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Chapter 1

Issei Hyoudou, the wielder of Boosted Gear, home to the spirit of Ddraig, the heavenly dragon, had just landed on his ass atop a high mountain in the Gremory lands. He was to spend most of his summer training with the dragon king Tannin before the Rating Game between his master, Rias Gemroy, and her best friend, Sona Sitri. "Damn it ossan! You didn't have to drop me so hard. The boy complained as he rubbed his bottom.

Tannin, the blaze meteor dragon was a tall purple colored dragon fifteen meters tall with strong arms and legs that he stood on. The battle experienced dragon looked at the new holder of Ddraig with a little disappointment. 'I really feel sorry for you my old friend.' He pitied the stronger dragon. The purple dragon expected more from this generations red dragon emperor who managed to push back Vali but was wrong as he was just a hopeless pervert that rarely took anything seriously.

His plan was to change that and make him into a proper warrior who could stand up to anything that comes his way. Tannin told Azazel about the plan and while he was slightly on the fence he agreed seeing it was the sensible thing to do considering who he will have to fight. "No whining boy." Tannin's strong voice made Issei stand ridged.

Swooping down, the dragon's form easily eclipsing Issei, Tannin spoke up. "You want to get stronger?" He asked. Issei looked confused. "I asked you a question. Do you want to get stronger?!" He this time roared the answer.

While a little scared, Issei steeled his nerve and looked the dragon dead in the eye. "Yes! I want to be strong!" He roared back. Looking into his eyes, the dragon held back a smirk at the sheer determination behind his eyes. 'He'll do fine.' "Alright, but I must inform you of what we are really doing here."

Issei looked confused again. "B-but wasn't I coming here to just get stronger?" He asked the dragon.

The former dragon king nodded. "Yes we are here to make you stronger but to also beat some sense into you." Tannin said. Issei tilted his head a little. Seeing his new student confused he clarified. "I have hear of your battles as of late. I have to say…I'm disappointed and saddened for Ddraig." He purposefully insulted Issei.

Anger now welled up in the teenagers gut. "What do you mean by that?!" He shouted out. "I've been able to beat back more of the strongest guy's I've come across no problem!" He tried to boast himself up only to be grounded when Tannin's tail crushed him into a near boulder.

"Well hate to break it to you kid, but there are a lot of beings in this world that surpass those who you have fought." The wise dragon said as he glanced at the downed form of Issei. "And by the way…that was a love tap." He somewhat enjoyed the widened eyes of Issei.

'I'm gonna' die!' Issei cried in his head. His inward crying was interrupted when his body was wrapped in rough scales. "Ua!" The brunette shouted in pain as he was lifted, via hand, to Tannin's face. "W-Wh-Why would you be sad for Ddraig anyway?!" He was able to question through gritted teeth as he remembered his first statement.

A sigh escaped Tannin's lips. "It's because, from what I have heard, you only get stronger when it involves woman and mating with them. Such a disgraceful way to become stronger." He insulted Issei once more and before he could shout out Tannin squeezed a little harder. "Don't interrupt me. This is for yours and the ones you hold dear sake." That made Issei stop squirming and listen to Tannin.

"You waste all that energy and potential you have focusing on woman and their bodies when you could have been stronger than what you are now. Sure, you have been able to come up with some, surprisingly, clever ideas; you'll come across someone who will be unaffected by those ideas and kill you. You need to rely on what you have and try to gain more as you go along. Putting it bluntly…you're weak and pathetic." Tannin drove his point home as Issei lowered his head in defeat.

"I'm here to build you up into a powerful warrior that can fight evenly with any of the toughest beings. But you need to throw away that perversion of yours as it will only hinder and stop your growth as a person and a fighter." With his word said he dropped the boy to the ground. Tannin watched as the boy held his head down in deep thought.

Issei sat on the ground, head down, in deep thought of what he was just told. He began remembering everything that has happened before coming to the Underworld. He got beaten by Riser first and beat him after he cheated his way to gain power, power that he did not gain on his own. He could barely do anything against that Freed guy. If Vali hadn't shown up, Kokabiel would have most likely killed his friends and destroyed the town. And Vali…that was something that actually hurt him.

The dragon wielder had to give up some of his life to gain more power, the Divining Gear, only for if used, he losses more of his life. Azazel told him Vali wasn't even taking him that serious which was a blow to his pride. If only he actually focused on something else than woman he might have, maybe, made Vali take him more seriously. 'I-I-I'm such an idiot.' He lamented himself as he felt a stinging sensation in his eyes. He was now finally remembering all his past failures and things he regrets. 'I-If-If I hadn't been such a giant pervert I wouldn't have had to see Buchou cry in the Rating Game with Riser. I could have saved Asia earlier. I would have been able to help Kiba more than I did. I could have beaten that stupid crow. I could have pushed Vali to take me seriously.' He listed his many regrets that he thought more of how if he had taken this life more serious.

