A/N: This story is set in the same basic universe as my story "Public Service Announcements of Justice" so everyone is wildly out of character. This is an spin-off that serves as an alternate for chapter 18, but I converted it into more of a story format. Reading my other story isn't necessary, but it will make things a bit easier to understand as well as some inside jokes clear. Either way I hope you enjoy the story,

"Are you really sure this is a good idea?" Green lantern asked floating alongside Batman as they approached the monitor womb. He knew his input would change little, but he had to try to make Batman see reason. Batman had already declared himself king of the league and Green Lantern wasn't going to dare challenge the king, he didn't want to lose his status as a duke and end up like Aquaman. The life of a peasant was not one he wanted to lead so he would go along with the king's whims.

"My ideas are always flawless, you should know that by now," Batman responded dismissively already sitting down and typing out the message he was planning to send around the world. "Besides if our funds weren't wasted by you fools, I wouldn't need to do this. I'll hate every moment of it, but who wouldn't pay for a date with me?" a smirk accompanied the rhetorical question.

"Don't overestimate your attractiveness," Aquaman put in his two cents and was immediately silenced with a glare.

"Aquaman, don't make me lock you away again," Batman threatened. Aquaman paled considerably and retreated a few steps only to swiftly be thrown aside by Wonder Woman who was trailed by superman. Wonder Woman looked absolutely furious and Superman looked a bit conflicted. Aquaman simply stayed in the corner he landed in and watched Wonder Woman stomp through the room.

"What the hell? You can't sell a date with yourself to raise money for the league," Wonder Woman's tone and expression would terrify most people. Luckily Batman wasn't most people and allowed the tone to roll over him without any noticeable reaction. He continued typing, completely unaffected which was extremely typical of him.

"Now, you might have had the high ground to say that if you weren't part of the reasons our funds, which I provide, were wasted. You've caused plenty of damage around here with your antics, many of which related to you trying to seduce me, if it could be called that," Batman rolled his eyes beneath his cowl, not that he didn't have fun with her.

"That's different and it works some of the time," Wonder Woman defended herself. It was true her habit of trying to 'entice' Batman did work occasionally, it just happened to leave things and often people damaged.

"If you're so interested just enter yourself," Batman waved a hand. He kept his eyes trained on the monitor, not allowing anyone to see the smile that could easily be classified as evil growing on his face.

"Wait we can enter?" Superman asked speaking for the first time sounding slightly excited more than he reasonably should have been.

"What do you mean we?" Wonder Woman turned to glare at him. She didn't want anymore competition, especially from the Man of Steel. Defeating the women of earth was going to be annoying enough she didn't need a rival in the form of Superman.

"I don't get to spend enough time with Bruce, I'll do whatever it takes to hang out with him," Superman stated resolutely avoiding looking directly at Wonder Woman's eyes and shuffling closer to Batman.

"Superman we're in costume, it's Batman. Understand?" Batman finally turned his eyes away from the monitor to fix a glare at Superman who nodded meekly. "And yes, all league members can enter provided they pay. Aquaman that does not include you, you may not enter under any circumstances."

"Why not?" He pulled himself out of his corner and managed to sound indignant.

"I don't want to spend time with you, besides I doubt you want to spend time with me," Batman responded gruffly, trying to finish his work. His relationship with the King of Atlantis was one of derision and antagonism on his part.

"I don't know, if we became friends maybe things would be better and you wouldn't force me to be a peasant in your kingdom," Aquaman refused to make eye contact with Batman instead he just kicked at some imaginary dirt. He looked like an embarrassed child and Batman chose not to answer him at all.

"Alright, I'm done," Batman pressed one last button and with a small beep that betrayed the enormity of what he had just done his work was complete for the time being.

"Exactly what are you done with?" Wonder Woman looked over his shoulder not entirely sure what the codes on the screen were for.

"I've managed to broadcast my announcement, now every television and radio should be playing the news of my contest. I'll probably have to do a few interviews during the coming days then sign ups can begin and you'll get your chance to enter," Batman stood up paying no heed to the shouts in the watchtower as people started to get word of his contest.

"And now it begins," Batman resisted cackling like a monster simply because someone might faint if they heard him actually laughing.

"How many people do you think are going to enter?" Green lantern asked what everyone was thinking while simultaneously reminding everyone of his presence.

"It's a date with me, how many people do you expect to resist?" Batman left the room with a flourish of his cape leaving the rest of the heroes to ponder his question. How many people were going to enter this sham?

If the excitement already starting only within the tower was any indication, quite a few would be entering. Batman had plenty of fan clubs on earth and he had admirers among aliens as well. However rather than worrying about the possible danger the crowds of ravenous fans could stir up the league members were more concerned about getting details on how to win that elusive date with Batman.


So that is the starting chapter, this is actually the first time I wrote an actual story without it being from a specific character's point of view. Quick explanation in relation to my other story, Batman declared himself king in chapter 17 and grants various league members different titles, Aquaman is low on the scale. He also tends to mess with the league as a whole through different means, but everyone still respects him to various degrees.

I know I usually update everything on Friday, but this popped into my head and I wanted to upload this earlier than my main Justice League story.

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