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A/N: Originally written for Fag End's Halloween 2014 Zombie Uprising challenge (yeah) for the prompt "Imitation."

This whole double thing is getting slightly less trippy every time it happens, but it's still something very much of the bizarre.

It's about Giles' turn, anyway. Vampire Willow, they're-both-Toth-struck-Xanders, Buffybot, Giant Dawn Mecha with a tail, not to mention the First parading around pretending to her and Spike. Maybe Giles is even a little overdue.

That doesn't mean she doesn't have reason to grab Andrew by the throat when she comes face-to-face with the fully-grown Giles she knew and loves, all post-puberty and with a face pretty much designed to look disapproving. "Did you not learn anything from how wrong this went last year?"

He squeaks and squirms in her grip and doesn't get any words out until Spike taps her arm and tells her, "Might wanna let up enough for him to breathe. Not sure that Dowling's willing to cover up human homicide for you."

She lets Andrew go, but shoves him a little when she does.

He stumbles back a few feet and doubles over, wheezing.

Buffy folds her arms and taps her foot. "This is so stupid. How do you not learn things? Aren't you supposed to be the nerd genius?"

Andrew pouts a little. "I'm sorry. I just thought, if we can't make him big again with magic, maybe it's time for technology to save the day. Like, well, Batman doesn't—"

"No." Buffy cuts him off. "No more Batman, no more Warrening, no more sucking people's brains out of their heads. Either that thing goes in the scrap heap, or you do."

Maybe the next duplicate they meet will be Andrew and it'll be better at being evil and then she can kill that. That'd feel kinda good.