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Chapter 16

Issei was mesmerized by Esdeath right now. He knew she was powerful, she had to if she ran with Vali's crew, but never expected this. His dragon side found this very attractive. "Hi~!" A familiar cheerful voice called out from above. They all looked up to see a familiar chestnut-haired Angel beauty; Irina Shidou.

Her eyes widened a little when she saw the battlefield surrounded in ice. Flying down to her friends, she said. "Haa. I finally arrived. I had heard from Azazel-sama and Michael-sama that I needed to get here fast, saying Ise-kun needed help, but I guess they were wrong." She said, a little sad that she couldn't help her love/childhood friend.

"Hehe. Sorry, Irina. But, why did they send you here, exactly?" Issei asked, curious as to why Azazel and Michael would send her.

"Michael-sama had seen the power Ise-kun was releasing and were worried it was the [Juggernaut Drive] so they thought it would be wise for me to be here with this secret weapon. But, seeing as Ise-kun is fine, we don't need it." Irina said cheerfully.

Issei understood why they would be worried. He had heard dark whispers in his head before he entered Dragon Force. If he hadn't heard Ddraig and Nero's voices, he would have entered the Drive that Azazel had warned him about and almost faced in the peace treaty. "Well, I'm thankful that you came here for me, Irina." Issei said with a grateful smile that made the beauty blush.

"I'd do anything to help you Ise-kun and the others." Irina quickly added on. While she wanted to make sure her love was alright, she also wanted to see if her fellow believers of God were fine as well. She could see Asia was passed out, but relaxed seeing Xenovia had her. Even if Xenovia was a brute, the beauty had taken a shine to the blonde and would do anything to protect her.

Esdeath was looking at the beauty with narrowed eyes. She could tell she was an Angel at first glance and how she felt about her Ise-koi by her voice and the name. 'So…she's the one who also holds his heart.' She mused with some anger and jealousy raging in her heart. "Ahh! Why is the White-Dragon Emperor here!?" Irina said, finally noticing that Vali was here.

"Don't worry. He just came here on accident and helped us out." Issei said. "Oh! Thank you for saving my friends." Irina bowed in thanks.

"I did it on a whim. Besides, it was Esdeath who decided to stop here." Vali pointed out. Irina turned to the mature blue-haired beauty who was walking towards them, specifically Issei.

"Oh! Then thank you." Irina smiled in thanks to the woman who just nodded before lifting Issei up to his feet.

"Are you feeling better, Ise-koi?" Esdeath asked, concerned as she looked him over. Issei blushed a little at the attention she was giving him but nodded. "I'm fine, Es-chan." He said with a blushing smile. The teen then saw her look at Irina, sizing her up. Issei coughed, making her look at him. The look in his eyes was clear to her. 'Talk about it later.'

Issei's eyes widened when he remembered something. "Asia!" Rushing over to Xenovia, who had her in her arms, he asked. "Is she okay?"

"Hai. She just fainted when she saw you get attacked." She said with a small smile. Issei sighed in relief, knowing she'd be fine when she woke up and saw that he was alive.

Vali took this time to walk up to his rival. "It looks like you are fine now, Issei Hyoudou." Turning to his rival, Issei nodded. "Yeah. Again, thanks for coming here." He thanked.

"Again, think nothing of it. More than that, it's about time. Look to the sky." Vali said, his gaze now at the sky. Confused at this, Issei did as told and all were shocked when a gigantic hole appeared with something coming out.

"W-W-What?! That's…." Issei could only mutter in shock. Even his spirit teachers were shocked at what they were seeing. Vali just smirked as he saw what had appeared.

"Look carefully, Issei Hyoudou. This is the one I wanted to see." The older ten told, unable to take his eyes off the gigantic true-red colored dragon swimming through the open sky.

Vali continued with narrowed eyes. "There are two dragons called the 'Red Dragons'. One of them, you already know as he's residing in your Sacred Gear. The Sekiryuutei. The Hakuryuukou comes from the same origin and same myth. But, this is the second 'Red Dragon'. That is the Red-Dragon which is recorded in Revelation."

"Revelation…" Issei muttered, knowing that was the Book of the Bible.

"The True God-Emperor of Red-Dragons. Apocalypse Dragon, The Great Red. It's the dragon which is called 'True-Dragon'. It chooses to live in the dimensional gap and swim there for eternity. Today, we also came here to confirm 'that'. The field of the Rating Game is inside a section of the dimensional gap with a barrier around it. This time, Ophis's true aim was to confirm that. Shalba's plan, however, was something that wasn't important to us." Vali said.

"But, why is it flying in a place like this?" Issei didn't understand why this great beast was here of all places.

"No idea." Vali said while shrugging his shoulders. "There are a lot of options about it. That is Ophis's 'aim' and the 'target' I wish to defeat." He told his brunette rival of what he wanted to accomplish with the clearest eyes he'd ever seen on a person. "When I defeat him, I will be known as 'The True God-Emperor of White-Dragon'."

