Wealth is Everything, isn't it, Joren?

I was thinking…and pondering…and bashing my brains out for a plot. Then, my pen wandered and wrote the word "Treasure" on my index card…and then, the whole basic plot thingy developed! .::o.O::. It seems stupid from my point of view…but I'll try to make it interesting so that you won't close the explorer window on me…lol. DON'T close it to spite me right now…I know you're going to…grr.

Joren is not dead, Tamora Pierce was just kidding ;). Oh yeah…Joren and Keladry are knights now! They're back at the old training place because…they have no assignments for the moment. x)

D ~ Recognize anything? Not mine, but the plot is ^_^. {{this disclaimer is to last throughout the whole story cuz I be too lazy to type it again :D}}

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Dear Joren of Stone Mountain,

I have something that is needed from you. A favor, you might say. There seems to be something hidden in the caves on the Yamani Islands. I suspect you are familiar with my collection of antiques, since you've been breaking them, well the ones that were in your reach, since you were born. Anyway, back to the topic. This thing, of which I do not know the appearance of, has an invaluable gift. It's said to give infinite wealth to the owner, I believe. Trusting you with this item was a difficult choice for me. I had many doubts. Prove me wrong, my son, and I shall reward you with anything you request. And forget any doubts I had.


Joren laughed gruffly. Father, always reaching for what he doesn't have. Who cares what he wants. It has nothing to do with me, anyway. But there were quite a few things he had in mind. Of course, it included all the originals: wealth, power to manipulate, etc… But he already had them. Or so he believed, but a word crossed his mind to strengthen his resolve: Lump. She needed to be embarrassed. Dissolved. Stupefied that he had been able to do this quest. Ever since Joren had met her, the dislike forming between them swelled immensely. It was past dislike, it had become hatred. Now, he had the chance to take away her knighthood. Yes, that's it. He smiled angelically.


Keladry was with her group of friends at the moment. All knights, who would've believed they'd make it this far? Kel smiled inwardly, but we did. She listened in on a blooming conversation with interest.

"Does the block-headed Stone Mountain seem a bit too smug these days? Or is it just me?" Neal was asking, rubbing his chin curiously, he had been trying to grow a goatee ever since he knew about Yuri's obsession with them.

"Now that you've said it. It confuses me as well, but who cares; probably just another dumb scheme. But if it's against Kel…" The group of boys stopped, causing Kel to crash into them.

"Ow…" She looked up at them, noticing that they were becoming quite, no, that wasn't the word, extremely protective at the moment. Kel smiled and punched their arms playfully.

"You think I can't handle myself?"

They continued staring at her.


"Well, Kel, it's just that whenever you don't suspect something - "

"They always pop up." Merric finished for Neal and they both nodded gravely.

Kel threw up her hands in exasperation and stalked toward the mess hall. They hurriedly raced after her. Kel could do anything at the moment, especially now, when she was pissed.


Mindelen waited patiently in line for her serving of breakfast and leaned against the counter. Suddenly, she felt a hand place itself upon her back and shove her forward. Hard. Quickly, she regained her balance and whipped around, crouched in a position of self-defense.

"Joren." She stood up, somewhat stiffly and forced her face to show no emotions. Be like a stone.

"Lump." He was always erred whenever she did that face. Because it's so damn annoying. He smirked at her and slouched down slightly, so he was at her height. It still surprised Kel how tall he had grown, considering the shrimpy height he used to have. Pity he didn't remain the same size.

"Try to be less clumsy next time, even though it might be impossible, Mindelen."

"Thanks for your concern." She smiled, eyes stone hard and reached out for her plate. He held it further away.

"My concern? I was only looking out for public safety."

"Yes. And if you still are, consider handing me my plate before I bash in your head using your own."

He raised an eyebrow.

"What about my safety?"

"You don't need any."

Before he could react, she had snaked under his arm and leapt up to grab the dish, then returned calmly back to her position in front of him.


"What does Joren think he's doing?" Cleon muttered under his breath from the back of the line, where he and Neal were standing at.

"Neh?" Neal looked up from his act of picking vegetables off the plate.

The redheaded pointed, quite noticeably, where the blonde and a shorter brunette stood. They watched Kel swoop down under Joren's arm and grab her plate.

"Whoa. Where'd she learn that?" Kennan whispered, after witnessing.


Neal turned back to his plate.


Reaching for his own plate, Joren mumbled incoherently, but the tone of his voice was certainly aggressive to anyone who bothered to eavesdrop.

"There you go, my boy."

The voice sounded familiar. He looked up and saw the same identical eyes that Joren himself had. Almost dropping his plate, he gaped.



She placed down the utensil in the middle of the plate and rubbed her forehead. It was steaming.

"Why is it so hot in here?"

They looked at her, foreheads crinkled with puzzlement.

"It's not hot at all. This is spring time, Kel."

"Oh, really?" She replied dazedly. Her head tilted forward a bit, but Kel managed to catch herself before the food could touch her hair. They looked at her worriedly.

"You okay, Kel?" Cleon whispered.

"I'm fine, I just need some sleep." She waved off their offers of help and as she stumbled along the hallway, black overcame her. She saw two hands stop her fall and everything blanked out afterwards.

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