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A/N: Originally written for Fag End's Halloween 2014 Zombie Uprising challenge (yeah) for the prompt "To the river."

He takes the body to the river.

She is cold, surprisingly cold, for such a fresh kill, but it's a January night and even in Southern California the temperature dips down. Slayer's out here patrolling with a coat and gloves after all.

Maybe he should have stayed with with Buffy after he brought her home. Tucked her in and given her a little cold comfort of sorts. Plenty of things die in the cemetery and no one's ever raised an alarm before. Probably wouldn't be anyone noticing until the morning anyway, unless someone reports her missing before then.

And poor Buffy was so shaken up, like it was her first kill. That was new. If he were still with Dru, he'd have very different plans for this body.

But Buffy's different. Confused. Not thinking this through clearly. Like one dead girl matters when she's saved the entire world time and again. Hell, she's saved this girl before if she'd just think about it like that.

But she doesn't get it. Not everyone is going to live, not with the battle she's fighting. There are always going to be casualties. Maybe she forgets that sometimes. Maybe she makes herself. But he doesn't forget it. Can't save everyone.

He couldn't save her.