Issei never thought the guy had a dream. He assumed the older male was just a guy looking to cause trouble. 'Guess I shouldn't judge a book by the cover.' The teenager mused, berating himself for doing what many people had done to him.

Nero and Ddraig were looking at the great-grandson of the original Devil through Issei's eyes. "Ddraig. What's the story with this young man? He's…different from the other Lucifer's I've seen." Nero asked the dragon before adding. They made sure their conversation didn't reach Issei's ears.

[I don't know. All I know is that he is a Lucifer and is a Half-Breed along with Albion's partner. I never cared to learn about the boy since he's not my partner.] Ddraig said. [But I also agree with you on that. This boy is much different from the others who succeeded him.] The second strongest Red-Dragon said.

"Great-Red. It has been some time." A female's voice he didn't recognize made Issei's eyes widen before looking to the ground to see a beautiful woman. While he kept calm, inside he was perving out about how gorgeous the woman was and how big her boobs were. It was lucky that his partner was not listening to his thoughts or he would have cried.

"W-Who's that woman? She wasn't there before." Issei said, shocked that this woman could get past their notice.

Vali gives a bitter smile as he spotted the woman. "Ophis. The leader of the Khaos Brigade." The half-breed answered, shocking his rival.

'Seriously!? Her!?' Issei couldn't believe that she was the leader of the terrorist group. The two dragon holders watched the woman point at Great-Red, mimicking her hand like she was using a gun. "I will, defiantly get my silence back." She mused her promise aloud.

"I had expected to see you rampaging around, Hatchling, but I sensed something I have not felt in years. You keep surprising me." A familiar voice reached Issei's ears and the sound of wings flapping followed. "That's Ise for ya." Another voice they all recognized followed with another one. "Heh. It's good to see you are well, Ise-kun."

Looking to the voices, they all saw Tannin, Azazel and Sirzechs drop to the ground. "Azazel-sensei! Tannin-sensei! Sirzechs-sama!" Issei called out to three of the beings in this world he respected.

"Looks like you're back to normal too, Ise. I sent Irina just in case you went crazy, but, once again, you've impressed me by doing something different." Azazel complemented the blushing teen. "I had even given her something that might have calmed you down. Oh well. We'll show you it some other time."

"Yes. It's truly a relief to see you are alive, Ise-kun. You've come far in such a short amount of time." Sirzechs complemented the blushing teen with a smile that went away when he turned to Ophis.

"It appears something has appeared while we were following Ophis." Tannin said seriously. Azazel and Sirzechs looked at the flying red dragon with serious gazes. "How nostalgic to see Great-Red." The dragon mused aloud.

"Have you fought him, Tannin?" Azazel asked the former dragon king. Tannin scoffed. "No. He didn't even pay attention to me." While it hurt his pride to say, he couldn't deny the face that in the face of Great-Red, he wouldn't last a second. Knowing first-hand how powerful Tannin was, Issei knew this dragon wasn't one to mess with. It was backed up by Ddraig and Nero telling him he'd die before he got close enough to the Dragon-God.

"It's been some time, Azazel." Vali called out to the man who had taken him in all those years ago. Said man glanced at the boy and nodded his head. "Did you defeat Creuserey Asmodeus?" The Lucifer child wondered.

"I was about to, but no. That was Sirzechs' doing. With their leaders gone, the subordinates will run away. Looks like you defeated Shalba Beelzebub. Well done, Ise." Azazel complemented the boy with a nod.

"Hehe. N-No. That wasn't me. Es-Esdeath was the one to finish him off." He was about to use her nickname, but stopped himself. This made Sirzechs and Azazel turn to the woman that was so close to the dragon boy. Azazel was surprised since this was the woman Issei asked about and, she was a total knockout. 'Nice Ise!' He praised the boy inside his head for bagging such a fine woman.

Sirzechs narrowed his eyes a little at the woman before him. He could tell, by the look in her eyes, that she was powerful and rather dangerous. But, looking beneath that, he could tell the woman was infatuated with the brunette. And, he could also see the affection he had for the blue-haired woman. It confused him. From what he gathered, Ise loved his sister and his actions only increased those beliefs. Though, he'd save those questions for later.

Rias was watching the interaction between the blue-haired woman and the love of her life with great jealousy. It was her that used to make the teen blush like that and it stung that this woman had his full attention. Shaking those thoughts away, she turned to her big brother. "Onii-sama. What are you doing here?" She asked, knowing someone of his power and influence, even if he acted like a child, would be needed elsewhere.

"I had to make sure everyone was alight." The strongest Devil said with ease. They watched as the Red dragon flew out of a portal it opened in the sky, returning to the Dimensional Gap. Even though her enemy was gone, she still kept her emotionless eyes on the sky.

"Ophis. Now that the heads of the Old Maou faction are gone, the grunts have either surrendered or escaped. It's safe to say that faction of your group is gone." Azazel noted.

The Dragon God didn't even twitch. "That would be correct." Her voice showed no shock nor concern that one of her forces was gone.

