. She is now serving a life sentence in a maximum security, mental hospital, where she is in solitary confinement. Due to her past escape, she is monitored by an ankle monitor twenty-four-seven, even behind bars.

"She's really okay?" Marcus asks and I nod at him. "Yes, Marcus, both mom and baby are fine."

"Thanks, Edward," he says as he holds Rose's head close to his chest.

"It's my job," I chuckle at them and clear my throat. "I'll give you both a few moments alone." I walk out and wash my hands.

"Thank God," Jessica says as she lets out a long breath. "I don't think I could handle going through the protocols for another miscarriage with them."

I nod at her feeling the same exact way. It's the part of the job I hate the most, more so when it's the same family you are telling the sad news to yet again.

Jessica joined me at the clinic as my main nurse six months after I left the hospital. She, too, had become sick of the behavior of the nurses and the way they gossiped nonstop.

I wrap up my appointment with Rose and Marcus, after setting their next appointment in two weeks' time.

I can't help grin as I walk out of the clinic at the end of the day with Jessica. "You're not looking forward to your time off, not even a little, are you?" she snarks.

"Yes!" I grin broadly at her, making her shake her head at me.

"Have a nice vacation, Edward. I'll see you in two weeks."

I get on my bike, waving at her before I drive off. When I get home, I put the motorcycle in the garage and go into the house. Immediately, I hear the sound of fighting, and Bella counting.

"What's going on?" I ask sternly, and all four of my children turn looking at me. Jack and Anthony, who are now both ten, point at Amara and Elizabeth: our twin girls who are eight, but will turn nine on Bella's birthday and our anniversary. Meanwhile, the girls are both pointing at the boys.

"It's them," they all seem to yell at the same time.

I look at Bella who looks ready to kill them all, so I take charge.

"Enough!" I say and give them the look that says 'no more or else.' "Love?" I ask directing my attention back to her.

"All four of you go and sit on your chairs now, you're all in time out," she tells them pointing for them to move.

She walks away after they all sit in their respective places and I follow her. As soon as we're in the kitchen, I pull her to me hugging her closely.

"It's just been one of those days," she sighs into my chest.

"Well, we have the next two weeks off for vacation, love."

She looks up at me and grins. "Yeah, I know, and I've been looking forward to that, and not just because when we get back, the kids go back to school ... but yeah, that's the biggest reason."

I snort in laughter as I shake my head at her.

"Does it feel like their summer vacation from school has lasted forever?" I ask in a calming voice.

She takes a deep breath and looks up at me and nods with a frown.

"I know they can be trying, but you already know when they go back to school, you're going to miss them. Am I right?" I ask.

"Yeah," she sighs and I coo softly against her neck as I start to nibble on her soft skin. "I know I'm strange that way." Bella hums softly and I start to run my hands down her back. I shift them under her top as they make their way back up, enjoying the feel of her soft, silky skin.

"How was work?" she asks.

"Good," I tell her simply as I place my lips on hers.

I only get a few minutes of kissing and cuddling her, before she pulls back. "I need to finish making dinner; you can deal with your spawn."

"They must have been naughty, they're back to being just mine," I say with a chuckle knowing full well that they have been fighting all day.

I give her one last kiss before walking away. "Okay, Amara, you're up first," I say pointing in front of me as I sit down. I take them one at a time, listening to what they each have to say. As it turns out, this was just a fight about whose turn it was to pick something to watch on the television. So for a punishment, I remove their TV time for the rest of the day and tomorrow.

"I can't believe I am going to miss watching golf!" Jack tuts. "What am I going to do now?"

"You could read, like Amara," Elizabeth tells him with a touch of attitude.

"I am not reading one of her silly books!" he bites back.

"They were Mom's books," Anthony reminds him. "And Dad said he read them, too."

"Yeah, I guess, but what about tomorrow? No TV tomorrow and I planned to watch the tournament. I wish school started already."

