Batman and Robin quickly caught up to the web-slinger and asked him to stop on a nearby building, after a few minutes spent following the spandex clad man. "Hey Spider-Freak, park it on the next roof top!" Robin called out, still peeved from the father son comment. Parker sighed and reluctantly did as he was told, knowing co-operation made situations like this go by faster and far easier than anything else.

"Ok, So what did you two want? I really gotta find my friend before he does something incredibly stupid." The acrobatic arachnid stated once all persons involved were settled on a rooftop of another apartment building.

The dark knight slowly approached the wall-crawler after retrieving a small item from his utility belt. "Well first things first, we have other business to attend to. I trust you enough to leave you on your own, for now that is. Here, this is so we can meet up later. Just activate the signal and we'll come to you and finish up this conversation." Batman replied as he handed him a bat-shaped device with a small, softly glowing red button located in the center.

"Ooh, lemme' guess, it's a Bat-Tracer?" Spider-Man asked giddily, the prospect of tinkering with new technology was just too exciting.

"Er, yes, it is. Now, go find your friend. We'll talk later." the bat-themed vigilante answered before nodding stiffly at his young compatriot and leaping into the inky darkness of the night. Robin was only mere seconds behind, as he took a moment to send a cold glare towards the arachnid. To his annoyance and slight anger, Spider-Man only waved back before swinging off in the opposite direction.

"Okay, if I was a Wade, where would I be?" Peter muttered to himself as he swung sharply around a corner, immediately taking note of the effeminate shriek crying out for help that came from nearby. 'Damn. Well I guess ya' gotta wait Wade, can't leave damsels in distress.' the masked menace of New York thought as he headed towards the disturbance. Arriving to his destination easily within half a minute, the wall-crawler stopped at the edge of the roof overlooking the crowded alleyway.

There were eight men total, each clad in garish looking clown masks and wielding some kind of melee weapon, except for the largest who happened to possess a military grade assault rifle. Peter couldn't determine the exact model, not from lack of knowledge, but from the fact that the man wielding it would not stop pacing around, appearing almost nervous.

"Jus' give us tha' money an' tha' jewels an' ya' can leave wit' ya' life! Or would ya' rather party wit' me an' my boys?" Snarled the thug closest to the trapped woman. She looked like your average middle aged woman, loose fitting blue jeans, tennis shoes, a light jacket, a purse and jewelry bag clutched towards her chest. "Seriously, we ain't playin' around here!" another goon chipped in.

"P-please just leave me alone. I don't want any trouble!" the unnamed woman cried out once more.

"Then give up tha' goods n' git outta here!" the gun-toting man towards the back of the group shouted.

Before anyone could react an odd figure dropped down from, seemingly, out of nowhere. "Yo guys, I'm pretty sure she said she doesn't want any trouble, so why don't you pack it up and go home? I would really hate to beat you guys. Severely. I don't like rapists, wannabes or not." The red and blue clad figure spoke in a rather laid back manner. At the man's final words, the large gun-toting thug yelled. "Get 'im!"

Wasting no time at all the other goons crept towards the mysterious masked man menacingly, uttering various insults as they readied their weapons. "Hey, miss, you might want to stand back and find some cover, this is going to get ugly. Like these guys!" Peter whispered to the obviously frightened woman. She only nodded in reply before ducking behind a nearby dumpster.

"Alright, which one of you losers is first?" Spider-Man asked in a teasing tone, instantly annoying the approaching aggressors. Not bothering to even grunt at him, one of the men swung his bat towards the red and blue spandex clad vigilante. The arachnid hero swiftly ducked, only to spring back up and deliver a devastating kick to the thug's rather frail jaw. "Who else wants a piece!? How about…you!" Spider-Man nearly shouted, his gaze locked on an approaching goon. "Get over here!" With this, he snagged the poor man with a web line and yanked him into a vicious uppercut effectively taking out the attacker.

At this point some of the clown rejects were having second thoughts about trying to beat this guy, seeing as he just disposed of two of their more foolhardy comrades in mere seconds. "Screw this man, I was just in it for the cash! I'm outta here!" one man practically screamed before making a desperate dash for the alley's exit. He never made it, as the only gun-toting goon pumped three bullets into his back. "NO! We finish 'im then we take the broad hostage! You want out, well there's only one way out, and it ain't alive!" the de facto leader growled to the remaining members of the group.

Stunned silent for a brief moment, Peter realized with a growing sense of guilt that he should have taken out the man with the gun before engaging the others. 'Great, another life lost on account of me joking around. Damn, I really need to take these guys more seriously.' Not bothering with pointless banter, the spandex clad hero dispatched the remaining thugs with the utmost prejudice. In a matter of seconds (and a flurry of kicks and punches) the criminals were left unconscious and subdued by webbing. The hero even went so far as to deliver an extra kick to the downed gunman's ribs, as he was still struggling somewhat in his bonds.