Azazel just shrugged his shoulders and continued. "Among you guys, we know that, besides Vali, you've got a human faction who are descendants of heroes or Sacred Gear users. They are called the Hero-Faction. We even know some members thanks to Issei battling some in Shizuoka. Truly frightening to know you have the True Longinus wielder." The twelve-winged black angel stated. In his hand came a light spear that he pointed at Ophis. Sirzechs followed suit and made some of his power surround him. "Shall we fight?" He asked, his redhaired ally ready.

The air was thick with tension as the younger generation didn't think they would survive being so close to them if they began to fight. Ophis turned to them and spoke. "I, will go home." She told them.

Tannin didn't like that and spread his wings. "Wait! Ophis!" He shouted to the stronger dragon. Said dragon only gave him a creepy smile that sent shivers down some of their spines. "Tannin. The dragon-kings are gathering once more. Along with new dragon-slayers. This will be truly interesting." With that said, the air around her vibrated and Ophis was no longer in the area.

Issei and the others, minus Vali's group, were deeply shocked at what was said. "O-Other dragon-slayers?" The brunette said in surprise. The leaders could only sigh a little, already thinking of new plans.

"We will also leave now." It was Vali's voice that broke everyone out of their thoughts. They looked to see that Arthur had opened another portal with Bikou standing next to him. "Issei Hyoudou." The boy looked at his rival who was looking at him seriously. "Do you wish to defeat me in battle?" He asked, even though he knew the answer.

His face broke out into a small grin after thinking on it for a second. "…I do, but I have others I wish to beat. Kiba, Saji, Hiei, Sairaorg, Shunske, and Cao Cao are just a few of the ones I want to beat. To me, you are the one I want to beat most." Issei told his rival with a challenging grin.

Vali returned the smirk and words with his own. "As do I. Truly, this generations Sekiryuutei and Hakuryuukou have different desires and dreams than the destined fight. How odd. We truly are a pair of odd dragons. But, I don't think that is bad. Though, one day…" He trailed off, staring at the brunette.

"Yeah. We'll settle it. That's a promise. Besides, can't let you reduce ladies' breasts." And like that, a grain of respect he gained for Issei was lost as it seemed like he wasn't much different from before.

Still, that couldn't keep the excited grin from his face. "You truly are amusing, Issei Hyoudou. Get stronger." Vali told the male who firmly nodded.

In a small flash of green and white, the [Boosted Gear] and [Divine Dividing] appeared on their users. It was Albion to speak first, much to Ddragi's ire. [Huh. We truly have different partners from before, don't we Ddraig? You even went to teach the boy dragon-slayer magic. That's not like you.] The white dragon commented.

[One to talk, Albion. But, yes. We have very different partners and that is not bad one bit. To why I taught the boy the magic, I did it on a whim along with him being perfect for the art.] Ddraig told his eternal dragon rival.

Albion took him teaching the boy the slayer arts as a secret challenge. He accepted wholeheartedly. [Very well. We shall see who is stronger the next we meet, Ddraig.] He informed his rival. [That we shall.] Ddraig responded before the gears returned to their hosts, signifying the old dragons were done talking.

"See ya later Red Dragon! It was nice to see you melted the Ice Queens heart!" Bikou joked before another ice pillar slammed into his stomach, sending the monkey man into the gap.

While the dragons were talking, the girls that liked Issei were staring at Esdeath, the woman who had taken his virginity. Cold, calculating eyes scanned over each of the girls that wanted to mate with her Ise-koi. She'd have to personally talk with the Angel later, so she would save her thoughts about her for later. But, the others are certainly not worthy of her mate in her eyes.

Gasper and Kiba, who were still recovering from the battle, backed off from the women. They knew this might get ugly and didn't want to die by their hands.

Rias was, like she said before, pathetic. She knew she came from a rich family and that meant she lived a sheltered life and got whatever the hell she wanted, whenever she wanted it. It also didn't help her big brother was the Strongest Devil to ever live, a title she knew her Ise-koi would attain soon enough. In her eyes, she was nothing but a spoiled brat that would amount to only head of the Gremory House, which is good to some, but not to her.

Next was the [Queen] of the peerage. If she heard correctly, she was Akeno Himejima, the daughter of Baraqiel and Shuri Himejima and second cousin to Tobio Ikuse. Even though having those strong people as family, she wasn't as strong. While she is young, she could have been stronger than she is now if she had accepted her Fallen blood sooner than now. In her mind, Baraqiel should be disgraced of her daughter for hating him for something that he couldn't control.

Then came the little sister of the Black Cat Kuroka. Again, she was like Akeno as she never accepted her blood and could be stronger than she is now. And she had the gall to be angry at Kuroka for saving her ass from being experimented on.

The blonde haired one that fainted was utterly useless in her eyes and not even a threat for his affections as she didn't have the nerve to do it. But, she could see she was getting stronger physically and mentally. So, she might come to respect her along with the blue-haired [Knight] that had the eyes of a true warrior as she never faltered under her gaze, something she respected.

