Reality cares little for those caught up in its path. Ultimately, nothing in existence matters more than the continuation of existence itself. To this end, vast, impossibly complex pathways and series of events occur, all to perpetuate reality's continued existence. Epic clashes of good and evil, vast battles between gods and demons, the birth of planets and the death of galaxies, all events, no matter how big or how small, have only one ultimate end goal, the perpetuation of reality.

Many universes are created to play out a single story, a single event, with a small cast, a beginning and an end. These are the basic stitches that hold together all existence. Yet, there are other tales to tell, those of universes that, through accident, or otherwise, find themselves joined together, for better or for worse. It is these universes, ones that bond together, and play host to an ever shifting and evolving story, tales without end, that play the most part in holding reality together.

The way that reality perpetuates itself is through a game, a game for gods. A game that leaves civilizations in ashes, worlds destroyed, a universe in flames. The few chosen to play will stand over it all, the ashes of their entire race and civilization. They shall be granted godly powers and knowledge beyond imagining to craft a new universe, to continue the cycle.

It is said that these gods are fated to never meet those who created their universe, or the gods of the new universe that the current gods created. To forever dwell in their lonely dimension, having completed their role in the cycle. Such is the way it has always been, and yet, all that is about to change.

A new session, a barren session has begun, one with unusually close ties to other sessions, and a new threat has appeared. A demon, one who devours universes and strikes fear into the horrorterrors themselves has appeared, one who has set his sights on all destroying all existence. The strings of fate have been altered, and four sessions now drift together, four sets of players must stand together against the coming darkness, or die alone. For when Lord English approaches, the universe will burn...

A/N : So. This is my first ever attempt at making a fanfic on this site. I'm curious to see if anyone actually reads this, I have a few chapters ready to go already, but if there is very little interest in this, I may end up canceling it. That said, if like, four or five strangers comment on this and are interested in seeing more, I will view that as total success and be very happy to continue with this. Obviously, I do not Own homestuck or anything else like that, Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie...I think. Anyway, please do not sue me, I have like, no money.

In terms of plot and content, this is basically about three players (O.C's) from a different session, getting sucked into the beta kids session (slightly after Jade:enter). After that, things will mostly proceed as normal, but various events will be altered through the presence of some new...mildly sane players. Generally, the story will go in whatever direction the audience (if any) want it to go. The first act, will be the three O.C's in their session, doing stuff, ascending to god tier, defeating the black king, and immediately after wards, being whisked away to the beta kids session. The second act will be all the events that happen in the beta kids session.

And that's about it, I hope that you will review, and offer suggestions on things that can be fixed or improved.