"Jack, we have plans for tomorrow – we're going to the sports center, remember? Aren't you supposed to have lessons in playing golf?" Amara asks, reminding him.

"That's tomorrow?" I ask in fake surprise, making the girls snort at my silliness.

"Yes, that's tomorrow," Bella adds entering the living room. "Now, Jack and Amara, go set the table for dinner. Anthony and Beth, you two can get the glasses of milk and put them on the table."

The children set about their tasks, and Bella and I put the food on the table. Once we've sat down and everyone has their food, we begin to eat.

"What time do we leave tomorrow?" Jack asks with a mouth filled with food.

"Gross – can't you swallow your food first, Jack?" Elizabeth asks with a look of disgust.

"Look, Beth," he says opening his mouth making her groan, "And I was talking to Mom."

"Yeah, well, I don't want to see chewed up food either, so ask again once you're done chewing and have swallowed," Bella tells him and he looks at me.

"Nope, don't look to me; I'm with your mom on this one, Jack."

Jack swallows the food in his mouth. "Mother, would you do me the kind favor of telling me what time Father, Anthony and I leave tomorrow?" I cover my mouth and silently chuckle at the snobby, pretentious voice he just used.

"Eight," Bella states, but can't hold in her laughter and she giggles.

"Thank you," he says nodding excitingly as Bella glances at me.

"You'll be meeting Uncle Jasper, who'll have little Carlisle. Uncle Alec and Demetri. James, who's bringing Jamie, and Grandpa Charlie, Uncle Jacob and Quin, will be there. Lastly, Papa Carlisle is going to be there as well."

"Why is Jamie coming, she's a girl?" Anthony asks in a whiney voice.

"Because she asked to go," I tell him simply.

"Who's joining us on our pampering day?" Elizabeth asks.

"Aunty Alice and little Esme, Granny Esme, Aunty Tanya and Sophie, Aunt Tori, Aunty Jane and Aya will be here, too."

I can't help but smile as Bella rhymes off each of the new additions to our extended family. Alice and Jasper had baby Esme just before our twin girls were born. The following year, they had baby Carlisle at the same time that Jane and Alec had Demetri. James and Tori followed with Jamie the following year, and Tanya and Jacob had Quin and Sophie. And just four years ago, I was called into emergency surgery. Tanya had to have an emergency appendectomy, and the surgical team was surprised when they discovered she was pregnant. It was touch and go as little Aya was very early—two and a half months to be exact—but she, like her mom, was tough and pulled through. She spent quite a while in the NICU, but is now four and healthy as can be.

The kids help clean up after dinner, and I send Bella off to have some time to relax. I read the girls a story and get them to change into their pajamas. The boys, who insist they are too old for stories, tell me all about their plans for tomorrow. After all four of the children are ready for bed, I tuck them in and lock up the house before joining my wife in our bedroom.

"You were supposed to keep your clothes on, love," I say moving behind her. "So that I can rip them off of your body," I growl against her neck.

She giggles at me and I suck on her neck lightly. "You've been doing that for ten years now, and I am running out of clothes."

"I told you I'll buy you new ones to make up for it." Bella giggles into my mouth, but I quickly silence her by kissing her.

The rest of the night is spent making love. We've only just rested and are holding each other when my alarm goes off.

"No sleep for the wicked," Bella laughs. "I'll see you tonight," she hums at me.

I quickly kiss her head before moving into the bathroom to shower quickly before waking the boys and getting them ready to go.


"How do you do it?" James blurts out.

"Do what?" I ask as I glance toward the kids who are all listening intently to the coach, who's working with them.

"Have sex so often?"

"What?" I half yell.

"Yeah, I wanna know, too, so tell me how?" Jasper asks and looks around to see that everyone except for Charlie, who put his fingers in his ears, and my father who's laughing seems to be waiting for me to answer James' question.

"I am not sure what you mean," I say giving them nothing.