"So, you are the women" She had to spit out those words as she wanted to say something else, but knew her lover wouldn't like what she wanted to call them. "That are interested in my Ise-koi. I'm not impressed." Esdeath scoffed at them.

All of the females were irked at the jab and glared at the woman who didn't even looked phased by the looks shot at her. "Well what do you know about Ise anyway?" Rias asked, her anger levels at her max.

"More than a bunch of girls who have known him for a couple months and don't seem to understand him at all. Unlike me." Esdeath smirked at the redhead who couldn't respond.

"Hey! I know Ise-kun longer than you have!" Irina defended herself. Even though it was weak, seeing as Issei though she was a guy and they hadn't seen each other in years, it still held true.

"True, but not in the way I do. If you didn't know, I am the woman who took his virginity as he did mine." Esdeath said, secretly enjoying the broke look in the Angel's eyes and the flinches of the others.

Esdeath would have said more if she didn't hear what Bikou said. Blushing, she stomped her feet into the ground and launched the man into the portal. She absentmindedly heard what Arthur say to Kiba and Xenovia.

"Are you coming, Esdeath?" Vali asked the woman, glancing over his shoulder.

Thinking for a second, she nodded a bit hesitantly. "Very well." She made her way to Issei and placed her hand on his blushing cheek. "Until we meet again." Esdeath gave him a lingering kiss while sending the girls a smug look that angered them to no end.

Sirzechs' eyes widened a little at that. He never expected a terrorist member to know Issei well enough to actually kiss him and the boy to not freak out like he usually did. 'It appears there is more to him that none of us knew.' The leader of the Underworld mused to himself.

Ending the kiss, she smirked at her blushing lover. She let her hand sensually leave his face, fingers brushing his lips, before walking away. Esdeath didn't get far as her eyes widened in fear as Issei's eyes rolled to the back of his head and he began to fall. "Ise-koi!" Shouting in fear, she grabbed her lover whose head fell into her cleavage. "Are you alright? Speak to me!" Fear was the emotion everyone could feel from her voice.

"Don't worry, girl. Kid just passed out from the power he used today." A voice Azazel and Sirzechs hadn't heard for some time came from the gauntlet that appeared on his left arm.

"…Nero?" Azazel asked, looking at one of the weapons his Father had created.

"Hehe. Nice to see you to, Azazel. Yeah. It's me. I thought the Kid told you I'm here." Nero said, knowing the brunette had told the Fallen leader about him being awake inside him.

"Oh yeah. I forgot. Seeing as you haven't spoken aloud." Azazel said. "Weill Ise be alright?" He asked, worried about the teen.

[He'll be fine, Fallen Angel leader.] It was the dragon to answer. [It is to be expected though. He used the Dragon Force for the first time, retained many injuries from the battle with Kokabiel, and used Balance Breaker after getting hit by light magic.] Ddraig listed off. [It's amazing he's still alive.] He added.

Seeing that his rival was alright, Vali spoke. "Esdeath. Will you return with us?" Even though he asked that, he knew the answer.

"No. I must make sure he's alright." Esdeath said, never looking away from him. "Very well. Return when he's rested." With that said, Vali followed Arthur through the portal that closed.

"Is it wise to allow her near him, Sirzechs?" The leader of the Fallen asked Sirzechs, looking at the woman who was a part of the terrorist group.

Sirzechs didn't answer right away. His mind thinking of what to do with the woman. His leader side would kill her right now, or bring her in to interrogate her, but he knew Issei wouldn't be happy about that. The Red Dragon would be distrustful of him and all the progress they made would be wasted. So, with a sigh, he answered. "We'll allow the woman to return to look after Ise-kun until he wakes." The Strongest Devil announced, making Esdeath smile with the others looking at him with shock.

"O-Onii-sama! What are you saying!? She's a terrorist! She must be interrogated! Nowhere near Ise." Rias yelled at her brother, thinking he'd go along with her like he usually did.

The girl was wrong as he glanced at her. "Sorry, Rias, but it must be done. Ise-kun cares for the woman and it would not look well for us to suddenly capture her. None shall attack her unless provoked." He said before looking at the blue-haired woman who was now looking at him, her eyes cold. "But, I expect her to not attack, correct?" It wasn't a question as some of his power leaked from his body.

"Obviously. Ise-koi sees you as friends and I won't hurt him by attacking you." While she hated going along with someone else's orders, ones she didn't like, she agreed as this was concerning her lover. That, and she knew this redhaired male could kill her with the smallest of movement.

Sirzechs mentally raised an eyebrow at the suffix she used for the boy but decided to question why for later. Right now, he had to make sure the boy was safe. Conjuring a seal underneath them, the Strongest Devil teleported them to the Hyoudou home.

Esdeath smiled a little as she was back inside her love's home after so many years. It looked the same, with small changes but the same overall. "I'll take him to his room." Now waiting for them to speak, Esdeath moved with graced to Issei's room, remembering where it was clearly.