[It's not too late, partner.] Ddraig's voice reached his ears. Issei looked up slightly, signaling that he was listening. [Now that you realize all these things and take this serious you can become strong. Become one of the strongest, if not the strongest wielder of me.] Ddraig told Issei.

The old dragon actually believed in what he was saying to Issei. While, at first, he didn't like the boy he was interested with how strong he was slowly becoming, even if through woman, and realized the same thing Tannin was saying. Looks like an outside source was all it needed and now he could grow into something better.

Issei took in all the words the wise dragons were saying to heart. After a moment of silence. He sniffed and whipped his tears away. "Ahhhh!" His shout somewhat surprised Tannin but smiled a little when he saw the newer and brighter fire roaring in Issei's eyes. "Let's train Old Man Tannin!" Issei said with a determined grin.

"Hm." Tannin smirked before charging at the brunette. "Don't die so easily, Sekiryutei!" And with that the mountain was alive with fire and loud curses from one Issei to his dragon teacher who only laughed at him.

Issei's entire body was smoking as he was flat on his back panting. "T-Th-That was torture Old Man Tannin!" Issei said between breaths. Tannin was standing above the boy completely unharmed with an amused grin.

[Don't be such a baby. Trust me, Tannin wasn't even using five percent of his full power.] Ddraig informed his partner who cried a little more at the fact.

"Kid." Tannin's voice made Issei slowly move his neck to see the dragon with a boulder on his shoulder. "I want you to move this boulder." With that Tannin tossed the rock to the ground. The ground underneath Issei shook. The boy looked at the boulder before looking at his dragon master with a shocked look.

"How the hell am I supposed to lift that?! It's ten times my height!" He shouted with burning anger.

"You don't know how to use that dragon power that's been growing inside you?" Tannin asked with, what Issei assumed, a raised eyebrow.

"What!?" Issei shouted in surprise. "How the hell should I have known I had dragon power growing!?" He demanded of the great dragon. The response was in the form of a clawed finger pointing at Issei's Boosted Gear covered arm.

"That left arm of yours has been leaking dragon energy I could scene miles away when I was coming to get you." Issei's eyes widened as he remembered his left arm was actually a dragon's arm and that, technically, means he's a dragon as well. "Dragon power is much more different from Devil and human magic." Tannin brought Issei back to him. "One is about imagination whole the other is on focus but for dragon powers you rely on pure power. This is the reason why dragons are so feared. Focus the dragon power throughout your entire body and you'll feel power like nothing you have ever had." Tannin instructed.

With shaky legs, the boy was able to get up and look at the boulder before trudging his way until he was right in front of it. Closing his eyes, tried to push the giant rock with all his might but for nothing as it didn't budge.

'Come on power! Give me something!' Issei yelled in his head as he tried his hardest to push the earth. What he didn't see or notice was that his left arm turned dragonic and covered his entire form in red. 'Not bad.' Tannin thought to himself as he looked at the power his pupil was releasing.

With a new wind, Issei yelled out. "AHH!" Stomping his foot into the ground, leaving a crater, Issei was finally able to lift it but only five inches before the red aura disappeared. All the power leaving his body made Issei collapse to his back once more but with a grin. "Hahah! I-I-I did it!" He said, proud of himself.

"Not bad kid. Not bad at all." Tannin said. Issei did pretty well for someone who just tapped into dragon power. "But don't get overconfident. A hatchling could have lifted the whole boulder." Tannin made sure to keep his student grounded.

"Heheh." Issei only continued to chuckle. "Th…then that means…I just have to keep going." He wheezed out between heavy pants. His eyes became heavy as he slowly feel asleep.

Seeing the boy had passed out he decided to talk to Ddraig. "So Ddraig, how do you think it would have gone it he used his sacred gear?" He asked his old friend.

[He most likely would have lifted the boulder…if he used that head of his he could have but oh well. That's what we're here for.] Ddraig spoke.

"Hahah!" Tannin let out a loud belly laugh. "Never would have thought such a prideful dragon like yourself would admit something like that. Don't worry about the boy. By the time I'm done with him people will barely recognize him." He promised.

[Hm. Just don't overdo it. Don't want this fool to lose who he is in the process…or his head.] Ddraig said, you could hear the smirk in his voice.