"I'm lucky if I have sex four times a week, and we only have Jamie. You have four kids running around like crazy, and yet you seem to be having sex every day?"

"We don't have sex every day," I sigh. "I give her a break on Sundays," I chortle as James just raises his brows at me. "I don't know, honestly, even after ten years, we're still in the honeymoon stage. No matter what, I can't seem to keep my hands off of her. Besides, it helps that she's not a screamer, well, unless the kids are away, then by god, she can make some noise."

James just tilts his head and then laughs. "Yeah, I do recall her screaming—"

Before he can finish his story Charlie cuts him off with a yell. "Enough, you all can see me, right?" We all nod at him. "Well, then don't make me get my gun."

We all hold our hands up in surrender as he keeps muttering about shooting us all, and I have to bite back my laughter.

Once the kids have had their lessons, we take them out for a round of fun on the golf course and keep score.

It's late when the boys and I get home. "Girls, did you miss us?" I call out as we walk to the table with take-out food the boys and I picked up.

"Yes," They all reply together all smiling.

"Where are we going tomorrow?" Jack asks.

"The Zoo," Amara answers with a roll of her eyes.

"We can't all be great at remembering stuff," he replies to her, making the rest of us roll our eyes at him.

"It's on the family schedule on the fridge ... Oh wait, that's right, you don't look at that because then you would need to do your homework," Elizabeth is quick to point out.

"You're just jealous that I can do it in five minutes flat and still pass," Jack boasts.

"That's not always going to work, and you will no longer be doing the work moments before it's due to be turned in; do you understand me?" Bella asks him.

"But, is it more important to get it done right or promptly?" he asks, making me stifle the chuckle that is starting to bubble up, knowing he just stepped into it.

"No, mister smarty pants, and you'd be wise to use those smarts to mind what you argue. Getting your work done promptly and done correctly are both important, and if you keep doing it at the last minute, you're going to make me go bat poo-poo crazy," Bella tells him, and gives him a scary smile.

I turn, looking at her and mouth the word 'poo' at her, making her blush. I know she—well all the adults—are trying to tone down the swear words even the little ones like 'shit.'

The next morning Bella and I are up early to make our picnic lunch. After we have finished, we make breakfast and have some us time, before we get the kids up.

We spend the next two weeks doing fun family things and taking in many different events. Last weekend, we had everyone over from the family for a big get-together. Now. I only have this weekend and Monday off before I need to go back to work. Tonight, we are meeting our family for a meal, and then my parents are taking the girls, and Charlie and Sue are taking the boys until Sunday night.

We arrive at the restaurant and the hostess walks us to a very large table.

"Jessica," Bella says hugging her. "We need to get together and have coffee. I feel like it's been ages since we last talked."

"It's been six weeks," Jessica reminds us with a light laugh.

"How is this one doing?" Bella asks touching Jessica's still unnoticeable baby bump.

"According to Doctor Creepy, all is good, and since I'm now into my second trimester, I can tell my family. So do me a favor, hush and act surprised when my mom calls you." Bella smiles and nods at Jessica.

"Can I say I find it weird that a doctor has the last name Creepy and never changed it," Tyler says making Bella let out the snort she was clearly trying to hold back. "Remind me again why he can't be our doctor?" Tyler asks Jessica, pointing at Edward.

"It could be worse; his name could be Doctor Frankenstein," Amara mumbles out not taking her eyes off the book she's been reading since she sat down.

"No listening to the adult talk," I remind her making Elizabeth just look at me.

"Don't even say it," Bella and I say right away, knowing she was about to hit us with a smart-ass answer.

"Have we missed something?" My dad asks as he and my mother join the table.

"Nope," I say and he gives me a grin as he looks at Elizabeth.

"There's my girl, she's going to be the President one of these days," my father says about Elizabeth.

"Don't give her ideas," I choke on my snort.

Just as my father and I start to talk, the rest of the family arrives. Once everyone is here, we situate the kids at the table beside ours, and we all take our seats at the table set for the adults. Thankfully, the children all get along pretty well and behave, so that they can sit together.