With upmost care, she gently placed her Ise-koi on the bed that was changed from those years ago. She wondered if it could withstand their love making. "He's really grown." Esdeath ran her hand along his cheek as she stared at his peaceful face with pure love.

While Esdeath was caring for Issei, the Devils, Fallen Angel and Dragon were sitting in the living room, talking about what had happened and what they'd do. "I think I will take my leave. It's my job to make sure everything gets sorted out." Sirzechs stated as he stood.

"I agree." Azazel said with his arms crossed. He then looked at Tannin, who was in his human form. "Will you want over the girl for us?" He asked the dragon.

"If she tries anything on the Hatchling I'll burn her alive." Tannin said without a care of killing the girl. "Good." Creating a circle underneath both the leaders of the Devils and Fallen Angels were to run damage control of the attack.

It was a few days after the fight with Diodora and after Asia woke up, she rushed up to Issei's room and hadn't left his side, crying tears of joy as the love of her life was alive and well. Esdeath had allowed the girl to come and see him, but watched her to make sure her love wasn't injured. She had also told the girl about their relationship, which made her sad and somewhat crushed, she got over it to cling to the passed-out teenager. "Ise-san! It's so good to see you alive!" Asia said in great happiness.

'This girl has a pure heart.' The beauty mused to herself with a small smile before it vanished, her face set in stone as she thought about some things. Esdeath hadn't seen the Angel since the battle and knew she had to talk to her soon and get some things off the table before Issei woke up and talked to them. And, seeing as she hadn't left his side for a second, she hadn't seen any of the other Devils who were smart enough to not enter the room. Sighing, she reluctantly got up. "Watch over him." She commanded. Asia nodded as she got in bed with him, making the older woman's eye twitch, and rested her head on his chest.

Esdeath made her way out the door and closed it. Turning, the beauty frowned as she was face-to-face with the Gremory heir. "What are you doing here, Gremory." Her voice was even. "Making sure you don't hurt my Ise." Rias growled out, her eyes glowing red.

The mature woman gave her a cold gaze. "As if I would ever let any harm come to my love. Something you have caused since he joined your peerage." Esdeath said with a sneer. "And don't glare like that, weakling." She warned the woman who glared at her. "I've heard of what has happened since Ise-koi became a Devil. Like I thought, my love is truly the best." The military attired woman complemented with a small blush. "But it was no thanks to you." Her eyes were cold as glaciers once again. "You were defeated by the Phoenix brat, barely survived against Kokabiel, and did nothing on the Three Faction meeting while Ise-koi fought and beat the Phoenix, managed to get a solid hit and now kill Kokabiel and fought Vali to a standstill for a while, even when he was weak." Esdeath listed off the woman's faults and how Issei, a [Pawn] which was seen as expendable, had done everything when she was the [King].

Rias was fuming at the woman who had so easily noted her past faults. "It doesn't matter. That's all in the past. I'm stronger now and I won't let my Ise get corrupted by some bitch who came back after years of not seeing him." The redhead smirked a little when she saw the eye twitch.

"At least I never killed anyone to get their power without asking." Esdeath smirked sadistically when she saw her stiffen. "That's right. I know about what happened. And, it is only because of who your brother is that you aren't dead at my feet." The woman said, knowing if she killed the girl she'd have to face the redhaired Devil King who would start a war for the girl. "But, your big brother won't always be there for you. You'll have to stand up and get stronger for that day, weakling. Now, move." She never gave her a chance to answer or retort as she roughly moved past her, bumping her shoulder into hers.

The crimson-haired beauty wanted to kill the bitch, but her words stung her more than she would ever admit aloud. Everything she said…was true. All she wanted to was lay next to Issei like she hadn't done in a few days. The nights without being next to him were very hard for the princess and she could barely take it. Rias did withhold herself as she knew, if she did, he'd only be angrier at her for not following what he requested. It also didn't help that there was some silent tension between the girls, even more than usual.

The greatest tension came in the form of the resident chestnut-haired Angel. Ever since she told her team about what was said, the Devils, other than Asia, Gasper and Xenovia who weren't there for him being reincarnated, were feeling the shame of not stopping the redhaired girl from doing what she did. It always weighed on their minds, but hid it as they got to know Issei and his forgiving nature and naïve mind…until now that is. And Irina couldn't stop glaring at her whenever she saw Rias and it made her weary of the natural enemy of her species. She was still her usual bubbly-self, but there was slight anger at the Devils she lived with for allowing this to happen.

As the world around the unconscious Issei rolled on, the teenager was in his mindscape, where he 'woke up' just yesterday. Nero and Ddraig were looking at the brunette with concerned eyes. "Hey, Kid. You feel any better?" The white-haired male asked his young student.

Issei had rubbed his head, feeling some pain. "I…guess. A little sore, but I'll live." He looked at the two. "But, why am I here? Shouldn't I be awake? I've got to tell the other's I'm fine." The brunette said, wanting to ease his friends worries they must have of him passing-out.