"Trust me. I wouldn't even dream of it." Tannin replied with his own toothy smirk.

~Six days later~

"Dragon Shot!" Issei's voice resounded through the mountain top as his signature move soon followed. Unlike before, this shot was much more powerful and controlled as it shot towards the flying dragon king.

"Not bad but not good enough." Tannin muttered before storing fire in his maw. With a mighty breath, he roared his fire, meeting Issei's move in the middle. The brunette's move struggled against the dragons for a bit until it was eventually dispersed and continued towards the boy.

The grounded teen looked at the fire with a grin. "Not this time Sensei." Red aura surrounded his body as he used his new speed to escape the fire that flooded where he stood. "I am loving this!" Issei said with excitement as he tried to get closer to Tannin's floating body. "I've never felt so free before!"

[That's because you're actually using a power that fits you. Devil magic was obviously wasted on you where your dragon power is not too bad. All your scenes have grown to a dragon along with your reflexes and instinct.] Ddraig spoke to his partner, making sure he didn't overload his body with too much dragon power.

"Haa!" Issei shouted out as he was finally at a launching point. Kicking his feet off the pillar of stone, Issei raised himself until he was at Tannin. The dragon king smirked before letting out another roar of fire. Issei was consumed with fire but didn't feel the burn at all.

Charging through the flames he was finally near Tannin's face. Powering up his fist, he was about to unleash his stored power until his abdomen erupted in pain. Glancing down he saw the dragons tail firmly planted in his gut. Clicking his teeth Issei felt blood fly from his mouth when he hit the hard rock of the mountain.

Tannin positioned himself in the air, crossing his arms, while he watched his student's body forming a crater. "Cough." He heard a slight cough from the boy who began to stand back up. The boy looking a little injured but nothing too bad.

"Hah. Compared to the crying child six days ago, you've gotten slightly better Hatchling! You can even survive my powered down flames." His smirk grew when he saw Issei's eyebrow twitch in anger. Tannin enjoyed it when he called him that, mainly because Issei had begun to show little parts of dragon attitude when he used his powers.

"I said don't call me hatchling you geezer dragon!" Issei shouted out, showing his slightly longer teeth. The red aura around him flaring up.

"That's some good power kid." Tannin complemented. "I guess I can let you see some more of my power." The dragon stretched out his wings. Bringing out the [Boosted Gear] Issei charged it up for a few seconds before the [Explode] announcement called out. Giving the other smirks they went back at it, Issei determined to at least get one hit on his dragon teacher while the dragon was enjoying beating the hell out of his new student.

The sun had set on the mountain and on Issei's downed form's face as he was spread eagle. The teen had spent the whole day trying to his Tannin only to be brushed off by the ultimate powered dragon before getting pounded back into the ground. So here he was, face up as he panted in exhaustion.

Tannin was about to yell at Issei to get up when a familiar voice called out. "Oh, you're doing it. How's it going?"

Painfully, Issei looked up to see his other sensei, Azazel. The leader of the fallen angels was giving the boy his usual smirk while lazily waving at him.

"A-Azazel-sensei." Issei moaned out in pain. He was actually happy to see a familiar face after a few days of being alone with a powerful dragon. "Wh-What ya' doing here?" He asked. Issei was slowly getting the feel of his body back as he sat up, supporting himself with his arms.

"I was told to deliver something." The boy's confusion vanished when Azazel brought out a bento box that was wrapped up. The familiar scent of food reached his enhanced scenes, making him drool. Azazel kept his smirk when the box was taken from his hand and Issei was sitting in front of him with a happy expression while eating the food inside.

"Ah! So good!" Issei said while devouring the food his master had made for him. Taking one bite he could tell his crimson haired king had made it. Azazel looked at the boy with a slightly surprised expression. 'He's gotten pretty fast.' He thought to himself remembering how fast he was before now.

The duel haired man sat down next to the teen and placed his hand on his shoulder. "There's also a boxed lunch Akeno made for you. Make sure to eat that one too. Both were sending a show of sparks while making the food. But, hahahah, you've gotten a bit of a good face and body in the few days I hadn't seen you." Azazel said with a chuckle. The twelve-winged black angel could tell Issei had filled out his once puny body. He now had a good built and abs starting to form.

"Hey! I'll have you know I had to go through hell when fighting this crazy dragon!" Issei shouted in good nature fun. "I thought the overgrown lizard was gonna' kill me for real at times! Ow!" Issei shouted in pain when Tannin had wacked him in the head with his tail.