As dinner is served, I look around feeling very happy. Never in my dreams could I have imagined being this happy. I know that we still have many challenges to work through; but I believe we'll get there. All I have to do is remember the words my father said to me the night Jack was sick and rushed to the hospital.

"Son, being a doctor is one of the most important jobs you can do, but your family must always come first. Your family is your backbone, and your foundation. With the right family, a good doctor can become a great doctor."

"I know," I said to him.

"Do you? She's just had two babies, Edward, you better than most new fathers should know how long it takes to recover. Not to mention how long it takes a new mother to get back to feeling like herself. And then add what this Emmett guy has done to her."

I dropped my head knowing he's right.

"I told you last year that you were pulling too many hours, and you didn't listen, but you will this time. Be there for her and the boys, because you may wake up and not know them or have them if you don't. As for the nurses, you should have made it clear that no matter what, Bella's calls always get put through to you. If they didn't, then they would no longer be on staff. Bella is like your mother; she wouldn't call unless it is important. People only walk over your family if you allow them to." He took a long breath and placed his hand on my shoulder. "I had planned to tell you all of this when you came to tell me you were getting married. Love is not all that's needed to make a marriage work. You need trust, communication, understanding, and forgiveness. Build these qualities by talking and never keep things from the person you want to spend your life with. Give them all of you, and accept all of them. Help each other in building the person you each need to be for each other, because they will always be there for you. Ask for forgiveness when you need it, and give forgiveness when it is called for. Most of all is be there when they need you, but more importantly, be there just because you love them and want to be with them, not because they may need you. One last note: give Bella your pager number so that she can page you herself."

I know with those words in mind both Bella and I are always building our relationship. Sure we fight and make mistakes, but that's just another reason we love each other. Our imperfections, and the fact that we don't want to be perfect, or have a perfect marriage makes us able to cope when one of us makes a mistake. Thankfully, Bella is very kind, and since it's me that normally screws up, that makes me lucky.

I glance at Bella who's hugging my mother, and I notice she has a warm glow around her. I have always seen it, but it has become more evident to me since we renewed our wedding vows.

I wanted—needed—to marry her again, not because we were both drunk the first time, but because I needed her to know that I meant it all, and that I wanted her to be my wife.

Bella looked stunningly beautiful in the wedding dress that Jane had made her, but I think she could have worn a trash bag and still shone like a star. She was so happy and cheerful that I made it my vow to make her that happy at least once a day. I hated to let her dance with anyone else at our reception, but it did give me a chance to hold my boys and be close to them. As we watched their momma dance, I whispered to them that when they find their one they should hold on to them and move mountains if needed to keep them.

I am brought out of my mental thinking by the kids all hugging me. "Be good and I love you," we say to each of the kids at the end of the meal, giving them each a hug and kiss.

"Freedom," I whisper shout to my wife, with a smirk making her laugh.

"Look what I got us," I say holding up the bottle of Jack Daniels and wiggling my eyebrows at her.

"But what if I forget?" Bella asks and I shrug.

"Then I'll just have to make you fall in love with me all over again."

She hums before kissing me. "Come on, lover, let's go home; we only have forty-eight hours," she giggles and I pull her with me to the car.


Edward and I spent the entire weekend without the kids in bed. The only time we left was to get our second tattoos. This time, we both had an infinity symbol tattooed, but with our boys' and girls' initials around it, and our initials in the middle.

Edward went back to work, and the kids and I spent the last two weeks off from school, getting ready for their new school year.

I felt a little sad, but mostly relieved when the kids waved at me as they headed into school the first day. As soon as they were out of sight, I headed to work.

"Welcome back, Bella," Aro calls as I pass his door. I give him a wave and get back to working on the pile of projects that he seemed to have kept for me while I was on vacation. I have barely made a dent in my workload when I'm called into Aro's office.

