By the time the process was over everyone forced to work for him was extremely annoyed at Batman, but they weren't crazy enough to voice it. Instead they just went through the lists of who they allowed to the next step of the competition.

It wasn't particularly difficult to find a trend with some of the groups. Everyone chosen by Wonder Woman either had a personality that Batman would find horrible or some off putting trait be it physical or mental. Captain Marvel chose mainly children, Flash chose women who he personally was attracted to, Martian Manhunter chose every tenth person, Superman was very meticulous in finding people he thought might make Batman happy, and Batman mainly chose people he thought would be good to throw onto television.

Although Batman obviously knew why each person chose who they did he decided to gather them and get their opinions.

The small group stood in a line feeling distinctly uncomfortable as Batman walked back and forth in front of them like some drill sergeant. "Flash," Batman began and the Flash immediately straightened up, "What personality traits made you think your choices were the right ones?"

"We were judging personality?" Flash asked blankly.

"You were judging the person as a whole, but I suppose I left it to your discretion," Batman replied clearly not particularly caring about his own rules

"I was just judging based on the outside, I didn't really want to waste time talking to them," Flash shrugged, "Besides I'm sure you'll like my choices."

"That explains a lot," Superman sighed looking at the other hero.

"What exactly does it explain?" Wonder Woman asked her annoyance already beginning to surface.

"Why he only chose extremely attractive people," Batman supplied and Wonder Woman shot a murderous glare directly at the Flash who hid behind Batman.

"It's not like you're much better," Batman fixed a glare on her, "You simply chose people you thought I wouldn't like."

"You can't prove that," Wonder Woman quickly replied, but the nervous tone in her voice and the fact that she didn't actually deny it pointed to it being true.

"You passed a woman who literally said, she was only doing this to meet Flash and she was actually terrified of me," Batman referred to one young woman who walked in wearing a Flash shirt.

"Really?" Flash sounded far more pleased than Batman felt was necessary given the circumstances.

"Shut up, these people are competing for the most loved member of the league, not you," Batman hissed at the Flash who merely nodded and apologized looking like a kicked puppy. Wonder Woman simply coughed and looked away not really having any way to refute his point.

"And most feared member," Superman added, but once a batglare was fixed in his direction he quickly continued, "Which is just another reason why you're so great."

"I know," Batman replied completely seriously. "I don't want to speak about any of your choices anymore, I'll just give myself a headache. Leave," he commanded.

"Hold on I have a question," Superman began to speak, but was swiftly cut off by Batman.

"Leave you peasants," he commanded pointing to the door of the room, "I may have to reinstate the kingdom, clearly my rule wasn't harsh enough if you haven't learned to follow directions," Batman's voice dropped further.

The league members sprinted out of the room terrified of what might happen if Batman became king again and was mad at them, though Wonder Woman did add, "Isn't he hot when he's mad?"

Batman skimmed through the remaining contestants and eliminated some before announcing the next round of the competition and who would be participating. He also chose to televise the competition he prepared to earn money, it didn't take long to organize deals with multiple networks and sponsors. He released the names of those who would be participating, but didn't actually tell them what they would be doing. He chose to keep that to himself, it would be more fun watching them react to the situations if they weren't sure what to expect.

Batman sighed not for the first time, sorting this trash was draining, but the influx of money was enough to mitigate his annoyance. It wasn't as if he needed the money personally, but the watchtower was constantly facing damages or the league was being sued for one reason or another. He chose to ignore the fact that he was often involved in some way. Rather than draining his personal money, it was beneficial for the entire league for him to bring money from other sources and he wasn't above manipulating a huge portion of the world's population into paying into a competition they were bound to lose.

He decided it was time to record his message, he turned on the camera and began to relay his words across the world. "Congratulations to those of you who have been accepted into the next round. For those of you who haven't you only have yourselves to blame, you should meditate on your faults and try to improve as a person. Rather than try to read the names off I will be sending a delivery boy to give the invitations for the competition to those currently still in the running. To everyone else there will be tickets going on sale tomorrow at 11:59 pm to view the event. If you try to run a program to buy multiple tickets and scalp them I will find you and destroy you, so avoid that. That is all, you'll receive further information in the future."

With the click of a button he turned the camera off and proceeded to walk away with a smirk on his face because unlike the rest of the world he knew what was coming. He realized he had forgotten to mention that he wasn't to blame for injury or death be it by accident or on purpose. He'd just add it in fine print on the invitation and if someone ended up maimed he wasn't responsible, even if he would enjoy it.