The golden horned dragon looked at his student with dull eyes as he rested on a nearby rock. "You're an idiot. If I wanted to kill you I would have. If you want to actually stand a little bit of a chance then reach [Balance Breaker] Hatchling."

"I said stop calling me that!" Issei's shouts were muffled as he was currently eating dirt. "Hahah! Seems you two are getting along very well." Azazel said through laughs.

"Though in seriousness, he's getting better with each day. You are slowly becoming a great [Pawn] fit to be Miss Rias' servant." Tannin said with a genuine voice that made Issei smile at the thought of Rias.

He had been thinking of her and the others a lot recently but not in the perverted way. Now thinking a little clearer and more level headed he could tell that Rias' affection towards him is much different that the affection she had towards Kiba or Gaspher. Issei also recognized some of the other girls such as Xenovia, Irian, Asia, and Akeno are very affectionate with him as well. More than a normal friend who's a girl. 'Ma-Maybe she actually likes me like I like her.' He thought with some happiness. But as he was thinking that, a smile flashed before his head and it made him flinch. He couldn't see who the smile belonged to, but he knew he liked it from the way his heart was beating a little faster.

Issei's musings were cut short when Azazel went over what he's done since being on the mountain. "I can see that your body has become sturdier and is now able to handle the power of [Balance Breaker] when you reach it. Heck, you even now have a slight handle on some basic forms of dragon fire. Not too bad but compared to Vali, if you two fought in magic he'd beat you in an instant." The man informed the slightly less perverted [Pawn].

The Gremory [Pawn] took in his teacher's words as accurate. Vali was extremely gifted with magic because of the Old Lucifer blood running through his veins. Even now, while he could feel himself getting stronger, he doubted he could beat Vali if he went all out. 'Just you wait Vali!' He thought of the Lucifer descendent.

"Ah, Sensei. Back at the meeting, Vali was beginning to chant something. Do you know what?" Issei asked, turning to his teacher.

"Ah, that was the [Juggernaut Drive] chant." Azazel said. "Huh? Is it something above the [Balance Breaker]?" Issei asked, remembering the feeling Vali was giving off when he was speaking those words.

Azazel eased his worries of anyone else having such power by his head shake. "No, there exists nothing above [Balance Breaker]. The final form is [Balance Breaker], but there are several things inside Sacred Gears that have a magical beast inside them. A peculiar restraint is applied on those. That would be your [Boosted Gear] and Vali's [Divine Dividing]."

"B-But why would there be such a restriction on only our gears? Does it have some kind of set-back?" Issei asked, thinking what Azazel was about to say.

"Huh. I'm actually impressed. You're right Issei." He complemented the boy for his thinking. 'Seems he's learning things other than dragon powers.' "It temporarily gives one power rivaling that of a God, but, like you said, it comes at a high risk. It shaves off a great amount of life and makes the user lose their scene of reason."

Issei was shocked at that information. "Yo-You mean I-I could lose my mind if I ever use that?!" The mere thought of that frightened Issei to his core.

Azazel nodded with a slightly serious face. "Yea, to a violent degree. One would destroy everything surrounding them until they eventually stop when they die of overuse. It's impossible to master in combat, but…Vali can handle it for several minutes by draining a large amount of his magical powers. But, since Albion was so frantic, I guess that it still has its dangers on Vali and anyone else. It's an accursed method of fighting that uses the power of people that are transformed into the dead. Never copy such a power." Azazel ended with sorrow spilling from his eyes.

'Vali…' Issei realized Azazel must be very worried about Vali's condition. He remembered that the leader had taken in Vali as a kid and basically raised him so he must still feel worried for the person he saw as a son.

Tannin took this time to speak up. "So the current Hakuryuukou can handle the [Juggernaut Drive]? That's a problem. The Hatchling," He ignored the angry 'Hey!' "Would be killed if he didn't become desperate. The way either the white or red awakened that power before certainly assist them in surpassing the other. Basically its first come, first served." Issei gained an angry look at the fact he was so weak before.

"Ise, let's change the topic." Azazel said after looking at Issei's face. "To what?" Issei was silently grateful for Azazel changing topics. "What do you think about Akeno?" The sudden question caught Issei for a loop.

The training teen took a little time to think of how he honestly thought about Akeno. He didn't need to look to know Azazel was looking at him intensely. Akeno was someone who he liked a lot, almost as much as Rias. While her S-side was scary, he liked her normal gentle side with the girlish part of her he had recently seen. Remembering that time in the shrine made him blush. Looking up he replied honestly.