"I need you to go to the new site; they have a female trespasser. The guys say they think she's been crashing there for a while now. For safety, I told them to leave and then accompany you in when you get there."

I nod at him before walking out. This is not the first time we have had a squatter on a job site. Normally, Aro tries to deal with these things without police involvement, knowing it is normally a homeless person looking for shelter. It is his normal practice to hire them to work for a few weeks, and in return, they get a place to crash and food.

I grab my jacket and send a text to Edward to let him know I may be a little late for our lunch date.

I arrive at the site just as Edward texts back to say he is also running late. I can come by after I am done, and we can get a bite then or he'll work through so he can finish early.

"She's in here, Bella," Frank, the head foreman at the site says. I put the hard hat on and follow him to where she is.

Frank steps to the side and my eyes land on a woman who looks dirty. "Hello, I'm Bella," I say softly but the woman sneers and looks up at me, making me gasp. "Rachel?" I whisper unsure if this is Edward's ex or not; I only met her that one time.

"Well, if it isn't the woman who stole my life," she yells and leaps toward me. Thankfully, Frank steps in front of me.

"Move away from Mrs. Cullen or we will call the police," he yells at her.

"Wait," I say shakily. "Rachel, what are you doing here?" I ask. "The last I heard was that you were arres—" I don't finish the word as she glares at me.

"Yes, that asshole made up some fake-ass crime, like I would steal from some crappy store!" Rachel seems to start to mutter as if she's having a conversation, only it's with herself.

"Rachel," I call.

I look at Frank who shows me his cell. I shake my head and hand him mine. "Jasper," I say and he takes it moving to the side.

"Rachel," I try again as she still seems to be muttering. "Rachel!" I yell this time stepping in front of her. "What happened after that, after Jasper arrested you?"

"What happened, she wants to know what happened? When I managed to have the charges dropped, my father and I were then charged with tax evasion. Why the hell should I have to pay taxes? Then the rats that worked for my daddy took him to court for being treated like slaves." Rachel shivers but carries on with her rant. "This wasn't enough for Jasper, he had to have the pigs he works with stop me. They said I killed someone with my car – that I ran someone down." She shakes her head, and lets out a strange sound. "It was just some homeless man; I really don't know why they even followed up on it. But I was blamed, and then put in jail. JAIL! When I got out, I was a laughingstock; no one wanted to know me. No one, not even the people I had made great. They all left me to rot. My daddy left with all the money he had and started over in another country. I had nothing. I have nothing and it's all your fault." At this point she stands and charges at me again, but I easily deflect her arms, grab her and hold her down as she hisses and growls at me.

"Oh shit!" I hear Jasper say and he moves quickly to me, restraining Rachel. "I told you to stay away from this place," he says.

"This is all your fault, you and that bitch took my life. I was meant to be Mrs. Cullen—it was my life!" she yells and Jasper sighs.

"Handcuff her; we have to drop her off at the hospital again," he sighs to the female officer as I watch her place handcuffs on Rachel.

I stand almost dumbfounded as Jasper calls for an ambulance. When it arrives, Rachel panics and they end up having to drug her so that she calms down and doesn't hurt anyone.

"What the hell just happened?" I ask looking at Jasper who looks upset.

"Didn't I tell you that Rachel went off the deep end? She is seriously crazy," he says with a straight face.

I shake my head at him and he shrugs. "Her father wasn't paying taxes. He was only paying his employees five dollars an hour, and if they didn't put in the hours he asked for, he fired them. He wasn't giving them any breaks, and a multitude of other things. As you can imagine, he was charged for several infractions and lost his business. This caused Rachel to go on a bender; she hit and killed a pedestrian while driving her car. She stopped, but only to look over her car and then kicked the guy because—I assume—he made a dent in her car, before she drove away. She spent four years in prison, and since she has been released, she is always getting picked up. But clearly, she's bat shit crazy. I really can't see the difference in her from the way she was before all of this went on to how she is now."