[Because, we just thought this would be the best time to explain what happened during the battle with the Fallen Angel and Devils.] Ddraig spoke, gaining his partner's attention. Issei nodded his head, accepting the dragon's reasons for not letting him wake. [Now. Do you remember hearing small whispers in the back of your head before you went into Dragon Force?] The Red Dragon Emperor asked his partner.

Resting his chin on his hand, the brunette went through his memory of the battle with Kokabiel. "Yeah…I did." Issei said, letting his chin go as he had a thoughtful expression. "It was like…people whispering dark words right into my ear. Telling me to crush Kokabiel and anyone who stood in my way in the most terrible of ways." The teenager shuttered a little, remembering some of the things that those voices told him to do.

"That would be the past users of the [Boosted Gear]." Nero said, making Issei look at him. "You see, like Azazel said, the negative emotions that are sealed from the past hosts of the gear influences the current user of the [Boosted Gear] or [Divine Dividing] and makes you enter the drive and turns you into a mindless beast." Nero was quick to relieve his worries that appeared over Issei's face at almost going berserk. "Since you learned Dragon Slayer magic, we were lucky as the magic is tied with your emotions and a Dragon Slayer can attain Dragon Force through intense feelings. I.e.; your anger at what the crow told you about what the Devil did to that little nun." The past host of Ddraig explained.

What he was told shocked and relived him. He was shocked because he was so close to losing his mind and going on a rampage and relieved that he didn't and got something new out of it. "So…what does this mean, exactly?" Issei asked his partners.

[It just means you have a new power to control.] Ddraig said. [Truth be told, Dragon Force is much more difficult to master than a Balance Breaker.] This shocked the teenager as it took a good while to gain his armor naturally.

"But, luckily, you've got me, kid." Nero said as he stood up and rolled his shoulder around. "As I've got that form down." He then smirked, showing his new sharper teeth. His eyes glowed a little before power was wrapped around him with flames covering his image.

Issei had to cover his eyes as the flames were hotter than anything he could produce. It reminded him of the fire Tannin produced. Ddraig took this time to take a few giant steps back and watch over the new training and make sure he didn't go overboard.

The fire died down and the brunette was finally able to see his teacher. He wasn't too shocked to see that he was using Dragon Force. But, he felt fear course through his veins as the power let out was about the same, maybe a little higher, than his dragon trainers. "Don't get squeamish now, Kid." Nero warned before shooting at his student, his fist cocked back. He didn't even have time to register the pain that erupted from his cheek the second his Dragon Force powered punch met his face.

Back outside, Esdeath was making her way to speak with the Angel that also holds number one in his heart, something that really angered her. But…she would learn to live with it to be with her lover and not have him be angry at her. Just the thought of it caused her heart to twist. Shaking those thoughts away, she reached her destination when she found the chestnut-haired Angel on the couch, her head in her hands. Next to her sat the blue haired [Knight] that also had eyes for her Ise-koi. She'd get to them later, she promised herself. Coughing, she grabbed their attention. "Leave." Ice cold blue orbs glared at Xenovia. Esdeath had to give her credit though, she didn't shy away. "My business is with the Angel." She told the woman who still didn't step away.

Sniffling a little, Irina whipped the last of her tears away. "It…It's okay, Xenovia. I'll be fine." The beauty told her friend as she gave her a reassuring squeeze of the hand.

Xenovia looked at her friend before looking at the blue-haired woman for a few tense seconds. Hesitantly, she nodded. "Very well." Getting up from the couch, she walked past Esdeath without a word. The beauty didn't say anything until she felt that the swordswoman was out of ear shot.

Taking a breath, Irina put on her usual smile, but Esdeath could tell it was forced. "So, what can I do you for, Esdeath-san?" She asked, her voice void of its usual shine.

"It's about the man we both love." She got straight to the point, making Irina stumble a little. "W-What do you mean?" Irina tried to play dumb. "You know who I mean." Esdeath wasn't having it. "Ise-koi has told me that he cares for you as much as I. Seeing as you know I took his virginity, he holds me close to his heart, but he holds you in that same spot. While I would like nothing more than to kill you and have him for myself…I can't." She said, ignoring Irina's shocked face. "So, that's why I am even talking to you. Ise-koi said we needed to talk about this and talk we will." It wasn't a request as she sat on the chair directly in front of the teenager.

Irina was still in shock at what she heard. Issei actually loved her, if that was anything to go by since he held her in the same place as he held this woman, and it made her heart flutter. She loved the boy ever since childhood, really. The beauty was just too scared to tell him that before she left and was saddened that he became a Devil but was still the same boy she loved deep underneath all that perversion. "But…polygamy is a sin." Irina said, her face still lit up with a large blush.

"Well, too bad. If you want to be with Ise-koi you need to put up with it. He's got a big enough heart to hold multiple women. That's one of the many things I love about him." Esdeath muttered the last part with a blush and smile. Even though she muttered it, Irina heard it and couldn't agree more.