"She's amazing. She's someone who I would do anything to make happy." Issei said with a small, kind smile. Azzazel let out a relived sigh. "I see. Issei, I also have to watch over her in the place of a friend of mine."

Issei realized who he was talking about. "You mean Akeno-san's father, Barakiel, right?"

"Barakiel and I have been comrades since ancient times like Shemhaza. A friend, almost like a brother. We did many stupid things together as we grew. So, before I noticed, everyone around me besides myself had gotten wives and kids." Azazel said with a distant look in his eyes. Issei looked at the leader with new insight. He didn't really expect a pervert like Azazel wanting to actually have a family. 'Guess that's why he was so sad when Vali left. He was the only thing he kind of had to a family other than his buddies.' Issei thought to himself.

"Well, leaving that aside." Azazel got out of his funk. "I'm very concerned about Akeno. Though, to Barakiel and Akeno, it may be none of my business."

The seventeen year old just gave him a dull look. "Yeah right. You're a nosy person who likes getting involved with others." Issei accused.

"Heh. I'm just an ordinary Fallen Angel with free time." Azazel said, dismissing that idea. 'Yea right!' Issei yelled in his head. "In any case, I'm thinking about entrusting Akeno to you." That made Issei stop and look at him once more.

"Entrust her…to me?" Issei thought for a moment before getting what he meant. "Oh! You want me to make sure she's always safe." Azazel looked on with a warm smile and nod. "Well of course I will Azazel-Sensei! She's my [Queen] and as a [Pawn] I have to protect her and the [King] with my life!" Issei's words made Azazel smile even more and let out an eased sigh.

"Glade to hear that you are getting smarter, kid. Happy to see it." Azazel said with a smirk. "But, I also came because of Koneko."

"Huh? What happened to Koneko-chan?" He asked about the little girl he began to see like a little sister.

Azazel let out a sigh. "There's nothing that can be done about it. She's impatient-or rather, she feels doubt in her power." The boy instantly remembered how Koneko didn't seem well these past couple of days. "She overdid it in the training I assigned for her. This morning, she collapsed."

"Wh-What!?" Issei asked with wide eyes. "Is she okay?" The boy asked a little frantic about Koneko's health.

Azazel just shook his head. "Asia can heal injures, but she can't do anything about physical strength. Overworking in particular certainly hurts one's physical strength and has adverse effects. Because the time left until the game is limited, that's dangerous." He said with a slightly grim look.

"Take me to her." Issei instantly said, looking at the fallen angel with fire in his eyes. "I'm not gonna' stay here when I know a friend is in trouble."

"Heh. Sounds just like you." Azazel said with a smirk. "I was actually told to bring you back to the Gremory annex just this once." He then addressed the resting Dragon King. "He'll be going back for a little while Tannin. I'll return him tomorrow."

Tannin gave him a curt nod. "Very well. I'll return to my territory until then." Rising he spread his wings fully before looking at his student. "See you tomorrow, Hatchling." And with that Tannin flew away with a slight laugh when he heard Issei shout at him.

"Stupid dragon." Issei muttered under his breath. "Hey sensei, who ordered you to come get me?" He wondered.

Azazel answered with a lazy scratch of his head. "Rias' mother." That made Issei gain a question mark over his head. What would Venerana want with him?

~Gremory Annex~

"Yes, turn there. That's very good. You're learning very quickly." Venerana spoke as she was dancing with Issei in the Annex.

Issei was kind of going on instinct as he was slightly distracted by the beauty of the woman he was dancing with. Though, unlike like before, he was not obviously drooling over her. Tannin and Ddraig made sure to lessen his open perversion, saying it would make people take him less serious and only think him a fool. He still really liked girls but toned it down to focus on other things in his life.

"Now, shall we take a break?" Issei took the option and sat on the nearby chair with a slightly out of breath expression.

After regaining his breath he turned to the brown headed Rias with a question. "Venerana-sama, can I ask you something?"

The woman sitting next to him looked to him. "Hm? Yes, what is it?"

"Did Kiba and Gasper go through this kind of stuff before?" He wondered if his male members.

The mother nodded. "Kiba Yuuto-san has already mastered these sorts of techniques. Too be expected of a Knight really. Gasper-san is a member of a very distinguished Vampire family. While he acts unreliably, he at least knows etiquette. The problem is you Issei-san." Venerana ignored Issei slightly sulking at her indirect insult.

"It's can't be helped really because you are a commoner from the human world, but you need to know proper etiquette beyond a certain point. You'll eventually have to make an appearance with Rias in high society. You have to remember customary practices, even a little, during your time here." She finished her explanation.