I snort and Jasper winks at me. "I best go, darling."

I wave him off, fill out the paperwork, and tell the guys at the site to take the rest of the day off. I fill Aro in and head out to meet Edward for a late lunch.

"Hi, love," he whispers before kissing my cheek. "Did you get everyone sorted out at the job site?"

I shake my head and hum looking at him. "It was Rachel," I blurt out causing him to frown at me.


"Rachel, as in your ex Rachel."

"What – really?"

I roll my eyes. "Yes, here and yes really. She's nuts, really nuts and sleeping on the street. Jasper had her taken away by an ambulance, so she'll be sleeping in the hospital for now. They had to drug her; she tried to attack me for stealing her life."

Edward looks at me and then to his watch. "I have ten minutes before my next appointment. Why don't you fill me in?"

I have only just started to tell him what happened when Jessica comes in with coffee and cakes; I ask her to stay and tell both of them what happened.

"I wish I could have seen it," Jessica says and I look at her and she shrugs. "She's always been crazy, and her father was able to buy her drugs to hide it."

I glance at Edward who hasn't said anything. "You can have your dad look in on her if you want." His eyes snap to mine and he arches his brow. "I'm just saying, I mean, you dated her for ten years. At one time she was a part of your life, and just because you don't love her anymore doesn't mean you stopped caring. Besides, you're a doctor; it's a part of your job."

"No. I wasn't considering that at all. I'm sure she will be cared for and will be okay. I was shocked because I haven't thought about her, not once since Jessica threw her out of our house all those years ago. I didn't even know she was in jail."

"What – I told you?" Jessica says with a huff.

"When?" Edward asks her and Jessica seems to think it over and laughs.

"The day the girls were born; you were on edge and I said I knew how to put a smile on your face. I told you, but it was at the same time that you were paged because Bella had gone into labor."

"I wasn't listening to you that day," Edward tells her as he shakes his head.

"You're lucky I have to look over our next patient, or I would so kick your ass and make you listen to Justin Bieber again!"

I chuckle as Edward groans. We spend some time kissing and then I let him get back to work. "See you tonight, love," he whispers in my ear and I kiss his neck and step back giving him a nod.

I wait in the hallway, hoping to talk to Jessica before I leave.

"Hey, did you forget something?" she asks and I shake my head at her and pull her to the side.

"I think I'm pregnant," I tell her and she just looks at me. "Two weeks ago when the kids were away at their grandparents, I had Jack Daniels and forgot to get my injection on the following Monday, and now I am a week late."

Jessica nods at me and takes me into a side room. "You haven't told Edward?"

"I will but, I kind of want to surprise him."

Jessica smiles at me, knowing that Edward and I had found out about the boys and didn't know we were married. When the girls came along, we took the test together so I never had the chance to tell him he's going to be a dad.

"I'll perform the blood work and urine test just to be on the safe side," she tells me. I nod at her and she gets to work. I am grateful that there's a small toilet in the room she's using, and once I'm finished I sit and wait, knowing she'll have the results in half an hour.

"Looks like you are going to have a baby," she says showing me the test. "Or maybe two, knowing you and Edward, it will be twins again," she laughs.

"Hush," I grit out and glare at her.

"Hey, you never know, it could be three this time," she smiles.

I snort and slap her arm. "No, thank you! Now, not a word about this to him; I want to surprise him!"

She nods at me. "Just glad I know someone that's having a baby who will be around this one's age," Jessica rubs her tummy as she talks.

"Maybe you'll have a boy and I'll have a girl and they'll get married," I joke.

Jessica's eyes seem to light up and I know my joke backfired when she gets a big smile on her face. "That would be so awesome," she says. I hear Edward yell her name and she winks at me. "I better get back to work; text me when you tell him!"

"I will," I say and she opens the door and ducks out.

"Give me three minutes, and then you'll be free to get out of here without being seen."