"…You're right." Sighing, after thinking about it for a very long time with the two being surrounded in tense silence, Irina finally broke the atmosphere. "I guess…we can talk about…this." Irina said, her face lit up red as well as she found this embarrassing. But she'd do it for her love.

~Next Day~

"G-Guha…!" A pained groan escaped the lips of the formerly unconscious Red Dragon Emperor. Slowly getting up, the teenager slowly blinked his eyes awake, getting rid of the sleepiness.

"Are you awake, now?" A familiar beautiful voice reached his ears. Brown eyes opened and turned to see the Strongest Queen standing there. And, another surprise, was Milicas, the son of Sirzechs and Grayfia, standing at his bed side.

Seeing him awake caused the boy to gain a bright smile. "Ise-niisama has finally woken up, Okaa-sama!" He said with childish glee.

"Milicas-sama, I have asked you to not call me that in front of people." Grayfia told her son, even though she didn't like saying it. She had an image to uphold though.

"Hmm…Yes." Pouting, the boy nodded his head before looking back at his hero with a big smile.

Shaking his head, Issei felt his throat dry. Like she expected it, Grayfia gave the resting teen a glass of water. "Thank you, Grayfia-san." He thanked with a smile before gulping it down in a second.

With the boy done his water, Grayfia walked over to his door and opened it. "He is awake, Sirzechs-sama." The maid bowed to her husband/King as he walked in, his smile in place.

"Ah! It's good to see you're awake, Ise-kun." The man greeted the [Pawn] after patting his sons head.

"O-Oh. Yeah. Sorry about that, Sirzechs-sama. I didn't mean to worry you guys with me passing out like that." Issei apologized with a sheepish smile.

"Don't worry about it. Considering what you went through, it was a given that you would be tired." The Crimson-haired Satan waved the teen off. "In fact, I should be thanking you. It's because of yours and everyone else's efforts that we were able to settle things with the Old-Maou faction." He explained.

"Really? Wow!" The Red Dragon Emperor said in amazement. He was then told about how, once the head of the Old-Maou factions were eliminated, it was easy to take down the rest and some even surrendered. It wasn't all good news either. Since Diodora was the heir of the Astaroth family, the former head, the current Beelzebub, was under some heat. It was only because of his fellow Maou's protest and words that those arguments have died.

"Can I ask you something?" After getting the details, the boy decided to ask. "What is it?" He questioned.

Ophis is the boss of the Khaos Brigade and their aim is to get rid of Great-Red and reclaim her home, right? If so, maybe we can offer assistance and she'll leave the terrorist group." Issei proposed.

Sadly, the strongest Devil shook his head. "No. That's something that isn't possible. Right now, it is thought that all the dimensional gaps are located in every part of the world are balanced because of Great-Red living in it. If Great-Red were to die or be kicked out by Vali or Ophis, we don't know what would happen. If it was the Ophis of the past, nothing would happen, but now…I don't think it would be wise." Sirzechs said with upmost seriousness.

Issei knew of Vali's love for battel and the fact he isn't against killing so, if even possible, for him to kill Great-Red, it would cause some serious problems, like Sirzechs said. "Please, Kid. As he is now, the White Dragon Kid wouldn't leave a single scratch on the old lizard." Nero commented, scoffing at the idea of Vali even touching Great-Red at his current power.

"We also need to reconsider the Rating Games for the Young Devils. It would be too dangerous if they are all interfered with by terrorists." Sirzechs mused. "Would it be cancelled then?" Issei asked, not liking the idea of not fighting Sairaorg.

"No. We'll probably have to restart it. But, there is a match everyone wants to see no matter what. The people of the Underworld, along with other faction's, are saying they want to see a fight between two young Devils the most." The male said with a sly smirk forming on his face.

Issei could see the smirk and was a little wide eyed. "Are you saying what I think you're saying?" The teen asked.

"Haha. Guess Azazel and Tannin were right. Yes. The fight between Rias and Sairaorg." Sirzechs said with a smile. while it amused him to see Issei being an idiot, he knew he wouldn't make it in their world if he kept going like that. It was nice to see that he was maturing into a fine young man, even if he was still perverted, but kept it hidden.

'Alright!' Issei mentally cheered and danced around in anticipation for that fight. When he met the man, and the words shared, all he could think about was fighting him one-on-one. He barely heard that Sona would face the Agares heiress, not that he cared much.

"You truly are an amazing young man, Ise-kun." The sudden complement got Issei out of his thoughts and made him focus on the Devil Lord.

"What do you mean by that, Sirzechs-sama?" He wondered.

The former Gremory gave the youth a small, warm, smile as he explained. "The audience for the last Rating Games you participated in were massive. While it didn't have much elders, it was watched by all the children. To tell you the truth, only a Rating Game is entertaining for children when it includes reincarnated Devils like Tannin, dragons, monsters, Youkai and those without human forms. For children, they go starry eyed at fights between giant monsters and explosions."