"I see." Issei nodded in understanding until her words fully sunk in his head. "W-What? W-Wait, what do you mean I have to make and appearance with Buchou in high society eventually?" He asked with a blush. And it was again, that he felt this sharp pain in his heart when he saw the smile. 'Damn it! What's going on?' He asked himself in annoyance.

Venerana just shifted a little and placed her hand over her mouth. "...Oh dear, I carelessly let something slip. That kind of talk is still needed of what may happen." She whispered to herself but Issei still picked it up and it made him confused. "Leaving that aside, calling her 'Buchou' all the time will just not do." Issei's eyes widened a little at that.

"This isn't school so you have to address your master by her name properly. Not to mention, Rias is…oops, nearly let it slip out again." She chastised herself once more.

"S-So you mean I have to call her Rias from now on?" Issei asked with a slight blush at the fact her called her by her first name. He tried to ignore the twinge in his heart the second time but he just couldn't.

The mother seemed a little happy at that and nodded. "Correct. Or you can call her master. Though, you can call her differently in private as well."

"Y-Yo-You mean she wouldn't mind it if I called her Rias all the time now?" Issei asked with a blush as he understood the meaning of this. 'S-S-She likes me?' He thought with hope. Issei had liked Rias for a long time, but Raynare and what she did to him has caused him to be reluctant about doing anything. It was also something else, but he just couldn't put his finger on it. 'Maybe…it's because of that smile?' The brunette thought to himself of the smile that had been appearing whenever he had thought of the girls he likes.

"Yes! Yes! Just call Rias by her first name! She wouldn't mind at all!" She seemed positively giddy at the fact this boy seemed to get her words.

Issei blushed more before scratching his head in embarrassment. "B-But I thought it would be wrong to call her that."

"True but you and her are different." Issei looked back up at her with understanding eyes.

"A-Ah! D-Do-Does that me…she liked me?!" He asked with a giant blush as he hoped she said yes.

Verenana looked a little conflicted but decided to make him go on the offence. "That's for you to find out. Just think: do you truly care for Rias?" And with that this particular discussion ended.

The reason he came here was now at the forefront of his mind. "Is Koneko-chan alright? I'm very worried about her. She's been acting very strange these past few days." He stated his worried to his master's mother.

The brown haired version of her daughter let out a sad sigh. "That girl is doing her best to face her own existence and power right now. It's a very difficult problem. However, she won't be able to recover and advance is she doesn't find the answer herself."

"…Her existence and power?" Issei asked with a bewildered expression.

"…Now that I think of it," The beauty spoke up after a moment of inward debate. "You haven't been part of Rias' group for too long. It's only natural you don't know. Let me tell you a little tail. A tale of two cat sisters."

Issei was listening in attention as the woman described of two cat sisters who always together. They ate, slept, and played together. Their parents died one day and were left on their own. Then, one day, the two were picked up by a wandering Devil. The older of the two became part of the peerage, so the little sister was able to live with them. Finally thinking they had a family, they let their guard down…that would be their mistake.

Something unusual had begun to happen to the elder of the two. She appeared to achieve mass amounts of power. Her hidden talent had awoken as she was reincarnated. The two cats were a species of yokai that naturally exceled in Youjutsu and senjutsu.

Then came the part of the story that kind of made Issei suspicious that this was not all it was said to be. The elder cat had become mad with power and slaughtered her Devil king, becoming a stray Devil. She had demolished a squadron of Devils that made her infamous as the SS-Class Black Cat. The younger sister was left behind to fend off the anger the elder Devils had because of what the elder cat had done. "This cat will eventually turn mad with power as well. It will be easier if we just get rid of her now." Is what they had said.

That was when Sirzechs had arrived and pleaded that the younger girl was innocent of crimes her sister had committed and did not deserve to be punished. The situation was ended with the devil king saying he'd watch over the abandoned girl. The girl, however, was crushed that her older sister, the one she had relied on for her whole life, had abandoned her in an instant. As she was about to lose every fiber of her being her son had looked to her with a smile.

He took the cat sister who lost her smile to his younger sibling, Rias. As time marched forward the little neko began to pick up little bits of her emotions and heart. Rias had given this mending cat a new name…

That was when Issei spoke with a sad expression. "Koneko." Verenana only nodded sadly as well. Standing tall he started walking out of the Annex but not before speaking. "I'm going to Koneko-chan." He never saw the smile the woman gave the strong boy.

"Such a sweet boy. I can see why Rias cares for you so." The lady of the house mused to herself with a smile.