It's just a little after four when I arrive home. "Hi, I'm home," I call out.

"Hello, sweetheart, now that you're home, I'll head out to go home and make dinner," Esme says standing up. On the days we both work, she picks the kids up after school and takes them home. I wave her off and the kids all give her the normal hugs and kisses goodbye.

"How was your first day?" I ask after she has left.

Each of the kids tells me about their day. When they are done, I head into the kitchen to make dinner. I have only been home an hour when Edward walks through the door, asking them the same question I did.

At dinner we find out more about school, and the kids tell us what after-school clubs they would like to join.

After they are bathed, I clean up; I head upstairs just as Edward is telling the girls a story.

"Why did Jack Daniels make Mommy forget you?" Amara asks and I frown.

"Because it wanted your mom and dad to know each other, but make them work to love each other."

"That doesn't make sense, Daddy, because you remember her, and why would he make you get married just for her to forget?" Elizabeth asks smugly.

"You know I remember telling you girls about how your mom and dad got together and you used to love it. You never doubted me, but now you have all these questions."

"That's just because it doesn't make sense. Just like in Sleeping Beauty ... why was she sent away if the King truly believed he destroyed all the spinning wheels?" Amara asks.

"Because then the story would only be a page long," Edward sighs.

"We love you, Daddy," The girls giggle. "But you need to work on a new story now that we are older."

"I'll get right to it; now off to sleep both of you."

Edward walks out and sees me covering my mouth as I sit on the floor.

"Hey, love."

"Why am I always the one that forgets?" I ask him with a laugh.

"Because I was sure it was you; just you looked different that's why," he says and pulls me up.

"I'm going to get my kisses. I'll meet you in the boys' room," I say and he nods before walking into the boys' room as I walk into the girls'.

"You know what else I don't get?" Amara asks. "Why did you call Jack after someone that made you forget you got married to?"

I snort shaking my head. "Because I liked the name, okay?"

The girls giggle as they smile at me. "Did you really forget Dad after marrying him the first time?" Elizabeth asks shyly.

"I did, but my heart didn't—my heart remembered."

"Because you loved him?" Amara asks.

Nodding, I smile. "I did, and do. Now it's time to go to sleep."

I tuck both the girls in, kiss them and move to the boys' room, seeing that Edward is just wrapping up their boy talk. I tuck each of the boys in, kiss them, and then lead Edward to our room.

"What would you say about having another baby?" I ask him and he looks at me smiling.

"I'm game if you are, and you know how I love to try," he says wiggling his brows at me.

"Great," I say and Edward's eyes scan me with an intense look on his face.

"You're not … we're not ... are you?"

I chuckle as shake my head. "I am … we are."

"Yes!" he hisses picking me up. "I'm starting to think that Jack Daniels doesn't just make you forget, but it it's guaranteed to make you pregnant," he chortles and I laugh with him.

Every time I have gotten pregnant, I had been drinking Jack Daniels that night. It happened with the boys and then with the girls, and now it seems with this little one or ones, too.

Edward kisses my neck softly as his hands run down my back. He slowly strips me as he keeps kissing and whispers sweet nothings.

"I love you," he whispers as we start to make love.

"I love you, too," I breathe out with a moan.


This pregnancy was a lot harder on me than the other two, and surprisingly I was only carrying one. Jessica—who was two weeks late—had a boy while I was rushed to the hospital to deliver Hope Faith, who arrived two months early. She's just like her brothers; she's a fighter. Jack, Anthony, Elizabeth, and Amara all have doted on her and have been a great help to me and their father, who ended up taking a year off, due to some of Hope's complications. Knowing she's a Cullen, I know she will overcome them, and become stronger.

I am forever grateful not just to my friends and family, but to Rose for showing me the guy I was with wasn't worthy of my love. Most of all I'm grateful to Edward and my children who have shown me a love that grows stronger every day. I guess one thing I have to be thankful for the most is that 'what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there.'

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