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A/N: Originally written for Fag End's Halloween 2014 Zombie Uprising challenge (yeah) for the prompt "Alone."

It's not until she's surrounded by girls like her that she really realises that the First Slayer was so absolutely, completely right.

She doesn't walk in their world.

She'd told Spike similar things, in the bedroom of a stranger's house. She'd told him the truth, about her disconnection and her distance. She might not be turning to stone, but she's definitely cut off.

And at the very, very least, she got to say it was because they couldn't understand. Because there was no one like her. With Kendra, there was distance. With Faith… she'd let herself think she wasn't alone just long enough to end in a man getting killed. (And, okay, maybe Webs was right and she does think of herself as superior, if just in that one example.)

But now, in Scotland, she's surrounded by Slayers. Hundreds of them. And they smile, and party, and work in units, and use military lingo that Xander teaches them and each and every day she just feels less like smiling or partying or joining teams because they always just seem to slow her down.

She never uses Xander's lingo.

And every day with Willow and Giles off in their own parts of the world, Dawn in college, and Xander, even if he is here, busy with his new duties of organising and being all in charge and general-y, she just keeps feeling more and more detached each day.

She thought it was getting better, last year, when she and Spike were really connecting beyond just hiding together, and everyone coming back, and changing the world. She thought the Scoobies were really back to how they used to be. She thought that she was going to be a part of something bigger. Surrounded by others just like her. She thought it would make things better.

But instead she just feels more alone.