~Gremory hall~

Issei walked with purpose as he tried to locate his junior with his new heightened abilities. Before he picked up Koneko, he felt an aura that made him smile and blush a little. "R-Rias." He stumbled a little when he called the girl by her given name.

"! Ise!" Rias shouted happily before she bounded for her object of affection and brining him in a big hug.

Issei blushed at the sudden contact and was happy to see Rias and hug her once more. He did enjoy feeling her breasts against him but stored those thoughts away for now. The brunette hugged her back, making her blush as well, not that he could see it. "…Ise smell." Rias said as she inhaled Issei's familiar scent.

The boy rubbed the back of his head nervously while his blush turned up another color of red at what she had said. 'Guess she does like me like I like her.' He thought happily to himself. This time a flash of light blue eyes that shone in happiness appeared. Groaning silently, he focused back on the hugging girl. "Ah sorry 'bout that. I've been sweating a lot and haven't been able to shower." He tried to explain but Rias just waved him off.

"It's fine. Your smell is still the same. I was lonely, you know? I haven't been able to sleep with you since arriving here, and I wasn't able to feel you like this every day either. Since, I can no longer imagine a life without you…what a pitiful master I am. However, a little endurance is needed…Hm?" Rias ended with a slight question while letting go to look at his blushing face.

'S-Sh-She basically just said she can't live without me!' He shouted in his with while doing a little dance inwardly. Issei knocked himself from his thoughts when he noticed she was looking at his face with a growing blush for a bit. "W-What's wrong? Is-Is there something on my face?"

Rias, after letting go of her [Pawn], finally registered what he called her. 'D-Did he just call me by my name?!' She thought to herself with happy shock. "R-Ri-Right now…did you call me by my name?" She asked, hoping she head him correctly.

"Uh-um…yea. Should I not?" Issei asked with a bashful expression. Rias looked like she was just smacked when he thought she didn't want him to call her by her name.

"N-No! I-I was just shocked. W-Why so sudden?" Issei turned his head to the left, covering his blushing face. "V-V-Venerana-sama kind of insisted I call you by your name in privacy."

Rias blushed almost as bright as her hair when she heard what he said. 'Finally! He said my name!' She shouted to herself with girlish glee but soon gained her composure and just muttered. "Geez…Mother." The crimson princess tried to play it off.

Issei found this side of her cute while grinning at her embarrassment. "Anyway, Rias." He spoke seriously. "How's Koneko-chan?" Rias's face turned a little down at the question. "…Follow me."

~Koneko's room~

The Gremory heir led her pawn to Koneko's room. Rias knocked a little becofre coming in after hearing an 'Enter'. Issei first saw Akeno sitting by a bed that held lying Koneko. Eyes widened though when he noticed Koneko's extra appendages. Two cat ears and a white cat tail. 'S-She really is a kitty cat.' He thought to himself with a little amusement.

Akeno panicked a little when she saw Issei's reaction. "Is-Ise-kun! T-This is-" She tried to explain only to stop when Issei looked at her with a small smile.

"It's alright. I already know the story." Akeno looked a little sad that he knew but now understood why he came here. Walking slowly he stopped when he was at her side and examined her with his new dragon vision. 'So lucky Ddraig's helping me with my dragon powers.' He mentally thanked his other dragon master. 'Seems fine. She just collapsed from really hard training.' He thought with a sigh of relief.

"Hey Koneko-chan. How are you feeling?" Issei asked with a soft voice and smile. Koneko just glanced up at him through half-lidded eyes. "…What are you doing here?" She muttered out.

While a little hurt at her sullen attitude he just let it slid off his back as he looked in her eyes. Thanks to his heightened scenes he could feel what others were thinking much better. Kneeling down to her height he spoke. "Would it have been better if I didn't come and see if my comrade was feeling well?" Issei asked, trying to lighten her mood. It obviously fell through as she continued to look at him with dull eyes.

"…I heard about it…the story." He informed making Koneko widen her eyes a little but soon looked even sadder. "But overworking yourself is not good. You've got to take care of your body. Don't push yourself beyond your limits." He tried to advice. Rias and Akeno were honestly surprised at his words. They have never really seen this more logical level headed side of Issei so they didn't know how to react.

"…I want…" Koneko muttered something softly. Her words were so quiet even Issei couldn't make it out. "What did you say?" He asked as gently as he could.