"Miss, it's alright now. Uh, if you would be so kind as to call the police," Spider-Man spoke as he checked the pulse of the man shot, it took a few seconds to find as it was fairly weak. "and an ambulance! He's still alive!". Crouching down and carefully lifting up the back of the unnamed man's jacket and shirt, Peter carefully webbed up the trio of wounds before applying pressure. "Hey, er, if your done over there, I could use some help." Spider-Man asked in an urgent tone. "O-okay." was the meek reply the woman offered before kneeling down next to the strange vigilante and placing both her hands over the remaining wound.

Not one to waste an opportunity to gather knowledge or run his mouth, Peter couldn't help but ask in a light manner "So, you come here often?". "I live here. What's it to you?" was her short response. "Oh, I'm just wondering where I'm at 'cause it obviously ain't New York." was Peter's reply, as he looked at her face and the somewhat bewildered expression it bore. "Uh ya know, the Big Apple, the Empire State, home of Big L and Biggie?"

She looked at him as if he had lost his mind. "Of course it's not, this is Gotham, we're in New Jersey." The lense of the mask widened and he muttered quietly. "So I'm in hell…great." The woman had barely opened her mouth, as if to offer a retort, before she was cut off by the blaring sirens of the arriving combination of police and paramedics. The injured thug was quickly rushed away from them and into the care of the waiting ambulance, as the unconscious web-bound men that littered the alleyway were retrieved by the GCPD officers.

"Well, now that that is taken care of, I guess I'll be off!" shouted a quickly retreating Spider-Man. The astonished would-be victim could only ask in astonishment, "But wait, who are you!" as she watched the wall-crawler leap into the air. "Oh, little ole me, well I am just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!" was his overly cheerful reply as he shot out a strand of webbing and swung off into the night once more. "I have to move before this city drives me insane." the damsel no-longer-in-distress murmured to herself, as she was escorted by a female officer towards a cruiser, almost completely oblivious to the questions directed her way.

'Now that that is taken care of, I can resume my search for Wade.' a reinvigorated Peter Parker thought as he began the search for his 'friend' anew. He swung around the vast majority of the city for nearly two hours, once again finding no signs of the insane mercenary. Though the fruitless search didn't render the night a complete waste. Spider-Man had managed to break up a fair amount of muggings and other petty crimes. Sitting atop another rooftop of a run-down building, the spandex wearing hero suddenly remembers the bat-tracer sitting in his utility belt. Peter sighs as he pulls out the bat themed piece of technology and activates the signal.

While waiting for the strange duo to appear, Peter decides to further examine the tracer, noting that the technology, while similar to his own spider-tracers, is distinctly different. Whether it is superior to his technology or not remains unknown. A short but audible grunt pulls Peter from his pondering as he jumps up, frightened ever so slightly. "Hey what did I tell you about sneaking up on people! Seriously, where are your manners Batman?" Spider-Man says in a tone signaling his minor annoyance.

"Anyway, did you find your friend?" Was the grunt the met the spandex wearing vigilante. "Uh, no, I didn't so…what do I do now? It's not like I can just spend my entire time looking for him, I gotta sleep sometime am I right? Speaking of sleeping, uh, do you guys know anyplace I could stay?" Spider-Man rambled on until he was interrupted by an aggravated Robin. "Shut up already you infernal idiot!" The young boy nearly yelled at the interdimensional interloper before turning to address his 'partner', "There is no way I am tolerating his presence longer than absolutely needed. Either set him up in a safe house somewhere or send him to the league and let them deal with him." And with that, Robin remained silent, only offering a stiff glare at the masked imbecile in front of him.

"As Robin so eloquently put it, we have two choices, neither of which I am happy to make. However, seeing as you are in fact from another dimension, I have no choice but to inform the league about this. I'll schedule a meeting between you and them soon, but until then I can set you up in a empty safe house. Follow us." Batman said with no small amount of reluctance in his voice as he moved towards the edge of the building with a visibly upset Robin in tow. The two quickly launched off the roof and fired grappling hooks to the nest building, heading off with so much as a glance back at their companion.

The arachnid themed hero shrugged at the fact he was left behind and did as asked, following the two vigilantes into the city, executing flips and other acrobatic moves as he swung to catch up.

Author's Note: Sorry for the lengthy period between updates, but we warned that this would be updated randomly until completed. Now as for what took so long with this chapter, it was primarily two things, slight creative differences (this particular chapter was re-written over three times until we agreed upon it's current state), and attempts at editing. Hopefully we'll have the next chapter up sometime within the next month or two, but please don't hold your breath in anticipation, as it happens to be the final forty days of school and things are getting rather hectic with ACT, SAT, AP, and EOC testing right around the corner. We'd like to thank everyone who has favorited, followed, or reviewed this story so far and we would love to hear your feedback. Drop a review or PM and we'll respond to any inquiries.

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