"Haha! You're right about that. I loved that stuff when I was a kid." Issei said as he remembered all the fighting shows he watched with Irina when they were kids.

"That's wonderful. You truly know about the children, then. Also, if possible, I'd like for the children to truly enjoy and watch your fights." Sirzechs requested with a smile.

Issei smiled a little as his mind went back to what Tannin said before the party where he achieved Balance Breaker. 'Have other dreams besides Harem King.' That was what he said and he took it to heart. "It would be my honor, Sirzechs-sama." Issei bowed to the Devil King with a smile.

"Wondrous!" Sirzechs clapped his hands before getting serious. "Now, I have reason I have come here." Holding his hand out, a small magical circle appeared and out came a document. "This is for you." He handed over the paper.

Curious, Issei grabbed the paper and unrolled it. Brown eyes roamed the paper, taking in the information. Eyes widened as he got to the end, with his mouth dropping to his bed. "I-I-Ise this…for real?!" Shouted the bedridden teenager.

"Indeed is, Ise-kun. We, as the Maou, have recognized your efforts and battel ability in fighting against Kokabiel, a Cadre of the Grigori, defeating the strayed Astaroth heir, fighting and defeating a High-Class Devil when only being a Devil for a few short months, driving off the strongest White Dragon Emperor at the Peace Treaty along with the Stray Cat Kuroka. Truly, with all these accomplishments from such a young man would warrant attention and praise from anyone. It is my great pleasure to assign you the position of Middle-class Devil. Congratulations, Issei Hyoudou." Sirzechs announced with a proud smile.

"Isn't that amazing, Ise-niisama!?" Milicas asked with starry eyes.

Issei couldn't say anything. His mind had gone blank by what he was just told. So, he did the only thing someone like him would do. He fainted.

Sirzechs couldn't help but laugh loudly at the actions of the youth. "Hahaha! I should have seen that coming!" The man shook his head, still laughing. Even his wife's lips twitched upwards; finding the male her son was worrying over amusing.

As the Gremory team and their friends were enjoying their time of reprieve, off to the distance and reach of the Christian mythology was an event that would change things for everyone.

Deep within the land was a single island that many tended to steer clear of. It was an intimidating place with an equally intimidating tower-like prison that held the most dangerous of monsters. There was one monster, though, that was kept in the lowest part of the tower.

In said lowest parts sat the prisoner, resting their head against its arms. A small light high above was the only precious source of light, showing a little glimpse of what resided inside. The only thing that could be seen was the figures long, flowing, black hair and white bandages around the person's left arm.

Suddenly, the figures head shot up, showing almond-colored eyes that shot to the cage high above which slowly opened. Before it could do anything, something was dropped into her cell with the door closing quickly, causing the prisoner to scowl. 'I was getting hungry.' Scowl still in place, the inmate slowly stood and glared at the beast before it.

The beast was a tiger like creature that stood on its back legs with a shoulder guard and white ragged pants. Looking up, the creature was quick to crawl away. Even to its primitive mind, the monster before it was much more dangerous than itself and wouldn't hesitate to kill it.

And it was proven right. The inmate rose its bandaged arm that soon transformed into a giant red claw with black outlines. Trying to scurry away, it wasn't fast enough. Leaping overhead, the prisoner dive-bombed the monster, claw first.

Those claws dug into the tiger's back with small amounts of dark particles gushing out. The clawed creature's eyes were wide and teeth gritted as it closed its hand inside the beast, effectively killing it with its blood spewing on the person's face. When it was done, the beast it destroyed disappeared like it was never there in the first place.

Seeing its prey was gone, the person let their hand revert to normal, bandages still in place, before staring into the light, fully showing the prisoner. It was a girl, a nineteen-year-old girl. She wore burned rags and shoes that barely fit anymore. Her eyes…it was her almond eyes that were the thing anyone would freak any one out. They were so cold and full of hatred as they seemingly glared at nothing.


'I never would have thought Asia would kiss me like that.' Those were the thoughts of Issei Hyoudou as he sat in the ORC. It had been a few hours since the three-legged race, where he and Asia won, and the girl had mustered up the courage to finally kiss him. And, if he was honest, the kiss wasn't that bad.

Ever since then, she had stayed by his side, like usual, but he needed some time to think as he has been getting a weird feeling for some time now. Like a storm was coming. "Don't you feel it too, guys?" Seeing as how the brunette was alone, he didn't have to communicate with his partners via mind and could talk aloud.

[I feel it too, Ise. It's quite the dark feeling.] The red dragon mused, the [Boosted Gear] appearing on his left arm with the gem glowing.

"Do you two know what it is that's causing this?" Issei asked the more experienced beings.

Nero and Ddraig were silent, thinking about the feeling in the air and what it might mean, other than some crazy shit about to go down. "Right now…we're not entirely sure Kid." It was Nero who broke the silence. "We'll let you know if and when we find out." The silverette assured his student before the Sacred Gear disappeared with a small flash.

Issei didn't know, right now, that the events that would come will make more important and dangerous people pay closer attention to him.


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