The tiny rook finally looked at the dragon holder in and spoke in a clear voice. Her eyes were holding back the dam of tears. "I want to become strong. Strong like Yuuto-senpai, Xenovia-senpai, Akeno-san…and also Ise-senpai. I want to make my spirit and body strong. Gya-kun is also becoming strong. I don't have a healing power like Asia-senpai either. At this rate, I'll become useless. Even while I'm the [Rook]…I'm the weakest. I hate being useless."

"Koneko-chan…" Issei could only say as he looked at the crying Koneko. He wanted to say something but he knew this was needed. It was like his own revelation on the mountain…she needed this.

"…But I don't want to use the power sleeping inside me…my Nekomata power. If I use it, I…just like my Nee-sama. I don't want that. I absolutely don't want such a thing." Her tears were now freely falling from her face.

Issei wanted to say something but knew he couldn't since he didn't know what it felt like to be left alone by a sibling. "You won't." Issei spoke up finally.

Koneko looked at him with surprise. "I won't let that happen." His voice got a little louder and determined. "You're strong Koneko-chan. You won't fall to that power because you have all of us." Issei gestured to Rias and Akeno who were looking at him with admiration. "We'll pull you back to your right mind even if you become crazy. I promise!" He ended with a warm grin that made Koneko look at him with wide eyes.

Something inside Koneko warmed after hearing what the red dragon boy said. She felt…warm. She felt sure he would make true to his promise and that made her want to give anything a chance.

"Ise-kun, please leave the rest to us." Akeno asked after a few moment of silence.

Glancing back he gave her a nod. "Of course." Turning around he was about to open the door before stopping his hand just an inch from the handle. Turning his head towards Akeno and Koneko he spoke with a soft voice.

"…I know I have no right to say this, since I just became a Devil not too long ago…but I know how you might be feeling. We three have something we need to overcome. I know you two will do this and if you don't feel confident…just lean on me and I'll give you all the reassurance you will ever need." With a soft click of the door he left the three girls to think on his words.

The next day Issei went back to his hard training with new vigor and fire burning in his eyes and soul. 'I'll protect you all!' His mind roared as he ran at Tannin with red aura covering his entire body.

Ddraig was watching the teen charge at the stronger dragon with interest. He had liked the growth in power and ability the pervert had shown these past few days. The dragon could also feel something blocking his heart when he tried to talk to the Gremory girl. [Wonder what it might be.] Ddraig mused to himself. Deciding to find out himself, the old dragon decided to go into his partners' mind and try to find the reason.

Walking through his fire domain, he found a large door that he had found out was the entrance to Issei's mind. Opening the door with one push of his mighty wing, he walked into a large, which surprised him at first, church. He didn't know why such a pervert who he thought didn't believe in that stuff would have his mindscape a church but didn't question it.

Looking around, his emerald eyes saw a door that he had not seen since he had begun to search his mind since a few months ago. The door had a light blue glow to it. [Hm.] Humming to himself, Ddraig made his way to the door and let one claw strike it but was shocked when ice, of all things, appeared on his claw. [What in the world?] The dragon mused to himself as he melted the ice with ease.

Opening his maw, he let out a steady stream of fire that slowly made the aura fade. Smirking to himself, he opened the door and found himself in a mall of all places. His body was astral, making him realize he was looking at Issei's memory.

Emerald eyes then locked onto his brunette partner that appeared to be thirteen at the current memory. The younger Issei was running through the mall with a perverted grin on his face. [Of course] Ddraig sweat-dropped, realizing the boy would have been like this no matter his age. He just hoped that after his training finished, he'd show less of his perversion. [One can hope.] He raised his massive eyebrow when he saw his younger partner run into a girl about two years his senior.

The dragon would admit, she was a pretty little thing, for a human that is. She had long light blue hair with matching light blue eyes. She wore a white blouse and jeans that hugged her wide hips and breasts that Issei's eyes were instantly drawn to.

"Who are you?" The woman's voice had a condescending tone.

Issei was shocked for a second at the tone she had given him. Even if she was gorgeous, the most gorgeous girl he had ever seen, her voice intimidated him. "Uh…Sorry I ran into you." Standing up and brushing himself off, he apologized with a sheepish smile. He didn't see the light blush that formed on her pale skin as she looked at his smiling face.

Ddraig would have watched more but the room suddenly pushed him out. Shocked, the dragon found himself back to where he was in the church. His emerald eyes gazed at the glowing door in shock. [What in the world?] He asked himself, never expecting to be pushed out of a memory. [It must be rather strong to push me out. Queston is…why has he not talked about this girl before?] The dragon would have expected the boy to tell anyone about the woman but this was the first time seeing this girl. He decided to talk to Issei about this later. Right now he had to focus on his training.


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